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The National Paintball Association (NPA) was a professional paintball league in San Andreas. It is currently rebranded into Orpheus Entertainment. All activities that previously acted under the NPA, are now under Orpheus.


For years, Lang Buddha had wanted to start a paintball league. When he was approached for ideas for Dean World, he pitched his idea of a paintball league. The first arena was for built for it next to Del Perro Pier. After a few weeks and a few testing games with the paintball guns, the business was set up with Lang and Dean Watson owning it. The league was officially announced at Dean World's opening.

Senora Desert Trailer Park[]


Cassie Cupcake's NPA Presentation

After the announcement, the testing phase for the league started. Cassie Cupcake presented league plans to all interested parties at the Diamond Casino and Resort on May 4, 2021. Most of the testing games were run at Senora Desert Trailer Park. After a few days, a flat glass roof with pillars around it was constructed so that people could spectate the games comfortably.

After a period of pickup games, Nancy Drew and Mick Flair were brought in as co-COO's of the NPA. Together with Cassie Cupcake, they held the first NPA Tournament at the trailer park arena. Shortly after that, Nancy took over the position as CEO and held another tournament at the same location. Due to the changes in the city with train tickets and the introduction of a sister-city (Public server), the events in the city died out and the NPA stopped thriving.

Cerberus Arena[]

NPA founders Lang Buddha, Leslie Lingberg, and Dean Watson conferred with CEO Nancy Drew about the future of the NPA and how to revitalize paintball. The meeting was successful, and all parties left with a new ambition to start fresh and make the NPA great again.

A few short weeks later, the opening of the Cerberus Arena was announced. To Lang's admiration, Nancy worked hard to make the opening tournament at Cerberus Arena an amazing success. Afterward, Hutch Hutcherson was introduced to the team as the League President and former Justice Buck Stanton became the NPA commissioner. Nancy went on to run several more successful NPA tournaments.

The End of the NPA Tournaments[]

The last NPA tournament on October 16, 2021 was ruined by player toxicity in the final brackets. Nancy and Dreah Johnson took the brunt of it because the NPA founders, the League President, and the most experienced NPA staff no-showed the event. After Nancy gave Team E-sports a 'free-pass' in the second bracket because Penny Farthing's team no-showed due to unavailability, Randy Bullet kept complaining about how long Team E-sports had to wait inside of the arena. Furthermore, the GSF team sparked shouting matches when they accused the 10-13 Alpha team (PD officers) of winning a round unfairly. When Summer Mersion verbally abused Nancy's ruling against GSF and the referees mistook GSF's raised hands during a match as a protest rather than the scuff signal, Nancy ejected GSF for unsportsmanlike conduct and refunded their money. By the end of the tournament, Derek McNulty and Kirk Jerkems had stopped shout casting because all of the spectators had left. After wearily handing out the trophies and prize money in a deserted arena, Nancy was heavily discouraged from running another NPA tournament again.

NPA Rebranding[]

On November 15, 2021, Lang handed Nancy sole ownership of the National Paintball Association and the Cerberus Arena. On December 30th, 2021, Nancy officially rebranded the National Paintball Association to Orpheus Entertainment (named after a lyre player who soothed the Cerberus hellhound with music so he could enter the gates of Hell). The entertainment company hosts Go Kart racing inside of Cerberus Arena in addition to paintball.


  • The pickup game arena was at the Senora Desert camp. This arena has since been demolished.
  • The former Maze Bank Arena, renamed to Cerberus Arena, became the official paintball tournament arena with a V.I.P. lounge including telescopes.
  • In the week of August 16, 2021, throwable smoke grenades and capture the flag were implemented.



Tournament 1:
Tournament 2:
Tournament 3:
Tournament 4:
Tournament 5:
Tournament 6:

Photo Date Winners Prizepool Participants
NPA May 20th, 2021 Team E-Sports: Curtis Swoleroid, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Mari Posa, Mike Wadum 100k Team Vagos, Team Burgershot, Team E-Sports, Team Cops, Team Fast Loans, Team Roosters, Team Hayes, Team Dick
Screenshot (427) May 29th, 2021 Team E-Sports: Curtis Swoleroid, Flippy, Randy Bullet, Mike Wadum 100k Team Vagos, Team Burgershot, Team E-Sports, Team Cops, Senior Bros, Team Speedrun, Grinders in Pyjamas, Team Mandem
Screenshot (945) August 7th, 2021 Team 10-13 Alpha: Sam Baas, Sexton Hardcastle, Terrance Walker, Ace Crow 200k Team RayCers, The Guild, 10-13 Bravo, Team E-sports, Copium Warlords, 10-13 Alpha, The Vagos, Da PaintBallas
Npaguild August 20th, 2021 Team XxClownb0isxX: Lando, Bjorn, Gloryon, Barry, Yeager, Fiona 200k Team RayCers, Epic Marshmallows of Doom, Team E-sports, The Vagos, Tea Baggers, XxClownb0isxX, 10-13 Alpha, Da Paintballas
Screenshot (1564) September 11th, 2021 Team E-Sports United: Curtis Swoleroid, Juan Carlos Hernandez, Randy Bullet, Jay Jarvis, Mike Wadum 150k Team RayCers(Vagos), GSFast Loans, Team E-sports, Roosters Rest, DOC, Convicted, Pretty Pink Pussies, 10-13 Alpha
AD8417CF-8B08-48F5-AE8B-4665A95D2F87 October 16th, 2021 10-13 Alpha: Sam Baas, Conan Clarkson, Lily Pond, Claire Everly, Alex Casterman 150k Vagos, Team E-sports, GSF, Convicted, Commonwealth, 10-13 Alpha, Pilbus & his bitches