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Normie Reece is a roleplay character played by Aheeyuh

General description:[]

Normie is a friendly taxi-driver.

Normie wears a green t-shirt over a white shirt with red cuffs, jeans shorts (also called jorts), glasses with a black rim, and his ID in a lanyard around his neck. He is often seen drinking tea from a brown to-go cup. Normie isn’t sure what kind of tea it is, he just orders tea.

Normie is a pacifist and doesn’t like violence. He won't actively engage in crime (unless forced), but will watch from the side. Sometimes Normie will even cheer people on, but secretly hope they get caught by the police. Normie generally likes watching the drama, whether it's criminal or just people arguing.

Normie might appear as polite, but people who befriend him will find that he can become daring and unhinged. Chaos seems to follow Normie even if he doesn't want it.

Normie is not religious, but a man of science. He likes debating with people of different beliefs, to see if he can challenge their way of thinking.

Even though many people have shown interest in Normie, he doesn’t date as he claims that he doesn’t believe in love. He describes his ideal partner as 10.000 feet tall with wings like a bat, claws, tentacles in the mouth, and with eyes that cause madness upon all those who gaze upon them. He has also been seen showing interest in non-human objects, such as large trees and boulders. Size and age seems to be what attracts Normie.

Normie is often seen hanging out in Burger Shot, where he loves to participate in Burger Gamba. He doesn’t think he has problem, and claims that he can always stop. However when confronted with the end of Burger Gamba, Normie breaks down and swears he will have his revenge on whoever chose to close it down.


Normie grew up in Nowhere, a fictional town in Kansas known from the Cartoon Network show "Courage the Cowardly Dog". This might explain why Normie has a tendency to be anxious and scared at times.

Normie has on several occasions mentioned that his mother thinks he’s a failure like his father. His father left to get cigarettes and never returned.


Normie drives a black and red/pink changing Dynasty taxi with painted purple flames on. Normie proclaims he drives the safest taxi in the city.


“Ey ese you wanna buy some salsa mamacita?” (When pressured into selling drugs for gangsters)

“I don’t have a problem, I can stop anytime” (After Burger Gamba)

"You’re so funny, you’re gonna make me pee my jorts"


Normie's Island Adventure