Otto Delmar is a character role-played by koil.

Otto Delmar is a feared and well-connected member of the criminal underground. Otto and his business partner, Joe Caine, are co-owners of the Marlowe Vineyard and the Tuner Shop; using these businesses as a front for distributing cocaine and other black market goods.

War with the Leanbois Edit

The Leanbois heard about cocaine being sold around Los Santos, and were intrigued about it. That preceded them meeting Otto Delmar and Joe Caine, who provided the gang with cocaine. There was some instant lack of trust and animosity, and eventually resulted in the death of Jaclyn "Jackie" Hyde (Otto's girlfriend), by the hands of Lang Buddha and Al Saab

Otto, alongside Joe Caine, Frankie, and Yung Dab, retaliated for Jackie's death; they kidnapped, shot, and planted large amounts of cocaine and guns on Al Saab. Although Yung Dab tried to reason with Otto and the others, he did not participate in the shooting of Saab, though he did bear witness to it. The Leanbois sought revenge for Saab; shooting up Otto and Joe. 

They were meant to try to resolve their issues, having Otto and Avon Barksdale meet face-to-face to discuss everything; but neither really had any intentions of doing so. The Leanbois tried to plan an attack on Otto by planting C4 in his car and blowing it up, while Avon was to distract Otto with the meeting in front of the courthouse. However, Otto's lack of trust and paranoia prevented him from appearing at the location, and instead he opted to scout the area on top of a nearby roof with Joe. When Otto failed to appear, the Leanbois found and ambushed the duo. Joe and Otto were shot down, with the Leanbois leaving the two men to get treated, and go into hiding.

Eventually, everything died down, and they each stayed clear of one another. However, there still seemed to be a lot of animosity; and Otto never forgave Saab and Buddha for killing Jackie. 

Vanilla UnicornEdit

Otto started doing security for the Vanilla Unicorn, which the Leanbois and Vagos were attacking, attempting to sway it to more of a neutral ground. (At the time, the Vanilla Unicorn was run by The Families, and they didn't consider the strip club as neutral territory.) This lead to the Leanbois and Speedy kidnapping Joe, as the Leanbois and Vagos didn't like Otto's involvement. They held Joe and threatened to kill him, unless Otto paid them $150,000. Otto compiled with equal payment in the form of seven bricks of cocaine.

Fun "Facts" Edit

  • Otto is a long-term undercover Federal Agent from Australia, designed to take down all organized crime in Los Santos.

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