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Nancy Drew is a character role-played by Kate.


Nancy Drew first moved to Los Santos on March 25, 2021 from Staten Island, regularly turning invisible to others due to her history as a psychopomp. She started out as the clean face for 4EQ and Vault Tec, before eventually co-leading a shadow crime organization called The Stable. She founded several successful businesses such as the Clean Getaway Soap Co., Orpheus Entertainment, and Plan Bee--often working closely with friends Sabith "Bunny" Cohen and Sexton Hardcastle. After Nancy became a successful CEO for Lang Buddha's National Paintball Association, he almost threw her out of a private jet because The Stable Heads accidentally ruined his first cocaine run. But Nancy passed his $100,000 loyalty test, inherited the Cerberus Arena from him, and worked her way up to Vice President Of Operations of Cerberus (and eventually became a Cerberus head alongside Eve Summers). She bought a mansion called Queen Manor, cared for a pet raccoon named Scraps (a gift from her close friend Michael Simone), ran Cerberus Industries and Project Sinatra, and co-administered storefronts and construction requests in the city. Nancy eventually retired from Cerberus, married her long-time boyfriend Collin McKinley of the BBMC on December 11, 2023, and moved to Kentucky with him to live on his family farm there (with Scraps, his dog Bluey, and his horse Peanut). Nancy also started a new Clean Getaway soap shop there.


On May 21, 2024, Nancy flew in to the rebuilt Los Santos to bring her husband Collin McKinley his heart medication and to watch him compete on Andi Jones' Survival: Legends vs Locals. Scraps Drew followed her there, and pinged her to a train platform to be picked up. Collin and Nancy scolded Scraps for burning down part of their house, and for stealing Nancy's credit card to buy matching AKs with Collin. Scraps gave Collin a dead rat and one dollar. Scraps then gave Collin Rare Wall Art - Book Rac and Rare Wall Art - The Island to donate to Andi's Survival prize pool with the note: "SEN 2 ANDD JHONS : IF CAN AD 2 PRYZ POOWL F4 SUVIVE WINS - SCRAPS" (which Sole Survivalist Marty Banks ended up winning and sharing with runner-up Yuno Sykk). At the hospital where Norman Bones lurked, Nancy and Collin saw TJ Walker pass away in the surgery room (after Chang Gang had gunned him down during a terrorist attack on the City Council). After several reunions (including a Cerberus reunion meeting), Nancy and Collin flew back to Kentucky on May 25, 2024.


Played By: Kate