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Natalia Omar is a character role-played by KuroKunoichi13.


Natalia, known as Nat by friends and family, was born and raised in South Side, Chicago, Illinois. Her father was an associate of the Chicago Outfit mafia and raised her on many of the codes he had to abide by ー namely omertà, the code of silence. As a teenager and in her early 20s, she would drink, smoke, do some drugs, and do light crime like shoplifting.

After her father passed away, she felt she had no more connection to Chicago or the mafia, and she felt the need to take charge of her own life. She moved to Los Santos shortly after his death in October 2019 to start a clean slate and try to find a life outside of crime in order to create her own identity.

Natalia opened the Bean Machine coffee shop in Vinewood in December 2019 and acted as its co-owner and manager. Her primary business partner was Jax Belfort (CEO).

After 3.0, she has been a bartender for the VU and Mirror Park Tavern. In May 2021, she reopened the Bean Machine and has been operating out of the Farmer's Market and Dean's World.


Natalia has olive skin, a defined jawline and cheekbones, and a beauty mark under her left eye. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is dark brown with subtle highlights and is almost always pulled back into a ponytail. She's almost always seen wearing gloves of some sort, 3/4-length sleeves, form-fitting jeans, and knee-high boots.

She has permanent burn scarring from her collarbone down. [Body scars aren't available in NoPixel at the moment, so they are somewhat represented on her arms and torso by heavy freckling.]

NoPixel 2.0

Leanbois Arc

On January 1, 2020, Natalia was called down to her shop by Ricky Robins (then disguised) in an effort to sell her insurance for the coffee shop. She refused, saying she was already covered by Speedy Insurance, and continued to go on a scuba diving excursion with her boyfriend, Dan, cousin, Jake, and their colleague, Gunner. Once they had finished, she was called down to the shop again for service. She and the boys were hungry anyway, so they went back to the shop to serve the customer and get food for themselves. There, they were ambushed by Ricky and Buddha, both wearing Batman masks and holding guns to them. Gunner, who had not yet entered the shop, came in through the front door and opened fire on Ricky, who had his back turned to handcuff Jake. Once shots rang out, Dan broke away to the back of the shop and pulled his own gun out while Natalia took cover behind the counter. Ricky and Buddha were shot down, and the three boys robbed them before all four of them promptly left the store. After hearing Buddha's voice, Jake and Dan are able to confirm to Natalia that it was the Leanbois who attacked them.

Buddha, after realizing his cleaning supplies have been stolen, began to hunt Natalia for the names of what he's dubbed "The Scuba Gang." On January 9, Buddha got CP to call her down to the shop for service, where he, CP, and Ellie kidnapped her. They asked for names, which Natalia refused to give, so they blew up her car and set fire to Bean Machine in an attempt to get her to talk. When no efforts worked, they took her to an abandoned building, where Buddha beat her with a hammer, stabbed her with her own knife, and then set her on fire. A local smelled the smoke from the fire and heard the gun shots used to set the blaze so EMS were able to find Natalia, but due to the extreme physical and mental trauma inflicted, she still suffered some memory loss. Later that same day, Buddha briefly revisited the store, where he shot a local dead, robbed Natalia, and declared to her that he'll rob her and anyone he finds in the shop, then left with the words "Coffee Bean is shut down permanently."

Natalia informed the Vagos of the attack, though she said she didn't remember who took her or why.

On January 13, Leanbois decided to target her again in an attempt to get the names of the Scuba Gang. Buddha called her privately in a series of menacing phone calls, threatening to blow up and terrorize the shop and its customers. Natalia saw one of the Leanbois with a gas can by customer vehicles and urged her friend, Regina, and new employee, Evelyn, to call the police as she hurries outside to shoo them away. As they drove away, they shot at the gas pool to ignite it, and the two vehicles exploded. Cops and EMS were called to the scene, and not long after Buddha announced over loud speaker that he will blow up the building if Natalia doesn't give him names. Deputies Dark and Forcer evacuated the building then call for the bomb squad, and Natalia confirmed to Flippy that she knows it's the Leanbois who are after her. Regina tried to calm Natalia, who is panicking at this point since she spoke to the police about this and previous incidents and fears that she has broken her solemn oath, omertà. Meanwhile, Flippy went to Buddha for more information, then came back to pick up Natalia from the storefront to talk to her and get her side. He later arranged a meeting between Natalia and Speedy where, since Natalia is presumed to be Arturo's girlfriend, Speedy promised her Vagos protection from that point forward and gets Buddha to stand down for the time being with the promise that Natalia will return his stolen items. Natalia confronted her friends about the stolen items and they assume he wants back the guns--which are now broken--but once she mentioned cleaning supplies, they told her they don't know what she's talking about and that they have no such things. Though, after learning that Buddha wants their names, they were determined to settle this issue themselves and refused to let Natalia meet with Buddha alone with the Vagos--they were convinced that, because of their close relationship, Vagos would throw Natalia under the bus in order to preserve their relationship with Leanbois. However, Natalia, viewing this as her problem, didn't want them to give up their names and faces to Leanbois after she'd tried so hard to protect them.

On January 27, Natalia (with the help of Arturo) made a peace offering to Buddha consisting of a collection of unique items and a promise to pay $3000 a week for three weeks. With this, Buddha agreed to leave her alone, but still vows to kill her friends if he ever finds out who they are.



Natalia became associated with the Vagos on her third day in the city when she was called by Arturo to attend a block party. There, she met Arturo, Flippy, and Mario, and Arturo took a liking to her. She has deepened her relationship with them since then, even to the point of Arturo purchasing a house in Paleto with her as a stash house. Until right before the resolution of the Leanbois incident, it was mistakenly assumed that she was Arturo's girlfriend--she actually felt the need to confirm with Arturo that this was not the case before going out with her ex-boyfriend, Dan. However, she is still often referred to as "Arturo's girl" by other members of the Vagos.

[NOTE: She is not a member of the Vagos, and she never plans to be, as she wishes to stay neutral and insists her loyalties are to people, not groups.]

The Russian Mafia

Natalia's relationship with the Russians began when she agreed to hire them for "security" for the Bean Machine. She'd assumed it was more security for the building or the business than for her, until Stanislav Mikhailov recently told her to let them know if she had any trouble so they could take care of it. They tend to cut her some slack if she misses a payment, but still remind her that it's better to keep on track than owe a debt.

QuickFix [Inactive]

Natalia became associated with QuickFix when she first came to the city, as her cousin Jake worked there. Before she found much to do, she would spend much of her free time loitering around the lot, which a few employees found annoying. Though, this did allow her to forge her current friendship with Taran and deepen her relationship with Dan.

The QuickFix as she knew it disbanded while she was out of the city, and she doesn't keep contact with most of the people once involved, and doesn't consider herself tied to them in any way now.


  • "I love you anyway" (often said to Taran Raid)
  • "Sometimes the sweetest faces can be the ones that haunt your nightmares."

NoPixel 3.0

Camelot vs. Pegasus

Natalia learned about issues between Camelot Enterprises and Pegasus Concierge after Tommy Tanker told her about how Denzel Williams and Mia Mersion had kidnapped and stabbed both himself and two other of their friends, Ellie Velasquez and Danny "Doodle" Dvoudal. Shortly after, mutual friend Luce Stitches was approached at her tattoo shop by Vasily Sazkaljovich and a couple of his boys and told to give them the shop. Tommy being a good friend of hers, he wanted to help her out, and the two of them had a meeting with Simon Cunningham to discuss the issue. However, Stitches went back to V, agreed to be the legal name of the business, and handed over a list of names of the friends she wanted V and Pegasus to protect. Tommy felt betrayed and went to Natalia, broken over the idea that his friends were going to die because now names of Camelot associates were in the hands of the enemy. He turned to Natalia for support and, having grown up in the mafia, she told him that this was how it had to be, and he didn't need friends who were snitches.

In many ways, Natalia has wound up being a source of emotional support and voice of reason for Tommy. She's also been a source of learning how the mafia way of life works, since it's very new to him and there's a lot he still doesn't understand. This dynamic has formed a strong bond of trust between the two of them, and it's allowed Natalia to know about sensitive information, as well as be allowed to accompany Tommy and Sai to a meeting with Sinister Souls MC, after Camelot was framed by Pegasus for kidnapping prospect Billy Mang and stealing his cut. Natalia has since assisted Tommy with staying in hiding and tried to help keep his impulsive nature under control.

Danny and Tommy

After learning in the SSMC meeting that Danny had had his pinky cut off by Denzel, she texted him to make sure he was alright. This immediately caused concern for Danny, since he'd only told one or two people what had happened in detail--including that he'd lost his pinky. He was immediately suspicious of her and tried asking her what she knew, who she heard the information from, etc. Since it had been several days since she'd heard and there was a lot she was dealing with, she couldn't remember who told her, which Danny didn't believe. Natalia wanted him to trust her and said she'd do whatever she needed to make that happen. Later, Danny called her down to the delivery depot to run a truck with him. While inside the truck, he had a gun in his lap "as a demonstration of how serious [he was]" about the situation. He told her that if she wanted him to trust her, she'd have to tell him everything about Tommy and Camelot's movements, especially if they related to himself. Nat agreed, but knew she couldn't, and felt like she was in a position of choosing between two friends. Additionally, she was told to not tell a single person about their conversation.

When she met Tommy again, he confessed his love for her after hearing his little brother back in England had been killed. Nat felt like she couldn't reciprocate because of the conversation she'd had with Danny. She felt the need to tell him, and while he said she'd done nothing wrong, he told her to never tell Si about it. Later, while out fishing together, Danny called her after seeing her on the fishing roster. He asked who she was with, what they were talking about, and if he could join them. Natalia said she'd get back to him, just long enough to get him into his disguise (an alias of an American named calls Philip Guffy). Afterwards, they called Danny out to the pier to join them--he was also in disguise as a half-Australian, half-Englishman named Eddie. The entire time the boys knew who the other were, and Danny confronted Nat about it a couple of times, especially to know if he was in any physical danger. She insisted he wasn't, though he wasn't sure he could believe her.

The group went out for tea after one fishing trip, and Danny insisted he drive them back to the pier. Instead of the pier, though, he drove them to the oil fields, where he and Tommy finally decided to break character and have a private conversation. Natalia was told to stay in the car, but got out to smoke a cigarette after seeing that Danny had his gun in his hand. Once he aimed it a while later, she ran over to beg them to stop. Both put their guns away but continued to hash out their differences, regarding Tommy feeling Danny had sold out Camelot to Pegasus. At the end of the day Tommy promised that Danny was safe with him, but couldn't promise the same from Camelot, especially not Si. Once learning about Natalia and Tommy's relationship, Danny apologized to her for putting her in the position he did, not knowing how close they'd gotten. She said she hoped he still thought he could trust her, and he replied that he did. For now, anyways, it seems that they're friends again, at least to some degree.

Struggles with Danny

In the following months, Danny continued to struggle with his trauma and sank deeper and deeper into his need for vengeance not only against Denzel, but against all of the city's top dogs. Denzel's campaign for mayor particularly flustered him, and he became desperate to be sure that he not be elected into power. He made a testimonial tape discussing his torture and pled Natalia to help him distribute them. She agreed, but would only do so anonymously, and even went as far as to leave a tape in front of Rooster's Rest. Once Denzel was elected, Danny became determined to expose Denzel for the man (or monster) he really was. There was a movement called "Rise" that sought to encourage the downtrodden of the city to rise up and claim what they deserved from those who had what wasn't rightfully theirs, and to inflict pain upon those consistently injuring, torturing, or killing innocents. Natalia was asked to join Rise, since she too was a victim much like Danny was. He wanted her to become who he knew she could be and get what he knew she deserved. Not only that, Danny believed that he had tarnished the ideas behind Rise in a way, and that his way would be the "violent" method that would result in widespread bloodshed. He told Natalia that if she took over for him, it would have the peaceful result that she wanted. However, she disagreed with his views. Having been a victim herself and been powerless to help or save her friends from harm in the past, Natalia didn't see the point in destroying the top, because that would do nothing but make their assailants angrier and create more victims like herself and Danny. Natalia wants to be the top, because to her, that means neither she nor the ones she loves will be touched, and there will be hell to pay if they are. She told Danny she couldn't help him. He was upset by her answer and insisted that she will always be a puppet of people like Cerberus and Pegasus, and even the Vagos. Natalia believed, however, that she was nothing but a tool for Danny that would be cast aside as soon as he was done with her. He later said she wasn't his tool, because tools have uses, and she was useless to him. He left her with a threat to cut out her tongue if she spoke a word about him or Rise to anybody. Having been afraid of Danny for a while prior to this, she informed three people of this threat: Kian Mercer of the HOA, especially knowing he was directly involved following Danny stalking Gillea and Andy; Adam Prince, who had initially told her about Gillea and was working with Kian; and Benji Ramos, since she views the entire Vagos as her family and they have protected her before.

The next morning, Natalia woke up to the message that Danny had been killed overnight. She called Kian to confirm that it was them who finished him off, then later told both Benji and Adam that Danny would no longer be a problem. A couple days later, after seeing Denzel at Dean's World and being spooked, Natalia told her good friend Lorenzo Rosario that Danny was dead and Denzel had killed him. This sent her into a panic attack since she knew who had killed Danny and was worried that she would be hunted now for her silence. She was reassured in the moment by Lorenzo and Salvatore Corsaro, and spoke with Kian about her fears a few days later. Kian assured her that she would be fine as long as she didn't talk, and she was actually in better standing with Denzel since Kian had given her name to him when saying where he got his information. While still extremely wary of Denzel, Nat doesn't fear him anymore. However, her last conversation with Danny, and the fact that she couldn't save a fellow victim from his own darkness, still haunts her.



This remained as a continuation from 2.0

On March 24, 2022, Natalia was formally invited to join the Vagos by Speedy and will proceed as a fully clean member.

Camelot Enterprises

Natalia became associated with Camelot Enterprises once Tommy Tanker recommended her to Simon Cunningham to work for their company, Merlin Distribution. Her and Tommy's relationship deepened and strengthened rapidly, and his trust in her has allowed her to be accepted more closely in the groups inner workings. Despite not officially being affiliated with Camelot, she was recently allowed to accompany Tommy to a meeting between Si and the Sinister Souls MC to discuss the dispute between Camelot and Pegasus Concierge.

After a long hiatus, Camelot made a return to Los Santos and was briefly partnered with a new group called Commonwealth, which was initially something of a stepping-stone into Camelot. Natalia made this connection possible and considered herself close with members of both groups until Commonwealth removed her on October 30, 2021.

Natalia left Camelot Enterprises on December 13, 2021, after escalation between the Vagos and her ex Tommy.


  • "You shouldn't make promises you can't keep."
    • Alternatively, "Don't make promises you can't keep."
  • "I'm from Chicago, baby, we don't fight fair."


NoPixel 2.0

  • Her name has been mistaken for being Russian, but stems from Italian (Natalia) and Arab (Omar).
    • She is also often mistakenly called "Natalie."
  • She is a Libra, which is depicted by scales. This represents her desire for balance and compromise, especially as seen during the Leanbois arc.
  • She doesn't like to stand in the rain.
  • She's not a heavy smoker, but tends to smoke the most when she's bored or stressed.
  • One of her favorite places to be is the beach.
  • She was never very interested in making coffee for a living before, but after making a cup for Arturo Ortiz and seeing how much he enjoyed it, she decided to start making her own and selling it to make others happy.
  • After being attacked and burned by the Leanbois, she prefered to wear long sleeves and some form of gloves to hide her scars, due to trauma.
    • Taran helped her recognize her scars as a symbol of what family is to her and what she's willing to go through for them
  • She developed a nervous tick where she rubs or scratches her arms when anxious, worried, or stressed out.

A common symbol for omertà, the Italian mafia's code of silence.

NoPixel 3.0

  • She has iron-deficient anemia.
  • Her blood type is A+
  • She has been called "Nutella" several times.
  • The triad of necklaces Natalia wears consist of a circular locket to commemorate her father, a heart-shaped locket to commemorate her mother, and a chain to signify the bond and strength of family.
    • Her father's locket is engraved with a common symbol of omertà (seen to the right). Her mother's is engraved with the word "famiglia."
  • Natalia briefly studied psychology at the University of Illinois Chicago before ultimately dropping out.