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Octavio Stenberg is a character role-played by neutreN.


Octavio "Goofy" Stenberg is an illegal street racer, getaway driver, and car booster currently racing under the alias "Goofy". Octavio is widely considered the best driver in the city, and has seen great success in getaway driving and boosting as well.

Beyond his criminal career, Goofy is one of the more prominent commercial photographers in Los Santos and has consistent opportunities with paid photography gigs.

Street Racing

Goofy is an elite street racer with a stellar record of wins and lap records. His racing success has been broadly noticed throughout the city and has led to widespread recognition.

One of the parties with an eye on Goofy is the Puppet Master, who included Goofy in an event mission. Alongside Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, and Mary Mushkin the crew was tasked with stealing an F1 car. While Goofy was ejected from the vehicle and downed after a collision, the car was ultimately secured and parted out for the build of Buddha’s custom DeLorean. Goofy's error led to punishment by the Puppet Master, who instructed Buddha, Tony, and Mary to break his legs and prevent him from racing for several days.

Goofy has seen success at racing tournaments. In the Midnight Heats competition, Goofy made it through a field of elite Los Santos racers to face off in the final against the Puppet Marcus Mathers - "Big M". The race was a rare 1-v-1 loss for Goofy, but he was denied a rematch on the track after Big M was killed by the Puppet Master.

When the city's racing scene decided to fragment off into individual racing crews, Goofy was a founding member of the Night Fall crew along with Mayumi Himura and Zane Jackson. After internal dissension within Night Fall, Goofy joined Tony Corleone's Redline crew.

Goofy's initial racing success came with his first owned race car, an A+ Dominator. With its long standing white-and-blue paint scheme, the "Great White Dominator" became equally infamous among racers and police. Goofy had a legendary string of wins and lap records with the Dominator, even against S class competition, and it remains an iconic car in the city. After the Dominator became less competitive after manufacturer modifications, Goofy saw success with his owned A+ Feltzer and a VIN scratched A+ Banshee.

With the opening of the Tuner Shop, Goofy had the opportunity to purchase an S+ vehicle. While initially leaning towards the A80 Supra, he ultimately purchased an R35 GT-R. Goofy has continued his winning ways with the GT-R and even accomplished an 18 race win streak after the introduction of phasing to the race app.

Goofy qualified for Marlo Stanfield's Street Born Survivor tournament by winning three straight races on the second day of qualifications. Despite a strong showing in the initial SBS races, Goofy was voted out of the tournament by his fellow competitors due to the Survivor-style elimination format. The tournament included a wildcard play-in race for eliminated competitors to return to the competition, which Goofy won in a close race over Anna Jørgensen. Having returned to the tournament, Goofy continued his strong racing performances and made it into the final two alongside Griffin Hughes. The winner was determined by a vote among all tournament participants, with Griffin ultimately selected as the Street Born Survivor winner. Prior to the final vote, Goofy and Griffin agreed to split the top two prizes and each netted $750,000 in prize money.

When Marlo instituted an ELO-based racing league called MRL, Goofy was an eager participant. Even by his own elite standards, Goofy's performance was absolutely dominant. He won every single MRL race he participated in, save for two races where he came in second place. This 148-0-2 record in open races resulted in a 1,833 ELO rating for the first season of the MRL league. Goofy's winning ways continued in the MRL Season 1 playoffs, where he won all of his head-to-head bracket matchups and ultimately beat Chas Diaz in the playoff finals for a $300,000 grand prize. His incredible Season 1 performance has guaranteed him a starting 1,700 ELO and Legendary initial rank for the upcoming Season 2.

Getaway Driving

Goofy’s racing skills quickly translated to robberies when he was recruited by Chip Green and Zane Bane for store and Fleeca jobs. The trio was known for humor in their jobs, telling hostages they were being taken to stores to buy Kit Kat candy bars, calling police officers "Eggman", and demanding Chaos Emeralds during hostage negotiations. Despite frequent success, Goofy found himself without a crew when his two partners left the city.

After getting to know Burt Beans through the racing scene, Goofy was introduced to Jay Que. Jay recruited Goofy for getaway driving and Goofy has been behind the wheel for a number of successful robberies with Jay and Mayumi Himura. With very complementary skillsets and compatible personalities, Goofy, Jay, and Mayumi have further deepened their friendship and criminal collaboration and have become an established crew. Goofy has had successful getaway driving escapes from nearly every heist in the city, including Bobcat Security and the Vault.

Goofy’s driving skills have also been utilized for boosting and he was recruited for interference driving for the first A+ class car boost alongside Randy Bullet, Eddie Marshall, and Mayumi Himura.

Goofy has become one of the city's most prolific boosters and was one of the first to successfully complete an S+ boost. He was behind the wheel of the special boost mission to reunite Lucas Ortiz with his beloved BMW E46 M3. Goofy's frequent hacking partners are Bryan Chapman and Jesse Reed, two friends he also considers femly.


After having initially been a mechanic at Harmony Repairs Garage, Goofy was included in Eddie Marshall’s planning for the new Tuner Shop. When Eddie needed a capital raise to pay for the shop’s construction, Goofy invested $150,000 for a 3% ownership stake. He was hired as the first Mechanic at the Tuner Shop by Tommy Cruizer.

Goofy's skill in photography led to a number of paid opportunities for projects including business headshots and bridal photography. Two of Goofy's passions came together when James Arsenal approached Goofy to lead the development and photography of a racing edition of NoPixel Cards. He keeps an updated portfolio, with most of his photography work to date.

The business Octane Enterprises was created by Goofy as a legal entity for his photography work.

Personal Life

Known for his laid back personality and shyness around strangers, Goofy is much warmer and more sociable around those he considers friends and femly. He is very generous with those close to him and has dispensed numerous zero-interest loans of cash and GNE. While very competitive with his driving passion, he remains calm and graceful in defeat in both races and heist getaways.

Goofy's first romance in the city was with Meo as part of a sprawling polyamorous relationship for tax purposes. After Meo left the city, Jupiter Adams became Goofy's frequent passenger for races, though a romance never sparked. Despite the clear difficulties with a relationship between a police officer and a prolific street racer, Goofy's next romantic interest was Selena Mendoza, with whom he went on one less-than-successful date.

Goofy was introduced to Kitty Dream at a race and she quickly became his "professional passenger". The two began spending time together outside of races, with Goofy ultimately admitting romantic feelings towards her. During this time, Kitty was in a relationship with Raymond Romanov so the two agreed to remain platonic friends.

After months of feeling neglected and underappreciated by Ray, Kitty ended their relationship. As a single woman, Kitty recognized the potential for a relationship with Goofy and the two began dating.

Goofy and Kitty had a whirlwind romance resulting in a very close relationship. They are inseparable at times and live together in Goofy's home in Vinewood. They are widely known for transparency around their sexual proclivities and have let much of the city (friends and strangers alike) know about their healthy sex life. Although Goofy is rumored to suffer from a lack of stamina in bed, confirming himself that he is "fast in the sheets". [1][2]

One of Goofy's major quirks was revealed in discussions around food. He expressed his recognition of "default" versions of popular foods. He believes default cheesecake is strawberry cheesecake and default pizza is pepperoni pizza. It is rumored that default cheesecake contains 8kg of cheese.


Jay Que - FEMLY
After expressing interest in activities other than racing, Gloryon introduced him to ''Jay Que'', who started testing him as a getaway driver. ''Jay'', ''Mayumi'', and Goofy began to form a group together.
Mayumi Himura - FEMLY
Goofy first met Mayumi at Harmony Repairs Garage and bonded through their discussion of cars. They met again multiple times during races and Mayumi had proven that she had skills, often competing against Goofy for first place.
Kitty Dream - Girlfriend/FEMLY
Goofy was introduced to Kitty Dream by Tony Corleone at the start of the track Ducktona. Kitty became Goofy's "professional passenger" and his lucky charm after he took her to races in the Dominator against S+ cars. Eventually, Goofy developed feelings for her, and he was pushed by Jay Que to confess his feelings. Goofy insisted that although he had feelings for her, he would not act on it because of his respect for her and Raymond and their relationship. All he wanted was for Kitty to be happy.

Over 5 months, Goofy and Kitty grew closer to each other but the overall situation stayed the same and it got very difficult for both of them. Goofy was reaching a 'breaking point' of where he would ultimately move on as friends. Goofy opened up to Penny and Anna about his feelings towards Kitty. Both of them gave him different advice, but he decided to not give up on his feelings towards Kitty.

After he heard Kitty broke up with Ray, he let Kitty have time to process the break up and was encouraged by their friends before he asked Kitty out on a date. The date Goofy planned included having dinner on the water, biking, ATVing and scuba diving. Kitty decided that she would be the one to plan the second date, which occurred on November 24, 2021 and consisted of her driving Goofy on Ducktona and then having dinner at the winery with Rat and Bill (the waiter not penguin) as their waiters. At the end of the date, Goofy asked Kitty to be his girlfriend, to which she said yes to.

Kitty and Goofy are now a widely known multi-millionaire couple in Los Santos, and they reside together in a mansion in the Vinewood Hills, along with their pet, Sushi.

Important Events

On December 6, 2021, Rat gave Kitty "candy" aka meth and Kitty drowned and had to wait for EMS. Goofy was very angry at Rat for this and ended up knocking Rat out. Goofy is very protective of Kitty and does not like her trying any kind of drugs due to his father Jay Que's addiction and sister May's addiction as well.

On December 14, 2021, Goofy and Kitty moved in together at Goofy's house. That same day Kitty was a professional passenger in a race and Dan Faily asked Goofy to step out of the car, which he obliged, and was immediately arrested and put into cuffs. He arrested Kitty too and were sent to prison together. Kitty told Goofy "it's like a field trip!" and was excited about being gang gang now that she went to jail. Goofy was very mad at the cops and apologized to Kitty for getting her arrested. She's chill about it and they hang out in prison until they are released. Afterwards, Goofy wants an AK to shoot down cops and Kitty talks him out of going out there by himself. She says if he does, then she will go out there and shoot cops too and Goofy, being protective of her, does not want her to do that. Goofy and Kitty also win Best Couple of the Clean Manor at the Christmas Party. Goofy gives a cute speech and Kitty blushes.

On December 20, 2021, Kitty finally gets her Goofy hoodie. On December 23, 2021, Kitty and Goofy go on a date on the yacht with Xay as the waiter. They chat and peepoShy and farm some UHMs.

On December 30, 2021, Goofy buys a house in Vinewood Hills and and this is the house that Goofy and Kitty reside in together. Goofy still has his house in Chumash and Kitty still has her beach house but this is the home they consider "theirs." Kitty decorates the house, including a custom gun rack for Goofy.

On January 4, 2022, Kitty sprays the Feltzer matte black and Goofy promptly freaks out. On January 21, 2022, Goofy and Kitty go to Paleto Pets to finally get their puppy! Puppy is very cute and they name him Sushi.

The Shelly Incident

On January 29, 2022, Ray called Kitty to let her know that Shelly (his ex-fiance) blew up a tanker in front of Rooster's Rest. Kitty finishes up an ingredient run and Shelly kidnaps Kitty outside of Rooster's Rest. Shelly takes Kitty up a mountain and forces her out of the car at gunpoint. Shelly forces Kitty to call Ray, who is in the middle of robbing the Diamond Casino. Ray calls her back and Kitty says "I'm about to get hurt and it's your fault" at the direction of Shelly. She then says "Shelly please stop..." right before Shelly shoots Kitty in the head. Shelly drives off leaving Kitty on the mountain and EMS has to fly in and pick her up.

Meanwhile, Goofy, in the middle of a race, gets a frantic call from Ray. Ray tells Goofy that he got a call from Kitty and she's in trouble. Goofy immediately exits the race and tries to find Kitty. He calls her, but no answer. EMS transports Kitty by helicopter to Sandy Shores Medical Center where Kitty shares her Emergency Contact list with EMS (Raymond Romanov is still number 1...oops, with Goofy as the number 2). Goofy, Meelo, and Karina show up at Sandy Shores where Kitty is unconscious in the hospital. EMS tells Goofy that Kitty sustained a brain injury and will have to be in the ICU. Goofy says he's going to catch the people who did this and holds her hand while unconscious. Ray shows up at Sandy Shores to see Kitty and he and Goofy talk about Shelly. Goofy asks Ray if he wants to help him find Shelly, and Ray immediately agrees. Goofy says he wants to "choke the life" out of Shelly. Ray tells Goofy where Shelly's mansion is and where she might be at. While they are planning, Kitty starts bleeding from the head and Goofy rushes out to get the doctors, while Ray tries to stop the bleeding. There are no doctors at Sandy Shores but the EMS are helpful and stabilize Kitty for transport to Pillbox. Ray calls Dr. Emma Gaine and asks her to come to Pillbox to help Kitty. EMS transports Kitty by helicopter to Pillbox. Outside of Sandy Shores, Chief of Police Sam Baas is there and he follows them to Pillbox in order to get some more information about what happened. Kitty arrives at Pillbox and Goofy is with her. He tells her he loves her and is with her. Dr. Emma Gaine arrives and works on Kitty. Emma is able to stabilize Kitty and Emma confirms to Ray that Kitty was shot in the head. Kitty remains in ICU in an induced coma for the time being to help with the swelling.

Ray and Goofy start planning on how to get revenge on Shelly. Goofy said he will help the cops out, but it won't stop him from doing what he needs to do. Bucky arrives at Pillbox and visits Kitty in the ICU. Ray and Bucky leave Kitty's room and Goofy remains behind, before the doctor tells him it is time for Kitty to rest. Goofy kisses Kitty on the forehead and leaves.

After leaving Kitty in the ICU, Goofy, Tony, and Meelo arrive at Burger Shot looking for Shelly. An employee lets them into the management office at Burger Shot and they find Shelly, who is pretending to be someone else, but they know it's her. Goofy holds up Shelly at gunpoint and they force her out of Burger Shot and into the Mercedes. Shelly continues to feign ignorance about not knowing what is going on and why they are taking her. They take her up a mountain and Ray follows on his bike. They take her into a cave and put her on her knees, while Shelly continues to not know what she did. Goofy interrogates Shelly about why she shot Kitty. Goofy chokes Shelly and says "do you like that?" which spawned the !shelly command in the chat. Shelly eventually breaks and says it wasn't personal about Kitty, it's because of what she thinks Ray did to Jeffrey Price (shooting him resulting in him losing an eye - but it wasn't Ray, it was Leyla). Ray is there and takes off his helmet and addresses Shelly telling her he did not hurt Jeffrey Price, but does not reveal who did. Ray tells Shelly to stay away from his family and to stay away from him. Goofy then stabs Shelly, kicks her, shoots her in the head with his AK, and steals her shoes. They then load Shelly into the car and take her to the beach where they throw her body into a fire pit and leave her.

Amnesia Arc

The day after Kitty's attack, Kitty wakes up in the ICU at Pillbox. Goofy and May arrive at the hospital to pick her up. Goofy hugs Kitty and calls her "baby" and Kitty is confused. May refers to Goofy as Kitty's "slam piece" and she says "No, we're friends" and Goofy says they are dating and then has to walk away for a few minutes when he realizes Kitty doesn't remember. The last thing Kitty remembers is breaking up with Ray and walking around in his pajamas (two months prior). The doctor comes over and tells Kitty what happened to her the day before. Kitty says she thinks she needs a wheelchair and the doctor says that insurance won't cover it. Goofy says he will pay for it if she needs it ($10K in cash for the wheelchair). The doctor leaves and Goofy tells Kitty she's his girlfriend and they've been dating for over two months. May awkwardly walks away and Goofy tells her about their homes together and their puppy Sushi. Goofy tells her they live together and Kitty opens up her phone to see a picture of Goofy and Kitty on her background. Goofy tells Kitty he has a lot of pictures of her. Dr. Harlow Mathews, the head neurologist at Pillbox, arrives and explains that Kitty will not need surgery and the issues Kitty may be having with her memory. Kitty goes through her text messages to try to learn more and remarks that Goofy called her a "bad girl" in text messages. Goofy responds saying "we...we get spicy with it" and that he hopes it all comes back to her soon. Damien joins Goofy and May at Pillbox to see Kitty. Goofy gets Kitty her wheelchair and wheels her out of Pillbox. They get into his GTR and he drives very slowly from Pillbox to their house in Vinewood Hills. When they arrive at home, Goofy shows Kitty Sushi and tells her about how he choked, stabbed, and shot Shelly. Some more people arrive at the house to check on Kitty. Kitty finds out she is the "FTO" of Goofy's company Octane Enterprises and is surprised by what FTO stands for ("F**king the Owner"). Goofy shows Kitty around their house and tells her she decorated all of it.

They get into Goofy's GTR and drive around the city. They end up at Cerberus where Kitty and Goofy both have their business offices. Kitty asks why she is rich and Goofy explains how she got her money. They go to Goofy's office and Kitty asks if they "do things" in there. Goofy hesitates before bluntly saying "we f*** a lot." Kitty asks if she's pregnant and Goofy says no. Kitty asks if they use protection and Goofy also says no, but that has her birth control that's been doing the job. They leave Cerberus and meet up with Jesse outside. They drive around some more and visit the Chumash house before heading home and getting ready to sleep. Goofy shows Kitty where her pajamas are and says she looks cute. They are awkward and do not know how to act. Kitty thanks Goofy for the wheelchair and Kitty asks if she owes him rent or asset fees. Goofy laughs and responds that she doesn't owe him anything and that he happily works for them both. He also reminds her that she calls him her "dono daddy." Goofy leaves Kitty to sleep in the bedroom, while he goes upstairs and sleeps on the couch.

The next day, Kitty wakes up in the Vinewood house and goes to RR to talk to Alex and Okie. They tell her about how much she and Goofy ERP in RR. They urge Goofy to give Kitty his Goofy sweatshirt, and she's surprised that she can have it now. She wants to try it on, so Goofy changes and gives Kitty his sweatshirt. She thinks it's comfy. Goofy then takes Kitty to a race and then they go up to Mt. Gordo and talk about when Kitty broke up with Ray and how Goofy was being distant. Goofy takes Kitty to Maldini's to eat and Kitty gets a call from Ray where she finds out more about the Shelly situation. Goofy and Kitty meet up with Jesse, hang out, do Dodo and then head up to Mt. Chilliad where Kitty asks how they started dating. Goofy explains and then tells Kitty that he doesn't want to overwhelm her but she's perfect and perfect for him and that he loves her a lot in every way. If she doesn't get her memory back, he will just do it all again, and he'd do it a thousand times again.

On February 2, 2022, Kitty and Goofy meet up at RR and they talk. Kitty has a flashback out near the back of RR on the ramp and is scared but doesn’t know why. Kitty and Goofy drive around the city for a bit and she tells him about a dream she had which was very similar to one of their dates. Kitty and Goofy go to the Tuner Shop to buy radios and the car that Shelly used to kidnap Kitty pulls in. This triggers a flashback from Kitty and she is scared like she was at RR. Kitty and Goofy talk about this and Goofy now thinks that maybe she was taken from RR in that car. They briefly run past Xay outside Town Hall which makes Goofy remember the yacht date because Xay was the waiter for it. They talk about this date for a little bit and Goofy shows Kitty the photo he took of her on the back of the yacht. Kitty comments on the fact that Goofy takes her on lots of dates. Kitty and Goofy drive to Dean's World and on the way she has a flashback about the car that kidnapped her again. They walk around for a bit and then end up at the stairs. Goofy shows her the photo he took here and asks if she remembers it. Kitty tells Goofy how she loves the photos he takes but wonders why there are not more of the two of them together. After a quick swim in the canals entrance Kitty asks Goofy as a couple where their favorite place to go was. Goofy tells her about Mt. Gordo and the surrounding area. Kitty and Goofy drive to the campfire with the bikes and while on the way St. Noelle is playing on the radio. Kitty remembers being there before and Goofy was going to bring her back to go bike riding. Goofy tells her that he has already brought her here on a date. Goofy and Kitty explore the power plant and Goofy calls Kitty a bad girl and says that he might have to punish her. She blushes.

Goof drives them to the lighthouse and Burn Island while they listen to music in the car. Once there ,Kitty says that this means something to her and Goofy tells her about how she was once trapped on the island for the DBD event. He tells her this was the first time he told her "I love you." Kitty says that she has blurry memories of the island. They talk more about the island.

They leave the lighthouse and Kitty remembers that there is a race that starts there. Kitty asks if she has ever sat on his lap while he was racing. He briefly tells her about how she has. Kitty mentions that she is having flashbacks about things and that makes Goofy very happy. Kitty asks to drive and Goofy lets her but then pepe meltdown's because she is driving really fast and he doesn't want her to crash and hurt herself again. Kitty crashes near the house and Goofy tries to make Kitty get out of the driver seat but fails. He then gets back in and they drive to the road under the Vinewood house and she flips the car. Goofy then makes her get out of the driver seat. Goofy asks Kitty what has gotten into her and she says that she wants speed and she also tells him that her headaches are getting better. She also wants to race after the storm.

They park the car at the house and Goofy carries her into the back yard. They talk about how she wants to drive fast and Goofy offers to give her some lessons. Kitty makes a break for the car but Goof ychases her and carries her back to the backyard. They chill in the backyard of the Vinewood house with Sushi.

Goofy tells Kitty that despite being stressed out he still had fun today and he is really happy she is starting to remember some things. He also says that he will take her on many dates and asks if she is ok with that. Kitty says yes. Goofy says "it can't be nothing" and Kitty replies with "it’s gotta be something." They make small talk until the storm hits.

Kitty wakes up after the storm and steals the GTR. She drives it around recklessly, crashing a lot ,and ends up at Jesse’s house. She runs in the street in the rain in her red lingerie. Goofy catches Kitty and she suggests that maybe she should sleep in her beach house tonight to try and bring back more memories. Goofy says no to this. Kitty remembered that she forgot to take her meds. After Kitty took her meds, he took her to a race because she kept saying she wanted to drive and go fast, but Goofy was scared if she crashed. After returning home from the race, Kitty “promises” she won’t do anything reckless while Goofy plays with Tony.

Over the next couple of days, Goofy and Kitty continue to hang out and Kitty continues to act recklessly. Goofy ends up getting a panicked call from Bodhi about Kitty. Goofy and Damien find Kitty stranded and injured with a broken bike claiming she wanted to go fast and that she's invincible.

Goofy takes Kitty to a race and while waiting at the start, Kitty finally confesses that “this” isn’t going to work out and that she’s just wanted to live her life without her memories and doesn’t want to him to be disappointed at her choices, suggesting to break up. A desperate Goofy tries to reason with Kitty and says that he just doesn’t want to see her get hurt and to not decide anything drastic. Goofy holds Kitty's hand. Kitty looks at her hand for a moment and then says "I remember this." She reveals she remembers everything and they step out the car and hug. Goofy tells Kitty he's never letting go of her ever again and that she's his and he's hers. They leave the race and spend some time together before heading home to "catch up."

In early February 2022, Goofy asks Kitty to be his valentine and she accepts. February 5-6, 2022, the Zombie Apocalypse event happens and both Goofy and Kitty hold out for a while, but both end up getting infected. Zombie ERP time. Kitty wakes up after the storm and the Zombie event and is mad at Goofy because she heard that after she goes to sleep Goofy flirts with SRU and gets into chases. They go do Dodo, but Kitty drives legally. Goofy then goes to do a yacht heist and Kitty metal detects on the beach while sending Goofy scandalous Kitty art in text messages. Then they go lingerie shopping and Goofy gets distracted.

On February 10, 2022, Kitty, Tony, Olga, and Abby start planning a jewelry store job. They spray Tony's car pink and pick out pink outfits. The job is successful, no chase, and they sell the loot at the fence. Tony then takes Olga, Kitty and Abby to meet Lang and Speedy at Bay City for a bank job. There's a chase and Kitty gets caught along with Abby. She goes to the visitation area to call Goofy knowing she'll be in trouble because she did a job without him. She picks up the phone to call and turns around and sees Goofy already in the visitation area, arms crossed, and angry. She tries to brush things off and tell him things are fine, but Goofy is upset that Kitty didn't call him before the job (she did, he was asleep). As Kitty is getting ready to leave prison, there's a prison riot and Kitty is caught in the middle. Eventually she leaves prison and Goofy drives Kitty and Abby back to Tuner Shop. Goofy and Kitty talk about her doing a job without him and how she shouldn't do those things without him.

On February 11, 2022, Kitty and Goofy have a therapy session with Bob. Goofy ends up in prison later and after they pick him up, Kitty tells him Jeffrey Price (Shelly's ex) wants to meet up. Goofy doesn't want her to go alone, so Goofy, Bob, and Okie go with her.

On February 14, 2022, Kitty and Goofy spent Valentine's Day together. He gets her flowers and then takes her to the docks where they meet Kevin Ram who gives them keys to the submarine and they have a submarine date. One fade to black scene in the submarine. Afterwards, they head to Maldini's for food, but police are there, so they go to Dean's World to get food instead. Then they go for a drive on the mountain and give each other Valentine's Day cards. Another fade to black moment on the mountain. Then they run into AP, Mary, Emma, and Eddie at the clothing store and get invited on a Valentine's skydiving triple date. They head to the airport to and do a few rounds of skydiving. Then Kitty passengers with Goofy on Touge and Outbreak. Kitty and Goofy head home where things get spicy (if you know you know).

Chip Green - Friend
Chip "Tails" Green was one of Goofy's first criminal partners in Los Santos. Tails organized the crew for Goofy's first store and Fleeca robberies and he gifted Goofy his distinctive Sultan MkII when he decided to leave the city.
Mary Mushkin - Friend
Mary has served as one of Goofy's mentors in the Los Santos racing scene, advising him on Puppet Master guidelines and introducing him to other leaders of the scene. While Mary is protective of Goofy, she has had to discipline him due to infractions of Puppet Master directives.
Tony Corleone - Friend
Tony is one of Goofy's first friends in the racing scene. They first met when Goofy was being chased in his Dominator with a spiked tire after a race and Tony saved him. Tony has always been supportive of Goofy. When he was forming his racing crew 'Redline' he wanted Goofy to be part of the core lineup together with Adam Peterson and Alexander Campbell.
Adam Peterson - Friend
AP is one of Goofy's early friends in the racing scene. They worked together first at Harmony Repairs Garage and now at the Tuner Shop. AP learned a lot from Goofy to become one of the top racers. Together with Orange they were the "Wizards of NOS", the most successful boosting trio in the city. AP is also part of The Femly and Redline.

There have been many incidents where AP sided with other people over Goofy, The Femly and Redline, showing that he has no loalty towards his friends and family. Despite all of this, Goofy still considers him as a friend, however he cannot trust him fully anymore.

Mike Block - Enemy
After being robbed of wheelchair he was using due to two broken legs, Goofy was kidnapped by Mike Block and forced at gunpoint to participate in knife fights in front of gambling spectators. Goofy was forced to down his first opponent in self-defense, but refused to fight his second opponent. As punishment, Mike gave Goofy the "Block Special" and sent his vehicle into an exploding gas station with Goofy in the trunk.


Legal Vehicles

Vehicle Class Description
Goofys dominator.png
A+ Goofy's first car, mainly used for his races.

Never changing the car's paint job it earned a legendary status in the city, sometimes titled the "Great White Dominator" as it is feared by both the police force and racers.

After the manufacturer changed some of the car's parts, it stopped performing as well as it used to and Goofy retired it from his races.
While he still occasionaly drives the Dominator around or lends it to his friends, it is mostly collecting dust in the garage.

Gtr goof.png
GT-R R35
S+ Goofy's S-class car, bought from the Tuner Shop.
Goofys Gwagon.png
A+ Bought from Harmony Repairs Garage for $1,100,000.

Vin Scratches

Vehicle Class Description
Porshe Panamera Turbo
Mazda RX-7
S+ Goofy's first successful own S-class contract. Mainly used for racing with his "undercover" alias Faint.

Former Vehicles

Vehicle Class Description
A+ Gift from Jay Que after the Dominator lost its capabilities and Goofy lost his VIN-scratched Banshee. After achieving a lot of success and many lap records with it in A-class races, he eventually sold it to Zoey Marie for $280k.
Octavio Stenberg Bestia GTS.png
Bestia GTS
A Goofy's first VIN scratched car from an A+ boosting contract. He sold it after the introduction of maintenance fees for vin scratched cars.
Octavio Stenberg Banshee.png
Banshee [seized]
A+ Second VIN scratched car.

Painted in white with the blue stripe to honour his Dominator while also paying respect to Titanium who had recently lost his Banshee.
It was seized by Crocodile Steve during his operation against illegal parking at Dean's World.

Goofy eventually got another one, as predicted by Steve.

After the introduction of maintenance fees for vin scratched cars, he sold the Banshee to H&O to be scrapped.

Goofys Penumbra.png
Penumbra FF [boosted]
A+ Bought from Zane Jackson stock and upgraded it himself through Benny's. This has been Goofy's favourite A-class car for races.

Even though he parked it at the Clean Manor for protection after Tony Corleone gave him temporary keys, it got boosted by Chang Gang as a player contract.

Mercedes AMG GT63
A+ Lost during a shootout for Tony's Ford GT S+ boost.
Futo GTX [boosted]
A Gift from Jesse Reed in exchange for a reduction on his house loan. Planned to be a future dift car.

Boosted by Chang Gang as a S+ player contract after they shot both Goofy and Kitty at the Tuner Shop.


  • Used to wear the same racing shoes with every outfit.
  • Placed 3rd in the Midnight Heats event. After winning the wildcard race he got to race the puppet Big M in a 1v1 for a Silvia S15 but lost.
  • First racer to meet the puppet Earl.
  • Loves cinematic views.
  • First "most wanted" street racer by the Street Racing Unit for a bounty of $50,000.
  • Participant #533 of the Squid Game.

MDW Profile

As of 10/17/2021

  • Hunting License
  • Business License
  • Technically no drivers license but 2 points on drivers license



  • BMX (0/30)
  • Dominator (0/30)
  • GT-R R35 (1/30)

  • 1x Unlawful Imprisonment
  • 1x Kidnapping
  • 4x Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • 8x Joyriding
  • 2x Grand Theft Auto
  • 1x Tampering with a Vehicle
  • 4x Robbery
  • 1x Vehicle Registration Fraud
  • 1x Burglary
  • 1x Trespassing
  • 2x Disobeying a Peace Officer
  • 1x Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY/METH
  • 4x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1]
  • 2x Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2]
  • 1x Criminal Use of a Firearm
  • 5x Resisting Arrest
  • 2x Possession of a Silencer/Suppressor
  • 1x Driving While Intoxicated
  • 7x Reckless Evading
  • 2x Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices
  • 1x Negligent Driving
  • 1x Third Degree Speeding
  • 1x Failure to Stop
  • 1x Unauthorized Parking
  • 1x Street Racing
  • 2x Robbery of a Financial Institution


Goofy's photography portfolio


Played By: neutreN
Characters: Octavio StenbergDavid SennaGoofingle Dan