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Nimue du Lac is a character role-played by spicybackpain


She wears a light blue dress, has dark-blue hair and lipstick. She sounds as if she has been chain-smoking for thirty years and walks in a sultry motion. She speaks cryptically in a halting manner, and will glow bright blue when her powers have been amplified.


Not much is known of Nimue du Lac before she began appearing to members of the HOA. It is hypothesized that she is the same Nimue from Arthurian legends, but due to her cryptic nature she will neither confirm nor deny it.

She resides within the Mirror Park Lake and she acts as the patron deity of the HOA. The HOA have sacrificed cars, humans, and objects to appease her.

In the early days of the HOA, members would confiscate vehicles from people parking illegally or who were unwilling to pay the $10 HOA fee, and would dispose of them by "imponding" them in Mirror Park Lake. When the police tried to stop the practice, Kray-Tor claimed Nimue had risen from the lake and held aloft three HOA badges, giving him, Denzel, and Siz full authority over Mirror Park. The police were promptly banned and escorted from the area.

In January 2020, Nimue appeared to Huckleberry Guthrie and knighted him, making him the sole knight of the HOA.

Strange Miracles

In June 2020, the Lady of the Lake began performing miracles in and around Mirror Park Lake. These included healing Huckleberry Guthrie from horrific burns, and also placing Blaine's soul within Huck accidentally. Every time the Lady appeared in the lake, Kray-Tor would mysteriously disappear and awaken hours later wearing heavy makeup and having longer blue hair. These effects would last a day or two before fading away.

The Lady explained to Huck that Kray-Tor was being used as a vessel to contain her spirit, and the physical transformation Kray-Tor would go through to contain her would always leave behind temporary physical side effects. However, she warned him that spending too much time within him or performing too many miracles would leave more and more severe and long last effects, until one point Kray-Tor may be irreversibly left as a physical representation of her. Huck told everyone to hold off on summoning miracles, everyone except for Kray-Tor, who summoned the Lady to bring Daryl Dixon back from the brink of death on June 6th, 2020.

After The Lady disappeared into Mirror Park Lake with Daryl, Kray-Tor awoke in a nearby bush, fully transformed to resemble her. Although the previous transformations begin to fade after going to sleep, Kray-Tor awoke to find nothing has faded away. 

Kray-Tor has since discovered that he was chosen as The Vessel, which allows Nimue to transform him into her worldly form and possess him if he enters Mirror Park Lake. She uses him as a conduit and performs miracles to the citizens of Los Santos during ceremonies held at random.

The Lady also transformed Carlos "Cheddar" Sanchez into a female, he changed his nickname from "Cheddar" to Brie.

Powers and Abilities

It is uncertain if Nimue is a god, sorceress, witch, or plain old water spirit - but she has demonstrated the use of magical and unworldly powers. These include:

  • Healing
  • Teleportation
  • Transformation
  • Gender swapping
  • Soul swapping
  • Fixing blindness
  • Causing deafness
  • Resurrection of animals
  • Bodily possession

Gifts and Miracles

  • Wu Ping - Turned into a woman after noseballing The Lady.
  • Huckleberry Guthrie - Healed after receiving horrific burns.
  • Daryl Dixon - Brought back to life after a massive explosion at the tavern.
  • Carlos "Cheddar" Sanchez - Received "The Gift" from Eggroll after Nimue deemed him worthy. Became Brie.
  • Kyle Winters - Turned into Elizabeth in exchange for a future favor.
  • Bobby Russel - Received "The Gift" mysteriously after Cheddar injected steroids to be rid of his own gift.
  • Gazz Malloo - Turned into a woman along after disrespecting one of the Lady's ceremonies.
  • Lucy Hellman - Turned into a man after Gazz disrespected The Lady.
  • Chet Manley - Became a woman after being covered in urine and bathing in the lake. Returned to male form after giving Nimue a sword - aka a PD AR.
  • Billiam Williams - Became a woman after bathing in the lake.
  • Lilian Mackenzie - Briefly given a simple variant of the gift from an overcharged Nimue during a large gathering of HOA members at the lake.

Played By: spicybackpain
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