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Nicholas Reyes is a character role-played by TheFabling.


Nicholas is a writer and works as a librarian at Mirror Park Tavern along with his partner Nicole Rivers. He always tries to be kind and respectful to others. Nicholas is fairly quick to forgive even people that hurt him. He can usually be found selling books next a van or kidnapped as a hostage. One day he hopes to work at the Liquid Library.

Books Authored/Published

Detective Michael Walder Series

A Mystery/Noir series following the Detective Michael Walder. Frequently described as a "loose cannon", the cynical detective takes on a case in each book, while an overarching plot line links each part of the series together.

Part 1: The Chain Maker's Game (Books 1 - 7)

Part 2: The Shadow's Web (Books 8 - )

Los Santos 2120 Series

A Cyberpunk series set in a dystopian future Los Santos following a group of "Freelancers," or guns for hire. Extreme violence and corporate intrigue take front and center as a drug run gone wrong leads a group of Freelancers into a conspiracy that threatens every life in the city.

Part 1: The International

  • Los Santos 2120
  • Operation: Nineteen
  • Darkening Sky
  • Reloaded
  • The Freelance Handbook (Lore)

Part 2: Aftermath

  • System Shock

Enchanted Los Santos

A Fantasy/Romance series focusing on a modern Los Santos with fantasy elements. Dragons, magic, and orcs are as common as cars, guns, and airplanes. Each book follows 2 residents of the city and the circumstances that caused them to fall for each other.

  • Of What Remained
  • Soul Bound
  • Court of Danger

The Lost Tomb of Sharuun

A Dark Fantasy series following a doomed expedition into a cursed tomb. Death all but assured for the characters exploring the tomb while an oppressive and dark atmosphere is set by a mysterious narrator.

  • The Lost Tomb of Sharuun
  • The Secrets of Sharuun
  • The Empire of Sharuun
  • The Compendium of Sharuun [Lore]

Other Books



  • The Glass Bird Cries


  • Mrs. Shannon


  • Exaggerated Reality

Science Fiction/Horror

  • Silence of Dawn

Science Fiction

  • Red Alert


  • Outbreak: Prelude

Collections by Other Authors

Nicole Rivers Collection

Historical Fiction

  • An Echo of Waves and Sea

Rolland Nelson Collection

Self Help

  • Rolling With the Punches

Nicholas's First Robbery

On 4/16/2022 Home Owners Association members Siz Fulker, Stanley Wilkinson, Marvin Chunder, and Kaleb Rush convinced Nicholas to ride along to a tattoo store on Vinewood Boulevard. Upon entering the business Siz Fulker attempted to coerce Nicholas into noticing a nearby register and then picking up a sledgehammer. As Nicolas refused to carry out the act, Siz Fulker shot open the register with a Sawn Off and ordered Nicholas to "put his hands" into the register.

Upon robbing the cash register Nicholas attempted to give Mr. Fulker $171 dollars where he was returned $71. The Home owners association stating that those illegal dollars were now meant for him. Nicholas cowered in the Tattoo Store until ordered back into the nearby parked vehicle where Nicholas would get away with his first crime.

Nicholas nervous from committing his first crime would lose consciousness in the back of the vehicle and be rushed to Pillbox Medical by the Home Owners Association to be seen by Andrew Ducksworth and Jeremy Rivera. Nicholas would be rushed to the ICU in a catatonic state.

Nicholas awoke in the ICU a day later, seemingly without any memory of the incident, though he was slightly confused on when he had lost $100.


  • Nicholas enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, More commonly known as D&D