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Otto Delmar is a character role-played by koil.

General Description

Otto Delmar is Head of security at the Diamond Casino as well as a shareholder in the business along with Dean Watson. He is an insane drug addict (mainly cocaine) and speaks with a strong and heavy Austrailian accent. He is extremely sociopathic, and is not afraid to use anything to achieve his goals. He is responsible for the funnel to bring cocaine into the city.


Diamond Hand Credit

Diamond hand Credit (named by Joe Caine) is Otto's loan company that is run out of the casino. The business works in quick loans with high interest rates. They usually only do $20,000 or less and will help criminals with their credit score so they can get large loans from Fast Loans; However, recently they have been giving out $200,000+ car loans to friends due to Fast Loans policy of felons. Otto's goal is to save up so the company can start doing cash in hand loans and avoid the state completely however that is proving difficult as the company currently owes the state 3 million.


Otto was introduced to racing by Cheddar and pulled deeper after a meeting between the casino and Eddie Marshall, where they talked about hosting illegal betting at the casino and where Otto learnt about dongles. Otto entered the racing scene under the alias TonyAndrews (named after the State Trooper Tony Andrews) and was almost shot at his first race because of the name. After a few stolen car races Otto brought the Dominator gtx however later 'traded it in' for an Elegy.

Major Events

Casino Shootout



  • Otto drives the same mustang that Koil himself does in real life.


Played By: Koil
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