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Ophelia "Fey" Flowers is a character role-played by Sareff.

General Information[]

Ophelia "Fey" Flowers is a Patched Member of the Already Dead MC. She was a former Patched Member of the Bondi Boys MC and a former Serial Killer.


Before the BBMC was RICO'd, Fey was arrested for the murders she committed as a serial killer. When the police searched her house they found copious amounts of drug manufacturing materials.

Much of what happened to Ophelia during the five years the BBMC was disbanded is a mystery. However, Ophelia has explained that she was treated by a mysterious doctor so that she could “get better” in order to see Fauna again. Ophelia believes that some time during the five years Fauna and her got married in Hawaii and she changed her name to Ophelia Flowers.


  • Retired serial killer
  • Took part in over 15 serial killings with her group Deadlock MC.
  • Has described herself as aromantic.

Confirmed Kills[]

  1. Ernest Gygax aka "Dungeon Master", on the 18th July, 2022. Shot and killed Gygax with Stevie McQueen in a shootout at the Wind Farm.
  2. Fauna May, on the 15th of January 2024. Stabbed her estranged wife outside the golf course after saying they were stalking her. After their dying body was picked up by Shang Liu, Sean McQuillen dumped them in a remote wooded location beside a deer.


Played By: Sareff
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