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Oliver Crawford was a character role-played by neskRP.

General Description[]

Oliver Crawford was the Deputy Warden for the Department of Corrections, Badge #702.

He aspired to join the Police Department to pursue a career in active law enforcement. He was particularly inspired by Jeffrey Bundy, after he Impeached Mayor Abdul AlRahim.

He resigned on April 20th 2022 after losing all hope of his future career

Fall From Grace[]

On April 25th, He planned to attack members of SCU including Sexton Hardcastle, Demi Black, Lily Pond, and Shelby Lane. After tailing Hardcastle he decided he wasn't ready to do it and instead lured former Warden Ethan Maxwell to legion square where he shot him for his involvement in The People V. Oliver Crawford. Crawford was put on a 24 hour psych hold in parsons.

Over the next few weeks Crawford began attacking others he felt had wronged him after attacking Ethan including: Winifred Doe, Johnathan Synder, Chad Gable.

After the attack on Chad Gable, former mentor and friend Michael Robinson was contacted by Crawford with the text "you made me who I am today". Once Michael was available he reached out to Crawford to speak with him. Michael had made it clear to Crawford that he had been going down a path of destruction and told him "You need me more than I need you". Michael exited Crawford's car saying "I'm going for a walk, I just wish I was the one who killed Clearwater". Crawford was not happy with the comment and followed him on foot across the road trying to get him to come back to the car. Michael had made it clear that he was done with Crawford. Acting on impulses Crawford pulled out the switchblade he had had on him for weeks and stabbed Michael in the gut. Michael died at pillbox. Crawford was shortly arrested and placed on a HUT for serial assaults and killers and 1st degree murder.

during his stay at prison Minerva Maat arranged with DOC Jon Castle to visit Crawford and warn him about what she would do if he went after anyone she considered family. Crawford ended up throwing a molotov at Jon after this meeting for not warning him that she was coming up to the prison.

From prison Crawford arranged a plan with Elizabeth Byrne to attack Minerva Maat after the conclusion of her civil suit against Mickey S. Byrne had been reluctant to participate and said maybe. Crawford had told Jessica Williams as well as directly texting Minerva herself "good luck on your court case". Several DOC and PD ended up watching over the civil suit for Minerva's protection. Byrne never showed up and informed Crawford that she doesn't wanna follow Crawford down this path again.

On May 16th, 2022, Crawford had acquired a shiv from Thur Teen with the intention of using it on Eryn Carter. After having a heated discussion with Eryn It was revealed that Eryn did not arrange the DOC heading down to the civil case for Minerva. Crawford then waited for Jessica Williams to come on duty where he asked her about who arranged the armed guards. Jessica had revealed that she arranged it and began goading Crawford to the point where he pulled the shiv in his pocket and slashed her throat. Jon Castle was watching from the cat walks and gunned Crawford down. Crawford died shortly after.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Corrections Cadet CadetDOC Hired to the DOC; Badge #855 November 11th, 2021
Solo Corrections Cadet SoloCadetDOC Solo Certified November 26th, 2021
Corrections Officer OfficerDOC Promoted to Corrections Officer; Badge #755 December 14th, 2021
Senior Corrections Officer SeniorOfficerDOC Promoted to Senior Corrections Officer January 30th, 2022
Deputy Warden DeputyWarden Promoted to Deputy Warden; Badge #702 April 3rd, 2022
Deputy Warden DeputyWarden Resigned April 20th, 2022

Played By: neskRP
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