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Nora Dupres was a character roleplayed by JPKMoto.


She was an Assistant District Attorney before retiring. She described this as "being overwhelmed with work" but has also mentioned to others that she doesn't belong there anymore as her real reason.

She disclosed to her kidnappers that she no longer believed in the DOJ and the system anymore and thus left. After being in the system for so long, she no longer believed in justice, calling it fairy tales, and thus she felt she didn't belong in the DOJ.


On September 20, 2019, she was brutally murdered by the serial killer Bovice Wilkinson after being kidnapped by Gomer, Sonya, and Mario. Her body was moved and then found outside the Courthouse by Bruce Nelvico, with a note next to her saying “#BOVICEWORLD.”

Bovice has since been apprehended and confined to Bolingbroke Penitentiary for a life sentence.


Played By: JPKMoto
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