Olga Sazkaljovich is a character roleplayed by Hirona

Description Edit

Olga is the daughter of Sergei Sazkaljovich, and Vasily Sazkaljovich's older sister. Regarded as the smartest of the family, Olga found college and schoolwork incredibly boring, as she already knew everything they could possibly teach her. This was the main reason why she left Russia and reunited with her brother in Los Santos. even after not seeing each other for months, Olga and her brother would still argue over each other's opinions and ideas. She quickly joined her brother in the criminal lifestyle and was even invited to the Russian Mafia on her very first day in the city.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Olga is older than Vasily, her ID states that she is one year younger than him. This is because she had to give a false birth date in order to get approved to enter the country.
  • Olga is a fan of Yung Dab's music. Sergei mentioned this fact to Yung Dab while getting his autograph. A sample of that conversation is used in the song Fuk Tha Police.
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