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Novah Walker is a character role-played by KatFires.


Novah Walker is a member of Chang Gang. and a Mechanic at Harmony Repairs Garage


Vinny Pistone Self Appointed Adopted Father of Novah Walker. A fellow member of Chang Gang who takes pride in protecting Novah. Mess with Novah, deal with Vinny. Novah does anything that Vinny tells her to, and is one of the only people Novah will remove her mask for on command.


Vultur Lé Culturé - Gem Appraiser. Novah was hired at the beginning of the fresh Changaloa Cartel arc because she needed keys to the Gallery Warehouse to be able to transport weed to and from the warehouse.

Harmony Repairs Garage - Mechanic. The first job that Novah truly works. Novah, a fresh racer to the racing scene got a job at Harmony Repair from Harvey Normandy She was able to get over 15k worth of materials daily and was quickly promoted to a Mechanic from Apprentice. Because Novah is normally in the early AU hours she has made friends with many of the other mechanics/racers including James Thompson, Jackson Wilson, Jordan Walker, Maddy Lawson, and Jason Ledson and a quite a few more, and is often seen at harmony hanging out, racing, or boosting with said friends.

AirX Flight School - Novah was hired to AirX for AU shift when Noah Drake was fired. Novah was self taught in how to fly and secretly wanted a free Helicopter license, she has since kept her job there and will advertise it on Yellowpages, buuuuuut people tell her shes a scammer and doesn't actually work there so her business dealings there are limited.

Green Beans/BoTactical Gardens - Green Beans is ran and operated by Wayne Biggz Novah helps out with the legal and illegal weed operations, as a member of changaloa cartel.

Wu Chang Records - Novah was given keys to Wu Chang for help with transporting weed to and from the storage.

San Andreas Scouts - The first job that Novah was hired to as part of 3.0. She got the job from Pinzon originally as a meme but grew to enjoy it as it gave her something to do. Eventually she lost interest and moved on, though she still technically works there and will sale cookies from time to time.


Played By: KatFires
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