Nettie Steele-Machete is a character role-played by netsirk.


Introduction[edit | edit source]

Known for her melodrama, Nettie is a former member of Emergency Medical Services who is prone to dragging others into her romantic misadventures in her free time. Her sweet and friendly exterior is just a facade as she's an incredibly mischievous woman who takes great joy in gas-lighting and emotionally tormenting her peers with her outlandish schemes and antics.

She currently works for the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot and frequently aids her husband in endeavors related to his private security firm.

Timeline of Recent Events
  • Nettie joined the LSPD.
  • Nettie entered into a relationship with Reid Dankleaf and they used each other as beards.
  • Nettie would eventually go on to become a sergeant and Reid, the Chief of Police.
  • Nettie helped found the Criminal Investigation Division and briefly ran the department as an administrative head, enrolling several people in the program including Jackie Snow.
  • Reid would eventually go on to emotionally terrorize Nettie and attempt to coerce her into marrying him by threatening to jump off the roof of a bank. After being rejected, Reid faked his own death.


  • In Spring, Nettie returned to Los Santos after having left for well over a year.
  • In early May, Nettie attempted to rekindle a romance with her old flame, Tessa Lamb, but was ultimately rejected as Tessa had moved onto Amara Harte.
  • In late May, Nettie began seeing multiple therapists as a way to help cope with her emotional instability. It was during this time that she became close friends with Kizzy Neveah.
  • In early June, Nettie was hired by Emergency Medical Services as a trainee.
  • On June 26th, Nettie was promoted from a trainee to an EMT.
  • In early July, Nettie had a falling out with Kizzy and the pair stopped being friends. The incident severely damaged her trust in therapists.
  • In late July, Nettie asked Dr. Tracy Martell to be her girlfriend.
  • On August 6th, Nettie and Tracy went on their first and only chaperoned date.
  • On August 11th, Nettie and Tracy got into a heated exchange at the Vanilla Unicorn when Tracy entrapped Nettie with a lap dance.
  • On August 12th, Nettie and Tracy broke up.
  • In late August, Nettie and Tracy would go through several more makeups and breakups as their relationship became hot and cold.
  • On September 10th, Nettie was promoted from an EMT to a Paramedic.
  • In late September, Nettie was informed by Jessie Skid that Bovice had her on a hit-list and had enlisted a female assassin to deal with her as she had a weakness for women.
  • On October 22nd, Nettie and Tracy went through their final breakup.
  • In late October, Nettie went back in the closet and began looking for a beard as a cover while pretending to be straight, she eventually settled on Jerry Callow.
  • On November 11th, Brenda Pancake asked Nettie to seduce Jordan Steele to help his wives get dirt for their divorces. That same day Jordan asked her on a beach date.
  • On November 29th, Nettie went on her first date with Jordan.
  • On December 1st, Jordan drunkenly ran over Jean Steele while on his way to a second date with Nettie.
  • On December 6th, Nettie was promoted from a Paramedic to a Paramedic FTO.
  • On December 10th, Nettie proposed to Jordan at a business fundraiser that was being hosted by Mother. Jordan accepted her proposal and they became engaged.
  • In mid December, Jessie discovered the name of the woman Bovice had sent after Nettie and relayed it to her.


  • On January 21st, Jean divorced Jordan.
  • On January 25th, Jessie was murdered.
  • On February 15th, Kayden was murdered by Jordan.
  • On February 23rd, Nettie broke off her engagement to Jordan due to his mental instability after he'd been fired from the Los Santos Police Department.
  • On February 28th, Nettie applied for a leave of absence and went on a two week vacation to decompress after recent events.
  • On March 3rd, Nettie was held in contempt of court during an appeals trial for Jordan. During the recess they reconciled their differences and decided to continue their relationship. After the trial they were both apprehended for outstanding warrants and sent to Bolingbroke Penitentiary together.
  • On March 5th, Nettie was put on suspension and given 15 strike points for being charged with contempt and serving time in prison.
  • Between March 5th and March 7th, Nettie began working at Jordan's parking lot and aided Steele Security in a handful of endeavors. Notably in rescuing Wilhelmina Copperpot and keeping Jordan abreast of events during the company's ongoing feud with the Angels. Although, at the time, Nettie was not directly employed by Steele Security.
  • On March 6th, Nettie learned from Kizzy that Jessie had passed away.
  • On March 8th, Nettie's suspension ended. Though at the time she was still on leave of absence from EMS.
  • On March 13th, Nettie's leave of absence ended. Coincidentally on a Friday.
  • On March 17th, after months of struggling with discontent in her career, Nettie resigned from EMS.
  • On March 23rd, Nettie was hypnotized and made a sleeper agent by Thomas Dwayne for Melbert Rickenbacker. Jordan was initially adamant that the process be reversed but eventually decided to leverage the situation to form an alliance between Steele Security and Prune Gang.
  • On April 4th, Nettie and Jordan married at the Vinewood Cemetery shortly after a fake funeral was held for Apples. During their reception at Garage Q, the newlyweds found themselves assaulted by the Leanbois and the Angels.
  • On April 16th, Nettie went to Thomas for another hypno session because she felt that she was continually being taken advantage of by Mel and Prune Gang. Thomas removed Nettie's loyalty to Mel and changed her trigger word from "Prune" to "War". Effectively making her a sleeper agent for Thomas and the Illuminati instead.
  • On April 20th, Thomas activated Nettie and had her act as a member of his private security detail for a meeting between himself and Brian Knight. Copperpot and several other employees of Garage Q attempted to intervene, indirectly causing Nettie and Brian to unintentionally get into a brief firefight with each other outside of the lawyer offices.
  • In early May, Thomas faked his death and went into hiding. It was during this period that he started working closely with Choi Zhangsun to undermine Steele Security's attempts to acquire Garage T.
  • On May 12th, Thomas had Copperpot and Apples abducted and critically injured to send Steele Security a message to halt their efforts to acquire Garage T.
  • On May 14th, Nettie met with Apples and learned that Thomas was behind the assault.
  • On May 19th, following the death of Bodean Tucker, Nettie had a brief exchange with Dan Faily that made her further conflicted on supporting Thomas.
  • On May 25th, one of Nettie's therapists, Johnathan Wright, took her on an unsolicited therapy ride and momentarily locked her Parsons after implying that he was going to leave her there. She's since made a police report and taken the issue to her lawyer with the intent to file a civil suit against him. She would later discover that Pillbox had Crane on retainer and she couldn't use him.
  • On May 30th, Nettie reunited with Tracy for the first time in nearly 8 months. Their ensuing argument caused Nettie to kidnap Tracy and threaten to kill her. After being let go, Tracy resolved to become a cop if Nettie refused to divorce Jordan and marry her instead.
  • On May 31st, after having ghosted Thomas for weeks, he finally confronted Nettie and they had an awkward discussion where they both danced around the truth regarding her loyalty to his cause and her knowledge of Steele Security's propaganda war for T.
  • On June 2nd, while searching for a lawyer to file her case, Nettie was abducted by Cody Speedwagon and nearly died after he exploded two canisters while she was standing between them. She sustained significant burns to her left arm and was put in the ICU.
  • On June 3rd, Nettie was discharged from the ICU and informed Copperpot about what had transpired. Nettie also discussed the fact that Thomas faked his death with Copperpot and described his then-current disguise in detail.
  • On June 4th, Nettie's lawsuit was accepted by Judge Katya Zamalodchikova after being filed by Lachlan Pike.
  • Later in the day, Nettie gunned down Jordan at the lot after he stabbed her then best friend, Hal Apenyo, because he believed Nettie to be cheating with him and buying meth.
  • On June 5th, after attempting to occupy Garage T with Jordan, Nettie was detained by Officer Sam Baas on a felony traffic stop without a reason given for the arrest. After being taking to a police lineup and cut loose, Nettie was left shaken and became paranoid that Steele Security was being investigated by the LSPD for something.
  • On June 6th, Nettie and Jordan had a falling out at the lot when an argument broke out between them while she was trying to share her suspicions regarding a potential police investigation. She then decided to go on a hiatus from work after leaving the scene.
  • On June 9th, Nettie turned 28.
  • On June 22nd, Copperpot and Apples crippled Thomas' operation after they caught him in an ambush and exposed several of his higher profile agents to the Leanbois as sleeper cells worked for their businesses.
  • On June 24th, Tracy quit her job as a doctor and enrolled in the police dispatcher program.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Yeah, my siblings all died in a fire. Believe it or not, it was on Christmas. It was really unfortunate. My mom also died in that fire." - Nettie

Due to Nettie being a pathological liar, much of her backstory is a mystery as she lies so frequently about her past that she often forgets the truth.

Her place of birth, hometown, pets, and the status of her family are all constantly in flux as she usually makes up stories about them on the spot. Though, a common thread in many of her childhood stories typically involves her committing some form of arson and her family dying in a fire under various conditions.

Despite typically being dishonest about her past, Nettie has sparingly alluded to formerly being a detective; something which Travis Tribble, Jenny Hall, Jackie Snow, Reid Dankleaf, and Olivia Copper have also made passing references to on separate occasions.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Nettie, you are the most energetic sprite that I have ever worked with." - Mari

At her best, Nettie is a bubbly and manic ball of chaos. At her worst, she's an incredibly toxic pessimist. Despite this, many know her as a sweet and kind member of the EMS due to her bedside manner from months of working to save lives throughout the city.

Nettie loves drama and is willing to go out of her way to cause it both directly and indirectly. She's been known to deliberately lie and start arguments for little more than her own amusement, particularly with her romantic partners. Until recently, the relative privacy of her relationships has kept this side of her personality hidden from the public eye.

Nettie exhibits many telltale signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder but her condition largely goes unnoticed due to people perceiving her as eccentric and cute. Many of her crueler jokes are actually genuine sentiments that fly under the radar. She has also implied on numerous occasions that she may have impulse control disorders such as kleptomania and pyromania. Since resigning from EMS, Nettie has become increasingly unstable and is now more receptive to violent solutions for mundane problems.

Nettie is also a known enabler and frequently encourages delinquent and irresponsible behavior. She is especially dangerous when paired with impulsive or impressionable individuals. The most notable examples include: Agnes Ranbough, Wilhelmina Copperpot, Bree Matthews, Jordan Steele, Chips Ahoy, and Bailey Jade.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

"Have you seen me? I'm an Albino." - Nettie

Nettie is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed woman who is most easily identifiable by her blonde mohawk and smudged mascara. Nettie has also made note that she frequently wears vanilla scented perfume, though this only ever comes up in casual conversations.

Nettie has a strong aversion to wearing clothing that she deems to be too revealing. She typically wears pants, boots, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and jackets. She also owns an unfitted tuxedo. Prior to a mix-up at the cleaners, she used to sport her favorite EMT jacket at all times while on duty as a medic - even after being promoted to the rank of Paramedic. Since becoming a business manager, Nettie has taken to wearing various suits and a formal valet uniform.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tessa Lamb[edit | edit source]

"But I thought you were my Lamb Chop..." - Nettie

The Scorned Arc
Nettie and Tessa.png

An old flame, Tessa is a soft spoken woman who Nettie first met as a police officer several years ago. Despite never formally going on their planned date, Nettie took to calling Tessa her Lamb Chop as a pet name and frequently mused about developing things further.

After spending over a year out of the city, Nettie eventually returned and reconnected with Tessa in early 2019. Nettie had hoped to pick things up where they left off, but after spending a few weeks together Tessa broke the news that she had already started seeing another woman in Nettie's absence. The revelation that Tessa had begun exclusively dating Amara Harte crushed Nettie's spirit for a brief period and she began seeing her therapist(s) more frequently to cope with the heartbreak.

Because of this experience, Nettie would eventually begin developing more aggressive and objectifying habits when dealing with women who she had crushes on and frequently began emotionally cheating on women who she was interested in, often to deliberately bully them and create conflict to keep them from becoming too attached. These habits became most notably early on in her relationship with Dr. Tracy Martell.

A Spiteful Grudge

Nettie went on to spend several months without interacting with Tessa, going through multiple relationships before she eventually became engaged to Jordan Steele. Nettie and Tessa would eventually reunite with each other in December during a chance encounter at Pillbox. It soon became apparent that Nettie's disdain for the couple hadn't died down and that she continued to hold a grudge.

Despite being amicable and friendly on the surface, Nettie continued to concealed a deep-seated hatred for Tessa and Amara. It was during this time that she would frequently make passive aggressive comments and start disparaging rumors behind Tessa's back.

The Death of Amara

On New Years Eve, after having an argument that ended with Tessa breaking off their engagement. Distraught after the exchange, Amara got into a vehicular accident and slipped into a coma. On January 3rd she succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Nettie gleefully pounced at the opportunity to revel in Amara's death, making several derisive comments regarding her passing to other members of the hospital staff, mocking the notion of needing grief counseling, and musing that the only real loss from her passing would be the impact it would have on shift coverage for doctors. Nettie even went as far as attempting to start a rumor that Tessa was the one responsible for Amara's death, much to the ire of Pixie Plum. Though, Nettie quickly realized that her zealous enthusiasm was a faux pas that many were put off by and she refrained from following through.

Nettie and Tessa 4.png

Emotional Terrorism

In the months following Amara's death, Nettie feigned having an authentic friendship with Tessa as a ploy to scam money out of her on various occasions. She would go on to periodically take advantage of Tessa's emotional fragility on several occasions.

Most notably, Nettie frequently attempted to coerce Tessa into signing up herself and her father, Sam Baas, for Steele Security's weekly protection packages. At the time, Baas was in the ICU after being the victim of a terrorist assassination attempt orchestrated by Talon. Nettie leaned on Tessa's weariness of her father's mortality and ultimately convinced her to pay for him several weeks in advance.

Tracy Martell[edit | edit source]

"Who else is going to be with you? Nobody knows you like I do. Nobody's crazy enough to be with you, you crazy bitch." - Tracy

The Abused Arc
Nettie leaves tracy-0.jpg

Nettie and Tracy were formerly in a hot and cold relationship that spanned several months and saw the couple constantly at odds over slight misunderstandings, much to the exasperation of their friends and co-workers. It was agreed upon by both parties that they needed chaperones for their dates as they'd be likely to kill each other if they were left alone for too long.

Despite their often abrasive relationship, they both cared deeply for each other and expressed their affection via extreme cases of highly possessive jealousy when they were apart. This included stunts like "going straight", framing a potential suitor with vehicular manslaughter, bribing members of various gangs to gossip about each other, threatening to stab romantic interests with dirty syringes, and lying about dating other people to make each other jealous.

Nettie asking tracy out.jpg


Nettie and Tracy first met on AOL and agreed to start seeing each other after chatting in person. Tracy made note that Nettie used deceptive camera tricks for her profile picture, but thought that she was still cute despite not liking her nose. Nettie would eventually work up the nerve to circumvent her then crippling social anxiety and asked Tracy to be her girlfriend, to which Tracy agreed.

First Brakk.jpg

The First Brakk

Shortly after Tracy and Nettie began dating, Tracy caught Nettie hitting on another woman and became intensely jealous. She confronted Nettie and declared that they were "brakked", a slang term which Tracy uses in place of "break up". Tracy also began going through a goth phase while trying to cope with her insecurity surrounding the breakup and started wearing all black.

Later that day, Tracy would then seek to make Nettie jealous by asking Amara Harte to marry her as she knew that Amara stealing Tessa Lamb from Nettie was a sore subject. Nettie and Tracy would eventually reconcile their differences before their shifts ended and agreed to try setting up a date later in the week.

Boat Date.jpg

The Chaperoned Date

For their first date, Nettie wanted to do something that would show off her bad girl side for Tracy and she received some ill-fated advice to stage a robbery/kidnapping to impress her. Despite running the idea past Brenda and being advised not to do it, Nettie went forward with the plan when she happened across Mia Mersion and Ryan Parker while they were in the Pillbox lobby.

Mia and Ryan pitched a scenario where Nettie and Tracy would go on a tour of the harbor at which point Nettie would take the keys for the boat at gunpoint and go joyriding with Tracy. This plan quickly fell apart as after Nettie stole the speedboat Tracy pointed out that they were no longer chaperoned. This caused Nettie to turn the boat around and kidnap Mia and Ryan, much to their confused dismay.

Fortunately, the date ended without anyone dying, despite Nettie at one point attempting to abandon Tracy at sea during an argument.

The Second Brakk.jpg

The Second Brakk

At some point, Tracy got it in her head that she should test how faithful Nettie was. This led to her going to the Vanilla Unicorn and a paying local stripper, Dee Mented, to seduce Nettie with a lap-dance. Little did Nettie know that Tracy was waiting in a nearby booth to spy on her. Unfortunately, the poor acoustics of the room led Tracy to believe that Nettie was, "chowing on her leather cheerio" which ended up causing a massive fallout between the couple the following workday. The conversation ended with Tracy declaring the couple 'Brakked'.

Certificate of Unbrakking

Eventually, the two ended up signing a contract to un-brakk but not before Nettie had already spent a week playing the field with both male and female suitors. The contract went through several revisions before Tracy finally agreed to the stipulation that she take Nettie on a second date and that they apologize to each other.

The Third Brakk

Shortly after getting back together Tracy took several days off from work for her mental health after being kidnapped and forced to surgically attach limbs to a quadruple amputee. During this period Nettie continued spending time with suitors she had courted during the previous breakup. On the day Tracy returned to work, the couple got into a heated exchange over an illegally parked car in front of Pillbox and Nettie let slip that she had been seeking out attention from other women in Tracy's absence. The ensuing argument ended with Tracy declaring the couple brakked again.


Left in Limbo

Several weeks after their third breakup Tracy began intermittently trying to get back together with Nettie, but the spark had already been lost. Despite Tracy's best efforts to entice Nettie with her usual tactics, the couple never formally reconnected. Tracy at one point even made a long-shot attempt to rekindle her romance with Nettie by proposing to her while they both operated on a patient, but nothing came to fruition as the pair haven't worked the same shift since early October. Nettie has taken to jokingly assuming that Tracy has died.

The Old Flame Arc
Tracy v Jordan.jpg

An Old Flame Returns

On March 7th, while answering a call for Steele Security, Jordan was confronted by Tracy about his engagement to Nettie and she demanded that he, "give her girlfriend back". In an attempt to bully and antagonize Jordan into leaving Nettie, Tracy told him that she was the one responsible for getting him fired. This 'revelation' sent Jordan spiraling into a rage and he plugged a gun on her, threatening to "fire her from life". After composing herself from panicking about the gun in her face, Tracy then admitted that she found out shortly after she attempted to sabotage Jordan's career that he had already been fired.

Tracy then pointed out that everyone in the hospital knew that she had pinged him and they were last seen together. This caused Jordan to pull into an underground parking garage where he began letting her go to call things even. Tracy disagreed that they were 'even' and continued demanding that he break up with Nettie because she believes that he's going to get her fired, the dispute escalated with a verbal sparring match where Jordan called her an alcoholic and Tracy claimed Nettie forced her to drown her cats in a bathtub.

Jordan then offered to let Tracy go if she drank all the alcohol on her person. Despite her initial reluctance, she complied and drank 3 bottles of whisky and a bottle of vodka. In a drunken state she began demanding that Jordan let her drive. Jordan complied and then dialed 911 claiming that Tracy had kidnapped him because he's engaged to Nettie and was drunk driving. Tracy would eventually blackout from alcohol poisoning and be rushed to the hospital for emergency medical care.

Later in the day, Jordan confronted Nettie about Tracy claiming to be her fiance and, in disbelief, Nettie claimed that she thought Tracy was dead. Several hours later Nettie would agree to start ramping up the preparations for their wedding and Jordan raised his suspicions that Tracy may try to crash it.

Tracy and Nettie 4.png

The Kidnapping of Dr. Bitch

On May 30th, after having not seen Tracy for close to 8 months, Nettie ran into her old ex in the emergency lane of Pillbox. Upon spotting Nettie, Tracy immediately accosted her and they started arguing. Nettie was livid that Tracy abandoned her, and while Tracy was upset that Nettie was claiming to be straight and married a man.

Their argument nearly boiled over when Tracy perpetuated the lie that she had previously told Jordan, that she was the one responsible for getting him fired. This false revelation nearly sent Nettie over the edge as she considered assaulting Tracy on the spot with her hatchet. Fortunately the presence of Dan Faily deflated some of the tension as the former couple turned their aggression on him when he interjected into their conversation.

Dan then briefly pulled Nettie aside, worried for her mental health, as she claimed she was going to shoot her ex and he feared that she may have been hallucinating after an encounter he had with with her earlier in the week.

Once back at the lot Nettie began working herself into a frenzy and resolved to kidnap Tracy for her earlier claim as she believed Jordan getting fired was partially responsible for the current state of her life. Shortly after, Nettie ran into Natalie Martell, a woman of no relation to Tracy, while she was trying to park her taxi at the lot. Nettie insisted that Natalie help her with something after briefly ranting about Tracy to her. Natalie quickly became worried that Nettie was trying to coerce her into aiding in the kidnapping of a government employee.

Once together in a vehicle, Nettie sped off with Natalie, insisting that she didn't need a mask and what they were doing wasn't a big deal shortly before pulling over in front of traffic and stealing a Primo from a random woman because it reminded her of Jordan. Nettie then drove back to Garage Q where she literally ran into Tracy with the car and then abducted her at gunpoint. After a heated exchange in the car, Nettie drove Tracy to a secluded parking lot with the intention of executing her, but relented because she felt that Tracy was too annoying to bother with. Nettie then drove back to the lot with Tracy and let her go after robbing her.

Roughly half an hour later Tracy returned to the lot and confronted Nettie again, insisting that she divorce Jordan, otherwise she'd quit her job as a doctor and become a cop to harass Nettie. Nettie then antagonized Tracy with Pogg Dann and Tracy left the lot to visit MRPD in hopes of finding an officer to discuss joining the police force.

Nettie and Pogg left the lot shortly after to confront Tracy at MRPD as the idea of Tracy being a cop terrified her. While Tracy was lost in her train of thought, Nettie snuck up behind her car and left a menacing not claiming that Tracy would never become a cop because she's a "crazy bitch!"

Tracy joins PD.png

Officer Bitch

Several weeks later Tracy resolved to quit her job as a doctor after doing a ride along with Randy Wrangler. On June 24th, Tracy met with Rocko Colombo and enrolled in the Police Dispatcher program for the LSPD.

Katherine 'KitKat' Kaspar[edit | edit source]

"So I just looked up the definition of an abusive relationship on Google, and that... uhhh... that ticks all the boxes." - KitKat

The Heartbreak Arc
Nettie notepad kitkat.jpg

Katherine, or 'KitKat' as Nettie called her, is an aficionado of the supernatural who fancies herself a ghost hunter. Her sweet and friendly demeanor quickly won Nettie over as a friend and the pair ended up spending quite a bit of free time together both during ride-alongs and while Nettie was off duty. The two would later grow closer after spending an evening together bonding over a ghost story, reciting poetry, and discussing Tracy's toxic behavior. Nettie would later surprise Kitkat by asking her out on an official date.

The date was initially delayed when KitKat was abducted by Denzel Williams and Ricky Robins in front of Pillbox while she waited for Nettie to get ready. Ricky and Denzel took KitKat to Del Perro Pier on a forced date with Jerry Callow. Shortly after being returned to Pillbox KitKat was immediately abducted again, this time by Siz Fulker and Al Saab for a bank robbery. The continued delays left Nettie irate when she eventually picked up KitKat and took her to a secluded cove where she could explain herself.

At the end of their first date, Kitkat caught Nettie off-guard by asking her to be her girlfriend. The official status of this relationship was short-lived, however, as the following day Kitkat would go on a second date with Jerry to the grand opening of Zee Nanakaze's new restaurant. An act which would enrage Nettie once she found out; as she had planned on taking Kitkat there on a date that very same day. The event ended with Nettie declaring the couple brakked and that she didn't want Kitkat contacting her ever again.

Jerry Callow[edit | edit source]

"I did not have sexual relations with Chips' air conditioner, Nettie! I promise!" - Jerry

The Closeted Arc
Nettie and jerry.jpg

Several weeks after Jerry stole KitKat from her, Nettie became embroiled in a plot by Bovice to torment the hospital and EMS staff working at Pillbox. Jessie Skid informed Nettie that she was being targeted by an unknown female agent of Bovice and was perceived as an easy target due to her womanizing ways. This lead Nettie to the conclusion that her safest bet would be to marry a man as an excuse to keep women away. Knowing Jerry to have a reputation as a 'beta' who typically collapses to peer pressure, Nettie decided to focus her efforts on him.

After asking Jerry if he'd be interested in marrying her, Nettie began spending the following week going around the city telling everyone that he was her fiance despite the pair neither dating or being formally engaged. Several days after initiating this plan, the Bovice threat to EMS subsided but Nettie continued pushing forward as she resolved to use the potential marriage with Jerry as a vehicle to get revenge on him for destroying her relationship with KitKat.

Jordan Steele[edit | edit source]

"Our love can melt steel beams!" - Jordan

The Engaged Arc
Jordan and nettie.jpg

Sometimes referred to as the "Parking God", Nettie was no stranger to Jordan due to his time working as the parking enforcer for Pillbox. Like many other EMS, Nettie genuinely respected Jordan for his tenacity in keeping the emergency lane clear of parked cars so that ambulances could navigate the front of the hospital.

Shortly after deciding to marry Jerry, Nettie inadvertently discovered that he was potentially cheating on her with Kayden Steele, one of Jordan's two wives. As did most of the city, she would quickly learn. Nettie was later approached by Brenda on behalf of Jean Steele, where she asked Nettie to seduce Jordan as part of their plan to entrap him because Jean wanted a divorce.

Jean and Kayden eventually resolved to both divorce Jordan on their own terms but, much to Brenda's dismay, Nettie continued with her plan to seduce Jordan as a way to emotionally wound Jerry. Nettie discovered that the job was easier than she had anticipated as Jordan was already seeking her out to get even with Kayden for cheating on him with Jerry.

Nettie and Jordans Beach Date.jpg

The Beach Date

Without coordinating their revenge, Jordan and Nettie went out on a beach date while both under the guise of genuinely being interested in dating each other. This plan eventually spiraled out of control as the pair discovered they had a deeper interest in each other than they had anticipated. Chaos ensued because Nettie had Bailey aiding her on the radio as a wingwoman but didn't realize that Tony Andrews, Brenda, and Kayden were all spying on the date via the same radio channel. After the date ended Nettie and Jordan were confronted in front of Pillbox, with Kayden telling Jordan that she was divorcing him and Tony telling Nettie to stay away from Jordan.

Drunken Spiral.jpg

The Drunken Spiral

The following day Jordan received 15 strike points after running into Lauren Forcer with his police cruiser after his tires had been popped with taser prongs. After signing off duty and getting drunk at his lot, Jordan drunk-dialed Nettie in front of Jean and asked her on an impromptu date. Little did Nettie know that while Jordan was on the phone with her, he had accidentally run Jean over with his car, incapacitating her. The incident was made even more awkward as Nettie was one of the attending medics on the scene due to her proximity to the incident. While Bailey was loading Jean into the ambulance Jordan called Nettie and attempted to get her to meet with him. She agreed and told him to meet her at her house in the Vespucci canals.

Once together, Jordan went on a drunken tirade about Lauren and how she wanted to get him fired. After eventually calming him down, Nettie convinced Jordan to meet with Lauren at MRPD and confront her directly about his grievances. In a drunken stupor, Jordan ranted to Lauren about being in love with Nettie and that together they were going to move to Arizona and sell turquoise. Later that night, Jordan was eventually grabbed by Bo Tucker in front of Pillbox after getting into an altercation with Kelly Smith and was then put in a drunk tank for his own safety. Shortly before blacking out, Jordan lied to Bo about having already slept with Nettie.

The Third Date.jpg

The Third Date & Proposal

In the days following Jordan's drunken episode, Nettie and Jordan began going around town telling people that they were in love and getting married while they were on duty. This eventually led to Jean confronting Nettie about the rumors and Nettie seized the opportunity to double down on sabotaging Jean's marriage with Jordan.

Jordan eventually invited Nettie on a third date and picked her up in his mother's car. Together they rode around the South Side looking for a game of craps, helping people in the community, and spectating several drive-bys. Eventually, Jordan pulled into an alleyway and chased Davey Doherty away during a staged mugging that he had set up to impress Nettie. Jordan's plan worked and together they decided to go to Bahama Mammas after Nettie mentioned that Mother, Siz, and Ellie had invited her to a fundraiser earlier that day.

Once at Bahama Mamas, Jordan began aggressively declaring his love for Nettie to everyone in the immediate vicinity. Eventually, the couple found themselves outside after Nettie had an altercation with Mya and Nettie took the misunderstanding as an opportunity to propose to Jordan.

Nettie at court.jpg

The Hit and Run Trial

Roughly a month later, Jordan was formally put on trial for running over Jean and Nettie found herself being subpoenaed as a medical witness. Because the trial was a domestic violence case the District Attorney's office insisted on involving Jordan and Nettie's relationship. Judge Stanton sustained Kevin McLoughlin's objection to the DA's question regarding their relationship. Despite this, Nettie still found herself lying on the stand for Jordan, as she denied speaking with him on the phone and being with him later that night.

Once Jordan caught wind that he might be losing the trial, he pulled Nettie aside, and begged her to flee the state with him. Together Nettie and Jordan spun an elaborate plan where Jordan would fake a stroke and Bailey would drop them off across the Arizona border before returning to the city. Bailey eventually talked Nettie and Jordan down, with Jordan reluctantly returning to the courtroom to hear his verdict.

Upon being declared guilty, Jordan attempted to flee the courtroom with Nettie, but they were headed off by the bailiff and Thomas Metzger. Although Jordan's prison time would later be negotiated down to just therapy sessions and driving lessons, Nettie gave Bailey the impression that she was heading to Arizona regardless.

Jordan and Jean's Divorce Trial

On January 21st, Jordan and Jean went to court over their divorce. Jean wanted half of Jordan's income and half of the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot. Nettie was among the many witnesses called to the stand in addition to Tony, Chips, Kayden, Jean, Jordan, Judge Stanton, Justice LaBarre, Dr. Choi, Tuong, Akmir, and Kyle Pred.

Unlike the hit and run trial, Judge Holden overruled McLoughlin's objections regarding questions about Nettie and Jordan's relationship. This prompted both Nettie and Jordan to lie on the stand about their engagement, which left everyone in the gallery bewildered as it was one of worst kept "secrets" in the entire city.

Jordan would later be arrested at the end of the trial with no verdict declared because Akmir, one of his old war buddies, assaulted Jean with a flashlight and subsequently died after being gunned down by bailiffs. Distraught, Nettie attempted to convince officers to arrest her as well but she was ignored as Jordan was dragged from the courthouse and taken to MRPD. Jordan was later released but the investigation over the assault is still ongoing.

Several days later, Judge Holden approved the divorce and awarded Jean $5,000 a week from Jordan's paycheck as alimony.

The Perjury Investigation

A few days after divorce trial, the DA's office began investigating Nettie for perjury. Their plan was to leverage a conviction on Nettie to pin Jordan with a perjury as well.

Shortly after the investigation began Odessa reached out to Mari Jones, the then current High Command of EMS, and informed her that Nettie was potentially being prosecuted. Mari passed the information along to Nettie later that day, but her ability to aid her was impaired as she resigned the following day after being ICU'd from an attempted murder.

Nettie contacted Jordan's lawyer and together they agreed that the best course of action was for Nettie and Jordan to stop lying about their relationship and instead say their romance blossomed because their time together during the court cases as the lion-share of the evidence appeared to be hearsay. Following the resignation of Mari, Nettie and Jordan decided that the best course of action was to keep conversations regarding their relationship to themselves in hopes that the DA's office would forget to formally file the charges as there were several high profile murder cases holding case filings up.

Family Matters.jpg

Family Matters

Nettie and Jordan would eventually go on another date to blow off some steam and catch each other up on developments regarding the perjury investigation and the happenings in their lives. Jordan eventually turned the conversation towards someday wanting kids and Nettie tried changing the subject by bringing up Chips. Jordan then said Chips was "a fuck up" and suggested that maybe he would have more motivation to better himself if he had a competent sibling. Nettie eventually relented to the idea of having kids but then requested that Jordan take her somewhere private to discuss something important.

After parking at Legion Square, Nettie sprung her knowledge that Kayden and Jordan were potentially Bovice's parents. Jordan, vehemently denied it but attempted to call Chips, Kayden, and "Steven". Despite several attempts, no one appeared to be available.

The couple then decided to conclude their date with a visit a wrestling school that Jordan had been invited to earlier that night. Eventually they became bored and Jordan realized that he was late to work, so he asked Nettie to fake going into labor so they would have an excuse to leave as soon as possible and she obliged.

Jordans termination.jpg

Jordan's Termination

Due to his erratic behavior after divorcing Jean, Jordan became the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation that was focused on his unruly disposition and potentially illegal activities while on the job. This coalesced several days later when, after coming out of ICU for a compound fracture in his leg, Jordan momentarily dozed off during a standoff and shot a surrendering suspect with his handgun. Jordan was instructed to return to MRPD where he was let go after being deemed unfit for duty due to his bum leg making him unable to run, drive, or function without heavy pain killers.

Moving Forward

Jordan resolved to take his pent up frustrations out on the LSPD and began moving forward with several plans to undermine the department. This included using his ownership of Garage Q to get a foot in the door with the tow truck drivers to form a union, starting up a private security company with Kyle, and convening with multiple criminal organizations including the Grove Street Families to hash out his plans to perform street justice so he can prove that the LSPD is an inefficient institution. Nettie would be out of the city for most of these events.

During this time Jordan would reconnect with his estranged wife, Kayden, and together they would begin running the lot and organizing his newly formed tow union with the assistance of the Angels. Jordan and Kayden would also begin feuding with Saab as he was poaching their tow truck drivers for his own company, Bad Boy Customs.

Nettie would eventually return from her out of city trip on February 15th.

The Death of Kayden Dell'Anno

On the same day that Nettie returned, Jordan and Kayden's feud with Saab would reach a fever-pitch when Kayden jokingly lied to Saab while trying to get one of his tow truck drivers fired. Her lie ended up being coincidentally accurate, which immediately aroused suspicions among several major players in the city that Jordan and Kayden may have found out about their drug smuggling operation and snitched about it to the police.

This eventually lead to Jordan and Kayden getting into an altercation on a Grand Senora Highway where she pulled a gun on him and shot into his car. Later that evening Jordan would evade a warrant and attempt to go into hiding, but before he could Kayden called him and insisted that he meet her at Del Pierro Pier. Once there she declared that she was divorcing him and during the ensuing argument he beat her and threw her off the pier and into the ocean.

Kayden was eventually found and rushed to the hospital but due to severe trauma to her head she would succumb to her injuries, much to Nettie's despair as she had just clocked in moments prior. Nettie then attended to Kayden's body with Dr. Cross and oversaw the visitors who came to the hospital to grieve. When the time finally came, Cross instructed Nettie to put Kayden's body away on a slab in the morgue and she was one of the last people to say their goodbyes. During this time numerous police officers warned Nettie and Cross that Jordan was the prime suspect in the investigation of the murder.


The Fallout from Kayden's Death

The following day, both Nettie and Kyle aggressively confronted Jordan about what had happened with Kayden. With both parties attempting to talk some sense into him and warn him that, regardless of whether or not he was guilty, he was the prime suspect in the investigation.

Jordan would eventually be kidnapped by Eugene Zuckerberg and forcibly drugged in an attempt to force a video confession of the murder. Jordan then began spiraling into the delusion that Saab murdered Kayden instead and started hallucinating that he was seeing Saab at every turn. Eugene began to believe Jordan's story about Saab and attempted to set things right with Jordan by taking him to the Vanilla Unicorn so he could cool his heels. In a panicked state Jordan began pushing the strippers away before pulling out an AP pistol and shooting wildly into the ceiling. He then made his way back outside in a stupor and drove to the privacy of an abandoned parking lot where he could call Nettie for help.

Upon seeing Jordan in such a state she attempted to help him by calling his lawyer, Kevin, and taking his alcohol away. Jordan refused and their ensuing argument eventually escalated into him pulling the AP pistol on her after she struck him for calling her a "bitch". Kevin and Nettie managed to talk Jordan down and then he walked up and struck her, in retaliation she knocked him over with her ambulance as she was leaving the scene and in an intoxicated fury he sprayed a full clip at the rear of her ambulance.

After driving several blocks away Nettie radio'd to police and filed a report about what had transpired and a BOLO was put out on Jordan. Eventually his white Bronco was spotted and he'd become swept up in a low-speed pursuit. After PD disabled his vehicle, Jordan managed to juke the on-foot officers and kidnap the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith. Jordan attempted to flee the city via the airport while having a mental breakdown, but he was gunned down by officers.

Nettie arrived on scene as a first responder and had to perform CPR on Jordan to save his life. Once at the hospital she had to transfer him to the ICU and file a report on his condition. Due to being short staffed, Nettie ended up spending several more hours clocked in despite her mental state rapidly deteriorating from grief. She would eventually find herself sitting in the street in front of Pillbox while having a mental break down at the sight of tow trucks, attempting to legalize all drugs in the city to stop the police from persecuting Jordan, ordering wedding invitations with tow trucks on them, and deluded herself into believing that Jordan murdered Kayden so that she could be with him.

Rights Denied

The morning Jordan came out of ICU he was discharged from the hospital and taken straight to MRPD for processing. Despite initially wanting a bench trial, AJ Hunter informed him that Malton wasn't available. During this exchange, Nettie traveled to MRPD because she was grief-stricken for reporting him and indirectly almost getting him killed. She ended up calling Kyle for help because officers refused to allow her into the holding cells, Kyle suggested finding an officer who he could bully into letting them in, and during her phone call she spotted Malton rummaging through the trunk of his cruiser.

Before Nettie had a chance to approach Malton, Jordan's new lawyer, Ginzu Okada, exited MRPD and informed her that Jordan had been sent to Bolingbroke without a bench trial and that he was about to head up to the prison to discuss their options as Malton was clearly available for a trial.

Jordan would later meet Okada and resolve to sue the LSPD for denying him his rights to a bench trial.

The Death of Boba Stone

On February 21st, after receiving death threats from Lang Buddha and discovering that GSF had James McAfee executed, Boba reached out to Jordan so that they could have a discrete meeting.

Boba then clocked off duty and told several of his co-workers, including Nettie, that he was about to go towing with Jordan. Once together, they met in the same parking lot where Jordan shot at Nettie's ambulance and Boba confessed to snitching to the police. This was originally part of Boba's plan to become a CI in hopes of being hired by the LSPD, but before he could finish telling his side of events Jordan stabbed him in the neck in a fit of rage. Boba would go on to drown in his own blood.

Bree Matthews, Boba's ex-wife, arrived on scene and was one of the first responders who rushed Boba to the hospital. During this time the Ballas and GSF were having a melee war in the south side, which kept Nettie preoccupied with treating gang bangers for minor injuries. When Nettie eventually arrive at the hospital she was greeted by a busy and chaotic scene as someone was entering critical surgery.

Despite being a close friend and co-worker, everyone refused to tell Nettie that it was Boba who was dying and she eventually found out over comms while treating a patient on a call. This sent Nettie into a rage and she clocked out, being disillusioned with the fact that everyone seemed to know that Boba had died except her. After clocking out she ran into Chips outside of Pillbox and he gave her a ride on his bicycle to her car. Together they set out to say their goodbyes of Boba at the morgue.

All wasn't well, however, as when they arrived at the morgue Jordan was having another emotional breakdown and was in a standoff with the LSPD as he'd tried taking Boba's body because he was in denial over his death. Jordan was eventually subdued and Nettie and Chips entered the hospital to pay their respects.


The Breakup

The following day Nettie resolved to break things off with Jordan due to his mental instability making him too erratic for her to manage. Despite admitting to snitching on him and fearing the worst Jordan said he still loved her and did his best to convince her not to leave him. Nettie said she still loved him "in a way" and didn't want to be on bad terms with him.

Over the following week things continued to sour between them and the pair would frequently get into arguments when she had to answer calls at Garage Q. Things eventually came to a head when Nettie put in for a leave of absence with EMS to reassess her life.

The Resignation Arc
Final Flight.jpg

After months of struggling with discontent in her career and suppressing mounting frustrations with the management of first responders in the city, Nettie resigned from EMS. She spent close to 10 months working as a medic and led a relatively accomplished career despite never aspiring to attain a command role in the department.

Even after resigning Nettie continued to maintain friendships with several of her former coworkers, particularly Bailey Jade and Mari Jones. Even though she's no longer employed by EMS Nettie also frequently advocates for the rights of medical staff and occasionally provides feedback to FTOs when she sees trainees as a civilian.


The Contempt of Court

On March 3rd, Nettie was summoned to a court trial for Jordan as a witness to his drug fueled rampage where he shot at her ambulance, got into a low speed pursuit with police, and took Bobby Smith hostage.

Already being fed up with being dragged to Jordan's court trials, Nettie arrived to the courthouse irate and wasn't amused that she was being forced to come to a trial while in the middle of her leave of absence from EMS. Her frustrations came to a head when, while being questioned by Ginzu Okada, she was grilled on an SOP technicality regarding the way she contacted police after Jordan had shot at her and she began screaming an angry rebuttal at the lawyer. Judge Coyote then threatened her with contempt of court and, in an indignant rage, she insisted he give her it stormed out the courtroom.

Mistaking Nettie's apathy towards court decorum as her intentionally throwing the trial for him, Jordan attempted to reach out to Nettie during a brief recess but she gave him a cold shoulder. She would later calm down and make amends with him after discussing the repercussions of her contempt charge with her lawyer, Adrienne West.

During Coyote's deliberations Jordan, Kevin, Okada, and West convened with Nettie and suggested that she just wait out the charges as they'd likely be put on a warrant and if the warrant wasn't pressed then the charges wouldn't be on her record.


Hard Time

Later that evening Jordan picked up Nettie at Garage Q, and told her about his plan to take her to a small island that he visits when he needs to lay low. Their planning was cut short as, while they were trying to get Nettie's affairs in order, Jordan got into an altercation with Officer Jack Ripley and they were both arrested because they had outstanding warrants.

During their time together in prison they reconciled their differences and agreed to continue their engagement.


The Suspension | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

After being released from prison Nettie found herself faced with a three day suspension from EMS due to her disorderly conduct in a courtroom as a government employee. During this time she started working at the lot for Jordan and began reevaluating her priorities in life. She spent several days discussing her options with friends, coworkers, and acquaintances.

On the second day of her suspension, Nettie became entangled in Steele Security's feud with the Angels when Wilhelmina Copperpot was abducted and subsequently tortured. Nettie, Jordan, Justin, and Chips all mounted a rescue effort together and managed to get Copperpot to Pillbox. The ordeal ended up causing Nettie and Copperpot to become fast friends.

On the final day of Nettie's suspension, Jordan informed her that Bailey's stalker, Jack Deadwood recently abducted her and attempted to murder Mari. He then attempted to persuade Nettie to helping him murder Jack as a way of protecting Bailey. Jordan then informed Nettie that the GSF had just accepted a contract hit on Jack and they could cash in on it. Nettie ultimately turned down Jordan's offer to be directly involved, but told him that she wouldn't lose any sleep if he did it. They then ended their evening by discussing plans to ramp up the pace of their wedding planing and organizing a funeral for Kayden.

Nettie Unamused.jpg

The Resignation

During her time off Nettie came to the conclusion that there was more to life than what she had been experiencing as a medic and, despite loving her job, she couldn't fake being happy with career anymore.

On Tuesday, March 17th, Nettie formally resigned from EMS after spending a final shift working together with her best friend, Bailey Jade.

The Marriage Arc

On April 4th, after being engaged for close to four months, Nettie and Jordan were married at the Vinewood Cemetery on the same day that Apples staged a funeral to fake his own death.

The Wedding "Planning"

Despite having named Bailey as her Maid of Honor since November and being engaged to Jordan since December, Nettie didn't formally start planning her wedding to Jordan until February 16th when she requested that wedding invitations be drafted.

Over the following weeks, very little movement was made regarding the planning of the wedding as Nettie briefly broke off their engagement after he shot at her during a drug induced breakdown after the death of Kayden. The couple eventually reconciled their differences and decided to continue their engagement.

Shortly afterwards Nettie left her career in EMS and began working full time for Steele Security, it was during this period that Jordan and Nettie began ramping up discussions regarding the marriage. Chips was originally planned to be the flower girl, but after falling into a coma in the ICU they settled on Bryce Miller instead. Copperpot was Jordan's best man, and Dennis LaBarre was chosen as the officiator of the ceremony.

Despite initially wanting an extravagant wedding, Jordan convinced Nettie to settle for a more private affair and the couple picked an impromptu date, sending out the invitations barely 24 hours before the ceremony to keep the event private as Jordan had accumulated a large number of enemies in the city.

Nettie agreed to rehash Jordan's original plans to have the wedding at Kayden's funeral and the couple decided to use a fake funeral for "Apples" to conceal the location of the event.

The Garage Wars Arc
Shortly after getting married, Nettie and Jordan turned their attention to focusing on the expansion of the businesses. They would later became embroiled in a petty feud against Dr. Choi for the ownership of Garage T.

Despite this feud seeming to be tongue-and-check on the surface, it's since spawned several attempted murders and generated multiple propaganda videos centered around false-flagging Choi and accusing her of being a terrorist.

The T-Boys

Due to reduced traffic during the night shift, Jordan took it upon himself to find ways to drive customers back to his business. It was during this time that he set his sights on Garage T and decided that he needed to make it clear to it's customers that it wasn't safe to park there.

With Apples and Copperpot's help, Jordan began moving forward with plans to create a false-flag terrorist group known as the Garage T-Boys, with the T obviously being short for "terrorist". It was during this time that they worked out a method where they would kidnap people from T and kill them on video under the pretense that the T-boys were committing the act.

Nettie remained mostly oblivious to Garage Q's involvement in these events but latched onto the narrative it created and frequently cited the T-boys in her sales pitch for Steele Security.

An Eye for An Eye

Several weeks after beginning this "crusade", Jordan became fed up with trying to scare customers from T to Q and decided it'd be more efficient to buy T outright. Apples quickly ran into a roadblock when he learned from one of the judges that Dr. Choi had already purchased Garage T in Fall of 2019 to prevent Jordan from monopolizing parking in the city.

This revelation angered most of the Steele Security management staff and they doubled down on the use of fake propaganda videos, only this time they began espousing Choi as being their leader in an attempt to brand her as a terrorist. Throughout many of these videos they demanded that the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, stab out his other eye as he was already missing one; and, keeping with the theme of the demands, they would stab the victims taken from T in the eye with a knife.

The Real Tboys.jpg

The Real T-boys

Early on in this feud Choi allied herself with Thomas Dwayne, Nettie's hypnotherapist, and sought his help in making Steele Security quit harassing civilians at Garage T.

Things quickly escalated when Thomas had his people abduct Apples and Copperpot. Thomas instructed his men to separate Copperpot from Apples as he was fed up with her attempting to intervene in his plans for Nettie and had Copperpot shot in the head at a construction site north of Vinewood. Apples was then brought to the airport where he was given a lecture by Thomas, disguised as a man named Hank, for torturing and kidnapping people at Garage T. They then stabbed Apples 9 times after claiming to be the "Real T-boys" and left him to be rescued by EMS as they wanted him to remember the message. The incident left Copperpot in a coma and she was put in the ICU.

The Tboy Video.jpg

The Calm before the Storm

The following day Apples began scouring for information about this new group and involved several of his closest contacts in the search. He eventually uncovered the leader of the T-boys' phone number and began cross referencing it with people to see if he could find their real name.

Later in the evening, Copperpot briefly came out of the ICU and informed Nettie that she needed to talk to Apples and warn Jordan about what had happened. Nettie would eventually meet up with Apples and he gave her a rundown of events, admitting that the T-boys were a Steele Security invention but that there was also a new group associated with Choi claiming to be the "Real T-boys". Apples eventually gave Nettie the number of their leader, as part of his attempt to cross reference, and she discovered it was Thomas. A revelation that shocked her and made her uncertain of what to do regarding the betrayal, so she kept the information to herself.

The next day, after running a security gig at Bahama Mamas, Jordan debriefed Nettie on his plans going forward and had her come with him while he laid the groundwork to acquire funds for guns and molotovs to deal with the new group working with Choi. Later in the evening Nettie aided Jordan, Copperpot, and Ash in abducting Claire Seducer from Garage T for another T-boys video.

Q vs T

In the weeks following, the conflict between Garage Q and Garage T spiraled into a series of several proxy conflicts between various allied companies and associated factions. These included Pillbox Medical Center, Bad Boy Customs, Rooster Cab Co., Leanbois, East Side Ballas, Steele Security, and The Illuminati.

This corporate cold war would go on to feature an expansive array of crimes ranging from smear campaigns, arson, vandalism, assassination attempts, kidnappings, assaults, bribery, extortion, terrorism, and corporate espionage.

Apples, Copperpot, and Louis did a significant amount of the legwork early on while Jordan was briefly out of commission and Nettie ran the relatively quiet night shift at Q. It was during this period that Apples found himself continually targeted by various groups and he was eventually picked up by the Leanbois, losing his legs to a molotov attack after he'd been singled out for having made a concerted effort to sand multiple BBC tow truck and delivery drivers. Louis would also find himself crippled by Al Saab when he attempted to infiltrate BBC to gather intel on their partnership with Choi and Garage T.

The Boiling Point

On June 22nd, Thomas decided to make another move against members of Garage Q in relation to the Illuminati's investigation into the Smileys; a gang of serial killers with a loose affiliation to various Steele Security employees, mainly due to the company's tendency to hire former 5150 patients and violent felons.

Thomas intended to capture Petunia Brookshire and Louis Baton after Gemma Knight leaked information regarding the Smileys to him. As part of his plan, Flop Dugong and Alexa Caldwell aided in baiting Louis and Petunia to the You Tool just off of Senora Freeway. Together Thomas and Carl disguised themselves as Cody Speedwagon, the Highwayman, and attempted to kidnap them. Their plan caught a hitch when Petunia leaped out of the trunk of Louis' car and pulled a gun on them, Petunia was shot down, but her incapacitation caused Thomas to decide that Louis and Nicky were enough for his intended interrogation.

Shortly after taking them hostage, Petunia was rescued by EMS and she quickly rushed to tell Copperpot and Apples that Louis had been caught, along with Nicky Santana. Copperpot and Apples then began orchestrating a search effort where they broke up into groups of two to scout out popular kill spots in the city. It was during this search that Apples and August came across Flop at Harmony. Flop quickly fled the scene but was baited into agreeing to a meeting after Apples called him and said they just wanted to talk. While waiting for Flop to respond, Copperpot and Freesh spotted Alexa arriving at Harmony and radioed for August and Apples to grab her. Once they had Alexa subdued the group quickly met up with Flop at the Rebel Radio Building and took him hostage as well.

They then took Flop and Alexa to a church and began interrogating them while Freesh kept guard from the rooftop. During the interrogations, Copperpot received a phonecall from Petunia who was in a meeting with Ellie Dono due to her RCC ties. Copperpot informed Petunia that she could bring Ellie as Copperpot was willing to fill her in on what was going on. The subsequent information dump caused Ellie to reel in shock as she was worried about the operations of RCC as a legitimate business and feared that her involvement in the potential execution of an RCC and BBC employee could jeopardize it. Copperpot then reassured Ellie that this was Garage Q business and that she would be taking care of it, all she asked of Ellie was to turn a blind eye to the executions as it'd be mutually beneficial for Steele Security, RCC, and BBC to end the source of the cross-company infighting.

Shortly after Ellie agreed to let Steele Security handle it and left, Carl and Thomas unwittingly arrived at the church. They had just intended on resting to collect their thoughts when they stumbled across Steele Security prepping to begin torturing and executing Flop. A brief gunfight ensued, ending with Carl, Thomas, and Freesh getting downed.

Copperpot and Apples then quickly began coordinating loading the bodies up into the cars as the nearby highway was a hot-spot for illegal street racing and they feared the gunshots may have attracted the attention of the cops. Their instincts ended up proving right as shortly after loading everyone into cars, police arrived on scene and Steele Security ended up fleeing in two separate vehicles. August and Freesh ended up getting caught with Carl and Flop as their hostages, but Copperpot and Apples got away with Thomas and Alex still in their custody.

Copperpot then began driving north of the city with the intention of executing Thomas in a more secluded region, but she became alarmed when Thomas tried issuing Apples an order after saying "Prune". Fortunately Apples was listening to music on his headphones and couldn't hear Thomas. They eventually made their way to a secluded cove where Copperpot began scouring Thomas' phone, screenshoting text conversations for her to go over at a later date. Apples eventually became bored and took off his headphones, asking Copperpot what was taking so long. Before Apples could finish asking, Thomas issued an order to draw his gun on her, but before he could do anything Copperpot gunned him down as she was already weary of Thomas attempting to use the "Prune" trigger-word on him.

After dispatching Apples, Copperpot then turned her attention to Alexa and Thomas, stabbing them as revenge for all the past transgressions they've levied against her, Nettie, and Apples. After she finished she hoisted Apples a carried him back to her car, telling him that she intended on saving both him and Nettie from the hypnosis. Thomas' injuries left him severely wounded and he had to go into the ICU, but before he did, he informed Choi that he blamed Flop for what had happened.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Flop was abducted by Ellie, Saab, and Buddha after she gave them the rundown of what Copperpot told her. They then began interrogating him and grilling him on lying after checking his phone. They eventually resolved to cut Flop's ties to BBC and execute him for his association with Thomas and Choi after the grief they'd caused RCC employees. After much deliberation, Saab stabbed Flop in the gut and then placed him next to a combustible canister before shooting it and causing it to explode over his body.

Friendships[edit | edit source]

Chips Ahoy[edit | edit source]

"Heya, Nettie! How've ya been?!" - Chips

The Stepson Arc
Chips and Nettie Roof.jpg

Chips is a local crackhead and the adoptive son of Jordan, Jean, and Kayden. Chips is a relatively close friend of Nettie and interacts with her semi-regularly due to his tendency to loiter around the hospital. Because of Chips' addiction, he can frequently be heard running about the city and happily exclaiming, "CRACK!" while high.

For several weeks after initially meeting him, Nettie misinterpreted this tick as Chips' expressing his love for saltine crackers so she kept a box of them in her ambulance glove box in the off-chance she'd run into him while on duty. This was a gesture which would regularly disappoint Chips, despite him appreciating her thoughtfulness.

El Chipo

Chips would eventually be arrested by his father after being snitched on by Jean for hording a mountain of cocaine in his van. This incident put a strain on Jean and Nettie's friendship, as Nettie perceived the act as being rather cruel due to her son's gentle nature.

Chips would eventually be released from prison but, after a series of tragic events, he'd find himself shot in the spine and paralyzed. He'd eventually recover, but during the surgery to replace one of his kidney's he'd become infected with HIV. Nettie initially offered her aid in helping Melbert Rickenbacker and the Homeowners Association in performing a blood transfusion at Legion Square, but the procedure was shut down by Khloe Brooks.

Grandma Chips

Chips' condition would only worsen after this event as he was slowly dying from the disease, but he'd eventually find himself in the hands of Dr. Agnes Ranbough, a mortician associated with Pillbox. Agnes pitched an experimental treatment where she'd transplant Chips' brain into the body of a cadaver and he'd live in it while she vacuumed the HIV out of Chips' body. Unbeknownst to Agnes or Chips the cadaver his brain was transplanted into belonged to Nettie's recently deceased grandmother, who donated her body to the hospital, a revelation that both shocked and confused Nettie once she saw Chips walking around the front of Pillbox shortly after the surgery.

Chips then found himself in the unenviable position of having Nettie seeking him out for closure regarding the death of her grandmother. Despite the strange turn of events, the two would eventually bond over Chips' then-current lot in life. Nettie's engagement to Jordan further compounded the awkwardness as Nettie and Chips tried to parse out what it meant for their relationship. The status of which even left Jordan bewildered.

A Return to "Normal"

Nettie would eventually be present to bid farewell to her "grandmother" when Agnes collected Chips for the procedure to return his brain to his original body. Despite being back in his original body, Chips would retain some of his fondness for Nettie from his time being her grandmother-stepson.

Nettie would later take to calling him her son during the brief exchanges they've had since the procedure. During one of the recesses for Jean and Jordan's divorce trial, Nettie pulled Chips aside and promised to never turn him in for having drugs like Jean once did.

Operation: Nettie

Chips eventually found himself reaching out to therapists to help him get his life in order. This lead to him consulting with Pixie Plum and Thalia Hayes about his family and day-to-day life. When the topic turned to his caregivers, Chips recounted how Jordan was never around to provide for him and how Kayden would frequently tell him to go scrounging in trash to find food. After being prodded further by Pixie she suggested that Chips reach out to Nettie because she likely had the steadiest income in the family besides his father.

Nettie was receptive to Chips when he requested that she provide for him and she agreed to take care of him by packing his lunches and giving him drinks to tide him over throughout the week.

Hard Times

A few weeks later Chips would reach out to Nettie as he hadn't seen her since Jordan was fired and he was having trouble coping with the death of Kayden. Once together Chips and Nettie spent time reminiscing about Kayden before Chips mentioned that his house was a mess because he hadn't been cleaning it while mourning. Nettie offered a lending hand to help him clean the "baby powder" that had become caked all over the walls and furniture of Chips home, but before they made it Chips' van broke down and they were scammed by a tow truck driver while flipping it over.

Once they reached Chips' home on Fudge Lane, he gave Nettie a tour of his house. Despite his initial concern, Nettie told him not to worry about her opinion as he wasn't expecting company. Nettie soon realized that there were no cleaning supplies in the house, so Chips offered to let her pick him up and use his afro to dust the walls. Despite catching something of a second-wind after having the "dust" kicked up in her face, Nettie eventually collapsed and was unable to continue hoisting Chips over her shoulder so she began searching the yellow pages for a cleaning service. At first she attempted to call the Angels Cleaning Service, but when they were unavailable Chips suggested reaching out to the Homeowners Association instead. After spending roughly 20 minutes cleaning and repairing parts of Chips' home, they parted ways, but not before Nettie informed them that they were far more reliable than the Angels.

Afterwards, Nettie and Chips set out to get his van repaired as it was stalling every 30 seconds. Despite their best efforts they kept getting ripped off by mechanics, both at Harmony and Benny's. This eventually came to a head when Chips' van broke down on the side of the highway less than 3 minutes after Nettie paid to have it repaired. This caused her to lose her temper and make an angry phone call complaining about the poor service.

Life as a Dependent

The following week Boba Stone passed away after being stabbed in the neck and Nettie signed of duty, livid that none of her coworkers would tell her what had happened. She ran into Chips at the front of the hospital and he offered to give her a ride to Garage Q so she could pick up her car and say her goodbyes at the morgue.

Together they arrived the morgue to a scene of Jordan in a standoff with police; the confrontation leaving Nettie, Chips, and Kyle unsure of what to do. Eventually Jordan was subdued by the responding officers while Nettie and Chips made their way into the morgue to say their goodbyes.

The fallout of this incident left Nettie uncertain of her future with Jordan, and after a few days of deliberation she decided to end her relationship with him as he'd become too unstable. Despite no longer being engaged to Jordan, Nettie told Chips that she would still take care of him like a mother and said she'd help him with food, money, and enrolled him on her insurance as a dependent.

A Brave New World

Roughly a week later, Nettie and Jordan reconnected when she received a contempt of court charge at one of his trials and they both spent several months together in prison.

After being released from prison she was put on suspension from work an began wallowing in self pity. During this time she explained what had happened and how she was back together with Jordan. Then she help Chips dumpster dive for crack outside of the Vanilla Unicorn and they spent the rest of the day catching up.

Eventually her suspension ended and, after spending a significant amount of time weighing her options, she decided to resign from EMS as she no longer found the career fulfilling.

Financial Hardship

No longer making the "fat stacks" after her resignation, Nettie began working at the lot with Copperpot and Jordan. This put her in an awkward position as she no longer had her insurance as a cover story to keep Chips from worrying about his health, so Nettie lied to him and said that she had Bailey fudge some numbers to enroll Chips on her insurance as a dependent.

Later on Chips told her that he was out of lunches and that his crack mountain was melting so he was selling his old crack and buying fresher crack for himself, Nettie then suggested lacing the expiring crack with fentanyl as people likely wouldn't know the difference. Afterwards Nettie set out to make a shopping list for Chips to keep him feed throughout the week. Though, she didn't have a chance to give him his Fruit-by-the-Foot as everyone at Garage Q was kidnapped and forced to duel in a fighting pit by Alabaster Slim later in the evening.

Nettie would later discover during Chips' battle with a coked up chimpanzee that he had previously set up an event at the Vanilla Unicorn without Mother or Slim's blessings and was being forced to fight in the pit as punishment.

After she was allowed to leave, Nettie visited Pillbox and was told Chips was put in the ICU after being repeatedly shot in the chest. She then lamented that she never gave him his lunches and regaled Doctor Halcyon with a story about how she'd been lying to Chips about the value of quarters and half-dollars when giving him lunch money because the family was broke. This, however, was just a ploy to take advantage of the doctor's charity and scam her out of several thousand dollars.

Kayden Dell'Anno[edit | edit source]

"Listen, whoever you are, Miss... 'Nettie Impostor'. I know that Nettie also died in the war so maybe we were both created in a factory somewhere. Either way, neither of us are who we say we are!" - Kayden

The Italian Arc
Kayden was a former lawyer and tow truck driver who Nettie spent quite a bit of time lusting after early in her career as a medic. Kayden would go on to shoot down Nettie's advances on multiple occasions because she was already married to Jordan. Despite this Nettie and Kayden would go on to become good friends.

Wrongful Defamation and Going to "War"

Kayden resigned from being a defense attorney after being branded a snitch by her ex husband, Vinny Pistone. Disillusioned with the legal system, she began towing around Pillbox with Jordan, her then new husband.

Kayden would eventually go on to become fed up with the snitch branding and quit towing to spend time with The Bondi Boys Motorcycle Club. During this period, she informed Nettie that she was going to war and wasn't sure if she'd come back. Nettie offered her aid and began stockpiling "rations" in the form of water, sandwiches, and bandages to give to Kayden in her time of need.

Kayden would come to find her branding as a snitch to be an insurmountable obstacle in her life and decided to fake her death while she made plans to restore her reputation.

The Mysterious Stranger

After faking her death, Kayden began operating under the alias of 'Camila Biamonte' and went on to schmooze major players in the city as a fixer and hired gun in an attempt to earn their trust. During this time Nettie would have several run-ins with Kayden while not knowing her true identity.

Kayden's supposed death had a harsh impact on Nettie and she would frequently blame herself for not getting Kayden her rations or directly helping her in her "war effort". When Kayden eventually abandoned the false identity, it took Nettie several weeks to find out. Nettie would later discover the truth when she was a first responder to a call where Kayden had kidnapped Thalia for allegedly being in a relationship with Jordan.

Initial Distrust

After Nettie discovered Kayden was still alive, she pretended that her ambulance had broken down so she would have an excuse to confront her. Once Kayden arrived Nettie began berating Kayden, claiming that she was an impostor and that the real Kayden died in "the war". The confrontation ended with Kayden declaring that they both weren't who they claimed to be, and Nettie asserting that she had never been the same since Kayden left her life.

Nettie would eventually come to terms with the fact that Kayden was still alive and began seeking her out as a friend again. This lead to her occasionally riding shotgun in Kayden's tow truck while she was off duty.

The 5150

Sometime later Kayden's best friend, Nora Dupres , would pass away after being murdered by Bovice. While morning the death of Nora, Wang Chang entered the morgue with his associates and began badgering grieving parties and mocking the corpse of Nora. This sent Kayden over the edge, causing her to assault Chang with a baseball bat and pull a gun on police officers. While in police custody she was pulled aside by Dr. Cross for a psych eval and was committed to Parsons on a 5150 hold after being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

A Favor for a Friend

While Kayden was being held in Parsons, Nettie set aside one of her days off to visit her in hopes of consoling her over the death of Nora. Kayden, in a delusional state, believed that she had killed Nora and confided in Nettie that she stabbed her and dumped her body at the courthouse.

Kayden then asked Nettie to seduce Jordan and ask him for a knife as a gift. Nettie initially shot down the idea, but humored Kayden once she made the suggestion that she would marry her if she completed the favor. Together they spent a few moments role playing a hypothetical scenario where Nettie would try to seduce Jordan, but the vulgarities Kayden used upset Nettie and she struck her in the face. Nettie apologized and said she wouldn't stand for Jordan speaking to her like that and Kayden insisted that she can't punch Jordan if they wanted the plan to work.

Nettie then lied to Kayden and pretended to agree to the plan, leaving Parsons with no intentions to actually seduce Jordan.

The Falling Out

Weeks later Nettie would spend a day riding with Kayden while trying to cheer her up because she was drunk and having bad day. This lead to Kayden venting about the various problems in her life including troubles with her new medication, her feud with Jean, Jordan never being around, Chips' crack addiction, and feeling like everyone hated her.

They would later arrive at a crime scene after PD requested a tow on the radio, and Kayden unwittingly outed herself as having been drunk driving. To cover for her, Nettie faked being drugged and implied that Jerry and Nino Chavez may have tampered with her and Kayden's drinks at Bahama Mamas, despite Nettie and Kayden having turned down Jerry and Nino's offer to meet them there earlier that night. Nettie would later apologize to Jerry and tell him that it was just a ruse to help Kayden avoid getting a DUI.

Once Kayden had sobered up she picked up Nettie from the hospital but, once they began riding together, Nettie answered a phone call from Kizzy and told her that she would ditch Kayden "in a second" for her. This infuriated Kayden, causing her to kick Nettie out of the tow truck and run her over.

The incident ended up causing Nettie and Kayden to become estranged as friends.

A Friendship in Tatters

In early November, Nettie entered into an engagement with Jerry Callow with the intent of using him as a beard so she could throw off the scent of an assassin. It was during this period that it came to Nettie's attention that Kayden was potentially dating Jerry on the side.

Kayden vehemently denied the notion and acted disgusted that Nettie believed that she'd be interested in Jerry. The rumors continued to mount with Brenda eventually confronting Jerry about it in front of Nettie, and the exchange upset her enough that she fled the scene.

Several days later, Brenda approached Nettie with an offer to aid her in entrapping Jordan by seducing him as a way to help Jean Steele gather evidence for their upcoming divorce. Already infuriated with Jerry and Kayden, Nettie accepted the offer and exchanged numbers with Jordan when they ran into each other on a work call, as they were both first responders.

Upon hearing that Nettie was engaged to Jerry, Jordan began aggressively pursuing her in an attempt to set up a date to cuck him as revenge for the rumors that Jerry was sleeping with Kayden. Nettie eventually agreed to the date and they both clocked out of work.

Kayden became apoplectic when she was informed by Brenda and Trooper Andrews that they overheard Nettie declaring she was going on a date with Jordan before clocking out. Together, the trio stalked Nettie and Jordan to their beach date and surveilled them from a distance. Once the date was over, they confronted Nettie and Jordan in front of the hospital. After a heated argument Kayden declared that she intention to divorce Jordan.

A Spiteful Rivalry

Over the following weeks in December, Kayden began conspiring with her sister, Violet, to get Nettie fired from EMS for trying to steal her husband.

It was during this time that they made a concerted effort to pressure several members of the hospital staff and EMS to throw Nettie under the bus and get her in trouble for professional misconduct. The attempts were ultimately futile and no effort was ever really made on the part of the hospital faculty to punish Nettie.

The Perjury

In January 2020, Nettie partook in a series of court cases as a witness for Jordan and her relationship with him was put under particular scrutiny. It was during this time that Kayden took the opportunity to put pressure on the DA's office to nail Nettie with a perjury charge.

The perjury was eventually investigated, but the case was never formally filed, and Nettie skimmed by the 30 day stature of limitations. Much to Kayden's frustrations.

The Death of Kayden

On February 15th, Kayden confronted Jordan on the Del Pierro Pier and announced that she was going to divorce him. The ensuing argument turned violent when Jordan beat her down, struck her with a car, and threw her off the pier.

Kayden was eventually rescued by EMS, but succumbed to her injuries while in surgery at the hospital. Nettie had unfortunately clocked into work just in time to see her pass away, and the mental turmoil sent Nettie into a deep depression. Nettie then aided Dr. Cross in transporting Kayden to the morgue and oversaw the visitation process before saying her final goodbyes.

The Fallout

The following day, Nettie and Kyle confronted Jordan about the incident and told him that he was the primary suspect in Kayden's murder. The revelation caused Jordan to become unhinged, as he hadn't intended on killing Kayden, and he would later go on a drug fueled rampage against the PD before Nettie had to save his life by performing CPR after he'd been gunned down.

Boba Stone[edit | edit source]

"Nettie, I'm pretty sure that isn't legal." - Boba

The Dad Jokes Arc
Nettie and Boba.jpg

Boba was a long-time friend and co-worker of Nettie. For a significant period of time both Boba and Bree Stone were Nettie's superiors while she was a trainee and later when she was eventually promoted to an EMT. Nettie had a long standing friendship with the couple that would even outlast their eventual divorce. Boba worked extensively with Nettie while she was learning to fly a helicopter and was one of the key people in helping her earn her flight certification.

Friendship with Jordan

Boba was also Jordan Steele's best friend and frequently helped him and Kayden tow vehicles and run the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot while he wasn't clocked in as a medic. Jordan often affectionately referred to Boba as "Broba" to acknowledge Boba's status as his best friend.

Death of a Parking Demigod

On February 21st, 2019, Boba confessed to a mentally unhinged Jordan that he snitched to the LSPD regarding Jordan's plans to destabilize the department. Boba intended for both him and Jordan to become criminal informants for the police department, but Jordan was bewildered by the perceived betrayal and stabbed him in the neck with a knife before he could finish explaining himself. The wound severed an artery and Boba drowned in his own blood.

Nettie could tell something was wrong when she returned to Pillbox as the lobby of the hospital was crowded with people murmuring about someone in critical condition who had just entered surgery. Despite everyone seeming to know what was happening, they refused to inform Nettie when she inquired. She would later become livid after overhearing Conan Clarkson casually mentioning the passing of Boba over the police radio. Bitter regarding the inexplicable secrecy of a co-worker dying, Nettie signed off duty and went to the morgue with her then soon-to-be stepson, Chips, to say their goodbyes.

Bree Matthews[edit | edit source]

"Oh God, Nettie! The fiduciaries! Think of the fiduciaries!" - Bree

The Musical Arc
Bree and Nettie.jpg

Boba's ex-wife and one of Nettie's best friends. Nettie and Bree are EMS co-workers who both hold reputations as being chaos magnets while they're on duty together, they frequently get into trouble and feed off of each other's energy whilst enabling themselves. Their penchant for harebrained schemes and impulsivity has regularly gotten them into scenarios where they were both at risk of being fired if caught.

This includes but is not limited to: pulling incredibly harsh pranks on exes, attempting to film a straight-to-DVD production of a college themed musical, botching a sting operation by purchasing the drugs without the contacted officer present; as well as murdering numerous firemen, hiding their bodies, and hiring a hitman to dispose of them.

On February 28th, 2020, Bree resigned from EMS.

Bailey Jade[edit | edit source]

"Nettie, no! We're not shooting anyone!" - Bailey

The Boss Arc
Bailey and Nettie.jpg

Bailey is a former EMS coworker who Nettie first met as a trainee and has a reputation for being one of the most friendly people in the city. The pair quickly became best friends as they frequently gossiped and helped each other in brainstorm solutions to problems in their love lives while on duty. They frequently rode together and were often mistaken for each other as they were both the only blonde medics on the roster for a significant period of time.

Despite playing a prominent role as a mentor in Bailey's early career as a medic, Nettie regularly abuses her trust and plays rather cruel pranks on her for her own amusement. Perhaps a hallmark of Bailey's naivety, she would typically forgive Nettie after the fact and frequently enabled her during such episodes.

The Best Boss

Nettie first met Bailey as a trainee when she was an EMT. Despite not being a Paramedic or Field Training Officer, Nettie spent a significant amount of time working with and training Bailey while she was still learning the ropes, particularly with helping her learn comm etiquette, driving the ambulance, and prioritizing patients.

Due to her growing up on military bases, Bailey would frequently refer to Nettie and other superiors as "Sir", "Ma'am", and "Boss". A habit which quickly grew on Nettie as she enjoying the implied authority which came with such a title. Much to Nettie's disappointment, she realized it was a common term which Bailey had been attributing to other superiors in the department. After hearing Nettie bemoan the revelation, Bailey reassured her that she was special and began calling her Best Boss as a term of endearment. Nettie then began reciprocating the sentiment by referring to Bailey as Best Girl.

The Midas Touch

Early on in their friendship, Nettie found herself incredibly attracted to Bailey's voice and frequently made passes at her to gauge her interest in women. She found herself disappointed to discover that Bailey was straight and already in a relationship with Midas Campinetti, one of the judges in the city. Though this relationship didn't last long as Bailey discovered that Midas had been cheating on her with several other women, something which Nettie verified with the then Chief Justice, LaBarre. Nettie then suggested that Bailey confront Midas about it and the relationship subsequently ended several days later.

Back in the Closet

Shortly after Nettie discovered she was being targeted by Bovice, she went back into the closest and began searching for a beard as part of a hare-brained scheme to throw the assassin off her tracks. It was during this period that she met Daisy Dukakis and began aggressively avoiding women while living in a constant state of paranoia. Daisy was rather smitten with Nettie but was confused by her spurred advances and began focusing her attention on Bailey instead.

It was shortly after this that Nettie became engaged to Jerry Callow, much to the disappointment of everyone who knew her. Nettie would latter ask Bailey to be her Maid of Honor, but it was becoming apparent that she had ulterior motives for marrying him besides just wanting a beard.

Nettie and Bailey 2.png

Boy Trouble

Two months after Bailey broke up with Midas, Nettie learned that Bailey was frequently being harassed by men looking to enter a relationship with her. The issue was further compounded when Nettie learned that Bailey was saying yes to dates with people who she wasn't interested in and was starting to develop a small following of stalkers. Nettie then set out to make it her mission to toughen Bailey up and make her more callous to people that wouldn't take no for an answer.

This ordeal came to a head when Nettie confronted Bailey after learning that she was being pressured to accept a date with Steve En. Nettie pulled Bailey over to the side of the road to role-play a scenario where she could practice shutting down the advances of suitors who she wasn't interested in. Nettie got carried away in trying to prepare Bailey for a worst case scenario and made a tweet which got her in trouble with HR. Despite this, several days later Nettie's methodology was proven to be effective when Bailey turned Steve down for a date and he made a similar tweet to the fake one Nettie made.

Mari Jones[edit | edit source]

"Listen, Mari would never teach me a wrong thing." - Nettie

The Mentor Arc
The former head of EMS and one of Nettie's closet friends, Mari and Nettie were initially trainees together, but Nettie didn't formally apply for the position until several months after Mari had become a medic. Mari lead the department for roughly 6 months before she eventually resigned after being stabbed in the neck.

Nettie made it a habit to regularly tattle on herself when she did something that might cause trouble for the department because she didn't want Mari catching blow-back for events outside of her control. In turn, Mari would frequently be more lenient with Nettie's antics while on duty as she trusted her to be forthright about any serious issues that she might get into. This came to a head when Nettie warned Mari that the DA's office could potentially be investigating her for perjury after lying on the stand during Jordan's divorce case. When the DA formally approached Mari to announce that they were pressing charges she wasn't amused, as at the time she had been seeing officers commit perjury on the stand unabated for months.

Mari lead the department for roughly 6 months before she eventually resigned on February 4th, 2020. Her resignation deeply upset Nettie, as Mari was one of her oldest friends in the department.

Kizzy Neveah[edit | edit source]

"Actually, I think the issue there was Brenda didn't want Amara and Amara was deluding herself." - Kizzy

The Therapy Arc
Kizzy is Nettie's former therapist and best friend. Despite knowing that Kizzy was straight, Nettie developed a romantic interest in her because she felt Kizzy was one of the few people in the city who truly understood her. Nettie and Kizzy have a complicated relationship where Kizzy often bullies and gaslights her to try and coerce her into making what she believes are better decisions in her life.
Jean sings to kizzy for nettie.jpg

"I Lost a Friend"

Nettie and Kizzy eventually had a falling out after Kizzy gossiped to her coworkers about something Nettie told her in confidence. The incident caused Nettie to cut all ties with her, going as far as hiring Jean to perform a breakup song for Kizzy to signify the end of their friendship.

Kizzys crack addiction.png

The Crack Addiction

Roughly a month passed before Nettie eventually tried reaching out to Kizzy again. Nettie was shocked to discover Kizzy had been fired from Pillbox and developed a crack addiction. Despite her best efforts, nobody working at the hospital would give her a straight answer regarding the circumstances of Kizzy's termination.

Jessie Skid and Going Clean

Nettie would eventually go on to join forces with Jessie Skid, another former patient of Kizzy, and attempt to puzzle out what had happened to her.

Before either party could get a straight answer, Jessie was 5150'd due to his mental instability and Kizzy began going clean on her own.

Home Décor

Eventually Nettie went on to hire Kizzy to decorate her home. Over the course of a month Nettie refused to enter her house as she wanted it's final appearance to be a surprise.

Much to the malaise of Kizzy, Nettie began living in the janitor's closet and the breakroom at Pillbox rather than sleeping in her own bed. Something which she began telling everyone she met to milk the attention and sympathy due to the reactions it garnered. This habit quickly became a obsession for Nettie as, shortly after Kizzy began decorating her house, she discovered that she was being hunted by Bovice.

During this period of being hunted, Kizzy finished decorating Nettie's house but Nettie began refusing to go to her home out of necessity as she was fearful that the hired killer knew where she lived.

Kizzy would eventually convince Nettie to sleep in her home again by offering to showcase the work she had done in person.

Jessie Skid[edit | edit source]

"You're a good egg, Jessie. I hope you've been staying safe." - Nettie

The Hunted Arc
Nettie and jessie discuss bovice.jpg

A former schizophrenic patient of Kizzy, and one of Nettie's close friends, Jessie is a troubled young man who Nettie first met shortly after discovering Kizzy had been fired. In the weeks following their initial meeting, Nettie and Jessie kept in contact via text messages and phone calls as they attempted to discover what caused Kizzy to enter her downward spiral.

Committed to Parsons

Eventually, Jessie would be caught by then-Officer Jordan Steele and placed on a 5150 hold after having attempted to evade a warrant. Nettie would continue reaching out to Jessie and regularly visit him at Parsons to keep him updated on current affairs, events in her life, and what she'd discovered about Kizzy. Nettie's refusal to read his scattered notes, due to concerns for his privacy, caused him to trust and respect Nettie more than he had prior to his 5150 hold.


Jessie would eventually find himself embroiled in Bovice's attempts to bring the city to its knees as an informant from within Parsons. During this time Jessie would overhear a conversation between Bovice and a disguised woman as they discussed targeting members of EMS. After discovering Nettie was one of their targets he took it upon himself to leak the information of the plot to Nettie in an attempt to save her life. The consequences of which sent Nettie on a deeply paranoid spiral that led to her developing a phobia of women, insomnia, and a self-destructive caffeine addiction.


Months later, after being reevaluated, Jessie was released from Parsons with the stipulation that he regularly take his medication. During this time he largely vanished from Nettie's life, but not before texting her that Khaleesi White was the woman Bovice had sent to target her.

A Friendship Strained

Later in December, after finding out that Nettie was engaged to Jordan, Jessie staged a minor intervention with her and attempted to convince her that Jordan was an awful person. Nettie was unmoved by Jessie's arguments, and Jessie issued an ominous warning that she was, "Making a mistake." before disappearing from her life again.

An Untimely Demise

On January 25, 2020, Jessie passed away after being stabbed to death by The Menagerie. Nettie wouldn't discover his fate until several months later.

Jessie's Fate

On March 6th, 2020, Nettie learned from Kizzy that Jessie had passed away. The news shocked Nettie as she'd just assumed that she hadn't heard from him due to their strained friendship. Nettie would go on to learn during this conversation that it was was Sam McEntyre who got Kizzy fired. Thus solving the mystery that Nettie and Jessie sought so hard to resolve.

James 'Apples' Apeller[edit | edit source]

"We can't hurt Nettie, she's a friend!" - Apples

The Self-Pity Arc
Nettie and Apples.jpg

Apples is a long-time friend of Nettie who she first met as an EMS trainee. Nettie identified with his downtrodden and self-deprecating nature as she used to have similar self-esteem issues. Despite Apples later developing a reputation as a hit-man and bank robber, Nettie naively refuses to believe that he's a bad person and regularly asserts that he's, "He's a good boy, and would never hurt anyone."

Ever since Nettie began working at Garage Q, she's come to accept that he's the self-described scum that he claims to be.

Nettie Adopts Apples.png

The Fake Adoption

Shortly after Nettie meet Apples, he found himself being recruited by the Leanbois as a body double for Ricky. This association eventually lead to Apples losing his arms and legs to make him a 'nugget' like Ricky once was. Upon hearing that Apples was left in such a state, Nettie went to MRPD to support him as a friend. She was initially refused access while he was giving a statement, because he had amnesia and couldn't remember the circumstances surrounding the loss of his limbs. This led Nettie to lying and claiming she was his mother in a bid support him in his vulnerable state.

Nettie would later take Apples around the city and try to help him remember his past. Eventually Tracy would catch wind of the story that Nettie spun about being Apples' mother and began berating Nettie as if it were true. Nettie eventually relented and admitted to the lie. Apples would later have legs surgically grafted to his body when Denzel and other members of the Leanbois abducted Tracy and forced her to preform the surgery.

The Rickys

Apples would eventually get rolled into a plot by Ricky to cause chaos in the city while disguised as Ricky himself. The scheme was part of Ricky's protest over the LSPD identifying him by his outfit. Their plans during this period involved kidnapping and forcing people to be disguised as Ricky while they went on crime sprees. After having a negative encounter with Nettie, Savannah Castillo, an associate of Ricky and Apples, attempted to target Nettie for one of their outings. Nettie's paranoia from being targeted by Bovice proved to make her an evasive target initially and several days later Apples mentioned that he would refuse to target Nettie regardless as, "She's a friend."

Steele Security

Shortly after resigning from EMS, Nettie and Apples reconnected and began working together underneath Jordan's private security company and parking lot.

Nettie quickly became frustrated with Apples' incompetence at the company as he'd frequently conduct illegal business on the lot and engage in sloppy criminal endeavors. As time marched on, she came to accept his methodology as his connections frequently brought valuable and skilled employees and interns into the fold.

Several weeks after they began working together, Apples faked his own death at a dual funeral and ceremony that was being held by Nettie and Jordan so that Apples could go into hiding. During this period he adopted the alias "Zero" and began conducting business as usual during the morning shift.

Reid Dankleaf[edit | edit source]

"You really know how to pick 'em, Nettie. Jordan might actually be crazier than me." - Reid

The Nostalgia Arc
Reed and Nettie.jpg

Nettie and Reid were once in a relationship together and were formerly engaged while they were both detectives for the LSPD. Nettie would later have a breakdown when Reid threatened to jump off the roof of the Legion Square Bank after she attempted to end their engagement, but Kareem Lyon pulled her aside while she was changing into her wedding attire for an emergency ceremony and convinced her not to give into Reid's emotion blackmail. Reid ended up jumping and faking his own death, but would eventually reemerge some time later.

Since then Reid and Nettie have returned to being friends and frequently reminisce about their past as officers when they run into each other. Reid is notably one of the few people in the city who were supportive of Nettie and Jordan's relationship, going as far as telling Nettie that Jordan was his favorite cop and that they would be welcome in The Lost should she decide to leave EMS after Jordan had been fired.

Wilhelmina Copperpot[edit | edit source]

"I didn't shoot cops, Nettie shot cops! Oh god, I'm freaking out man!" - Copperpot

The Paranoia Arc
Copperpot and Nettie.jpg

Willie, or Copperpot as she's more commonly known, is a news reporter for The Los Santos Herald and the assistant manager of Steele Security. Copperpot has a fiery temper and a reputation of being ride or die for people who she's close with. She frequently slips into the role of being a "right hand man" in many of her ventures and is known to get results when she sets her mind to a task.

Nettie initially mistook Copperpot's loyalty to Jordan as her being competition for his affection, but the two quickly became close friends after an incident where Nettie, Chips, Jordan, and Justin Steele had to rescue Copperpot after she'd been abducted by the Angels. Since then the pair regularly meet up together and help each other with matters in their day to day lives, often regarding odd jobs associated with the lot.

Premium valet.jpg

Premium Valet Services

Shortly after Jordan won his murder and appeals trials, he needed to go in for surgery and was out of commission while he recovered. During this time Nettie and Copperpot took over day-to-day operations operations of the lot to keep the business running in his absence.

To make the lot feel more professional for promotional purposes, they set out to make valet uniforms for their employees and ran a limited-time offer to personally valet cars in parking spaces for customers at the lot.

This promotion was short-lived, however, as Nettie would later get into a shootout with officers in front of Pillbox to save Mel and Gladys from police custody while not wearing masks. Nettie and Copperpot then spent the rest of the night in hiding while fearing that there were warrants for their arrests. This lead them to temporarily assuming western themed aliases Thelma and Louise.

The Meeting.png

A Knight to Remember

For a period of several weeks, Jordan was MIA at Garage Q and much of the day-to-day operations were left to Nettie, Copperpot, and Apples. It was during this time that Nettie became wrapped up in a plot by the Narrator, Thomas Dwayne, to leverage his influence over patients who he'd treated with hypnotherapy to build a small army of sleeper agents and terrorize members of the LSPD with psychological warfare.

Thomas summoned Nettie for her first mission where he had her disguise herself and be a member of his security detail while he fed Brian Knight a fabricated narrative espousing the existence of the Illuminati and that he was a prominent member caught in an internal power struggle.

Ever suspicious of Thomas' intentions with Nettie, Copperpot caught wind that she was being used for something and snuck into the meeting, recording several minutes of their conversation with a microphone.

After the meeting was adjourned, Nettie and the other bodyguards slowly filed out. But Brian was dragged into a firefight with Nettie after employees at Garage Q were caught in the act of intercepting two of Thomas' other bodyguards. The gunfight ended in a draw when Nettie broke off and fled the scene after realizing she wasn't masked.

Copperpot caught the brief dual on camera from a construction site across the street but promptly deleted the footage as she was worried that it'd incriminate Nettie. She then contacted Brian and confronted him about his involvement with Nettie and Thomas, as her only goal was to keep Nettie safe and free her from the hypnotism.

Melbert Rickenbacker[edit | edit source]

"Nettie, I think you might actually be insane." - Mel

The Brainwashed Arc
Mel is one of Nettie's "older" friends in the city. For a long time Nettie viewed Mel the same way she did Chips and Apples, and used to believe him to be harmless and wrongly persecuted by the police. Over time she slowly came to realize that he wasn't quite as innocent as she had originally thought and began to frequently confide in him regarding some of the darker aspects of her life, particularly while he was incapacitated in her ambulance. Mel would often find himself taken aback by Nettie's instability and frequently encouraged her to embrace her darker side.

Mel is typically very protective of Nettie and claims that she's one of the few people in the city who he's ride-or-die for. During her tenure as a medic, Mel frequently warned Nettie ahead of time regarding the dangers of active scenes that weren't Code 4 and at one point even physically assaulted Tracy because Nettie claimed she made her cry.

The Brainwashing of Nettie Machete

Several days after resigning from EMS, Nettie reconnected with Mel and he caught her up to speed on what had been going on with his life. Mel informed Nettie that Eugene had left Prune Gang and that he was currently in the process of rebuilding with Gladys, he eventually capped the conversation by informing her that they would have her back if she was ever in trouble.

Later on, Mel ran into Thomas Dwayne and the pair would begin discussing business, particularly Thomas' hypnotherapy program and his search for a sponsor. Mel took interest his proposal and decided it could be useful to indoctrinate civilians and petty criminals to be one-off goons for Prune Gang. Initially Mel wanted to test the process on Bryce Miller, but when he wasn't available he opted to test it on Nettie instead. Because she was already eager to have a therapy session, Nettie agreed when Thomas made his pitch regarding the hypnotherapy. Jordan eventually showed up and Mel asked him to let bygones be bygones as Nettie is one of his favorite people in the city and Jordan must not be so bad if she's engaged to him.

Jordan initially became hostile when he realized Mel was having Nettie brainwashed, but decided to leverage the opportunity to form an alliance between "Parking Gang" and Prune Gang. Once the hypnosis ended Nettie became an unwitting sleeper agent, where her trigger word is "Prune" and she experiences symptoms of Transient Global Amnesia, and has trouble remembering sporadic details of recent events; notably, she can't remember why she took the action beyond feeling compelled to do so.

Thomas Dwayne[edit | edit source]

"Nettie, I need you to listen closely: War." - Thomas

The Secret Society Arc
The Hypnotherapy.jpg

Most commonly known by his former alias, The Narrator, Thomas is one of Nettie's many therapists and recently began playing a significant role in her life. Despite initially hypnotizing Nettie to make her a sleeper agent for Mel, Thomas quickly took the initiative to undue some of the damage after he'd been confronted by Copperpot and Jordan because Mel had been abusing Nettie's trigger-word and frivolously getting her into shootouts with the police.

The Meeting.png

The Illuminati

Unbeknownst to Copperpot, when Thomas undid Nettie's hypnotism he replaced it with a new trigger-word, "War", making her loyal directly to himself rather than Mel. Suspicious that Nettie was still hypnotized and loyal to Mel, Copperpot began tailing Nettie with the help of Louis Baton and Temuthy Clackus while Thomas was using Nettie as security detail for a private meeting with Brian Knight. Tensions came to a head when Louis and Temuthy detained another guard so that Copperpot could spy on the meeting. The scuffle ended up indirectly causing Nettie and Brian to become engaged in a firefight with each other, but the skirmish ended in a draw when Nettie realized what was happening and fled the scene.

In exchange for using her as assistance in his shadowy schemes Thomas frequently offers to help Nettie with some of the problems in her life, namely having people who she has beef with assassinated. So far Nettie has only directed Thomas towards Bailey's stalkers. Notably, he's also told Nettie that he'd work on resolving her conflict Choi regarding the ownership of Garage T.

A Sobering Series of Events

Due to a number of betrayals, Nettie's allegiance to Thomas' group has significantly faltered. Shortly after an incident where he had Apples and Copperpot abducted, and stabbed and shot respectively, Nettie was able to piece together who their attackers were when Apples gave her the phone number of his assailant.

Continued stories of encounters with "The Real T-bois" have put Nettie on edge and she's since begun neglecting the tasks given to her by Thomas. The final nail in the coffin being when Nettie had a chance encounter with Dan Faily at the morgue shortly after the death of Bodean Tucker and he reminded her that she was a good person when he thanked her for being there for him.

Miscellaneous Relationships[edit | edit source]

"A lot of times people randomly come up and tell me that they love me. It's actually kind of annoying." - Nettie

Steele Security Employees
Steele Security Convenes.jpg

During her time working at Jordan's businesses, Nettie has made several friends at the lot. These range from managers, employees, interns, and prospective hires.

The general manager of Steele Family Parking and Steele Security, Copperpot works closely with Jordan on many matters related to running the lot. She helps with security, keeping the books organized, hires, fires, and consults with employees on legal and interpersonal matters.

Nettie initially viewed Copperpot as competition, but the pair quickly became friends after Nettie helped save her when she was abducted and tortured by the Angels. Now they frequently manage the businesses together when Jordan isn't in available.

The morning shift manager of Steele Family Parking, Apples uses the lot as a front for his less than legal side-projects and frequently gets employees involved in various crimes away from the business, particularly with his girlfriend August Vakarian. Apples is one of the few people at Garage Q with a reliable gun connect and frequently supplies employees with SNS pistols which he purchases in bulk.

Apples notably faked his own death and had a funeral at the Vinewood Cemetery on the same day as Nettie and Jordan's wedding ceremony. During a period of roughly two weeks he operated under the alias "Zero". Despite being close friends friends with Nettie, he seldom interacts with her as they work completely opposite shifts at the lot.

Ashkenaz, or Ash for short, is an unstable pyromaniac employed by Jordan for lot security. Nettie first met Ash several weeks before Jordan started up his security firm and the pair formed a bitter rivalry where they would verbally assault each other every time they met.

Eventually these hostilities would simmer when Ash began working for Garage Q and Nettie became more cordial with him after they worked together on various odd jobs. Ash and Nettie have since developed a strangely supportive friendship and often make genuine efforts to help one another despite continuing to roast each other at any given opportunity.

Dan is the bastard son of Brian Knight, and one of Copperpot's closer friends. He was hired to the lot as a security guard and frequently helped Steele Security in numerous endeavors. Dan is notably a good shot and has saved Nettie, Jordan, and Copperpot during multiple gunfights at the lot.

Dan had a brief falling out with Nettie and Copperpot when he revealed that he was resigning from his security job to join the Department of Corrections in hopes of one day becoming a police officer like his father. They eventually came to terms with him leaving and he still frequently visits the lot and helps the company with matters like investigating suspicious behavior, tailing people, and reporting violent crimes against employees to the police.

Nettie has frequently bullied and abused Dan, going as far as beating him unconscious with brass knuckles and a baseball bat at the lot because Agnes Ranbough was bored and didn't have any patients to treat. Dan was eventually fired and banned from the lot when he joined the LSPD.

August is Apples' girlfriend and can usually be found manning the lot for him when he's busy or not around. She frequently helps him commit crimes and was formerly committed to Parsons for several months.

Nettie first met her back in February when she prank called August after seeing a yellow pages ad. When Nettie dialed the the number she was greeted by August asking her to stab her hands over the phone.

Nettie and August would later bond in late April after Nettie vented to her about wanting to murder Solomon Seerson. That same day August would take to calling Nettie her best friend and asked her to be her maid of honor for her wedding with Apples. Though Nettie would later find out that the wedding is just a ruse as Apples merely wants a pilot for one of his Rickyism plots.

Louis is Apples' closest friend and confidant. Being a Rooster Cab Co. company-man, Louis' loyalty to Garage Q has frequently come under scrutiny by Nettie as, despite enjoying his prescience and banter, she believes he frequently defends other RCC employees who have wronged the lot.

Upon learning that Louis had begun working for BBC as well, Nettie became apoplectic and began insisting on firing him from Garage Q. Apples was eventually able to pull Nettie aside and inform her that Louis was a triple agent working with him to undermine RCC and BBC from the inside.

Q Interns and Associates
In addition to the normal employees at Garage Q, Nettie as made friends with a handful of Interns who have been hired at the lot.

Having no relation to Boba or Bree Stone, Avery is a young petty criminal trying to find her way in Los Santos after losing her job as a stunt double. Nettie first met her in Fall of 2019 when she tried impressing Avery with a supercar she had borrowed from Judge Midas Campinetti for a date with Kathrine Kaspar. Avery took the car into the canals and accidentally sank it in the LS River.

Roughly half a year later, Nettie encountered Avery again at Garage Q as she was searching for a job. Nettie and Copperpot took her in as the company's first intern and attempted to haze her by giving her an unloaded gun and pretending that Louise Baton had double-crossed the company. Unknown to Nettie and Copperpot, Avery realized the gun was unloaded and inserted a clip, causing her to gun down Louise during the initiation. Louise survived the incident and Nettie decided that she passed the loyalty test with flying colors.

  • Intern - Marcus Willamette

Also refereed to as red beard or ginger beard, Marcus is frequently refereed to by Nettie as her favorite intern due to his willingness to comply with the various schemes she comes up with during the night shift at Garage Q. Marcus frequently does odd jobs with Nettie and Hal when traffic at Q is particularly slow.

Patrick is a delivery driver who frequently works the late evening and overnight shift for Garage Q. Due to the lack of management during his hours, Nettie typically tells him to not worry about working the lot and instead has him ran materials to gather resources for the company. Patrick has a deep-seated fear of guns and typically cowers at the sight of them, much to the malign of the rougher-cut Q employees such as Pogg and August.

In late May, Patrick brought an issue to Nettie's attention that delivery drivers were being robbed by a group calling themselves the highway men and that he had been targeted by them multiple times.

Hal is a well known tow truck driver and has had long-running ties to Garage Q running back as far as fall of 2019. In early summer of 2020, he became close friends with Nettie and began offering a repair service on the lot as part of the sales package during the night shift at the lot. Nettie and Hal had a falling out after Jordan had mistakenly believed them to be having an affair while he was away and subsequently assaulted Hal multiple times for the perceived transgression.

Business Contacts
Throughout her time in the city, Nettie has entered into several tentative business partnerships and associations with various people around town. These interactions range from contract work, commissions, and various service jobs.

Notable individuals include:

A former Pillbox receptionist, Doug is Nettie's primary source for the cannabis products she consumes while off duty. Prior to getting his business, White Widow Dispensary, set up Doug used to help Nettie at the hospital by photocopying her favorite poems and putting them in binders throughout the hospital so they would be easy for her to find should a patient die or need to go into the ICU.

Notable for his thriving music ventures, Bryce and Nettie at one point set out to work on a collaborative music project. Progress on the song she commissioned was put into limbo when she had to focus the bulk of her time and resources on preparing for her perjury investigation.

An old friend of Nettie's, and a former stalker of Bailey, Steve's job at the Bean Machine made him a reoccurring figure in Nettie's life while she was struggling with her caffeine addiction and insomnia. Steve also frequently attempted to entice Nettie into partaking in the various money-making schemes both him and his mother, Jenn Bordeaux, would come up with.

  • Luna Pace

A relatively new face to the city, Luna is a freelance graphic designer who Nettie hired to make invitations for her wedding with Jordan. Nettie was quite pleased with how the final design came out. Copperpot and Nettie would later use Luna's occupation to try and lure a bounty target out of hiding with a fake business phone call, but the man in question didn't take the bait.

Prior to their friendship souring, Nettie hired Jean on a handful of occasions to sing songs for friends. These commissioned performances weren't always trivial matters as Jean would sometimes need time in advance to learn a song before a performance.

The Lawyers
During her time in the city Nettie has required the services of lawyers on a handful of occasions, but ever since she's entered a relationship with Jordan she's found herself in court far more frequently than she cares to admit.

Notable legal representatives include:

Jerry became Nettie's attorney shortly after she discovered that Bovice had given someone a task to murder her. During this period she sought out legal counsel regarding the creation of a will, as Nora Dupres and Kermit Delaw had both been recently murdered in Bovice's name. Nettie would later leverage this connection with Jerry to try and marry him as a cover for being gay while she went back into the closet.

Despite winning neither case, Nettie was impressed by Kevin's performance during Jordan's two big trials in January and elected to hire him to represent her when she was made aware that she was being investigated for perjury after lying on the stand for Jordan. Due to a slew of major murder investigations, Kevin advised Nettie to not bring up the investigation because the DA's office was very busy with other cases, the advice paid off and her case was never formally filed on the court docket.

Nettie never formally hired Ginzu, but she reached out to him on a handful of occasions regarding Jordan's murder trials after the couple formally smoothed things over after their breakup. Nettie was initially hostile to Ginzu as he implied that she would be attacked during a court case where she testified against Jordan for shooting at her. But she eventually made amends with Ginzu after she received contempt of court, regarding one of his questions while she was on the stand, as she felt liberated by the outburst.

A former District Attorney and close friend of Nettie's, Adrienne was briefly Nettie's legal counsel prior to her taking the role of being a special prosecutor against Jordan during the Kayden Dell'Anno murder trial. Nettie was especially irate with Adrienne as she initially believed she would be representing Jordan during the proceedings.

Crane barreled into Nettie and Jordan's lives when he stepped into represent Jordan after Murphy Braun seemed to deliberately throw Jordan's trial while representing for the Kayden case. Crane would go on to win both the Boba murder trial and the appeals hearing for the Kayden murder trial. The results impressed Nettie and Jordan enough that he was made the formal legal counsel for employees of Garage Q and Steele Security.

Crane recently represented Nettie after she struck Officer Jerry Perkins with brass knuckles while she was trying to aid Mel and Eugene in rescuing Irwin Dundee from police custody. Though he warned Nettie that their current line of defense may mean Nettie might have to have herself declared legally crazy to have the charges removed.

The Enemies
Nettie has made numerous enemies during her time in Los Santos and often jokes that she has "negative friends" as she believes she must always have more enemies than friends. Despite the theatrics, her sometimes callous and abrasive personality has caused her to antagonize some individuals to the point that a mutual hatred has developed.

Her most notable enemies include:

Kayden's biological sister, Violet had an abrasive relationship with with Nettie long before she discovered she was Kayden's sister as she would often make highly suggestive passes at Nettie when she was still with her then-husband, Brett Biggledoinks.

Whatever semblance of a friendship Violet had with Nettie vanished when Nettie began dating Jordan. Violet helped Kayden come up with plans to get Nettie fired from EMS on a handful of occasions and became openly hostile to when she continued her engagement with Jordan after Kayden was murdered.

This rivalry would later come to a head when Violet attempted to murder Nettie on her wedding night by stabbing her in front of Jordan during their wedding reception.

Nettie and Choi are both headstrong when they feel passionate about a subject and have frequently butted heads over issues related to patient care. Once Nettie's facade started to slip after she started dating Jordan, Choi regularly began calling Nettie out as being an awful person and the pair frequently don't get along. Despite this, they still maintained a functioning work relationship and typically showed each other respect while on duty prior to Nettie's resignation. Choi is one of the few people in the city who Nettie openly fumes about hating and frequently refers to her as a bitch in casual conversation.

The conflict between Nettie and Choi recently resurfaced due to Choi's attempts to try and stonewall efforts by Steele Security to acquire Garage T.

Nettie and Buck used to have an amicable friendship until Choi pointed out the extent at which Nettie was lying on the stand for Jordan during the Jean v. Jordan Steele trials. Since then Buck has become openly hostile and distrustful of Nettie's character, going as far as saying he'd refuse to take trials where she's the plaintiff.

While initially friends, they became hostile to each other after Nettie took several steps to sow discord between her and Jordan to accelerate their divorce. Since then they've formed a petty rivalry.

Nettie attempted to lull Jerry into a marriage with her to get revenge on him for stealing her ex by mentally tormenting him and getting him disbarred. Jerry would later claim that Nettie was evil when he realized what she was doing after she left him for Jordan.

Commonly known as the hobo lawyer, Solomon was a former employee of Garage Q who used to work closely with Jerry and Kayden in the Fall of 2019. In mid-December, Kayden enlisted Solomon's help in trying to find ways to get Nettie fired from EMS as revenge for her dating and becoming engaged to Jordan.

The 'Not-Dates'
Being a bit of a flirt, Nettie had no shortage of romantic attention during her initial breakup with Tracy. This led to her getting into numerous mini-dates with various women across Los Santos. Despite at one point officially getting back with Tracy, Nettie would continue spending time with some of these women. Most notable among them were Katherine 'Kitkat' Kaspar, Ester Strong, and Daphne Tillamuck.
The 'Straight' Phases
Embittered by her lack of success while dating women, Nettie has gone through several 'straight phases' where she attempted to force herself to like men. Her reasoning for each phase varies dramatically: too many women vying for her attention, not enough women vying for her attention, making an ex jealous, legitimately attempting to court men who she finds passable, boredom, etc.

This lead to her pursuing various men throughout Los Santos, much to the confusion of everyone who knows her as a lesbian. Most notable among them were Reid Dankleaf, Dennis LaBarre, Bodean 'Bo' Tucker, Jerry Callow, Huckleberry “Huck” Guthrie, and Jordan Steele.

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

"Dammit Nettie, why can't you be normal? What ya need is to go get ya'self a hobby or somethin' instead of torturing these poor people with this nonsense." - Tribble

Derby Racing[edit | edit source]

Nettie claims to race derbies in her Michelle and frequently brags about the trophies that her car has won. Whether or not this is a lie is a mystery but it hasn't stopped the car from impressing people when she offers them the keys to take it for a spin. Jordan, Copperpot, and Ash have all made note that it's a deceptively fast and well-handled car despite it's appearance.

Teeth Collecting[edit | edit source]

Nettie frequently collects teeth that have been knocked out of people so that she can have replacements handy due to the cavities she's gained from obsessively drinking coffee and Mountain Dew. Initially this habit of stealing teeth was exclusive to patients, so she would have a cover story, but in recent months she's become more brazen in pocketing them while off duty as well.

Poetry Reading[edit | edit source]

Nettie has an affinity for poetry and has been known to read poems to people she cares about. While she has done this for several individuals, reading poetry is a habit that she reserves for people who she considers truly special. Earlier in her career as a medic she alluded to the notion that she may have practiced reading poetry to corpses in the morgue and would occasionally read death poems to cadavers and ICU patients as she transported them.

Notable Poems that Nettie has read include:
Advice To A Girl Sara Teasdale
Who Knows If The Moon's E. E. Cummings
My Girl's Tall With Hard Long Eyes E. E. Cummings

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Remember me as I once was."
  • "I've been prepared to die for years."
  • "I'm mostly alive, but partly dead."
  • "I have negative friends."
  • "I am many things..."
  • "I'm the vest fairy."
  • "You see... the thing is..."
  • "That's right, you did this."
  • "Women will be the death of me."
  • "Sir, have you seen me? I'm emo."
  • "Eat the spider, Bree! Eat it, eaaaat it!"
  • "Hey there, buddy. How are you feeling?"
  • "When are these people going to die already?!"
  • "Dammit, I didn't have a death poem prepared!"
  • "Don't you ever, and I mean ever, waste E. E. Cummings on a stripper."
  • "Was that a good line? I thought so. It was a lie though. Get off my Faggio, please."
  • "Don't worry, I haven't had somebody die under my care in ages. It's actually a bit disappointing."
  • "What is love? I don't know either. I've been trying so hard to find it... Everywhere I've looked, everywhere I look! I've looked up, I've looked down, I've looked everywhere and in-between, and I can't find love! But, I want love to find me! Because I can't go looking for it anymore, I can't. I just can't do it. When it's time, it's time. When you know, you know. You know?" - Nettie

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is a part of Lance Malton and Bree Matthews' band, Corpse Juice. Though they've never practiced, performed, or written a song.
  • Nettie has a strong distaste for vibrant and pastel hair colors which she deems unnatural. She often bullies people in an attempt to get them to change their hair color.
  • After losing a $25,000 bet to "Dead Eye" Drew Harrison, Nettie developed a gambling addiction.
  • Nettie is a virgin. Although many in the city believe this to be a lie due her success in alluring both men and women.
  • Nettie is a Gemini, though she claims to be a Pisces.
  • Nettie owns a Rhapsody, a Glendale, a Michelli, and a Faggio v3.
  • Nettie claims that her blonde mohawk is genetic and that her hair grows that way.
  • Despite owning a home in the Vespucci canals, Nettie seldom sleeps there. She instead elects to live in the janitor's closet at Pillbox.
  • Nettie may, or may not, recreationally abuse ketamine that's been pilfered from the hospital. Who's to say?
  • After having her sternum crushed during a hit-and-run accident, Nettie no longer has ribs.
  • Nettie first asked Tracy out on AOL instant messenger. Her AOL username was: Nettie123XL5.
  • Nettie has a fatalistic sense of humor and frequently makes casual jokes regarding her own mortality to herself. A habit that regularly causes concern among those around her.
  • Nettie slowly assimilated many of Tracy's personal idioms and catchphrases while they were dating.
  • "Brakked", sometimes spelled "brak'd", is a slang-term for breakup which originates from Tracy. Its initial usage was cause for concern as Nettie wasn't sure what it meant, "-but it sure does sound bad."
  • Nettie tends to find possessiveness incredibly attractive, particularly in individuals who she already has a crush on. This has led to her frequently pining for Tracy's jealous outbursts when they're apart.
  • Tracy claims that Nettie's chest and butt are square and blocky, much like the 2009 video game Minecraft.
  • The thought of openly expressing physical intimacy has caused her to flee from a conversation on several occasions.
  • Despite being friends with most of the staff at Pillbox, Nettie has held a firm stance that her co-workers aren't family.
  • Nettie has suffered several traumatic brain injuries over the years, the most severe being when she tripped over a barrier and fell 100ft into the lower Pillbox parking lot.
  • Nettie is notoriously bad at remembering names. She frequently lists contacts in her phone under nicknames that she makes up on the spot, a practice that has come back to bite her on numerous occasions.
  • Nettie has a collection of unclaimed teeth which she keeps on her person, just in case she ever needs a transplant due to the cavities she's gained from copious Mountain Dew consumption.
  • In hopes of reducing the number of calls EMS gets flooded with, Nettie began donating body armor to the citizens of Los Santos and calling herself the "Vest Fairy".
  • Ever since her breakup with Kitkat, Nettie has sported a semi-permanent smudged mascara look. A side effect of crying to herself in the Pillbox janitor's closet every morning before starting her shift. Though she now claims that she doesn't wear mascara anymore and that the constant crying permanently pigmented her skin.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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