Olivia Copper is a character role played by Hirona

Description Edit

Badge #238, Olivia Copper was the former Captain of both the SASP and CID, before the police restructure. She is currently the Assistant Chief of the LSPD and Captain of the CID. She claims that the SASP members are "practically perfect in every way." She desperately wants to re-join the SASP, and pass on her role of Assistant Chief to another fellow officer. Copper is regarded to be the scariest cop of the force due to her many skills and no-nonsense attitude.

Relationships Edit

Emily Reinhart Edit

The two were married by Judge LaBarre on the side of Senora Freeway after hearing Mikey Dias had legally gotten married. Right after getting married, Copper gave Reinhart her personal knuckle dusters as a ring. (CLIP)

Dequarius "Big D" Johnson Edit

The two had a relationship in the old server. They are still friendly with one another.

Trivia Edit

  • She does not have many friends, however, her best friend is Kevin Shaw.
    • However, after many months of not seeing him in the city, and after an incident where Shaw seemed to be more concerned about the criminal that had put him in the ICU instead of her, Copper has demoted him.
  • Her new best friend is Bobby Smith. She shares a blood pact with him, and was the Best Ma'am at his wedding.
  • Is the "leader of Chang Gang" allegedly.
  • Has a K9 partner, Crybabypeepants.
  • There have been many rumors of her taking criminals out to Sandy Shores and burning them alive, though these events can't be proven.

Quotes Edit

  • "Pat pat pat"
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