Nino Chavez is the CEO & Owner of Sahara International.

He is role played by dasMEHDI.

Background Edit

Founder and CEO of Sahara International. He has the mind of an entrepreneur and a heart of a master criminal. Also he thinks with his penis.

He has a cocaine habit and likes to have some on him, so can snort up and get high whenever he feels like it.

He is one of the wealthiest citizens of Los Santos, who also added more to his vast fortune after becoming one of the winners in Sun Moon's $1 Million Amazing Race.

He works with everyone throughout the city and specifically does not care to get involved with personal beef with people or gangs. He sole motive is profit.

He owns the Chicken Factory in Paleto, and owns half of the Casino as a silent partner. Tim Lee owed Nino money so rather than pay him back, he offered him half of the casino.

Chicken Factory Edit

When Nino purchased the chicken factory in Paleto, his intentions were to create a job opportunity in Los Santos. He employed Bobby "Dragon" Goodman to be the manager, which caused problems amongst criminals, because Dragon claimed Paleto his home and wanted to be informed when criminals were doing activities in the area.

But when it started to escalate into Dragon being shot multiple times, Nino got fed up with the back and forth and demoted him to security, and employed Allen Widemann as the manager.

Selling Guns Edit

He recently started selling guns throughout Los Santos to criminals, and distributes to a network of people.

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