Oki Doki is a character role-played by DisbeArex.


Oki appears to be a cheerful young Japanese woman, however is a calculating psychopath and secretly obsessed with Ken-Sama. Has started to exhibit yandere characteristics due to recent events happening around Burger Shot.

History (TBA)

Her first obsession was Mike Lemonade.

Only Jeffrey and Frederick know of her past before Burger Shot.

Oki Doki is a Japanese-American with purple hair and was once featured on Steve Smith's IRL Mitch TV stream.

Since joining Burger Shot she has chosen Ken-Sama as her obsession.

Oki later confessed to Bike Guy about her violent past, and to her surprise, he isn't troubled at all.(TBA)

Oki was later kidnapped by Rob (her former night-time manager) for revenge against her and Burger Shot, her right hand was submerged in acid. She does not remember much of the ordeal, as she was drugged with absinthe and oxy.

Hit List

  • Tanner (for being "weak")
  • Unknown woman. who wanted to marry Ken


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