Nico Kanto is a character role-played by hidaruma.

General Description

Nico is a confident young man but easily impressionable. He's slightly educated however very limited with the real world. His life revolves around Bois, Bros, Brews, Bikes, Boards, and Bitches. He looks up to those that match his 6Bs. He wants/tries to be homies with all but struggles with issues within his friend groups. He has a loud personality and dresses to suit that.

In his early years he spent most of his time on his own as his adoptive father Jonny Toppoki encouraged him to live the Peacock life style. During Nico's search for identity he turned towards action sports and he grew an obsession for skating, BMX, dirt bikes and anything really to itch his needs for adrenaline. In high school he spent most of his time at skate parks or out trying to get footage to go pro.


While in high school, Nico had some friends who were older but kept him around as he was just a stand out character at the park being loud bratty kid. This group would go on to start their own little crew getting footage and trying to get sponsored by a shop. Unfortunately due to some beef at the park Nico ended up getting in a fight with his friend Paul. This split the group forever even after Nico rolled him a fat blunt to reconcile the relationship.

His friends went on to have better careers within the world of skating as either filmmakers, directors, or riders.

After Highschool

After barely graduating high school he came home to realize his dad had left him to start a new life in Los Santos. Nico would then go on to apply to ULSA and move to Los Santos to be with his dad.

Time in Los Santos with Jonny

Nico's time in Los Santos began with trying to help with his father's match-making business. They tried to expand the business with the creation of "Peacock Problem Solvers," "Boom Roasted," and "Peacock Make-Over Take-Over." As the business's were getting off the ground, Nico further strived to earn his father's acceptance by trying to show Jonny that "he can pull." Nico went out of his way to get in Bobby Smith's DMs. This caused a feud with Dr. Charlie Jannetty who was also fond of Bobby, leaving Jonny in a tough position as a father whether to support his adopted son or his friendship with Jannetty. After this love triangle, Nico would then lose contact with his dad, being left on his own once again.

The Lot Wars

With Nico's lack of fatherly guidance, he turned to work at Lot T resulting him to go into the draft of the Lot War. Nico ends up being drafted by Jordan Steele and soon forms a dynamic duo with Patch Daniels AKA "Bad Boy." The war resulted in Nico breaking Petunia's legs and also being forced to do a large amount of cocaine after being caught by Willy Glory, Kleb, and Dio Ivanov.

Transitioning into the RowdyRuff Boiz

The Lot War came to an end and resulted in a merge at the Harmony Lot. Nico and his newfound bro Bad Boy worked shifts together at the new lot with Dio. Upon returning after taking some time off work, Nico hears that everyone had been fired from the lot and decided to create something new. He and Bad Boy would then begin brainstorming the idea of a skate shop based in and around the clothing store in the southside. This location was very short-lived, after Nico was introduced to the Rear Wall Skatepark by a new friend, Lilian Mackenzie. Once finally laying eyes on the park, the idea had already blossomed in Nico's mind and he became determined to get the park up and running.

Over time Nico and Bad Boy gathered together a crew of like-minded individuals such as Koji Parker, Hal Apenyo, and Blanden Haster to form what is now known as The RowdyRuff Boiz. The group frequents the skate park as well as other fun places to do sick tricks.

Fun Facts

  • Nico is of half German and half Japanese decent. Lily convinced him to take a 23andMe DNA test with her and after getting the results back she suggested he used his recent tournament prize money to take a trip to Germany.
  • He doesn't like reading books and prefers comics and magazines.
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