Norman Bones is a character roleplayed by Ziggy.

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Norman Bones is a lawyer in Los Santos. He doesn't like people very much and tends to keep to himself, never actively engaging in conversation. Due to his longtime chain-smoking, he has a very deep raspy voice, as he explains when others ask him about it. He's quick to pick up on small details, tellings, and mannerisms with those he speaks to. Norman views any vulnerability in a person as an easy way to manipulate them and gain trust in him.

Background Information Edit

Norman and his brother were born and raised in a small town in Alaska. Throughout their years of living with their parents, they were abused mentally and physically. During these years, Norman experienced his first sighting of death. He witnessed as a cat impaled itself on a broken fence post, and died as he stood watching. This event switched something in Norman's brain, making him want to see more, and eventually warping his mind to the point of believing that he is Death itself.

When the brothers were old enough to plan their escape from the abuse, they took action in the form of killing their parents. His brother was tasked with killing their mother (due physical stature/age), and Norman killed their father.

The brothers parted ways shortly thereafter, and lead separate lives for several decades with no communication. Norman became a lawyer, and his brother went on to study medicine and become a doctor in Liberty City. In January 2019, shortly after his brother began work in Los Santos, they were reunited at Pillbox Medical during one of Norman's visits.

Previous City Experience Edit

Before the city wipe, Norman was strictly a serial killer. He stabbed 54 people, resulting in 5 perma-deaths. Towards the end of his time as a killer, he began knowingly working with people who were unsafe in keeping his actions a secret. This decision resulted in his arrest, and court trial. At the ruling, there were several witness statements to his actions, and events that took place. Norman was found as Guilty with sentencing of Death by Firing Squad. On his way out of the courtroom hearing, Norman was slipped a knife to take with him back to prison.

During his final words standing before the Firing Squad, he took the opportunity to draw the smuggled knife and stab his final victim, Jackie Snow. He was immediately shot down following the stabbing, and thus Norman's life was ended.

Norman's body was sent off at the docks near the Lighthouse he owned, and a location that had deep symbolism for him.

Current City Experience Edit

After the city wipe, Norman returned. He was seen crawling back up the docks at the lighthouse, where his body had been laid to rest.

Norman is now primarily a lawyer in Los Santos, easily blending in with the public, and masking his secret life as a serial killer. He is well-known for winning cases, and a known menace go against in court.

Outside of lawyering, current long term "projects" involve unraveling and manipulating the minds of Tessa Lamb/Mary and Jessie Skid.

Victims Edit

Norman's Victims on the Old Server Edit

  1. Big D
  2. Joshua
  3. Barry Scott
  4. Tobias Rancher
  5. Rocco
  6. Clarence Copper (Offline)
  7. Eugene
  8. Mr. Alistair
  9. Chasity
  10. Cleatus
  11. Ash
  12. Mr. Hamilton
  13. Mary
  14. The Gardener
  15. Ben Dover
  16. Dimitri
  17. Thiccness
  18. Bob
  19. Samie White
  20. The Godfather
  21. Aiden Biden
  22. Mikey “Bud” Thorton
  23. Burgers
  24. The Uber
  25. Threowate Winchester
  26. Johnny Blaze
  27. Mr. Dumbass
  28. Charles "Taco" Prince
  29. Khaleesi White
  30. Bob McGonnagonnagegal
  31. Mervin Pots
  32. Sal Rosenberg
  33. Nina Vallieh
  34. Raul
  35. Dave O
  36. Samantha White
  37. Edward
  38. Lisha De Witt
  39. Ellie Donno
  40. Ramee
  41. Abdul AlRahim
  42. Joey Walker
  43. Hakeem Olatupo (The King)
  44. James Bishop
  45. Jason Vorhees
  46. Seamus MacKenna
  47. Mitchell Cole
  48. Chastity Dawes (2)
  49. Jason Vain
  50. Kermit Defrog
  51. Rebeccah
  52. Billy
  53. Darrel McCormik
  54. Jackie Snow

Norman's Victims on the Current Server Edit

  1. James Tinklebottom
  2. Melbert Rickenbacker (Part 1) (Part 2)
  3. Michael "Mikey" Dias
  4. Zebra Johnson
  5. Lees Grey
  6. Izzy Knight
  7. Sir Paul Ethanhall
  8. Claire Seducer

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