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2.0 and Prior

Olive Once is a character role-played by FalloftheSeason. She has since changed her name to Orianna Frost.

General Description

Olive Once is a Paramedic for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Papa-33. She was an ex SSB affiliate through engagement, She has been engaged twice & Married once until they died. She was highly allergic to bullets and has been cured through a combined effort of Brexit, Frost, and the Military. She has a split personality called Orianna who is a Quiet Art Lover who draws her grief into pictures and a third one called Orya who was revealed to be the controller of the whole system.


  • She was known for her green hair but it has since returned back to Copper.
  • Bobbi & her got Friendship married to avoid awkwardness at work and have matching Bracelets
  • The Princess Bride is her favourite book
  • She was highly allergic to bullets
  • Excessive drawer of cute things being the wrong side of the law
  • Mike Frost is her biological Dad