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Natural Born Crackheads, also known as NBC, is a gang created and founded by Daquan Dumas and Guy Jones.

NBC currently has a total of 19 members: 9 OG members, 10 full members.


The name originated from their often funny and non-serious demeanor. They use their funny wit and sarcasm to escape messy situations. They are also known for their up-tempo and hyper trash talking. But don't let the name deceive you; this group is still as ruthless as they come and have built a reputation of being some of the top tier shooters in the city. They've also grown into one of the biggest, in terms of members, as well as one of the most powerful gangs in the city. They are associated with violence, theft, illegal criminal activity and gang-related affiliation. They make most of their money by performing various bank heists throughout Los Santos such as Fleeca, Paleto, Upper and Lower Vault, BobCat, & the Yacht. They also play a large part in the distribution of marijuana, methamphetamine, crack & illegal money bags.

SBS Dispute w/Chang Gang

SBS Dispute w/Chang Gang

This young-formed group has already found its way into an external beef and clash with one of the strongest and powerful groups in the city known as Chang Gang. The dispute started when Chang Gang decided to attack and rob Peanut of his gun and drugs for unknown reasons other than to mess with him. Afterwards, Peanut contacted Guy Jones to setup a retaliation. The two groups met in a drive-by shootout on the north side of the city that ultimately led to a Chang Gang victory. NBC wanted to spice up the beef even more and go hunting for CG. Brad Bett jumped into the mix to help and join the fight as well.

NBC got its revenge when they drove up on Mr. Kebun, Ramee and Mickey unaware and with their guards down at a gas station and shot them down. Chang Gang did not take this lightly and therefore wanted to continue the altercation between them. After a failed plan by CG to setup NBC at a clothing store, NBC once again shot them down and came out victorious, although both groups were caught by law enforcement and sent to prison.

Second Day of Disputes

After the first day of shootouts between the groups, the next day Peanut met with Mr. Kebun and Ramee and came to a conclusion to squash the beef. When everything seemed to settle down, Guy Jones and Brad Bett ran into Mr. Kebun, Ramee and Taco at the Grove Street Gas Station. After what seemed to be a short and friendly conversation at first, spun into tension between the two sides once more. Mr.Kebun held up Guy Jones at gunpoint while Brad Bett, Ramee and Taco aimed guns at each other. Guy Jones was robbed and Brad Bett was shot down. NBC reached out to Peanut about what had just occurred assuming the beef was supposed to be done with. Peanut insisted it was just a final clap back and that it was finally put to rest.

Later on that same day, Guy Jones and Peanut were both rolled up on and kidnapped by Ray Ray, Rhode Block & Ash Ketchup and taken to the Vinewood sign in the hills. Once there, they were shaken down and told that Mr. Kebun and Ramee hired them for money to find and kill them. After a short conversation of pleading, Guy Jones and Peanut were shot down. NBC declared the beef was alive again against Chang Gang for having a hit out on them. Guy Jones, Peanut, Brad Bett & Alan strapped up and decided it was time to hunt down CG once more.

After some time searching, they drove up to Wu Chang Records and saw Ramee's car in the parking lot. Guy Jones and Peanut snuck into the building where Peanut found Ramee working in the studio room unaware and stabbed him on sight. NBC then ran out of the building into the parking lot and stole Ramee's brand new Mercedes-Benz and decided they were going to destroy it as a message. They drove and parked it at the local Grove Street Gas Station and after a few quick gun shots, blew up the car. After what seemed like a pretty successful clap back, Peanut received a call from his friend, Elena, asking if she could get a ride claiming she was just kidnapped and robbed. NBC pulled up to a gas station where Elena was and were immediately ambushed by Mickey S, Ash Ketchup & Autumn Rhodes. It is unknown whether Mickey was told to setup the ambush or if he acted on his own in the name of Chang Gang.

End of Disputes

Later that same evening, Brad Bett met up with Jack Cortair to drive about and try to rob some oxy-runners. Without much success, Brad Bett convinced Jack that they should go to Ramee's Art Gallery, Vultur Lé Culturé, and see if they can rob an employee there to get back at Ramee. At first, Jack didn't realize the severity of the situation because he wasn't aware of the beef between Chang Gang and NBC. When they get there, they held up an employee named Tim who was the only one working at the time. Brad Bett robbed him and shot him in the leg and told him to let Ramee know NBC came through. Afterwards when they ran out of the gallery, Jack was upset with Brad because Jack was an employee at the gallery and didn't know Brad was going to shoot someone.

Later that day, the employee Tim who got shot notified, Juan Carlos Hernandez aka Flippy, who is one of the upper managers at the gallery. Flippy asked who shot and robbed him and he told Flippy that it was some guy named Brad Bett and that he thought he recognized Jack Cortairs voice. Without hesitation Flippy removed Jack from the books and had him fired immediately. When Jack found out, he was very angry that Flippy, Ramee or anyone else didn't give him a chance to explain what happened and give his side of the story. Jack reached out to Flippy over the phone and the two of them ended up arguing and trash-talking which led Jack to want to go hunting for Flippy. With Brad Bett by his side, they drove around the art gallery where they found Flippy and Taco. The two sides ended up in a shootout in which Jack and Brad both got shot down.

A day later, once Ramee woke up and was notified by Flippy what had happened, Ramee and some of Chang Gang found Guy Jones and Peanut and shot them up when they found them solo in front of the Alta St. Apartments. Guy and Peanut were unaware of what Brad Bett had done the night previous up until Jack told them what Brad had done. This pissed off both Guy Jones and Peanut very much that Brad would go out repping the NBC as an associate and without their permission or knowledge of it first. So Guy, Peanut, Jack and Adam devised a plan to meet up with Brad and interrogate him about what happened. They called Brad and picked him up at the apartments at gunpoint and told him to get into the trunk of their car. They talked to him on the way to a remote location about how he "fucked up" and shouldn't be repping the NBC and acting upon the name without them because it stirred up the beef with Chang Gang again. They arrived at an abandoned building north of the city and escorted him into an underground sewage bunker. Down there, Guy and Peanut questioned Brad again and told him that he needed to face the consequences of his actions. Guy Jones began to rough him up a bit before ultimately stabbing Brad in the stomach. They threatened Brad that they would kick him out of NBC if he ever did something like that again. They then rushed him to PIllBox Medical where he got surgery. He came out alive and rejoined the group and understood the circumstances and is still apart of the gang. The beef between Chang Gang and NBC settled down and both crews have actually becomes allies assisting one another in shootouts, supplying weapons, as well as drugs.

GSF Beef

GSF Beef

This altercation between both groups began about a week later after the Chang Gang disputes. GSF is also known as The Families or Grove Street Families. Guy Jones and Peanut were driving around at night in the south side of the city when they decided to pull over because Peanut wanted to smoke. They were immediately pulled up on by GSF member, Carter, when he questioned them what they were doing in their neighborhood. Peanut replied that he wasn't doing anything wrong and that he is originally from the south side anyway. Tensions arose when Carter pressed them to leave the area and Peanut pulled a gun. Peanut was shot down and both Carter and Guy Jones gunned down one another simultaneously.

The next day, Guy and Peanut went to visit the boss on the south side to sign up for house robberies. They were soon rolled up on by GSF leader Dexx Martin alongside with him was Summer Mersion, another OG member of the crew. Dexx questioned Peanut that he had heard about the altercation the night before and wanted to know if he had problems. Peanut and Guy insisted that it was a misunderstanding and Peanut tried to explain the situation when Summer cut him off and imposed her dominance that they need to watch who they're talking to when coming to their part of the hood. They both drove off and both Guy and Peanut didn't appreciate the disrespect and treatment they just received. They decided they were going to come back and shoot down Summer.

About a half hour later, Guy and Peanut were driving around GSF territory looking for Summer. Once they found her, a shootout between the two cars occurred. With Summer being alone at the time, she was able to escape. She called up Dexx about what had just happened and both sides had begun their hunt for one another. Another shootout occurred at a nearby parking garage. One GSF member that was riding around with Dexx was shot down but there were no other casualties. Guy Jones called up Brad Bett for backup and Brad soon thereafter came and picked up Guy and Peanut to re-up on ammo and supplies.

The groups met once again on the south side, both sides driving two cars each. A shoot out spilled out onto the streets immediately after Summer was shot down in her own car. Both sides ensued in a 5 minute shoot out with GSF members DK and Marlo both being shot down. Dexx was the last standing member who was on a nearby roof but was then ambushed by Peanut. NBC claimed victory over GSF and antagonized them that if they wanted the "smoke" they could come and get it. GSF refused to let this be the last altercation between them and therefore the beef officially began. GSF started their hunt for NBC but were without luck in finding them.

Tensions rise w/GSF

A day later Guy, Peanut, Brad and Jack were rolling around together looking to rob some oxy-runners for cash and guns. Coincidentally, they ran into GSF in an alleyway on the north side of the city selling oxy. They rolled up on them and told them to put their hands up, Dexx recognized Peanut's voice and immediately began shooting. Dexx, Summer, and an associate of GSF were shot down as well as Guy and Brad. Peanut and Jack loaded them up into their car and rushed Guy and Brad to the hospital. GSF were even more heated being shot down two times in less than 24 hours and so the hunt for NBC ensued once more. Peanut decided it was time to call Dexx and see if he wanted to come to terms to end the beef due to GSF being shot down so many times by them. Dexx unwillingly complied with anything Peanut proposed and so NBC decided they were going to keep the beef going if thats what they wanted. NBC rolled up just underneath Olympic Freeway that divides both the south and north sides and caught sight of one GSF member running oxy. NBC told him to put his hands up but the GSF member refused and was immediately shot down.

Soon thereafter, NBC spotted GSF camped out in a nearby parking lot right next to the Alta St Apartments. Another shoot out occurred which spilled into the streets right next to the apartments where tons of people were hanging out. Dexx was shot up but managed to escape along with GSF member Smino at a nearby building. The LSPD fled to scene shortly after and NBC had to run on foot to escape them. Guy Jones was caught and arrested for evading law enforcement, resisting arrest, and tested positive for GSR in the shooting. He was sentenced to 40 months in prison. Peanut, Brad and Jack picked him up from Bolingbrook Penitentiary once he was done serving his time. At this point, Guy decided it was time to call up Dexx yet again to see if they could come to a resolution. Once on the phone, Guy and Dexx got into a huge argument about either side backing down if the other was going to continue the ongoing beef. Dexx hung up the phone and it was assumed that the beef was not yet over.

About a day later or so, things between the two groups seemed pretty quiet with no other shoot outs occurring. Guy, for the final time, decided it was time to call Dexx and see if they could talk face to face in which Dexx agreed. Guy, Peanut, Brad and Jack drove to the south side of GSF's territory and met with Dexx and "L" and both sides had a calm conversation about everything that unfolded over the last few days. The two sides came to a resolution that neither side would cause anymore issues and that NBC would stay out of GSF territory moving forward. This officially ended the beef and both sides agreed on peace moving forward, although, many more conflicts and shootouts have happened and as of right now, both sides don't often care for one another.

Vagos War

Full War

The feud between the Vagos and NBC began purely due to other underlying problems that the Vagos had that ultimately fell into a domino effect. It all started when some of the members of Block Gang forced Ash Ketchup to drive her car head first into a gas station and blow herself up. Ash Ketchup is known to be in a relationship with Benji Ramos, the Vice President of the Vagos. When the Vagos heard the news, they wanted to setup the Block Gang and retaliate. Their first move was to find Mike Block and the only way they knew how to flush him out was to kidnap and capture Four Tee, in which Mike Block is number one on her list of friends. Benji, Dundee and some of the Vagos members kidnapped Four Tee and drove her north to Grape Seed. Once there, they took her to the underground sewer tunnels and forced her to call Mike Block. Instead, Four Tee called Peanut and made him aware of the situation she was in. Peanut, being a number on her friends list decided he would bring NBC along to rescue her. Peanut, Guy Jones and Brad Bett made their way up to Grape Seed. Once there, they snuck into the underground tunnel where they ultimately found Four Tee. The Vagos and NBC got into an immediate gun fight in which NBC came out on top. Four Tee was rescued and Peanut, being pretty friendly with the Vagos, decided to give Benji a call an hour later to talk about the situation. Benji swore he would find the NBC and shoot them down.

Both sides decided to go hunting for one another. Peanut, Jack, Brad and Alan drove around the south side near the barrio to look for the Vagos. They spotted a suspicious car lurking nearby. Benji, Leo, and Chino were setup in a power plant area ready to ambush them. The two sides initiated gun fire that lasted less than a minute. Alan was the only member of NBC to get shot down while the Vagos were all gunned down fairly quickly. Oddly enough once the cops and EMS arrived, the Vagos were not arrested and were let go.

Peanut called Benji once more to let him know that he would end the dispute and give him back the uzi he stole off of him if he decided to leave Four Tee alone. Benji denied the peace offering and wanted to step it up a notch and actually go hunting for NBC. Peanut and the crew decided to try and setup the Vagos as well by flushing them out by twatting out that he was at the art gallery, Vultur Lé Culturé. Ramee decided he would help the NBC and allow them to use his gallery because he found the whole situation hilarious. With no luck, Peanut decided he was done for the night. Jack, Brad and Alan left the gallery and drove towards the apartments. Once there, they spotted two cars following them from behind. The two cars unloaded gunshots and the NBC drove into a nearby alley right next to the Alta St Apartments and got out on foot. They quickly returned gunfire and immediately gunned down all four Vagos once again. They even managed to escape with cops lurking nearby as well.

The next two days, the NBC were relentless in hunting down more Vagos until they decided it was enough. More gunfights followed in the streets of the south side in car shootouts in which the Vagos have yet to come out successful or victorious. Multiple phone calls to various Vagos members including the Vice President, Benji Ramos, were made to continuously ask when the fighting would stop. None of the Vagos members wanted to wave the white flag. After a few more days, Jack Cortair called up Benji after he had been missing from the city for a few days. The two spoke on the phone cordially and Benji made it clear that he didn't care all that much about the fighting anymore but that his boys "ego's were a little bruised" and was unsure if they'd ever stop. Benji made a deal to give the Vagos 24 more hours to redeem themselves and then the war would end.

Twenty-four hours later, Guy Jones was riding around the city solo when he decided to take a trip to the south-side and check to see if any Vagos members were hanging around the barrio. He ran into Benji who was with his girlfriend Ash Ketchup. Guy and Benji talked for a minute until the two ensued in a shootout in which Guy was shot down. Afterwards, Guy was medically treated and met up with Jack and Brad. They called up Benji and told him the war only had a few hours to go before they decided to finally squash it. Benji told them to bring the heat and so the NBC went hunting. They found Benji, Ash and another Vagos member hanging around a clothing store and another shoot out occurred. Benji and the other Vagos member were shot down and later arrested. NBC drove to the prison to meet with Benji and had a conversation with him about if another fight even made sense considering the circumstances. Benji told him he would call the NBC soon on a final decision.

An hour later, Benji gathered what few Vagos members he could and called up Jack Cortair. He offered one final shoot out showdown at the Russian docks on the south-side and regardless of who won or lost, the war would officially end. NBC agreed and so Guy, Jack, Brad and Modi drove to the docks to meet up with the Vagos. The final shoot out between the two groups ended the way the war initially started with all Vagos members being shot down and NBC once again having no casualties. The two gangs officially ended the war together and are now on good terms with one another.


Brad Bett

Brad Bett is the first full member of the Natural Born Crackheads aside from Guy Jones and Daquan Dumas. He had been hanging around the group for a few weeks and was fairly quickly associated with the gang. After taking part in multiple shootouts and always backing up the gang before anyone else, Guy and Peanut decided to have a conversation of making him a full member of NBC. They both agreed and decided they were going to play a kidnapping prank on him as a part of his initiation. They drove and picked him up with guns pointed and told him to get in the trunk of their car. They drove to a nearby building and forced him to go to the roof. They continuously told him how he "fucked up" and that he was going to pay for it. Once on the roof, they pushed him off and he fell about 10 stories and was downed immediately. Guy and Peanut climbed down from the building and grabbed Brad saying, "You are now a full member of NBC."

Pilbis Shonley

Pilbis Shonley was the first person asked to start a crew with Guy Jones and Peanut. Together they would form their own gang, Natural Born Crackheads. Pilbis accepted stating only if he could be an OG Member in which they all agreed.

Modi Janta

Modi Janta became an OG Member of the Natural Born Crackheads due to his very long friendship and history with Duquan Dumas. Together they were apart of the former gang Arab Mafia in which has since dissolved. Modi was also a very close friend to Guy Jones as well. Due to all of their long histories together, he was officially made an OG Member of the crew.

Alan Kyles

Alan has been a close associate to NBC since its early days as a gang. Guy Jones and Peanut decided it was time to make him a full member considering his full loyalty to the crew. They brought Alan to the construction site, where they forced him up to the top of the crane. Guy and Peanut then jokingly scolded Alan for not backing them up earlier that day in an angered conversation they had with a business partner, Chodie. Alan proceeded to tell them it wasn't his place to interrupt them. Peanut started throwing punches until he beat down Alan. Guy then took Alan and threw him off the crane and told him he's now a full member of the gang.

Salem Barghouthi

Salem was named OG of the crew due to his long history with most of the members. Salem is also Peanut's adopted father. With these close relations, it only made sense for Salem to officially be a part of the NBC. He is also leads the business management side for the gang in which he fronted a warehouse for most of their illegal drug distribution.

Dean Quincy

Dean was a hang around for the NBC doing various bank jobs with them and robbing oxy runners. Dean quickly became associated and friends with all of the crew. Guy and Peanut proposed that he join the gang especially with NBC's reputation rapidly growing. After a week or so, Dean finally accepted and was bled into the gang by getting his kneecaps shot by Guy Jones. He was the 3rd official member.

After a few months of being with the gang and all they had been through, Dean slowly stopped hanging around with the crew. He felt that NBC doesn't treat him as a family that do things together and gets credited for each and everyone involved, instead he felt that it was never a 'we did it' but an 'I did it' that he was never apart of. Dean has since renounced his affiliation and left the NBC.

On September 7, 2021, he officially joined The Mandem.

Patar Bellosh

Patar is a very close friend of Dean Quincy's. Naturally, because Dean had been rolling with NBC a lot, Patar was also introduced to a lot of the crew. Everyone loved Patar and he quickly became associated. After about two weeks, Guy and Peanut decided to induct him as a full member. Much like the previous initiations with Brad and Alan, they pranked Patar as if they were mad at him. They took him to a remote location and shot him multiple times. Patar was the 4th full member of the NBC.

Much like Dean, Patar slowly started drifting away from the gang. A lot of his close friends reside in The Mandem and he always showed interest in being with them. Patar has since announced that he would leave the NBC and join The Mandem. On September 7, 2021, he officially joined The Mandem.


Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

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Illegal Business Operations


The Natural Born Crackheads have quickly made a name for themselves in the city of Los Santos in which they've earned a ton of street credit. When NBC first started, they wanted to take part in a form of business to kick start their finances as a gang as well as partnering in business proposals. Their first proposal was to Wayne Biggz and Chad Brodie.

Wayne and Chad run the biggest operation of marijuana growth and distribution in Los Santos. Wayne's farm consists of over 30 marijuana plants growing simultaneously. Guy Jones and Peanut proposed to help in the operation by requesting that they would help them store the large amounts of marijuana in a warehouse. With all of NBC being high-rated criminals, they asked Salem Barghouthi if he would purchase and front the warehouse in his name due to having a very clean record during the this time. Salem requested a portion of the business sales and the NBC accepted. After the purchase of the warehouse, Chodie gave the NBC a few male marijuana seeds to start their own operation. After a few weeks, Chodie was starting new business ventures and parted ways with the warehouse. The NBC can still run their own operation of marijuana but as of right now have steered away from it due to its slow process.


After receiving a tip off from Lang Buddha about a red barn located in Harmony which turned out to be a meth lab, the Natural Born Crackheads became one of the few crew's in the city that are now cooking and producing meth. The NBC learned how to cook and as of 06/01/2021 they successfully cooked up their first batch. Since then, they had been cooking multiple times with Dean Quincy quickly becoming the main chef and orchestrating the cooks. NBC's plan was to become one of the biggest distributors of meth in Los Santos and completely take over it. At the time, they were sitting on 200k-600k worth of meth. After losing the warehouse Dean Quincy steered clear of the meth game and subsequently left NBC. As of September, NBC have resumed their cooking and selling of meth with Pilbis Shonley as the main chef as well as Peanut operating on meth tables.

Vault Heist

The Natural Born Crackheads were sitting on three red dongles from their successful Paleto Heists. They were devising a plan for awhile on how they were going to plan, hack and successfully get away from their very first vault heist. With Chang Gang and the Cleanbois being the only two groups to successfully rob the vault and get away, the NBC wanted to be the next crew to do it. Guy Jones figured since he had connects to Yuno Sykk and Lang Buddha that they would be good partners for acquiring thermite and successfully hacking the bank with Yuno being the best hacker in the city. After a few conversations the plan was set in motion with Guy Jones, Peanut, Buddha and Yuno being the four man crew. On the day of the heist, Peanut wasn't able to wake up so Guy replaced him with Dean Quincy. Guy proposed the get away plan and Lang offered that they use his personal boat in the get away as well. The end game was to have the person with all of the banks loot be priority on escaping no matter what. During the vault, Yuno and Lang successfully hacked all of the doors and they were able to obtain the money. It is said that currently, it was the biggest payout for a vault heist yet being at 600k which meant a 150k per person. During the escape, everything fell perfectly into place, and everyone got away with Lang and Yuno flying in their plane and Guy and Dean basically getting away in the boat. NBC's next vault strictly had just NBC members on the job. They were able to successfully hack their 2nd ever vault job with the help of Bohdi Mack from the Vagos They escaped with all the money as well.

The NBC regularly hack the Vault as a full man crew now having some of their own members, such as Alan Kyles, being professional bank hackers.

NBC hit their first lower vault on 9th December 2021, and Alan successfully hacked it and got the loot but they were breached by Cleanbois along with Marty, Everyone was caught and sent to jail and they lost all the loot. They wanted to negotitate with Cleanbois but after it fell apart, they declared war. During a very short war, NBC unsurprisingly took care of business. Lang Buddha declared to stop the fighting and shooting and settle on an agreement that Guy Jones proposed in which they paid NBC 500k.

The Rise and Fall

With the NBC growing as fast as they were, gaining tons of reputation, making plenty of business moves, and even recruiting new members along the way, the Los Santos Police Department quickly grew suspicious of the crew. The NBC's warehouse at the time, where most of the illegal business took place, was under surveillance by authorities which then led the NBC to tread carefully. One day, Dean Quincy, Alan Kyles, Brad Bett and Patar Bellosh were prepping to go and cook up a batch of meth in one of the underground labs when they ran into four random people already down there. After a short and heated discussion between both sides, a shootout occurred in the lab with NBC downing everyone. Unfortunately, after NBC fled the scene and the police arrived, the police noticed blood had been left from the shooters and quickly identified Dean Quincy. In the coming days, the NBC were under heavy investigation by the authorities on their part in possible drug-trafficking that was being taken place. Guy Jones had a meeting with his gang that they needed to be cautious when leaving and entering their warehouse. He also ordered that the meth cooking should stop completely until they were able to avoid any further suspicions. A week later Dean, Alan, and Peanut were trying to store some marijuana in their warehouse but knew that the police could be watching at any time, especially on Dean. Nonetheless, the police were already taking photos of them entering and leaving the warehouse. Officer Tracey Martell who was leading the investigation pulled the trigger and decided it was time to take the NBC down with the proof they had and was in the process of gaining a warrant to raid the warehouse. With Dean Quincy and Alan Kyles in custody they were quickly taken to Mission Row PD for questioning. During the interrogation, Dean was able to slip a quick phone call to Guy Jones to let him know that they needed to act fast if they wanted any chance on moving all of the illegal drugs and guns from the warehouse before the police got to it. Guy Jones assembled Peanut, Jack and Alem to go to the warehouse for a possible shootout with the cops to defend their warehouse. !Video below on the shootout to defend the warehouse!

NBC MOVIE created by Knotty

After a long and intense shootout, the cops proved to be too much and the fight for the warehouse was over. The NBC downed a total of 14 police officers during the 40-minute shootout. Guy Jones and the rest of the boys were taken to prison. Guy Jones, Dean Quincy, Alan Kyles and Salem Barghouthi were all sentenced to the nines (held in prison until bail and court date). Most of them served 7-9 years in prison (7-9 days) for illegal drug trafficking. They were also all charged north of 100k in fines with Salem getting the most at 400k due to the warehouse being under his name. The warehouse has since been sold and the NBC are finally all out of jail and looking to rebuild from the ground up. After about a week of staying clean for some of the gang, they are finally all back to grinding and working to make money again in a more strategic and smart way. With most of the crew wanting to get back into the drug business, they have frequently been hitting banks to sustain themselves and make money to once again rise to the top. As of right now, they have hit multiple banks and are each sitting on more than 200k worth of money and assets. NBC has slowly moved away from the drug-game but may still from time to time play their hands in it.

On August 18, 2021, Dean and Patar announced that they wanted to leave NBC and join The Mandem. On September 7, 2021, they both officially joined The Mandem.


P Money - NBC