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The Office of the Commissioner is a Liaison Department between the Mayor's Office and the Unified Police Department.

General Description

The Office of the Commissioner is a Liaison Department instituted by Abdul AlRahim on November 15th, 2021.

While each Mayor and Commissioner may have a different Mode of Operation, the general basis relies on the Commissioner creating documents and spreadsheets of both Spendings and Earnings of the Unified Police Department. From this, the Mayor's Office determines a total budget to give to the Police Department, which is transferred from the State Account to the Office of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner then partitions the Budget, and deposits it into each Department/Division/Unit's registered Bank Account for their use.

Commissioner Staff


The Police Commissioner of Los Santos is the liaison between the Unified Police Departments and the State of San Andreas and is appointed by the Mayor of the State of San Andreas. This individual serves at the pleasure of the Mayor's Office.

Individuals able to become the Police Commissioner of Los Santos

  • Commissioners may only be members of the Unified Police Department's High Command.
  • If a Commissioner is no longer part of High Command, they automatically vacate the Commissioner Role.
  • Commissioners retain their position when a new Mayor is elected, but the incoming Mayor can fire/replace them at any time for any reason.
  • In the event no Commissioner is chosen by the Mayor from the available High Command Candidates, the position will remain vacant and the budgetary duties typically assigned to the Commissioner shall rest with the Mayor's Office.
  • Employees may be appointed by the Commissioner in conjunction with input from the Mayor's Office to work under the Commissioner to ease the weight of assigned responsibilities.

Expectations of the Police Commissioner of Los Santos

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, including time spent off duty.
  • Hold occassional meetings with the public to listen to any concerns or complaints within the Commissioner's Jurisdiction.

Responsibilities of the Police Commissioner of Los Santos

  • Be a representative of all Police Departments, Task Forces and Units within the Unified Police Departments for the Mayor's Office with regards to the Budget.
  • Act as a bridge between the Mayor's Office and the Unified Police Departments regarding financial matters.
  • Oversee the Unified Police Departments Finances and Budget.


  • The Office of the Commissioner was initially proposed by Mayor Abdul AlRahim, under the guise of the position being "Senate Approved." When the Los Santos Senate was consulted, however, Two of the Senators had never heard of it before, and the Third couldn't recall. They decided to support the Mayor's decision, however, and appointed Lance Malton as the first Police Commissioner.
  • The house owned by Alan Crane in Mirror Park is an official Office of the Office of the Commissioner. In addition, Alan Crane was hired by Commissioner Malton to act as Security for this Office. Because of this, Alan Crane is legally allowed to possess and use a Police-Issued Shotgun on his property, to protect it from any tresspassers or hostile enemies of the Office.