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Norman Bones is a character role-played by Ziggy.

General Description

Norman Bones is a Private Investigator in Los Santos. He doesn't like people very much and tends to keep to himself, never actively engaging in conversation.

Due to his longtime chain-smoking, he has a very deep raspy voice, as he explains when others ask him about it. He's quick to pick up on small details, tellings, and mannerisms with those he speaks to. Norman views any vulnerability in a person as an easy way to manipulate them and gain trust in him.

City Experience

As of July 3rd 2021, he has return once again now working as a Private Investigator. Stating from the the bottom, he is currently rebuilding his connections with the city with the slow burn and preying for his next victim.


  • He has a caveat: if someone saves Norman's life, he will follow that someone until Norman can repay the favor by saving their life.



Played By: Ziggy
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