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Nunu El Nene is a character played by NoraExplorer

She is the blood sister of Soul Solace.


Nunu El Nene is a known criminal in Los Santos. Mostly remembered for her very outgoing, quick-witted, and funny personality towards everyone she meets and her friends. But sometime is seemed to be more protective towards Jason Polam in particular compared to the rest of her friend group.

Nunu also feels as though when she used to be in town few years back, she was the most misunderstood person in the city. According to her, at times it felt almost as if people misunderstood her on purpose to create drama and what got said didn't reflect what she did or said or felt.

Nunu is also known for being a “boyfriend collector”. She has had many boyfriends in the past from around the criminal underworld of Los Santos, and seems unwilling to stop destroying some more hearts, with Jason Polam being her next potential 'victim', but she sees great potential for him to be ‘the one’ in her romantic life.

Trivia and Quotes[]

  • Can be found at random times working as an exotic dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club for extra money.
  • She can be seen getting into trouble often that usually leads her in handcuffs, on the way to jail.
  • Is known to be unhinged and aggressive at times with her thoughts or conversations and even psychotic and threatening to rivals, figures of authority and her friends’ out-group, which makes her personality stand out even more.




Vehicle License Plate Description
9F Nunu


CPLDP5N7 A birthday gift for Nunu from the gang. Was bought in secret and was given to her as a surprise on her birthday.


Nunu Speedo


623CE612 Bought from Mosley's for storage for $12,000

Vehicle License Plate Description
Nunu Elegy 2

Elegy RH8

F84E8233 Bought from Mosley's as Nunu's primary car for $264,000. Later transferred ownership to Jason Polam.


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