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Nino Chavez is a character role-played by dasMEHDI.

Nino Chavez is the founder and former CEO of Sahara International. He has the mind of an entrepreneur, and a heart of a master criminal. (He also thinks with his penis) He owns the Clucking Bell Farms Chicken Factory in Paleto, and additionally owns half of the Casino as a silent partner. (Tim Lee owed Nino money, and rather than pay Nino back, Tim offered him half of the Casino.) Nino is one of the wealthiest citizens of Los Santos; having added more to his fortune after becoming one of the winners in Sun Moons "$1 Million Amazing Race".

Nino works with everyone throughout the city, and specifically does not care to get involved in "personal beef" between people and/or gangs. He believes the primary enemy to all criminals is Law Enforcement, and in various ways, as is the Department of Justice. His personal motive includes profit, helping criminals, and opening a port in Los Santos.

The heart of his operation includes the running of most the larger guns in the city with help from trusted family members Jay Jarvis, Johnny Cassle, Curtis Swoleroid, and Al Saab. They would all do anything for each other.

Despite his overwhelming success, Nino has a cocaine addiction, and always carries some on him. He can often be seen cutting up lines to snort in very public locations, with no concern of his surroundings.


Nino Chavez is an immigrant that lives off making small time cash from working at local convenience and department stores. He isn’t able to maintain his jobs for long periods of time, because he has a secret that very few people know. He’s a fugitive, on the run. Born into poverty, Nino struggled growing up, as his father departed soon after his birth. Before his 2nd birthday, he was relieved to the local government by his mother, leaving him in the hands of corrupt, power-hungry men. Shortly after his 5th birthday, he was dumped out on the street as a sex slave, where he worked for Jhek Steno, a powerful congressman with influence that reached beyond just his country’s borders. After a decade of tyranny, Steno was murdered in a drive-by shooting, which left his workers homeless and hungry. Nino was in despair, working for anyone who could offer him food and shelter. During one of his regular strolls around the capital, looking for work, a man only known as "X" offered him work on the outskirts of the country as a peach farmer, which would provide him with adequate supplies of food and a home. He unhesitatingly accepted the offer, and rode with the mysterious man.

Many years passed. On a summer morning, Nino stumbled upon a stash of cocaine and a handgun tucked inside of a peach crate that had be slightly wedged open. A bit taken back, he curiously walked to the loading dock where the peaches were set for shipping. He pried one of the crates open, only to find even more cocaine. One after another. Each crate he checked. More guns. More coke.

After confronting X about the situation, his now-father came clean. It is then Nino was offered a new position in the organization, as a "head of transportation". The first step to take over the family business. His first step into the drug trade.

Many more years went by. Nino grew tougher. Smarter. Each day learning more from X. Yet his life changed in an instant when X was found dead in his home. Resting peacefully in a pool of blood on satin sheets, arms around one of his finest women. The government had finally caught up to him.

It was now up to Nino to continue X’s legacy.

As time passed, Nino soon became known as Papi Chulo - a drug trafficking mastermind and a playboy with the face everyone wanted to sit on. It wasn’t long before he had control of 80% of his country’s drug trade. He was flagged on various INTERPOL watch lists. At the same time, he was seen as a legend among degenerates around the world. Hip hop artists produced tracks referencing him. Gambling websites created caricatures of his face to draw players. He was on top of the world.

Yet fate had it’s way with Nino too. Much like X, the government spent years investigating him, and soon they made their move on him too.

Nino found himself on the run. Through various mules and compromised checkpoints, Papi Chulo was able to escape the country with a forged documentation. Once a man with obscene power, living a lavish lifestyle that others could only dream of, he now finds himself in a foreign land trying to live a simple life, all the while avoiding deportation from the local immigration officers. Living as a civilian life is not easy for Nino. Aside from battling his incurable withdrawals from high quality narcotics, he longs to regain the power and status he once relished in. He knows that regaining this will not be an easy task. Much like his struggle from going from a peach farmer to the drug lord he had become in his native country - Nino now seeks to use his skills to provide customer satisfaction at the convenience and department stores, to one day have enough money to start his new empire afresh.

Early to Mid 20s

Nino starts anew as a taxi driver in Los Santos and begins making connections in the city. Nino goes about his initial criminal shenanigans as a petty thief primarily committing crimes together with the Leanbois. After getting settled with the city and understanding where pieces fall, he drifts apart from his old life of petty crime. Nino launches his new enterprise with the creation of Wet Works. The headquarters is located at the Kortz Center and is started up with his friends Dimitri, Amber, Lily, Julian, Mav, and Randall who vowed to be loyal to one another. Wet Works, while mostly legitimate, the company was used as a front for laundering money by Nino for his old overseas contacts to potentially create Los Santos as a new port for narcotics. 

Nino and the Lost MC made a deal for the transportation of methamphetamine to Ninos contact overseas. A black van transported the meth cargo to the Paleto airstrip, and a helicopter would airlift the van to its next destination.

In a drunken stupor, Randall told sensitive information to other individuals who relayed it back to Nino. Nino and Lily concluded that Randall broke his vow and became a liability. They set up a plan to murder Randall. Nino walks and talks with Randall then stops in front of the Clucking Bell Farms factory chicken grinder. Nino stabs Randall. Nino and Lily dispose of his body in the chicken grinder, murdering him. Julian cleans up the factory, and together they collaborate a fabricated story to the police.

Upon Randalls disappearance in the city, Randalls childhood friend investigates for potential wrongdoing. Nino meets with Randalls friend on the docks and confesses he murdered Randall. Randalls friend stabs Nino in the neck with the same knife used to stab Randall. Lily shoots Randalls friend, and he dies. Lily applies pressure to Ninos neck and waits for the police to arrive on the scene. They transport Nino to a hospital, saving his life. They pin Randalls murder on his friend.

Police begin investigating Randalls friends and employers at Clucking Bell Farms and Wet Works. Randalls murder case gets dropped as there was not enough evidence to prove any conviction for any party potentially involved. Nino decided to dissolve the company, leave his friends, and start again elsewhere.

Periodically, Nino returned to Los Santos to conduct the transportation of meth for a new Lost MC chapter. He also advised the new leader, the lost MC president Bobby “Dragon” Goodman, a former prospect for the previous chapter.  

Late 20s and Early 30s

After a long time absence, Nino returns to Los Santos to restore one of his initial goals in the city. As Nino reconnects with those close to him, it is learned he has secretly involved himself with another unknown criminal entity who has decided to set up shop in the city. Nino creates his shell companies, Sahara International and Clucking Bell Farms, for his handlers and begins his adventure in creating a matriarchal society for the growing criminal underground in Los Santos and begins setting in motion a series of elaborate conspiracies to take out and help cultivate new and old criminal minds.

Sahara International

Sahara International is a façade for a money laundering shell company, engaging in illegal business ventures, like the sale of narcotics, and concealing money from illegal gun sales. It is a scheme created for an international criminal organization who Nino has become the representative of for the Port of Los Santos, while the legitimacy of the business does exist, it is indirectly obtaining some funds elsewhere.

Nino begins the initial phase of the operation by dishing out random product orders to find people and groups who seemed capable to follow instructions and be discrete. During this period, Nino learns the difficulty of assigning people simple tasks, creating layers of separation, and having the expectation of people following instructions. Nino does not like the intermingling of groups to accomplish tasks together and would like to incentivise people to stay with a set group. Over time, to his disappointment, Nino begins to not care anymore for the sake of progress and embraces the jack of all trades ideology while forsaking longevity to a quiet and organized enterprise.


The handlers operate under aliases in different ports and cities around the world and are willing to sell their specialty goods while taking into account the number of products in circulation. Among the group, Ninos pseudonym is "Matador".

Alias Description
Morpheus Is the core broker of all trade and transactions within the organization.
Lucky Operates in Texas and is interested in buying narcotics specifically weed and selling base material commodities.
Sangre Operates in South America.
Butcher Scares Nino.
Black Moon Operates in China and is interested in exporting cars. He sells small caliber and high caliber weapons, specialty items for specific tasks, IP theft, vehicles, commodities, counterfeit items, information and technology. He does not deal in "hot" weapons.
Beaute Operates in France and is interested in acquiring jewelry and wine. Beaute sells daggers, hatchets, knuckle dusters, muskets, and some vintage pistols.
Keymaster A person that traded "keys"

The contracts contain product orders from each one of his handlers. His handlers prefer each request to be in separate shipping containers. Directly and indirectly, several individuals and groups in the city help Nino fulfill contracts from his handlers. The idea behind the deals is to involve as many people as possible with layers of separation. Completing contracts for his handlers unlocks new blueprints and opportunities to enter the criminal economy in Los Santos.

Ninos handlers communicate using an encrypted email service called Terminal 33. After several product orders get completed, they contact Nino for an exclusive contract. First, they send a messenger to Los Santos, then they call through a private number, asking for his ping to arrange a meeting for a private conversation. Typically his handlers send the dockworker, Trevor, to give Nino intel packets detailing about the task.

Heists and Contracts

The heists are a means to unlock new blueprints from Nino's handlers.

Timeline of Heists from Past to Present
Title Crew Description

Black Moon

Fifteen specific vehicles were to be stolen and placed at a drop off location at the docks. The Dockworker, Trevor, moved the cars to its final destination. The crew split up in teams of two. Nino and Dragon was the first pair, and Dean and Viktor were the other. Eventually, Dean had to leave, and Curtis took his place.

The clients final order was a police cruiser. Dragon, Viktor, and Curtis went to work on a plan to acquire one and Nino gave them police positioning. Dragon and Viktor get placed into custody. Curtis drives away with the police mustang. He loses police multiple times.

"My friend. I just go." -Viktor Putt

Gruppe 6


Nino, JJ, and Curtis meet up for the first time together for a dry run. While figuring out how to use explosives, someone who passed by calls the police and detective McCormick arrives. Curtis drives after the car and finds the vehicle hiding in a corner, and McCormick leaves as quick as he came. McCormick crashes and JJ lights up the car and shoots McCormick. McCormick heard a voice that sounded like Nino. Nino calls Buck as the fourth he is masked, brings a boat, silent, and they continue.

During the real heist, the initial plan goes out the window, and they move towards formulating a new one with Randy because further details come to surface about the heist. A lot of scuff happens during attempting to use the gear, and the "Dockworker" makes his second public appearance to fix it. The explosive only worked for Randy, and thus he became the chosen one. The new plan, for the most part, is stop or die as everything scuffs. Nino shots two security officers from Group 6. The crew tries to grab as much loot as possible from the truck. Archer is the first to arrive on the scene. Everyone gets in the car, and Curtis drives off for a small chase. The vehicle crashes. Guns blazing, Curtis knocks out Nino, and the rest of the crew finishes the police.

They find an EMS to help Nino up, return to the security truck to check for any loot left, transferred loot to the back of their car, JJ moves the loot to another vehicle (to ship off at a later point), they steal another car, change clothes, drive towards the shore, dump all of the hardware into the ocean, sees the birds are watching guy zoom pass, they talk at a house overlooking the sea, and everyone goes their separate ways.

"Uhhhh...I need help?" -John Archer

Weapon Transport LB
Nino acquired intel from his partners that a weapons cargo would be going to different drop spots in the city with approximately 250k worth of hardware. Nino contacted each group and sold its movement for 25k or five valuable goods.

Al Saab came in clutch and LB got the goods by seconds. CG got the time and fine. CKR got unlucky. Reed did not find the transport.

Grand Theft Auto


Required crew to steal an exclusive vehicle from a famous actor. Nino ERPd his way to victory.
Need for Weed


Nino gives the Leanbois a bulk weed sale. Nino gave Lang instructions, but Lang forgot them.
Espionage Nino

Weapons Sales

Nino recently started selling weapons throughout Los Santos to criminals and distributes to a network of people. The trade has changed multiple times throughout Nino's tenure with:

  1. The introduction of the Wizard
  2. Internal changes to online to offline operatives
  3. The revitalization and removal of weapon crates
  4. The revitalization and removal of manufacturing from several individuals

Initially, Nino tried to incorporate new people to start the operation with, but with no loyalty existing in Los Santos, Nino turns to unknown operatives to aid him in this venture. The distribution first started with dead drops of weapons. Nino realized that using dead drops to supply a city is not viable, and has since changed his operation to be more elusive to prying eyes.

Nino is arguably the largest gun seller in the city, even edging out rival Raja Bahadur who passed his operations to Ghost.

Timeline of Gun Deals from Past to Present
Organization Status Description
The Families (Former) Chef brought Nino to an undisclosed location where he was shown their growing operation for weed, from then on, Nino met Chef privately to conduct weapon deals. Later Nino informs the family that changes are happening, and he is no longer involved in the business of dealing weapons. Afterward, they fell off the radar.
Lost MC (Former) Nino told the Lost his operation is changing. Afterward, they fell off the radar.
Korean Mafia (Sun Clan) (Former) Met Leslie Ling to start a gun operation with him. Nino had thoughts to do business with Sun Moon; however, Leslie Ling advised against the idea. Stopped doing operations with him after his disappearance from the city.
Cop Killa Records (Former) Met Gomer Colton and Alabaster Slim. Nino gave them an opportunity to allow them to be distributors. They never filled out the proper paperwork required. They buy indirectly through others.
The Watchers (Former) Met Jacob Harth and Evita "Mother" Nimm. Stopped doing operations with them after receiving weapons for free they decided to ghost Nino for two months, have an entitlement attitude, and complained among themselves with no feedback, follow-up, or communication to Nino. Griselda "Zelda" Harth leaked Ninos name to people unrelated to the operation. Circumvented working with Nino by going through Milo Wealth and selling weapon crates.
Harmony Repairs Garage (Active) Helps to run almost all of the larger weapons in the city because of Jay Jarviss relationship with owner Jordan Walker. Jay Jarvis then distributes the guns to smaller connects such as Mikey Mersion, who then sell them around the city.
Vagos (Active) Given a connection to weapons directly to Nino after the weapons Milo Wealth was selling undercut Ninos business partners who spoke to Speedy to set up a deal. Speedy was unsure of weapons prices and gave valuable feedback to Nino. Nino did not want to deal with the headache associated with the business of selling weapons, but because of the uncertainty of the market, Nino stepped in to help.
Leanbois (Active) After successfully completing the Gruppe 6 heist with Ninos Crew, Curtis Swoleroid was given the weapon connect.
Chang Gang (Active) After completing the Gruppe 6 heist with Ninos Crew, Randy Bullet was given the weapon connect.

Chang Gang lost their positive reputation with Nino after they publicly slandered and spread false rumors. It affected Ninos everyday work relationships with his partners. They eventually admitted their wrongdoing.

Nino told Vinny Pistone about what happened from start to finish with Sonya Summers and said he would get back to Nino and see what the group thinks, but if it were up to only Vinny he would do it. Nino privately tells Vinny that the gun connection is also on the line after completing the job and this would be a good welcome back and "Redemption Arc" present for them. After negotiating $175k for the capture and delivery and 100k for the failure of the mission with the Chang Gang, they decided to do the mission with Charles Johnson, Vinny Pistone, Mr.Chang, and Ramee El-Rahman. Chang Gang completed the mission and earned $200k and a weapon connect from Nino.

Anonymous Business Partners (Active) They do not want to be known, but they exist.
Siz Fulkner (Active) After a built up friendship between Siz and Nino, Nino offers Siz to become a gun trafficker. Siz accepts his offer.

Nino at one point had no control over determining the inventory of weapons in circulation and cannot control prices of the weaponry offered. However, he can negotiate with his handlers to fluctuate prices to be more favorable from the feedback given to Nino.

Nino has told all of his weapon dealers:

  1. Negotiations with the Wizard has been fruitful, and the Wizard will change how he operates.
  2. Weapons being sold will break because theyre counterfeits cheaply assembled from China.
  3. Police will be receiving tools to find hot weapons connected to a crime.

Clucking Bell Farms

When Nino purchased the chicken factory in Paleto a long time ago, his intentions were to create an equal job opportunity in Los Santos. He employed Bobby “Dragon” Goodman to be the manager, which caused problems amongst criminals, because Dragon claimed Paleto his home and wanted to be informed when criminals were doing activities in the area.

But when it started to escalate into Dragon being shot multiple times, Nino got fed up with the back and forth and demoted him to security, and employed Allen Widemann as the manager.


Nino received a phone call from an Italian women he used to date. She is angry at him for leaving her. She is the daughter of the person in charge of Nino's assets and as revenge she asked her father to freeze all of his assets and prohibit Nino from traveling to other countries. Sahara International is now bankrupt and Nino is left stranded in Los Santos starting with nothing.


Note: Nino does not really have friends, nor does he believe in relationships; to Nino, everyone is a business partner to a different degree.


  • Jay Jarvis (Family and Business Partner) - Long time business partner and operative, JJ. He excels in information gathering and espionage. Nino trusts JJs judgement. Effectively Ninos right hand, knows almost the full extent of the operation when it comes to the gun trade.
  • Curtis Swoleroid (Family and Business partner) - Nino met Curtis after Curtis was released from prison and Nino asked if he was a good driver. Nino learned from Milo Wealth that Curtis worked for him and from then on through trials Nino has trusted Curtis enough to tell him things about his criminal enterprise. Not only does Curtis and Nino do Business together. But Nino has said that he trust Curtis with his life. Nino also believes he owes Curtis a lot just based off their friendship. He knows Curtis has always been there for him. Curtis now has been brought in to the inner circle of Sahara International he works closely with JJ and Castle. Nino has said that Curtis is now apart of his family and has Nino's protection.
  • Al Saab (Family and Business Partner) - Nino would give advice to Saab. Nino is helping Saab set up his manufacturing business, Bad Boy Customs.
  • Miles Landon (Family and Business Partner) - Started off as a driver for Sahara became a close confidant.


  • Lang Buddha (Friend) - Nino met Lang the first day he came to Los Santos and they would do jobs together. Lang gave Nino his pinky as a sign of trust and loyalty. Presently, Nino is trying to hook up Lang with more responsibilities particularly transporting high quantities of weed in palettes.
  • Tony Corleone (Friend) - Nino and Tony used to do jobs together and eat Tonys family recipe of Spaghetti. Now they hangout.
  • Ramee El-Rahman (Friend) - Gets high together and parlay stoner thoughts while having random sparks of insightfulness about the universe.
  • Siz Fulker (Friend) - Was initially Nino's cocaine dealer.


  • Elena Vega (Employee) - Works as a secretary for Sahara International
  • Jessie Jugg (Employee) - Works as a secretary for Sahara International.
  • Lilith Gray (Employee) - Works as a secretary for Sahara International.
  • Ash Matthews (Employee) - Works as a secretary for Sahara International.

Former Relationships

These are relationships before the economy and selective memory wipe.

Heist Crew

  • Randy Bullet (Heist Crew) - Nino met Randy on Curtis's recommendation and incorporated Randy into some aspects of Ninos criminal operation.
  • Jay Jarvis (Heist Crew & Business Partner) - Long time business partner and operative, JJ. He excels in information gathering and espionage. Nino trusts JJs judgement. Effectively Ninos right hand, knows almost the full extent of the operation when it comes to the gun trade.

Business Partners

  • Milo Wealth (Former Business Partner) - When Milo first met Nino, Nino thought he was a criminal informant by his demeanor. According to Milo he worked together with Leslie. Nino tried being a mentor and working together with Milo with the sale of weaponry. Milo tried to heavily undercut Ninos operation.
  • La Flare Davis (Former Business Partner) - Nino's first interaction with Flare was at a meeting with Tony Corleone possibly discussing the idea of raiding the MRPD Evidence locker. From then on Nino saw the potential within Flare and begun to take him under his wing. Not only mentoring him within the business world, but also in the criminal underground. Flare soon rose to become one of Nino's biggest assets for the AU/EU storm for nearly 6 months not only showing loyalty, but dedication through Pegasus Concierge & other means of financial gain.
  • Trevor (Business Partner) - Nino beat the dockworker and watched him grow to become a transporter, messenger, and the master of disguise.
  • Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana (Business Partner) - Nino beat Speedy for stealing his car. After pleading for his life Nino helps Speedy live. Nino begins giving Speedy contracts and he fulfills them. Sometime has passed and Speedy wants to be bigger Nino suggests Speedy become the El Jefe of the Vagos. He does. Whenever Nino asks Speedy to do something crazy Speedy tells the Vagos he has a religious vision.
  • Javier Fernandez (Business Partner & Friend) - The other person in the city who knows about Sahara Internationals criminal enterprise and organization beyond the facade.
  • Allen Widemann (Business Partner) - Allen began as Ninos mechanic at Quick Fix and due to his good demeanor Nino hired him as the manager of Clucking Bell Farms.
  • Matthew Payne (Business Partner) - Nino occasionally gives therapy to Payne for his troubles running his business.


  • Dennis LaBarre - Ninos arch nemesis, they had a staring contest to prove a point. Openly accused Nino of committing a crime without any circumstantial evidence and due to the nature of the department of justice Nino believes the city isnt mature enough to execute action and complexity for its citizens and often times blames the department of justice for the rampant crime in the city.
  • Choi Zhangsun - Created a fictitious video with the Chang Gang in order to get back at Nino and publicly posted and spread it by word of mouth and on twitter. After Arthur Hammond failed to do anything to her after Ninos request, Dr. Choi contacted police and the department of justice that Nino may have sent someone after her. She continues to make the joke to Nino. Suspected of leaking information Arthur Hammond has told her to other people.
  • Sonya Summers - Tried to set Nino up through Murphy Braun despite Ninos attempts at deescalating the situation. Connected Nino to the murder and kidnapping of his friend Coop Holliday through a state announcement. Murdered Ninos friend to try to get to Nino and made intentions clear to not talk or understand the situation. Dropped her hit list with Ninos name on it to police.
  • Gomer Colton - Took Sonyas kidnapping as personal. Told a judge at the possibility of malfeasance, judge relayed information to police. Wants to get revenge, is playing the long game, has considered snitching or working with police.
  • Arthur Hammond - Intentionally and unintentionally drops Ninos name. Told Nino his intentions of wanting to create chaos in the city to change the status quo. Nino enables him.
  • Murphy Braun - Tried lying to Nino on his involvement with Sonya Summers and confronted while doing so. Tells random people not involved with Nino, Ninos business.
  • Boe Jangles - Tells random people not involved with Nino, Ninos business.
  • Raja Bahadur - Tells random people not involved with Nino, Ninos business.
  • Jazz Ryder - Misconstrued a conversation between Johnathen Sheperd and Nino at Sahara. Has a burn book with Ninos associates in it. Somehow knows associates who didnt even know Nino was associated due to layers of separation. Tried to get a criminal informant hired to Clucking Bell Farms. Fired the Vagos for personal reasons without notifying Nino or Allen Widemann.


Nino finds himself having new stalkers in the city who dont talk to him, but enjoy watching him for whatever reason.

  • The Watchers - The dark web took an immediate interest in Nino the moment he came to the city. Jacob HarthGriselda "Zelda" Harth, and other Watchers began gathering information on Nino. They take pictures of Nino and they decide to place some on the dark web. The Watchers try threatening and extorting Nino, but he didnt care and didnt mind his pictures being on the dark web.
  • Detectives - Nino believes CID have been illegally gathering information about his business and property since the inception of him being in the city.
  • ??? - Randomly decides to follow Nino, Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana, and Arturo Ortiz in a car and take notes.
  • Jeremy Yang - Criminal informant who was told to follow Nino by a detective.
  • Norman Bones - Gave Nino a call on Tim Lees recommendation through a private number. Ninos does not feel inclination with meeting with someone calling from an unknown number he declines his offer.
  • Harry Martinez - Disgruntled former employee who is angry at Nino for firing him at a company event and publicly shaming him for being rude to another employee. He stalks Nino in an effort to try and scare and murder Nino.


  • Birds are talking guy - Nino beats him with a baseball bat in front of Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana and Arturo Ortiz.
  • Two security guards - Shot by Nino during heist truck job.
  • Dean Kane - Hit with a baseball bat as punishment. Dean tries fighting back and Nino unintentionally murders him. Nino relays a message to Sahara International for cleaners.
  • Randall - Nino stabs him in the stomach then throws him in the chicken grinder with, Lily and Julian. 

Accessory and Attempted Murders

  • Buck Colton (Former Business Partner, deceased) - Buck stole repair kits from Ninos car and was caught by Jacob Harth. Jacob scared Buck, shortly afterward Dragon brings Buck into the fold rather quickly. Buck told Jacob Harth and Evita "Mother" Nimm about the blood contract and was willing to betray Nino in order to get out of it when the time comes. Nino used to work with Buck in distributing weapons to buyers. He gave contracts through Buck but eventually shifted away from him. Several people have randomly name dropped Buck to Nino, which instinctively drops red flags to Nino. After a significant amount of time passing Buck brings up what he formally did with Nino to Matthew Payne as a means to garner trust with Payne. Payne contacts Nino and an arbiter, Johnny, executes the contract and murders Buck.
  • Bobby “Dragon” Goodman (Former Business Partner, deceased) - Nino worked with Dragon during his Lost MC president days to distribute meth and the initial phase of Ninos criminal operation. Nino felt the relationship turning into a liability as Nino works with many in autonomy, while Dragon could not keep up. Nino pretends to not be close with Dragon. Dragon was murdered for defending the decisions of Buck and messing with Paynes business.
  • Micro-aggression Security Crew - Shot by Kayden Dell'Anno on "Code Brown" instruction by Nino.
  • Jeremy Yang - News reporter shot by Jay Jarvis for snooping around.
  • Sonya Summers - Hit in the back of the head with a wrench by Allen Widemann on Ninos suggestion.
  • David Barker - Shot by Arthur Hammond upon discovering David was following Nino and Arthur in a car.  
  • Emily Reinhart - Shot during jailbreak of Sonya Summers by Chang Gang. Went into ICU.
  • Duck movie guy - Jumps off a building during heist with Randy Bullet, Curtis Swoleroid, and Nino.
  • Guy who was importing weapons crates - Blown up by Trevor (the dockworker).
  • Darrel McCormik - Shot by Jay Jarvis during the dry run of the heist with Curtis Swoleroid and Nino.
  • Viktor Putt (Former business partner and deceased)- Shot by Bobby “Dragon” Goodman and Buck Colton.
  • Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana - Hit with a baseball bat for stealing Ninos car.
  • Milo Wealth - Hit with a baseball bat by Nino after sketching him out and going above hierarchical ladder to speak to Nino.
  • Melbert Rickenbacker - Shot by Nino after running into Nino in a race and wiping his booger on Ninos shirt.

Significant Impact

Near Death Experiences

  • Randalls Friend - Stabs Nino and leaves a scar under Ninos neck.



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