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Octavio Stenberg is a character role-played by neutreN.


Octavio "Goofy" Stenberg is an illegal street racer and getaway driver, currently racing under the alias "HyperGoof". Octavio is widely considered the best racer in the city, and is quickly earning rep as one of the best getaway drivers now too. His driving abilities have led to a number of driving opportunities for bank jobs and boosting.

Street Racing

Goofy is an elite street racer with a stellar record of wins and lap records. His racing success has been broadly noticed throughout the city and has led to widespread recognition and sponsorship opportunities.

One of the parties with an eye on Goofy is the Puppet Master, who included Goofy in an event mission. Alongside Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, and Mary Mushkin the crew was tasked with stealing an F1 car. While Goofy was ejected from the vehicle and downed after a collision, the car was ultimately secured and parted out for the build of Buddha’s custom DeLorean. Goofy's error led to punishment by the Puppet Master, who instructed Buddha, Tony, and Mary to break his legs and prevent him from racing for several days.

As a leading figure of the racing scene, Goofy was included in Eddie Marshall’s planning for the new Tuner Shop. When Eddie needed a capital raise to pay for the shop’s construction, Goofy invested $150,000 for a 3% ownership stake. He was hired as the first Mechanic at the Tuner Shop by Tommy Cruizer.

Getaway Driving

Goofy’s racing skills quickly translated to robberies when he was recruited by Chip Green and Zane Bane for store and Fleeca jobs. The trio was known for humor in their jobs, telling hostages they were being taken to stores to buy Kit Kat candy bars, calling police offers "Eggman", and demanding Chaos Emeralds during hostage negotiations. Despite frequent success, Goofy found himself without a crew when his two partners left the city.

After getting to know Burt Beans through the racing scene, Goofy was introduced to Jay Que. Jay recruited Goofy for getaway driving and Goofy has been behind the wheel for a number of successful robberies with Jay and Mayumi Himura. With very complementary skillsets and compatible personalities, Goofy, Jay, and Mayumi have further deepened their friendship and criminal collaboration and have become an established crew.

Goofy’s driving skills have also been utilized for boosting and he was recruited for interference driving for the first A+ class car boost alongside Randy Bullet, Eddie Marshall, and Mayumi Himura.


Jay Que - FEMLY
After expressing interest in activities other than racing, Gloryon introduced him to Jay Que, who started testing him as a getaway driver. Jay, Mayumi, and Goofy began to form a group together.
Mayumi Himura - FEMLY
Goofy first met Mayumi at Harmony Repairs Garage and bonded through their discussion of cars. They met again multiple times during races and Mayumi had proven that she had skills, often competing against Goofy for first place.
Chip Green - Friend
Chip "Tails" Green was one of Goofy's first criminal partners in Los Santos. Tails organized the crew for Goofy's first store and Fleeca robberies and he gifted Goofy his distinctive Sultan MkII when he decided to leave the city.
Mary Mushkin - Friend
Mary has served as one of Goofy's mentors in the Los Santos racing scene, advising him on Puppet Master guidelines and introducing him to other leaders of the scene. While Mary is protective of Goofy, she has had to discipline him due to infractions of Puppet Master directives.
Kitty Dream - Friend
Goofy first met Kitty through the racing scene and since then Kitty has become Goofy's "professional passenger" which he takes along when he's racing. Goofy revealed to Kitty after being questioned by Jay that he has feelings for Kitty. He expressed that he respects the relationship and doesn't care what the outcome is if Kitty is happy.
Mike Block - Enemy
After being robbed of wheelchair he was using due to two broken legs, Goofy was kidnapped by Mike Block and forced at gunpoint to participate in knife fights in front of gambling spectators. Goofy was forced to down his first opponent in self-defense, but refused to fight his second opponent. As punishment, Mike gave Goofy the "Block Special" and sent his vehicle into an exploding gas station with Goofy in the trunk.


Image Name Description
Goofys dominator.png
Dominator Goofy's first car, mainly used for his races.

Never changing the car's paint job it earned a legendary status in the city, sometimes titled the "Great White Dominator" as it is feared by both the police force and racers.

After the manufacturer changed some of the car's parts, it stopped performing as well as it used to and Goofy retired it from his races.
While he still occasionaly drives the Dominator around or lends it to his friends, it is mostly collecting dust in the garage.

Gtr goof.png
GT-R R35 Goofy's S-class car, bought from the Tuner Shop.
Octavio Stenberg Bestia GTS.png
Bestia GTS Goofy's first VIN scratched car from an A+ boosting contract
Octavio Stenberg Banshee.png
Banshee1 [seized]


Second VIN scratched car.

Painted in white with the blue stripe to honour his Dominator while also paying respect to Titanium who had recently lost his Banshee.
It was seized by Crocodile Steve during his operation against illegal parking at Dean's World.

Goofy eventually got another one, as predicted by Steve.

Feltzer Gift from Jay Que after Goofy lost his Banshee
Goofys Penumbra.png
Penumbra FF VIN scratched


  • Used to wear the same racig shoes with every outfit.
  • Placed 3rd in the Midnight Heats event. After winning the wildcard race he got to race the puppet Big M in a 1v1 for a Silvia S15 but lost.
  • First racer to meet the puppet Earl.
  • Loves cinematic views.