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Norman Bones is a character role-played by Ziggy.

General Description[]

Norman Bones, once known as a Lawyer, Private Investigator, and occasional taxi driver in Los Santos, was revealed as one of the city's most notorious serial killers in his early life before facing justice and being sentenced to death.

After being gone for some time he has returned to Los Santos, but now he identifies himself simply as Death. His true nature remains shrouded in mystery, with some speculating that he embodies the essence of a god, reaper, devil, or perhaps even a demon. Possessing the eerie ability to kill individuals simply by proximity and usher them into a realm between life and death known as Purgatory, Norman's enigmatic presence is often accompanied by a distinctive crow, notably a large black avian with piercing red eyes dubbed Noxee.

Return from the Dead[]

Since reappearing in the city, Norman Bones has been predominantly engaged in manipulating individuals into striking deals with him. These arrangements often involve offering protection from death or the chance to retrieve a loved one from purgatory in exchange for the sacrifice of another human life. Norman has expressed that his current involvement in the mortal realm stems primarily from boredom, relishing the spectacle of observing people's discomfort as they attempt to evade their inevitable demise.

Frequently found in proximity to or within the lighthouse situated on the east coast of the island, Norman maintains an enigmatic connection to the locale. Despite claiming to lack genuine attachment to the site, speculation persists regarding whether the lighthouse harbors deeper secrets or serves as a gateway to purgatory. Additionally, the property surrounding the lighthouse holds sentimental significance for Norman, having once been his home.

Norman has asserted on numerous occasions that he seized control of Death after it came for him. Desiring autonomy over the fate of mortal souls, he elected to supplant Death itself.[1] While the precise mechanics of this transition remain shrouded in mystery, Norman has clarified that it involved a fusion of his essence with the entity of Death, resulting in a permanent tether to the mortal realm. Unlike other departed souls, Norman is precluded from moving on to a final resting place.

Speculation abounds regarding Norman's reliance on deals to carry out his will, with some positing that he is incapable of directly causing death. However, Norman has refuted this notion both in dialogue and action, claiming personal responsibility for approximately 20 deaths since assuming the role of Death. While some fatalities were inflicted through conventional means such as stabbing, others met their demise through supernatural phenomena.[2] As Death incarnate, Norman fulfills his duty to ensure the passage of souls, although these acts are executed with the detachment characteristic of his divine nature.

Cosmic Beacon: Norman Returns[]

In a period marked by the abandonment of Los Santos for several years, Norman Bones retreated to his realm, known as Purgatory, disenchanted by the lack of captivating individuals in the city to engage with. He remained ensconced in Purgatory until an event involving Winston Walker of the Already Dead MC unfolded. When Winston expressed his desire to depart from the motor club to the high command of the club and was subsequently shot by Barry Benson, it sent reverberations across the cosmos, intriguing Norman and prompting his return to Los Santos after an extended absence. During a conversation with Solomon Walker, Norman elucidated that Barry's action served as a catalyst, drawing him back to the mortal realm after years of withdrawal.


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