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Norman Adams is a character role-played by jason_plays_games.

General Description[]

Norman Adams is a Justice for the Department of Justice.

He was briefly a Cadet for the Cerberus Police Department, and before that a Judge for the Department of Justice, occupying the 5th Seat.


Born in 1988, Norman Adams grew up in a single parent household living in a small suburban community. In his teenage years, he often rebelled against his mother's order, and had a general disdain for authoritative figures. One night, while out on the streets with friends, Norman was arrested and assaulted by two police officers who had mistaken him for a suspect in a nearby robbery.

Norman came out of this experience a different man - he decided to begin taking his studies seriously. He learned that there are several incidents like this, and that justice in his community was often decided by over-zealous police officers who would play the role of judge, jury, and, at times, executioner. Norman finished out his high school career, turning himself from a 2.5 GPA student into a graduate with honors. After attending the local community college for two years due to financial restriction, Norman transferred to the University of Minnesota Law School where he furthered his studies.

While at UM-Law, Norman met his first wife, Sarah. They married after a short engagement, and divorced not even a full year later. She cited Norman's inability to balance his focus between work and personal life, and that he "gained a freshman 30 because of her bomb ass cooking, but never contributed anything of note to their relationship." At the time of their marriage, Norman was studying pre-nuptial agreements, so he was able to retain his collection of DVD's and action figures.

After graduating and passing the BAR, Norman spent time with a firm as a staff attorney back in his home town. He worked cases and worked to establish a concept of justice, recalling the events that had happened to him in his younger days. During this tenure, Norman married a second time, to a woman named Marie. Marie and Norman got on well together for a little over two years, and there were no interpersonal issues between the two. However, in 2015, Marie was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder after the town's mayor turned up dead. It was later discovered that the now-deceased mayor had intended to tell Norman about an affair between himself and Marie, after finding a letter in his office outlining their relationship. Marie was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole, and Norman divorced for a second time shortly later.

In 2019, after falling into a rut, Norman elected that it was time to make a change. He packed his bags and moved to Los Santos, seeking new opportunities, legal challenges and further enlightenment. Norman attended Law School for a second time in 2020, as the legal system in Los Santos is far different than it was in Minnesota. After graduating for a second time, he went on to practice as a criminal defense attorney, and still does to this day. Norman has expressed interest in recent days of working for the DA's office, but as of now, he has not made any intent to do so.

In his free time, Norman works his second job at the Rooster's Rest, which he uses as a prospecting tool for clientele. He also enjoys fishing, and educating the city's paralegals so that they, too, can be like him.

Norman has previously been labelled as the "Block Family Attorney #2" by Wingman Block. Norman is conflicted and does not know how he should feel about this title.


Norman is calm, cool and collected in conversation. He has a softer approach than other attorneys, believing that maintaining a certain level of relaxation can aide in his negotiations with the Police.

Norman still struggles with balancing work and life - you can often find him buried in his notes, researching case laws and finding ways to assist clients.

Norman is seeking to remarry a third time, but he has not had success thus far.