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Naomi Scott is a character role-played by Carlos.


"Hell yeah!"

Naomi Scott is a famous music artist and lead vocalist of the girl group, Bimbos. Her ultimate goal in Los Santos is rising to stardom as the biggest pop star in the city alongside her beloved girl group.

Naomi performing at Wu Chang Records

She is currently signed to Wu Chang Records, where she is usually seen working on her music alongside her fellow girl group members and friends.

Besides this, she can also be seen performing at events or going around and making new friends (and enemies), who she attracts people with her outgoing personality.


Naomi can be recognized her signature black frame glasses and jet black hair. Her favorite colors to wear are pink, black, and white. As she loves being the center of attention, she cares a lot about her appearance. She isn't fully confident without a good outfit and tends to express how she’s feeling through her style. Because of this, she often spends a lot of her time in clothing stores trying to pick a cute outfit.



While Naomi is recognized for her extroverted nature, she is also notorious for being a "fake bitch" and a bully to both individuals she hates and individuals who she is close with. As a result, she isn't scared to prioritize herself, even if it means backstabbing somebody to acquire what she wants.

Naomi shoving Shannon

However, her attitude has often landed her into trouble. One incident was when she referred to a group of people at UwU Café as "people who were bullied back when they were in school," which resulted in one of her friends, Zoey Marie, being tortured.

Despite this and other encounters, she still continues to be a tyrant and doesn't seem to be afraid of the consequences.


Adopted at a young age, Naomi has little to no knowledge of her family or culture. This was because of her mother's death during a jewelry store heist which forced her to be estranged from her relatives.

After her mother's passing, Naomi was raised by her aunt, Camille Donatacci-Grammer-Meyer, who also raised her daughter, Shannon Gucci. Naomi, on the other hand, was unaware that she was related to the two. This was only revealed to her much later in her life, which shocked her. Nonetheless, she regards the two as her own mother and sister.


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Saint Noelle
Featuring Naomi Scott
August 6, 2021

• Mixed and Mastered by Niko Rain
• Produced by Angus Gray

20,601 plays as of 8/15/22

Unreleased in the City and Leaks


Dear Diary
January 20, 2022

Songs As a Lead Artist

May 28, 2021

Wanted U
December 2, 2020

Trivia and Quotes

  • Spends hours in the clothing store picking out an outfit.
  • Has had a BBL, 4 nose jobs and other plastic surgeries.
  • Pretends she is a licensed therapist.
  • Biggest girl power advocate.
  • Secretly copies Amara's outfits.
  • Pimps for France.
  • Loves K-pop.
  • Hates "pick me" bitches.
  • When she’s upset, she dresses in baggy clothing.

  • "Slay!"
  • "Shore.."
  • "It’s like wig… it’s like tea… it’s like slay."

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