Olivia Harvey is a character role-played by abbay.

General Description

Olivia is a former Emergency Medical Services trainee turned criminal. Recently, she's become interested in hacking banks and hopes to one day be the best hacker in the city, or at least one of the best.


Olivia Harvey is a Caucasian woman who typically wears her hair short, with two space buns. Her hair is a light blonde/white with dyed tips, at times blue or pink. She changes her outfits often, but tends to dress casually, usually with pants or shorts and some type of jacket. While doing crime, she sometimes sports a cartoon strawberry mask, and pulls her hair back so it’s harder to recognize her. Lately, Olivia has stuck to concealing her face under both a mask and motorcycle helmet while robbing banks, wearing vests and baggy clothing to make herself appear more masculine and throw off the cops.


Friendly and approachable, Olivia has many friends amidst both the criminal and civilian world of Los Santos. Her cheerful and ambitious attitude has granted her a natural charisma, which she uses to her advantage, especially when stopped by cops. She often puts on an act of innocence or naivety around the cops or people she doesn’t trust. She will try to talk her way out of harsher punishments when confronted by the cops, always ready with some excuse or story, but will eventually plead guilty to most charges in order to lower her sentence. She sometimes uses her charisma to scam random people into giving her money, or to lure in more customers at Rooster's Rest.

While she doesn’t have any official affiliations with any gangs, she has friends in some of them, but has chosen to remain neutral whenever conflicts between them don’t directly impact her. That being said, Olivia is confident and self assured, and won’t back down from a fight if she or her friends are in danger. She has at times admitted to being hot headed, which can be seen in her quick and often confrontational reactions to insults or threats directed at herself or her close friends. That being said, she also has enough wisdom to restrain herself, though her restraint is often accompanied by her saying that she would have fought someone, but their face isn't worth her fists.

She is confident in herself and her abilities, and when she feels challenged will put on an air of superiority. That being said, she has confessed to close friends that she fears letting people down. She feels this anxiety especially hard around bank hacks, where she feels like she is a critical part of making sure a job goes successfully.


(work in progress)

Recent Events

Burger Shot Firing

Olivia lost her Burger Shot job after persuading Lang Buddha to give her a job at the Rooster's Rest. Unfortunately, her boss Shelly Smith found out what had happened and immediately fired Olivia. In contrast to what one may expect after such a clash, Olivia remained friends with Shelly, trying to convince her to rehire her at Burger Shot. Shelly and Olivia worked together to solve ciphers and hunt down The Tower, and after their adventures together, Shelly seemed willing to hire her back, so long as she could prove her loyalty. Shelly gave Olivia a quest: find a severed finger for Shelly’s son, and she would be rehired. While Olivia has yet to find said finger, she has tried her best to search for one. On May 8th 2021, on a particularly low staff day, Shelly decided to give Olivia a second chance, officially adding her back to the roster, given she was still expected to complete her quest.

The Tower Ciphers

(work in progress)

Contacted By Chaos

After spending weeks running bank jobs with various friends and fellow criminals and growing her name as a hacker, Olivia Harvey was first contacted by The Chaos on May 22nd, 2021. To her surprise, they told her they had been looking to contact her for about a week, and offered her the chance to buy a green laptop and other goods. She got a 5k loan from Lana Valentine to cover the cost of a green laptop, and bought one from them. She thanked them for the opportunity, and they reassured her she had earned this. Later that day, she successfully ran a Fleeca bank job with Lana and Raymond Romanov, hacking the bank on her first try, and managing to get away on a motorbike after the boat was beached by police in the canals. Lana and Ray were caught, but Olivia got away on her own, marking not only her first bank job after hearing from Chaos, but also one of few occasions where she's gotten away fully on her own.



Autumn Rhodes - While the two haven't hit any banks together, they have talked in the past about setting up an all women bank squad one day.

Carlos Loco - Carlitos and Olivia have a sibling-like relationship, often teasing each other, while also having each other’s back. Before Olivia’s first bank hack, the pair made a 10k bet: Olivia would win if she could hack it, Carlitos would win if she couldn’t.

Carmella Corset - Carmella and Olivia get along well, having found many common interests and similar personality traits. The two are coworkers at the Rooster's Rest, but they also go with each other when engaging in various criminal activities. When Olivia was forced to pick between bringing a backup hacker or bringing Carmella on the first bank that she hacked, Olivia decided to take Carmella, knowing how much her friend had been looking forward to the job. When Carmella was contacted by the game masters, she took Olivia along as a trusted friend.

Cece Beyond - Cece accompanied Shelly and Olivia on their search for Alberl Jonie. The duo brought Cece along for support and muscle, trusting her to back them up.

Daquan Dumas

Elena Vega - Since Elena's arrival to the city, the two have become instant best friends. Always trying to be around each other whenever they can, the two often go on jobs together to rake up cash as they both claim that their "stonks are low." These two seem to be best friends, often wearing similar outfits and supporting each other's dreams. When Elena opened up her new business at Dean World, Olivia supported her friend, and Elena returned that support by offering her a temporary job at the booth when money was tight.

Emma Gaine

Four Tee - Olivia is a numbered friend of 4T, number 32.

Jack Cortair - Olivia's friendship with Jack has granted her a good relationship with the NBC, and she has asked him for protection on oxy runs before. Jack has also supported her hacking dreams, asking her to hack for the NBC on two separate occasions.

Jay Que - Jay Que and Olivia frequently act like siblings, to the point where they have started calling each other “Step Bro” and “Step Sis”. They joke that they share the same brain cell, and often tease and insult each other. Jay has at times flirted with Olivia, but she has assured him their relationship is completely platonic. Recently, Olivia became ticked off at Jay after he chose to leave her out of a bank job when it became clear that she and Leah had beef. Olivia was pissed about this decision, but the two have talked it out and Jay has tried to mend their relationship, recognizing that it will take Olivia time to truly forgive him.

Joseph Yorinobu - Coworkers at Burger Shot, Olivia was part of the group that took Majima along for his first bank heist. Olivia has teamed up with Majima while robbing banks, doing oxy runs, or just generally hanging out and having fun.

Kenneth Foreman - Coworkers at Burger Shot, Olivia and Ken-sama have spent a lot of time together. They trust each other's judgment, and Ken has asked Olivia about bank hacks before, wanting to someday learn how to become a hacker like her. Olivia has noticed his fondness for Oki Doki and encouraged him to tell her how he feels, though he claims he doesn't have a crush on her and only wants to make sure her kindness isn't taken advantage of.

Lana Valentine - Another close friend in both crime and civilian life, after Olivia was fired from Burger Shot Lana helped Olivia to apply to Rooster's Rest, assisted her with picking out a uniform, and show her the ropes on her first day of work.

Lenny Large - Friend and mentor to Olivia, she trusted Lenny to take her on her first ever bank heist, and through his encouragement found the courage to try out hacking. She has learned how to plan getaways from him, though she makes sure to take proper credit for ideas that are entirely or partially hers.

Liz Anya

Malakai Anderson

Mickey S - Olivia knows of Mickey's talents as a hacker, and has even called him in to replace her on jobs she couldn't hack for. That being said, her relationship with Mickey is strained by the fact that she thinks he's inflating the price for green dongles, constantly offering to buy them for over 10k.

Oki Doki - A friend and coworker of Olivia's, the two have robbed houses together, hoping to find green dongles. She often spends time with Oki, Majima, and Jay together, in a group they named "Team Mojo" after their successful bank heists together.

Raymond Romanov - Olivia has reached out to Raymond for advice and support while robbing banks. When Olivia was searching for a crew to take on her first Paleto as a hacker, she called up Ray, trusting him to help them getaway. Raymond made sure to stand up for her when she was selling a red dongle, wanting to make sure her kindness wasn’t taken advantage of.

Sasuke Johnson - When Sasuke questioned Jay about an encounter he had with a man who claimed to love chanclas, Olivia accompanied them, and even helped revive Sasuke when he was knocked out in a car accident. Later, Olivia watched as Sasuke forced Jay to sing to save his life. When Olivia decided to take a phone call from Raymond Romanov during this confrontation, Sasuke used the Eternal Burning Flame on her. Sasuke and Jay bonded, and the two eventually decided to bring her to Grandma's. Afterwards, Saskue invited them both to join the Anbu Black Cocks, which he assured them was not a cult.

Shelly Smith - While one might expect Shelly and Olivia’s relationship to be strained after Shelly fired Olivia, the two have remained close. The duo bonded over the mystery of The Tower, hunting him down together. The two always call up each other when they suspect Alberl is up to no good, trusting that they will have each other’s backs.

Violet van Housen

Yuno Sykk - Oliva met Yuno through Lenny, and he joined them as a hacker on her first ever bank. Coworkers at both the Rooster's Rest and Burger Shot, and will sometimes band together to scam customers. Since Olivia has started hacking banks, she has turned to Yuno for advice and support, knowing he is an expert hacker. She even called him from the bank right after her first successful bank hack to celebrate. Olivia carries around a pair of "Air Force Yunos" as a good luck charm, and once told Claire Everly, one of Yuno's cop friends, that she had learned how to hack from him, not knowing that Claire didn't know how notorious Yuno had become as a master bank hacker.


Alberl Jonie - Olivia was first introduced to Alberl under the alias “The Tower” when decoding messages he left outside Burger Shot. Originally, she was curious, wanting to know who was leaving these riddles. However, after learning more about what “The Tower” had done, she became determined to protect her friends, especially Shelly Smith, whom he seemed to threaten in one of his messages. Olivia sees Alberl as a “serial psychopath”, a delusional and dangerous man. After their confrontation by the waterfall, Alberl told Oliva and Shelly that he’s changed his ways, but Olivia doesn’t believe him, saying she’s keeping an eye on him.

Leah Winthers - While “foe” might be a strong word for these two’s relationship, Leah and Olivia have had their share of beef in the past. For Olivia this started when her plans to run oxy with Lana and Jay were interrupted by Leah who pulled Jay away, leaving Lana and Olivia without backup. Later on, Leah held Lana up at gunpoint, and Olivia backed up her friend’s anger at the confrontation. That same day, Jay invited Leah along on a bank job Olivia was already planning to do with him, and Olivia asked not to be inside the bank with Leah alone. Jay realized the two had beef and decided not to do the job with Olivia, hoping to avoid drama. This led to Olivia feeling scorned by Jay, and while the two step siblings have since made up, Olivia still holds her grievances towards Leah.

Purple Haired Lifer - While Olivia has only met this man once, and does not know his name, she is determined to get revenge after he beat up her and Mickey and stole their shoes.


Note: The summary tables below provide overview for her bank heist. They tabulate how many of each bank Olivia has robbed to date and the respective successful and failed (and rates as applicable).

Success under the Heist Summary header is indicated by whether any member of the team made it out with the loot from the bank (i.e. a heist is deemed "successful" even if Olivia was captured, as long as the loot was secured). A "Success" indicates all of the loot was successfully recovered, where a "Mixed" result indicates that some of the loot was recovered and some of it was confiscated. A "Mixed" success is counted as a full success when determining Success Rate.

Overall Heist Summary

Type Total Success Mixed Failed Success Rate
Fleeca 11 7 0 4 63.6%
Paleto 9 2 3 4 55.6%
Total 20 9 3 8 60%

Overall Hacking Summary

Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
First Try Second Try Third Try
Fleeca 10 6 1 1 2 80%
Paleto 7 7 0 0 0 100%
Total 17 13 1 1 2 88.2%
Rate 76.5% 5.9% 5.9% 11.8%

Heist Log
No. Type Date Team Role Outcome Comments
1 Fleeca April 23, 2021 Jetski Babysitter / Driver Success (Hacked by Yuno Sykk)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

2 Paleto April 25, 2021 Negotiator Success (Hacked by Yuno Sykk)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

3 Fleeca May 4, 2021 Main Hacker Failed (Second try hack)

Carlitos managed to escape.

Carmella, Jose, and Olivia were captured with the loot during the escape.

4 Fleeca May 5, 2021 Main Hacker Success (Third try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

5 Fleeca May 7, 2021 Main Hacker Success (First try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

6 Paleto May 10, 2021 Main Hacker Success (First try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

7 Paleto May 10, 2021 Backup Hacker / Negotiator Mixed Success (Brad succeeded on second hack)

Brad and Jack managed to escape with 90 marked bags.

Olivia and Pilbis were captured with 45 marked bags, inked bag, and red dongle during the escape.

8 Fleeca May 11, 2021 Main Hacker/ Negotiator Success (First try hack)

Olivia and Ray managed to escape with the loot.

Flippy was captured with the cash on him during the escape.

9 Paleto May 11, 2021 Main Hacker / Negotiator Failed (First try hack)

Everyone was captured during the escape.

10 Fleeca May 12, 2021 Main Hacker Success (First try hack)

Jay, Olivia, and Ray managed to escape with the loot.

Santi was captured during the escape.

11 Paleto May 12, 2021 Main Hacker Failed (First try hack)

Everyone was captured during the escape.

12 Fleeca May 13, 2021 Main Hacker, Planner, Driver Success (First try hack)

Multiple headpops among both cops and robbers during the chase complicated the outcome, but Jay and Oki got away with the loot, and it was agreed that the heist was successful.

13 Paleto May 14, 2021 Main Hacker, Planner Mixed Success (First try hack)

Jay, Majima and Olivia were captured with the red dongle and clean cash during the escape.
Flippy managed to get away with the rest of the loot.

14 Fleeca May 16, 2021 Main Hacker / Negotiator Failed (First try hack)

Meg managed to escape.
Lenny and Olivia were captured with the loot during the escape.

15 Fleeca May 16, 2021 Backup Hacker Failed (Hack failed)

Carmella attempted the first two hacks and was unsuccessful. Olivia was unable to succeed on the last attempt, and the group left before any cops showed up.

16 Paleto May 16, 2021 Main Hacker Mixed Success (First try hack)

Olivia and Leah were captured with the cash and bags during the escape.
Jay and Lil Cap managed to escape with the red dongle.

17 Paleto May 17, 2021 Main Hacker Failed (First try hack)

Everyone was captured during the escape.

18 Paleto May 19, 2021 Main Hacker Failed (First try hack)

Olivia and Santi were captured with the loot during the escape.
Jay was part of the planned getaway, but Olivia and Santi were captured before he could be implicated in the job.

19 Fleeca May 20, 2021 Backup Hacker Failed (Hack failed)

Raymond was given the first try on the hack and failed. Olivia was given the next two tries and was unsuccessful. She and Raymond left the bank before cops arrived, and Jay was not implicated as the getaway plan was not needed.

20 Fleeca May 22, 2021 Main Hacker Success (First try hack)

Olivia managed to get away with the loot.
Raymond and Lana were captured during the escape.



Olivia Harvey is a character role-played by abbay.


Olivia is a former Emergency Medical Services trainee turned criminal. She once was a member of the Aztecas gang. She is currently founder and co-leader of The Vixens, alongside with her close friend Elena Vega.


Olivia betrayed the Aztecas after Mr. Chang of the Chang Gang advised her to leave the gang. Upon leaving, she took most of Aztecas stash including guns, valuables and drugs. She then went on the run from the gang and tried to keep a low profile by assuming different identities. Since going on the run Olivia rarely returned to the city.

Olivia Returns

Months after her disappearance Olivia made her return to the city. She is still fearful of the Aztecas seeking revenge, and she fears being alone. She tried to purchase a pistol outside the Pink Cage motel, but her bank account was empty. Olivia is concerned that people dislike her based on her betrayal of the Aztecas.

Olivia later met Misfits member Dante White and questioned him about the Aztecas. He informed her that Violet Noreguarde left the Aztecas, to her surprise. Olivia told Dante that she also left Aztecas but did not offer details. She told him that she is concerned that Violet possibly hates her. She hopes to reconnect with Violet.

Recent Events

Olivia was hired by Ronald "Red" Juggler as a sales person at Fast Lane Imports.

Aztecas Meeting

Olivia wanted to face her fear and try to speak with the Aztecas to clear the air. She arranged a meeting with leaders Antonio Espinosa and Jose Martin Perez in front of LSPD headquarters. She explained her side of the issue and apologized, and they surprisingly were willing to make peace with her. They told her she no longer had to be afraid of retaliation from Aztecas. She was relieved and decided to give them some watches she stole from the gang.


Elena Vega

Since Elena's arrival to the city, the two have become instant best friends. Always trying to be around each other whenever they can, the two often go on jobs together to rake up cash as they both claim that their "stonks are low." These two seem to be best friends, which can be inferred from the fact that Olivia chose Elena to initially be her second in command for The Vixens, but later on promoting it to co-leader so that the two were on the same level.

Carmella Corset

Carmella and Olivia met recently, having found many common interests and similar personality traits. The two have gotten along pretty well, with Carmella being one of the first girls to be recruited into Olivia's gang, before they even came up with a name. Both of them can be often be seen going on jobs together.

Tyrone Biggums

Olivia seems to have this infatuation with Tyrone, often trying to impress him with how she acts or how she dresses. She has expressed her distaste for the nickname that he has made for her ("Snowbunny"), and has said that she wanted to be treated with more respect and to be seen as more of a priority with Tyrone.


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