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Ollivander Templeton is a character role-played by GregariousInn.

General Information

Ollivander ‘Ollie’ Templeton is your girlfriend's best friend that you don’t worry about. He watches reality TV, gets giddy for pumpkin spice season, thrives on gossip and will find any excuse to show you his matching set of original Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City Duel Disks. The polar opposite of toxic masculinity, this metrosexual tiny headed ginger's inexplicable confidence and ambition that drives him.

Background Information

Ollie was born and raised in a rural town in Kentucky where he endured much abuse growing up from his peers. With his father having left when he was very young, his mother, despite being overbearing, became his best friend. The bullying was so bad that by the time he was 14 he was kidnapped weekly to fight in what the locals called The Pit, a crater turned fighting pit where he would fight peers, grown men, and wild animals the locals managed to catch throughout the week. After a traumatic experience with an abused dog from his past, he killed a tormentor of his since childhood. After that, he changed his name and fled the small town for the big city where after a couple odd jobs was accepted into the police academy. After an extended cadet phase where he earned the exclusive rank of 'Senior Cadet', he eventually would follow his ambitions to protect the wildlife he was forced to harm as a child and climb the ranks to be the youngest Head Ranger in the city's history. Until one fateful day when he awoke after being drugged to find he had gone viral on twatter gunning down deer with an uzi and screaming 'Fuck Bambi, Ranger Shit!'. A protest and raid insued on the PD and he was eventually captured, doused in gasoline, set aflame, and left to die. After extensive skin grafts he was making a recovery when it was revealed that his mother, in an attempt to have him return to Kentucky was the one who had drugged him, set up the twatter footage, and organized the protest. The confrontation upon the discovery revealed that his mother was the leader of a criminal organization and was responsible for his father's death. Upon discovering this, Ollie changed his identity once again and fled to the city of Los Santos.

Current Information

Ollivander hit the ground running in Los Santos trying to gain as much employment and experience as possible and soon found himself swamped with work. Not without results however. He was eventually promoted to Head of Marketing for WuChang Records, got a government position with the Parks and Recreation Department. He has since cut back on a lot of his obligations and responsibilities choosing the pursue his own dreams instead of solely concentrating on increasing others wealth. He started his business Oak & Dagger - Inn & Games, a medieval fantasy inn that hosts many games and adventures for the city of Los Santos including Survivor, Quests, Among Us, D&D Campaigns, etc.