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Naomi Kent was a character role-played by XxAshleyxX.

General Information

Naomi was a Burgershot employee, often seen wearing her full uniform. She was well known for keeping her hair in a neat ponytail while in and out of work hours and wearing black framed glasses.


Naomi sometimes goes by Namoi, but due to her birth certificate, the nurse accident spelt her birth name wrong and says Naomi Kent on the certificate.


On the 9th September 2021 While working alongside her co-worker, who happened to be serving Lang Buddha, an argument broke out and Naomi decided to defend her place of work. As the argument became more heated, Lang turned to holding up all the workers behind the counter with a pistol in order to get his meal for free. After insinuating that Buddha was poor, to which he took personal offence, a pistol was shot at Naomi's head multiple times. She passed away on scene.

Lang Buddha was charged with First Degree Murder, but accepted a plea deal for Second Degree Murder instead.