Neil McReal is a character role-played by theLGX.


Neil McReal used to be a reporter for his local newspaper where he would spend his days writing about all of the crimes that occur in the city of San Andreas. He got tired of standing on the sidelines and decided it was time for him to do something rather than simply writing about it. Currently, he lives in Los Santos where he is working as security guard and parking attendant at MRPD. He hopes to make the police force someday.


  • He is from Ohio but Baker Mayfield is from Austin, Texas so Neil speaks with a Texas accent.
  • Baker Mayfield is his #2 hero behind our lord and savior... GO BROWNS.
  • American Sniper is his favorite movie.
  • Neil likes dubbed anime. Favorite anime: Naruto.
  • Neil has a pet red tailed hawk called Tobias.


  • "God Bless America"
  • "Another life saved"
  • "Hell Yeah Brother!"
  • "Stars and Stripes!"
  • "Thank you for your service"



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