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Natalie Newman was a character role-played by Kiva.

General Description

Natalie was a snobby, rude, teenage intern working under Andi Jones for Dean Watson's construction company.


While Andi was submitted to the ICU Natalie was tasked to finish up some of her work. She was told to get in contact with the current mayor to assist her with her work. It just so happened that the current mayor was none other than Denzel Williams who instantly was set on wanting to kill her after she made some rude remarks about Andi. Natalie was eventually shot by Speedy with an uzi after she decided to drive off in Denzel's car, though she did not die right away. She quickly went on to seal her faith when she said she would inform the doctors at the hospital that "the mayor got me shot". This led to her being brought to Chumash pier where Denzel repeatedly stabbed her before dumping her body in the ocean. EMS later retrieved her body but were unable to identify her as Denzel had taken all of her belongings.

Played By: Kiva
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