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Oswald Tinkerman was a character role-played by Zaitohro.

General Description

Oswald Tinkerman was a top recording artist in the city for Wu Chang Records. He was also a Prospect of the Lost MC.

Major Events

Oswald's debut song, "Memories", topped the charts in the first couple of days after public release. He is the first artist in Los Santos to hold the #1, #2, #3, and #4 spots on the LSBN music charts simultaneously. Oswald also held the #1 spot on the charts, with "Low", longer than anyone else in Los Santos.

Oswald became a hangaround with the Lost MC on August 22nd, 2021. Sponsored by Reed Dankleaf, he was eventually prospected into the club on September 1st, 2021.


On October 9th, 2021 after venting to Bobby Schmiguel about his problems in Los Santos and with Wu Chang; Oswald swallowed a Cyanide Pill. Bobby attempted to stop him from swallowing the pill but by the time he reached him, it was already too late. Oswald was non-responsive on scene and was later pronounced dead at the hospital after complications occurred in the surgery room. Upon his death, a resignation letter from Wu Chang Records slipped out of his pocket and was passed on to Mr. Kebun.

A memorial was set up for him at Dean World, where all his friends could write notes for him and his legacy could be spread.


Singles and Collaborations

Release Date Title Certifications Details
June 2021 "Memories"

(featuring Tig Oconner)

Wu Chang: Gold Music Video was released on Jan 24th 2022
"Broken Tracks"
"Love in Los Santos"
July 2021 "Messages"

(with Eezy)

Collaboration Single
"Bad Woman"
August 2021 "Nobody"
September 2021 "CG Song Reimagined" Original song by Paff
October 2021 "Baby Girl"
"Red Moonlight"

As Featured Artist and Remixes

Release Date Title Artist Details
September 2021 "Thrive (Yung Fierro Cover/Remix)" Yung Fierro Remix
December 2021 "spare coochie maam" Big D As Featured Artist


  • Oswald's racing name was "Echo".
  • Used to have face tattoos. He had them surgically removed in August 2021.


Played By: Zaitohro
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