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Odessa Jace Glafx is a character role-played by Owl Odyssey.

General Description

Odessa is a complicated but kind soul. Still trying to find her place in the world, she likes to go with the flow, but will stand up for her friends when it comes down to it. When she first moved to the city, she came off shy and uncertain, nowadays, she's more outgoing and upbeat.

Her personality is quite friendly, but she has an introverted side. She'll attend parties here and there, but she would much prefer a simple 1-on-1. Moving to the city was quite scary for her as she finds more peace in a forest than a concrete jungle. That said, she won't hesitate to go out and meet new people. She sees this as a dart board of sorts, throwing many darts and hoping to hit the bullseye. When it comes romance, she takes it with caution. Should the right person come along, maybe she'll engage with flirting, but she needs to be careful of falling back into the traps of her past.

At the core of it all, Odessa harbours a desire to help others. She's a natural leader who is always looking out for her friends. She uses this to drive her passion for medicine. She once sought to do this through pharmacy, but since moving to Los Santos, she has shifted this focus to more hands on experiences.


San Andreas Search & Rescue

SASAR Progression

Rank Epaulet Note Legend Date
Trial Member
Hired, will begin ride alongs with higher ups 20 Aug 2021
Promoted to Recruit, cleared for solo runs 5 Sept 2021
Off Road - Standard certified
29 Sept 2021
Wilderness First Responder certified 3 Nov 2021
Acting Manager
Promoted by F. Juice in absence of Command 8 Dec 2021
Given lead during SASAR restructuring 25 Dec 2021
Adanced Off-Road (FTI)
Field Training Officer (FTI)
SAR Dog Handler (FTI)
18 Jan 2022

Betta Life Pharmaceuticals

  • On 6 October 2021, Odessa was hired for Research & Development for Betta Life. She sees this as an extension of her role as a professor at ULSA where she's providing her expertise and knowledge to the company. As part of this role at Betta Life, she's contracted out to aid in other research with associated companies and organisations, such as the Pillbox Medical Center and the Department of Corrections. On 13 November 2021, Odessa was informed by CEO Kitty that she was being promoted to Head of R&D. The job is currently on hiatus due to the company's current waiting period for research liscenses in the city.

Department of Justice

On 22 January 2022, Odessa was hired as a County Clerk by Judge Arthur MacNee.

University of San Andreas: Los Santos

  • On 8 September 2021, Odessa was hired as an Assitant Professor of Chemistry at ULSA. On 30 October 2021, she was promoted to Associate Professor. On 20 December 2021, she transfered to the School of Pharmacy and was promoted to Professor. Additionally, she teaches classes in the School of Chemistry and Faculty of Engineering. She was also told she could teach what she'd like in various public lectures.

Mellow Owl Cosplay

  • Started by Clara Mellow and Odessa as an official title for their cosplays. They accept donations for outfits and supplies. Since it's not an official business, the two of them see it more as a hobby to do on the side.

Wyld Chyld (Quit)

  • As May's fiancée, Odessa would out with administration and hiring, starting 1 November. Her official title was Wyld Mommy. After they broke up, she had intended to remain on as a friend of May, but after May's attack, she's resigned her post on 17 Nov.

In & Out (Quit)

  • On 16 August 2021, Odessa was hired by In & Out to be a vendor for both the Farmer's Market and Dean's World. Odessa quit her job at In & Out to not only focus on her other jobs, but to get away from the bad feelings she was having after her boss shot her (on accident, kinda). She was told she could return if she ever wanted to.

EMS (Fired)

  • Odessa was a Trainee for the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Tango-30. She was fired after multiple FTOs reported her being too new to the city.


Maddison Bancroft (Girlfriend) ⚕️🛌

Odessa met Deputy Bancroft through the work relationship between BCMR and the BCSO. Over time, Odessa trusted her to be someone she could trust to do the right thing in Blaine County. Maddie would even find Odessa after she had been ocean dumped, saving her life. Recently, the two of them have gotten closer. On December 1st 2021, the two of them agreed to be a "thing".

May Flowers (Ex-Fiancée) 🛌

May was Odessa's number one. The person she came home to at night to snuggle and love. Though their relationship was young, it's blossomed already into something incredible. They had each other's backs and wwould protect their love to the end of days.

May is super protective of Odessa. Any time she gets hurt, May goes feral. Wanting to make whomever hurt Odessa pay.

The two of them are very different. Odessa the angel, May the demon. But their love was eternal.

Odessa and May agreed to get married after both got hurt after a short span of time. They thought their love was eternal and had been living together for some time now.

On 13 Nov 2021, Odessa broke up with May after May seemed to want to hurt Odessa with a knife. After an altercation with the Dans, Odessa ended up in the ICU. This was where Odessa would break up with May, unable to take it any longer with May wanting to hurt people.

On 14 Nov 2021, May would attack Odessa, landing her in the ICU. Odessa said they could no longer be friends after this.

Jacob Planke (Ex-Boyfriend) 🛌
The Heart of Gold

Jacob took Odessa on her first ride-along as an EMS prospectus. They bonded over Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and silly jokes. Jacob took the time to teach Odessa much about the job, for which she is really grateful.

After getting same train tickets, the two of them went on a little adventure at the beach. They went treasure hunting, being nerds, and teaching some locals a lesson. It all culminated with Odessa kissing Jacob on the cheek.

Jacob and Odessa have spent a few shifts together, and as this relationship blossoms, Odessa finally planted a kiss on Jacob. To her, it's clear he's unexperienced, but she wants to treat him well and make him happy. The future holds much for the two of them..

After an eventful day (see below 3 Aug 2021), it culminated in the two of them finally agreeing to date. Though it was a massive rollercoaster, it brought them closer together.

On 7 Aug, the two of them broke up. Jacob began to regain his memories and asked for some time to think. This upset Odessa quite a lot, causing her to eventually get injured when drinking.

  • Various exes before LS

⚕️ indicates the person is an emergency contact for Odessa

🛌 indicates Odessa has spent a "night" with this person

Babe Calloway ⚕️
Babe was one of the first people Odessa met in the city and she instantly gravitated towards her kindness. On Odessa's first day, Babe showed her around the city taking her to all the hotspots.

Babe has continuously been a good friend to Odessa, taking care of her when she is at her lowest and taking her out when she's at her highest. Odessa greatly appreciates the friendship Babe has given her during her time in Los Santos.

Lonnie Fabrizi ⚕️
Lonnie saved Odessa's life after a bad night drinking. If it wasn't for him, she'd be dead. For this she's entirely grateful. Knowing that she may never be able to repay the kindness, she still hopes to do whatever it takes to show him her appreciation.

After Odessa was fired from EMS and injured, Lonnie took Odessa driving for a while. She had been pent up in her apartment for a few days and Lonnie felt she needed a break. They spoke for a while and opened their hearts up to one another. Odessa is incredible grateful for this and is beginning to see Lonnie as a father figure because of it.

Clara Mellow ⚕️
Though their friendship always seems to end with one of them getting hurt, Odessa values Clara highly. They spent some good time together and O really looks forward to every interaction with her
Natalie Dabosse ⚕️
Odessa trusts Nat deeply. They share a connection that transcends the city and are bonded with that and their kindness.
Kiki Pendragon ⚕️
Kiki and Odessa just click. Their energies harmonise and the two of them are two firecrackers looking for chaos.


⚕️ indicates the friend is an emergency contact for Odessa

Order does not indicate bond strength

Maxie Paddington
Odessa met Maxie in strange circumstances, but the two of them have become close buddies ever since. Since then, the two of them have hit it off. Recently culminating in Maxie bringing Odessa aboard for the BCMRA.
Jessica Hilton ⚕️
The two met working in EMS and instantly hit it off. Odessa enjoys Jess's humour and banter. Jess also knew to always hit up Odessa for some In & Out toys when she was working there. The two are still getting to know each other more, but with each interaction, they become better and better friends.
Fresh Juice
Juice is a co-worker, housemate, and friend to Odessa. She keeps O on track and ensure she's being her best self. The two of them together are chaos.
Adeline Devangari
One of the first people O met from EMS. Addie has been like an older sister to O and helps her when needed. O always knows that she can go to Addie if she needs anything.
Leanabh Grander
Odessa and Leanabh have had some strange experiences together, but it's brought them closer. Odessa looks forward to becoming closer to her!
Reina Vergara ⚕️
Odessa and Reina are always busy when the other wants to hang out, but consider each other friends nonetheless. Odessa was one of Reina's first friends in the city.
Jeremy Rivera
Odessa and Jeremy have been slowly gotten closer. Odessa likes to bring him S'Mores as a thank you to what him and his team does. Jeremey wrote a letter of recommendation in Odessa's application to Pillbox.
Mackenzie Hayes ⚕️ & Bucket
Odessa met Hayes when she responded to a call that involved her. Hayes and Bucket showed up to give her comfort in a time of need. Odessa would eventually become an informant for Hayes, reporting on the Smileys. They would even work a sting operation together. Odessa and Hayes quickly became friends throughout this entire experience, sharing laughs and kindness.
Lashandra Tanget
The first person Odessa met in the city. She loves Lashandra and her work ethic.
Sophia McMoo
Someone Odessa chats with occasionally but always gives hugs when she sees her.
Iona Wells
Odessa's trainee for BCMR, but someone where the two just understand one another. They're both nerds, queer, and love to explore.
Anita May
Anita has saved Odessa's live. O feels obligated to repay that debt to her. She sees Anita as a friend for all she did, esepcially when she said she left a 13A call to save Odessa.
Reggie Mitts 🛌
Odessa met Reggie through May but their friendship has transcended May. Reggie may be different than the normal people Odessa hang out with, but she appreciates his kindness.
Alexander Blake
Odessa always considered Blake an aquaintence, met through Pillbox, but she was convinced otherwise when Dr. Blake came to her birthday bash. It showed that Dr. Blake was truly interested in being a friend to Odessa. She looks forward to this friendship growing
Drew Nilliam
Drew and Odessa have become friends slowly, but their kindness for one another as grown quickly. Odessa is happy to call Drew a friend.
Raphael Monroe
Raphael and Odessa met during the Smiley business. They became friends over their shared interest in doing the right thing.
Juno Lemieux
Odessa's lawyer and friend.
Arthur MacNee
The two met when Odessa was having a down day. They slowly became friends until Odessa was brought into Maddie's family. Then they became closer through the familial ties.
Alexandra Carlson
Maddie's mother. Odessa and her met through Maddie, but they became friends over shared history and past.
Steven Hayes
Neighbour and friend.
Shirley Lemons
Neighbour and friend.

⚕️ indicates the friend is an emergency contact for Odessa

🛌 indicates Odessa has spent a "night" with this person


  • May Flowers (See "Partners" tab)
Sarah Ableton
Mother of May, very protective and anti cop.
Rick Locke
Father of May. Someone Odessa has set up with cops in the past. Rick really wants to hurt Odessa.
Balto Connelly
Someone Odessa has had trouble with since her early days in the city. The bond is slowly healing now.
Trinity Marlow This character is deceased
Used to be the closest of friends, have since drifted apart. Trinity than began attacking Odessa in affiliation with the Sinister Souls. When Trinity died, Odessa shed tears for what was lost


Roman Shacks 🛌
Odessa's former partner at Humane Labs with her work at Betta. Helped him out on various projects. Also the ocasional lover. They cut ties after Odessa began to inform on his illegal activies.
Ursula Leichenberg 🛌
Ursula and Odessa cared for each other but they're both were not so sure why. They also play dumb to one another. Odessa is hesitant of her, because of her friends and husband, and there for she's decided to no longer contact her.
Hanna Baker
Once good friends, the two of them drifted apart when their energies began to clash. Though Odessa doesn't know it, Hanna has been spreading misinformation about her to tarnish her reputation. Hanna is also the ex of her current fling, Maddie.


🛌 indicates Odessa has spent a "night" with this person

Physical Description

Odessa sports natural firey red hair and emerald green eyes, a signature of her Irish ancestry. She often wears it down, occasionally with a braid. Her skin is light with olive undertones and freckles dot her face and body. Her body itself could be described as more curvy than not. She has two tattoos: a chemical symbol and an arrow mixed with symbols.

Odessa's clothing style is very much cutesy chic, with clear queer influences. Plaid button downs accented with overalls and the occasional pride flag pin. On the other hand, you'll find her often in cute dresses and skirts. She likes to feel good about how she looks and will take the time to make that a reality. Makeup is a must for her, but she still has a side of her that doesn't mind t-shirts and jeans. Her nails are often painted an emerald green or ruby red.


Odessa was born in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan to two immigrant parents. She lived a moderate middle class childhood, often being the nerd of her friend group. She loves board games, chess, DnD, and video games, though school always came first. In high school, she was on her school's vollyball team. A team which she would captain in her final two years. She also captained her school's science olympiad team, carrying them to state champs two years in a row. All this considered, Odessa often felt she lived in her sister's shadow. Her sister Saoirse, who has 4 years on Odessa, was very similar to her in her work ethic and achievement. This led Odessa to go even harder, wanting to prove she was better than her sister. This created quite the complex in her mind, one that often caused harm to her wellbeing. The peak of it all came when she dealt with the news that her sister had gotten a job at NASA. Though this started as a blow to her self-confidence, she used it as fuel to be the best she could. Through this, Odessa would see the fruits of her labour in good grades and achievements. Odessa had a promising future.

That said, her teenage years were met with hostility from her parents regarding her sexuality. Her dad often would shut down ideas of Odessa dating women, because he "didn't want to upset the grandparents". One year, Odessa fancied a girl and wrote her a card for Valentine's Day. When she had the card all ready, she showed it to her parents. Her father tore it up in disgust. He feared that his father would see it when he came to visit that evening. The year after, in the summertime, Odessa had meet a girl and hate been dating her. Her parents were okay with it, so long the grandparents didn't know. Preparing for a trip to vist her grandparents in Greece, Odessa asked her parents if she could bring her girlfriend. Her elder sister was bringing her boyfriend, so she felt she wanted to bring her loved one. Her father once again yelled at her, stating what he had always had. Though this distain from her parents would still last, Odessa learned to ignore it for her own sake.

During college she met the girl of her dreams and they became very close. They often spoke of marriage and children. When Odessa graduated, she was offered a high-paying job at a prestigious pharmaceutical company. She began to look at places where the two of them could live together. All of that crumbled when her heart was broken by her now-ex. This sent Odessa into a spiral of depression, one that would cost her job and future. Through work with her therapist and family (especially her sister), she was able to see herself out of this darkness. It took time, but she began to once again look to the future. Deciding that her home state would always now remind her of her ex, she decided to pack her bags and head to Los Santos.

In Los Santos

12 July 2021
Odessa's first day in the city. She met Babe and was taken around to all the hotspots. She met loads of interesting people and learned more about how to apply for EMS
21 & 22 July 2021
This was quite the eventful day for Odessa. She met a sasquatch, was kidnapped (by Freddy Fastfingers), and got an interview for her EMS application. She was also downed three times: One from a fall, one from being hit by Lauren Forcer, the other from a scuffed sinkhole in PBM. The highlight of her day was her first ride-along. She rode with Jacob Planke who taught her 10 codes and various SOPs for injuries.
23 July 2021
Another eventful day spent visiting the ER. Having met up with Maxie Paddington, he offered her a ride up to Paleto to get a fishing rod. On the way, Maxie had a headache. Luckily for Odessa, Maxie gave her a pair of keys. She continued up the road only to be hit by a racer. This sent her to the ER. On her way back, she rode her bicycle up Grand Ocean to recover Maxie's motorbike. She was once again hit and picked up by EMS. She eventually got a ride up to the bike by a man named Elliott. Whilst there, she was attacked by a murder kitty and was once again sent to the ER. This time around, she decided it was unsafe and abandoned hope of recovering the bicycle.

3 August 2021
Odessa went on duty as normal that morning, though she saw a text on her phone from Jacob. When Jacob finally made it into the city, she called him up and they chatted. She learned about Jacob's issues with his love triangle. She learned about the pain it caused him. He said he didn't want to make a choice, so she made it for him. Giving him back the Gameboy and flowers he gave her, telling him if he ever wanted her back, to return them. The two parted ways, and Odessa went to drink. She would later learn that Jacob was in a major car accident. Losing his memory of the last week. Odessa quickly passed out from being drunk and the two would have a chat after they were both free of the ER. Odessa told him everything she could. Not wanting to hide the truth. They kissed as the tsunami rolled in. Afterwards, the two spent the day together, Jacob ended back up in the ER after a fall. They continued to chat, went fishing, but then eventually ended up in a major car accident: Sending both to ER. Odessa found herself with a shard of glass in her neck, unable to breathe. After hours in the ICU, she came out, unable to talk for the time being. Jacob told her that he wanted to be her boyfriend when she was laying in the bed and the two of them fell asleep in each other's arms that night.
7 August 2021
After a morning of EMS trainee duty, Odessa ran into Jacob. Jacob begin to show signs of pain, noticing whenever he spoke to Odessa, he would get a headache. This would be the beginning of his memory coming back. After waiting for hours for Jacob to come out of the doctor's, he would finally break the bad news to Odessa that he needed some space. Odessa handled this all right at first, reaching out to her friends for help. When none answered, she turned to her old friend of alcohol. This eventually would end up with Odessa falling into a large body of water, drowning nearly instantly. If it wasn't for her friend Lonnie, she would have died down there. Faced with the shame of her failures, she awake in the ICU. Only remembering a minor bit of Balto entering her hospital room and telling her never to wake up. She would then get an e-mail from EMS telling her that her employment was terminated. This sent Odessa into yet another spiral of depression. Luckily for her, she would be watched over in her apartment by a 24/7 nurse and her own sister who came to visit. As it stands, the future looks dull for Odessa; however, she may find purpose again through other means.
19 August 2021
Finally being awake at the same time as Clara, the two of them agreed to meet up. When they finally did, they were instantly taken hostage for a robbery. Long story short, Odessa got shot. After she got out of the hospital, having to deal with seeing Balto again, she was picked up by Steven Hayes
24 August 2021
What O thought was going to be a normal BCMR day turned into a day of romance, love, and near-death. May and O set out on the trails, together, for another round. As they did, they slowly learned of each other's feelings for one another. At one point, when May flipped the car and hurt their eye, O kissed it better. Then O made a move, telling May that she hurt her lips. As if by queue, May leaned in and kissed O. The two would later do more fishing, BCMR work, and general hanging out. They even went to the top of Chiliad to kiss. As part of this, Odessa gave May a galaxy rose. They cuddled at the lighthouse and had a picnic. Following that, they met up with Reina and Dallas to see the ghost of Mt. Gordo. Following this, they were to go swimming when both Dallas and Reina hurt themselves. Luckily for them, Odessa and May were able to administer CPR and first-aid. Dallas would end up in the ICU, but Reina was safe. Although it was a tiring day, O still wanted to thank the doctors. She brought them treats as gifts and thanks for their work. Following that, she headed to May's house where the two would fall asleep in each other's arms.
27 August 2021
Odessa would learn today the truth behind May's past. How they once worked with a serial killer. Odessa was unsure how to feel about this, but she knew that May had changed. Seeking guidance, she called Jacob for advice. When she made this call, Balto was made aware and instantly texted O, telling her to leave Jacob alone. Odessa, confused, reached out to Jacob again who would inform her that Balto had begun to get a biker gang to attack Odessa. Fearing for her life, and for the possible ramifications, Odessa told Jacob that if she was hurt, the Blocks might retaliate. This was because BCMR was told that if any of the mountain rescue team was injured, they'd get justice. This warning text to Jacob was mistook as a threat and Balto would call the police. He would later approach Fresh Juice and tell her the story. This caused Odessa to get drunk in shame and fear; because of her actions, she was put on temporary suspension from BCMR. This would become yet another example of Balto ensuring her life went as worse as possible.

15 September 2021
Odessa's stable day went chaotic quick when Maxie got shot when under attack by locals. Odessa had to kill three of them to defend her mentor. She would feel a lot of strife from this. She also had received a text that morning that had been sitting in her mind. The reports from the Abdul incident were deleted. Unsure where to turn, she called Lonnie to get his advice. Lonnie advised O to drop it if she valued her life. Babe agreed. This sent O into a spiral. Finding her self soon with a bottle in hand once again. This time though, unopened.

8 October 2021
After another mysterious phone call, Odessa figured out who had been attacking her. She spent most of her day upset, but it would turn for the better through hanging out with her friends. That was the case until she was sexual assaulted whilst working the market booth in Paleto. The day would end with her and May going exploring together.
9 October 2021
Odessa would have a long day, mostly at Hummane Labs, working with Roman Shacks & Crystal Clear. At the end of it all, she would forumulate a cure for vampirism. Also during this day, Trinity Marlow would hit her with a sledgehammer. Confirming to her that she was the one who had been stalking her.
26 October 2021
Odessa finally went got a hold of the police to discuss the Smiley's attack on May. Odessa decided this was the right path to ensure the safety of the citizens of Los Santos. She also discussed Balto's recent threats to BCMR. Later this day, it would be discovered the Smileys had learned of her conversation with the police and wanted Odessa dead. It was later discovered the Smileys would have May be the one to do it and so Odessa accepted her fate. Knowing the walls were falling around her. She would be saved by BCMR, Lonnie, and Babe. May ran. Odessa was left with a hard choice: Leave May or help save them.

12 November 2021
Odessa and May returned from their trip to decide they need to talk. They chose the top of Chiliad but would be interrupted several times. First with Odessa finding Dante Wolf being ocean dumped, second by May getting stuck in the cross fire with the PD and the Cleanbois, and finally with the Dans making May and Odessa fight to the death. May would fall and Odessa would get shot in the head.
13 November 2021
Odessa gets a call from Charity Deimos. She's being warned that May and Sarah plan to attack her. Odessa begins to work away to prevent it, getting police protection. May eventually kidnaps Odessa, but Anita May is watching. Though May took the phone, Odessa was able to get it back and signal Anita, getting her to show up and prevent the worst from happening. Odessa would still end getting stabbed, but was able to live through it after several days in the ICU.

1 December 2021
Odessa's birthday! She started the day trying to hide the fact it was her birthday, but with calls from loved ones and an accident on Josiah, the truth came forward. Maddie and Sophia started to plan. Maddie called up her co-worker Kevin to get some skydiving. Odessa was joined by Kiki, Maddie, Sophia, and Louise. The gang would later be joined by Reina, Dr. Blake, Yasmin, and Bryan. They went around the city to Maldini's, the bowling ally, and Burn Island. She dressed up in a black wedding dress, a top hate, and glowing accessories. At the end of the night, Maddie and Odessa spoke. Together they agreed to date. This would set up the offical start of #Odaddie.

Odessa keeps a journal next to her bed. This was an idea suggested to her by Clara. Although she still feels new to it, she's found solace in the cathartic ritual of writing before she goes to bed.

19 August 2021
Dear Journal,

Is that how this works? Do I just start writing? Clara told me today that jorunaling really helped her with her keeping her thoughts in order, so I figured I'd give it a go. Sorry you're not in anything nice, just a notebook I had laying around. Today was, eventful. I was shot. First time ever, was not fun. I also got to finally hang out with Clara. I got to know her friend Steven a bit more, he's quite the character. We spied on him and his girlfriend though, that was kind funny. After that, we went fishing with Shirley. Trinity tagged along too! While waiting for Dean's World to open, we all went to the beach. That's when I had a nasty flashback. Remembering what Balto said to me in my coma. I felt sick. My whole body hurt. All I could think to do was run. It was a while before Clara and Trinity found me. I was lucky they did, they took good care of me. After DW, we headed to Paleto, only to have one of the strangest experiences I've ever seen. We fell THROUGH the road. It all culminated in T getting hurt. I have no idea what happened, but I was so worried for T. I was afraid I was going to lose her. All I wanted to do in that moment was drink. Luckily Clara was there to stop me. I don't know what I would've done if she wasn't. When it was all said and done, the three of us decided to do a bit of cosplay to take our mind off of everything. We went to the store and became the Powerpuff Girls! I'm so thankful for these two. Having them in my life has changed so so much. I really need more time with them. They're showing me that my happiness doesn't only have to come from medicine and EMS. It may be possible to find it in the people around me as well...

20 August 2021
Dear Journal,

Today was pretty uneventful. I didn't do much besides work for In & Out. I also had a really good chat with Babe which was nice. She really made me feel valid about my concerns with Balto. I also went to a court case today, but the whole thing fell apart. Would've been cool to see it, but I guess these things happen. Sorry for such a short entry, I'm exhausted about this all, but I hope tomorrow is better.

21 August 2021
Dear Journal,

Today was strange. I got up and worked the booth like normal, before heading to the Mayoral debates. On the way, I met someone from the Peach campaign team. We were speaking and they said I should ask a question about Abdul trying to kill me. Seeing as I've yet to get justice, I agreed. If the lawyers won't help me, I'll bring it out to public. He denied it, of course. I then spoke with Ursula. Maybe this story can go further. We'll see. After that, I got my outfit all set for BCMR. I look fucking sick in this thing. I'm so excited.

22 August 2021
Dear Journal,

I've had it up to HERE with Trinity. At first, she simply asked me out and that was fine, but now she's talking about joining a gang. Like an actual gang. She's upset she didn't get onto EMS. Honestly, I get it. I found a happiness in EMS that I felt I would never find outside of it. Luckily for me, I found my friends and I found BCMR. That said, this is too far. How could she think this is a good idea? Clara and I tried to talk sense into her, but that failed. In the process, I ended up getting hurt. Luckily nothing more than some bruised ribs, but it could've been worse. From what I hear, Trinity was shitty about it when it happened. I told her I didn't want to date her. It was too much for me. Not to mention, it's far too early for me. When it comes down to it, I need to take care of myself first. I hate to say it, but Clara is right that I'll burnout if I only focus on other people. The whole thing made me want to drink, luckily Clara stopped me. I'm glad she did.

Besides all that, turns out ghosts are real. Yup. Like ghost ghosts. Didn't think it'd happen, but sure enough. That was an experience. I think I pissed off the spirits though because weird shit started to happen to me. We'll see if that continues to be true. Also, after all that shit with Trinity happened, Clara, her bf Ryan, and I took time to decompress. I went skinny dipping in some guy's pool. That was fun! I need to focus on these moments. These are the moments that keep me sane and happy.

23 August 2021
Dear Journal,

I spoke with Cayden again today. That was actually pretty nice. It was good to kind of clear the air with him. I also saw Jacob too. He seems happy. That's all I ask for, you know? Juice had me drive the Juice Box today. That was terrifying, but I did pretty dang well. Didn't flip it even once! I'm slowly learning the path I have to take for the mountain checks. It's been fun. I can't wait to do more!

After my doctor's appt, I went back out on the hills. This time with May. And ut oh. I might have a new crush. Idk, May's great, they make me smile and laugh and happy. We went and saw that ghost again, May made sure I wasn't too scared. At the end of the day, we went to the beach. We built sandcastles together and held hands as the tsunami rolled in... It was all kinda gay, hehe

24 & 25 August 2021
Dear Journal,

Hey... Sorry for disappearing last night. I stayed over at May's. It was all kinda unplanned so I left you at home. I think we're a thing now, them and I. We've kissed, gone on dates, had sex. I even 'accidently' called them my partner and they were okay with it. I know I shouldn't be dating again so quickly after Jacob but... This just feels right. I feel comfortable with them. They make me feel safe. I got them a cool crystal flower. It reminded me of them, all colourful, pretty, everlasting. I just want to make them happy. To show them how much love they are worthy of. So what if that means we become stereotypical lesbians? I write more, but tbh, I just want to get back to spooning with them. Their bed is so comfy...

Besides that, BCMR stuff is going really really well. I think I'm making good progress. I hope I can prove to the team that I'm dedicated and willing to learn. Orange gang is my life now.

27 August 2021
Dear Journal,

I'm sick of Balto. That's it, that's the journal entry.

31 August 2021
Dear Journal,

Sorry for being distant, journal. I've been down the past few days. I'm glad I have good friends though. I'm suspended from BCMR. The whole Balto shit caused issues for me and I really don't want to talk about it. I drank again. I'm sorry. I also gambled a lot. I'm sorry for that. I'm glad my friends stopped me though. I just wish I wasn't such a mess. I just want to succeed at BCMR. I don't want my past to haunt me anymore. I just want to live my life. I don't know what to do. May and Juice have been great though. Taking care of me, letting me stay over. Maybe I'll get better though soon. Maybe.

1 September 2021
Dear Journal,

Finally spoke to Maxie about everything that happened. He still has to talk to Bryan, but we'll see. I'm terrified I'll get fired over all of this. I told my story the best I could. Hung out with a few nice people and went fishing though. That was nice. Did some more fun cosplay with Clara. We chatted about May. Gosh I love May. They're gonna make me gush about them to everyone at this rate.

I also had an incident with a tinture today, though I don't really want to talk about it, it was really traumatic.

2 September 2021
Dear Journal,

Had a calm morning with Juice and May. That was until I spoke with Trinity. I told her I couldn't do her noodle company anymore. She was stressing me out far too much and it was time to call it quits. I still want to be her friend, but I just need to take a step back. It was all becomming too much. I hope she'll understand.

5 September 2021
Dear Journal,

Sorry for being absent a few days. It's been hectic. May quit BCMR. They're still an 'independent contractor', but they aren't an official recruit anymore. I'm sad about it, but I care about them a lot and want them to do what's best for them. I'll support them through this and make sure they don't do anything stupid. On the other hand, I'm now officially a recruit for BCMR! Had my test this evening and got the news that I passed! I'm really happy to have been given this honour and can't wait for what comes next.

8 September 2021
Dear Journal,

The last few days have been strange. I've been hurt twice. Once by hunters, and Kai, another by a murder kitty. May's been lovely as all hell though. They're a sweetheart. I really like spending time with them. It's been great. I got hired at ULSA as a professor! I can't wait to see what's next. I might quit In & Out. Sorry for such a short letter today. I'm exhausted.

9 September 2021
Dear Journal,

So T has memory loss. Turns out she was in a coma. I didn't even know. She didn't bother setting up ECs. The whole thing brings back bad memories of Jacob. I don't know what to do. I also quit my job at In & Out. After Kai shot me, I felt kinda uneasy about it all. She said I'd be welcome back if I wanted, but right now, I'm happy with my other jobs.

15 September 2021
Dear Journal,

I almost broke. Almost. Had the bottle in hand. Friends were there for me, but Lonnie said something that stuck with me "treat yourself like we'd treat you." I guess they're always with me even if they're not. I also killed 3 locals today. That was traumatic. I don't know how to feel about it all. I need time to process.

8 October 2021
Dear Journal,

It's been a while. So much to tell you. About my certifications, my new job, ULSA going well. All things I could tell you about if I wasn't being chased by some psychopath or sexually assaulted by men at my workplace. I don't know what to say. I just need someone. Something. Thank fuck I have May to do the things I can't.

9 October 2021
Dear Journal,

Trinity was the one who was stalking me. She hit me with a sledgehammer in front of 50 people. Everyone knows now. Friendship with her is over.

14 October 2021
Dear Journal,

So, guess I have a fiancée now!!!!!!!!

16 November 2021
Dear Journal,

Scratch that May tried to kill me after I broke up with them. We were trying to go on a date/have a talk on Chiliad. Several things got in the way, I found someone getting ocean dumped, May got shot, and the Dans showed up. The last one decided we needed to fist fight. May kept insisting on having a knife. I had already contacted Hayes, but May really wanted to stab me. This was enough for me to put my foot down in the ICU after I got shot. Earlier that day, I had talked with Mac quite a bit. She told me of her ex and how she escpaed. I had to take her advise. The day after, May kidnapped me and stabbed me. I just woke up out of a coma. I don't know what comes next, but I'm sorry I haven't updated you enough.

20 November 2021
Dear Journal,

I wanted to drink today. Seeing May walking free made me sick to my stomach. I thought maybe calling them and telling them to turn themselves in would work, I was so wrong. I found solace in volunteering for EMS. It was a nice break. I may have a new addiction though. There's something so rewarding from being in the company of others. First Reggie now Maddie. I can't help myself when such beautiful people find their ways into my bed. I may have a problem. I'm kind of hoping this doesn't become the end of me...

21 November 2021
Dear Journal,

I'm not falling for this girl. I'm not falling for this girl. I'm not falling for this girl. Odessa, you just got out of a relationship. You date the void now. You don't need anyone. Right...?

22 November 2021
Dear Journal,

Okay IT'S NOT A THING, but..... Maddie asked me out on a date. Surely this is too soon, right? I'm not ready. Will I ever be ready? I just really like her so so much. She makes me feel safe. I don't know, I know this is a bad idea, but this feels nice. It feels familiar?

1 December 2021
Dear Journal,

Okay it's thing now. Maddie threw a little birthday celebration for me and it was amazing. I went skydiving, I dressed up all cute, and I got a girlfriend out of it. A cute one at that! She makes me feel safe. Safer than with May. When it came to May, their protection came with baggage. I had to be weary of new enemies. With Maddie, it is simple. It's nice.

Another thing though, I spoke to Hayes yesterday. Hanna has been bad. Very bad. She's been careless and is going to get herself hurt. I wish she would have just listened to me and Hayes.

Betta Life is going well, the new lab is sick. Looking forward to more work there.

Finally, today Iona decided to take a LOA because of what happened with Phil. I'm sad. I feel like I failed. I know I need to talk to someone about it, I just. I only wanted Iona to succeed. Seeing my failure is just, tough.

5 December 2021
Dear Journal,

May called today. This was after they left everything I ever gave them at my door step. They were following me. Stalking me. They commented on Maddie. I... All this after Mr. Smiley called me yesterday night. Fuck. Luckily the police were patroling the area and helped me. May got thrown in jail for stalking. Maddie was there for me, but I can't help but feel bad for what happened. I put them in harms way. They didn't seem to mind. We went and burned the items May gave me. I wrote a poem, said goodbye. The hardest thing to burn was the galaxy rose. I knew how much that got May though. Shame to see it gone. May said they were forgetting things, maybe they'll forget me...

17 January 2022
Dear Journal,

I am the proud owner of a pupper! I've got a new buddy named Argos! I'm so happy. Maddie and I have had told each other that we love each other as well. I need to update you more about everything, but I've been SO busy with SASAR. Which is a thing now! I promise I'll update you soon.

Odessa's major character arcs. Each with the minor arcs and events that occurred during them.

Minor Arcs

  • EMS (Start & End)
  • Heart of Gold

Major Events

  • Meeting Babe & Lonnie
  • 2 ICU trips
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Excessive gambling
  • Punching of Jimmy Youngman
  • Odessa losing her sense of self

Minor Arcs

  • BCMR (Start)
  • ULSA (Start)
  • Mayssa (Start)

Major Events

  • Hired & Left by In & Out
  • Mellow Owl Cosplay Founded
  • Odessa stalked (Start)
  • Going sober
    • One Relapse so far

Minor Arcs

  • BCMR (Ongoing)
  • ULSA (Ongoing)
  • Betta Life (Start)
  • Mayssa (End)

Major Events

  • Odessa stalked (End)
  • Cure for vampirism
  • Harassed at the market
  • May's kidnappings
  • Odessa vs the Smileys
    • Informant Odessa
    • Sting Op
  • Mayssa break up (w/ ICU)
  • May sending Odessa to the ICU

Minor Arcs

  • BCMR (Ongoing)
  • Betta Life (Ongoing)
  • #Odaddie (Start)
  • The new addiction.

Major Events

  • May stalking Odessa
  • Odessa's 26th birthday party
  • BCMR Upheaval
  • Night Owl
  • Owning the Blue House

Minor Arcs

  • SASAR (Ongoing)
  • #Odaddie (Ongoing)

Major Events

  • SASAR Start
  • Argos Adoption

Assets & Pets

Photo Name Note Status
Howl.jpg Howl Her first pet in LS At home in his hutch (Unleashed)
GettyImages-925055236-668d483de2fd4a92bbfa457232b03c81.jpg Argos Her doggo who joins in SAR ops
[Birthday: 20 May 2021]
With Odessa (leashed)

Item Note Status
Murder Meal/CitB Her first meal boxes from BS. and RS In her appt.
Her Jorunal Clara taught her about the benefit of journaling, since then she's kept one. At home.
Flowers (x2) & RSoF Flowers and red string of fate that May gave her, locked away In her appt.
Teddy Bear Gifted to her by May, taken into evidence after May stabbed Odessa In an evidence locker.
Flowers and a Gameboy Gifted to her by Jacob, scared to throw away In her appt.
Card and Toy Collection Minor but cherrished In her house.
Sheepdog Plushie & Friendship Bracelet Given to her by Kiki for Xmas & birthday. In her pockets.
Police Kitty Given to her by Clara In her pockets.
Pumpkin Bear Given to her by Drew At her house
Yaeger Toy Given to her by Booba At her house
Various Notes in a Bento Box Love letters given to her by Maddie In her house
Doctor kitty, animal toys Various gifts given to her by Maddie In her pockets

Sentinel XS
Her first car in the city, she's quite proud of it. She loves its horn and it drop top. She just has lots of anxiety about keeping up with car payments.
Her SASAR vehicle. She uses it for recue missions and patrol.
Her trusty bike. It may not be the fastest thing, but it's gotten her across the city reliably. She wouldn't be where she is today without it.
She bought this bike when hanging out with Nat. Nat took her out on a biking trip to help Odessa get a breather.
A gift from Maddie for Odessa to use on her water SARs.

The Blue House
3 Paleto Blvd.
Where her, Kiki, and Juice reside in Paleto.
Apt. 19049
Alta St. Appartments
Her government allocated appartment. Rarely used.


  • Odessa has four degrees:
    • Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) [ULSA]
    • Master of Sciences of Pharmacy (MPharm) [UofM]
    • Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BEng) [UofM]
    • Bachelor of Chemistry (BSci) [UofM]
      • Pre-Medical Path
  • Odessa is diagnosed with disassociation and anxiety.
    • This can, at times, cause her to seem apathetic in otherwise emotional situations.
  • As mentioned above, Odessa has two tattoos.
    • The chemical symbol is the depiction of the furan based molecule she synthesised in her Master's. She was able to utilise this drug to help patients with heart troubles.
    • The arrow and symbols are a nod to her mixed heritage. The arrow with the line is the glyph symbol for the O'Ulchabhán clan whereas the symbols around are stylized Greek for her father's home island: Corfu.
  • Odessa has a research paper published in the JAPhA.
  • Odessa has citizenship to three countries: USA, Greece, Ireland
  • Both Odessa's parents work for the US Coast Guard on the Great Lakes. Her dad is a pilot, her mother is an engineer.
  • Odessa has three scars on her lower neck from a car accident, one large jagged one in a diagonal direction, one small horizontal line. and one from May's knife. She has another major scar on her right shoulder from her Friday the 13th injury. Additionally, across her body are lots of very tiny scars from her incident with nanites. She also has the occasionally healing tissue from gunshot wounds.
  • Guns don't scare Odessa as much as they should. Growing up in Detroit, she grew accustom to seeing guns on a daily basis. Even having one pointed at her is nothing new.
  • Odessa speaks two languages: English and Greek. She's also knowledgeable, at a beginner's conversational level, of Irish Gaelic and Spanish.
  • Odessa has a pilot's license. She trained at AirX under Alexander Blake.


Played By: Owl Odyssey
Characters: Odessa GlafxRegina Hastings-BassBridget AllenMaenad Thiasus