Nancy Drew is a character role-played by Kate Stark.

General Description

Nancy Drew (a former roommate of Virgil Simpson) moved to Los Santos from Staten Island after the death of her husband. She speaks with a Staten Island accent, however, she's found her accent has dwindled since spending so much time in the city.

Nancy is affiliated with The Syndicate, the Owner of Clean Getaway Soap Co., CEO of 4EQ, COO of National Paintball Association, and an Event Coordinater at Bahama Mamas West.

Nancy is a very outgoing and personable individual, often addressing people with the term of endearment 'Hon,' even if the person she is addressing is a complete stranger. This outgoing, familiar, and positive demeanor often leads to Nancy being able to get in the good graces of many powerful individuals when none of her other associates could.

While Nancy's interests range widely, she can often be found either around her various friends on different adventures or down at the Dean's World Night Market selling her homemade soaps from her self-run business, Clean Getaway Soap Co. Although she got her career start elsewhere, selling her soaps is more within her immediate interest of making connections with others within the city. Despite her hands being filled with soap, she's also not afraid to try new things or get her hands dirty and has even been known to fix up a car or two in her day for a friend or EMS in need.

On the outside, Nancy Drew appears to have a complex moral compass. While crime has it's place in her life- past or otherwise, her compass appears largely grey to the untrained eye. Many of her motives are often perceived as being self-centered or misunderstood based on the settings she finds herself in. She is naturally an information sponge and tends to keep what she learns to herself or within her most inner circle until she feels it would be okay to let it go further. For those in her inner circles she is loyal, cunning, kind, and ambitious. While she is very team focused, she knows when to put herself first and tends to think with "the big picture" in mind.

For those who don't know her personally, Nancy is mostly recognized as part of the local news crew reporting on various happenings around Los Santos. She has also built up a rapport around the city as a reliable "Nancy Drew-ber" taxi service, giving citizens rides for free and accepting tips from her patrons for a job well done.


Notable events that Nancy Drew has allegedly taken part in

Bussy News Brawl
Soon after her arrival in the city, Nancy joined up with 15 time champion Mick Flair, Richard Chiclets Virgil Simpson and Thomas McKinley to do some freelance work for Weazel News. The largest story they covered was a mass shooting at a 24/7 Supermarket in Chumash. The incident involved several police officers being shot as well as civilians. While the incident was in progress and EMS was transporting the victims, Flair and Drew provided live updates via Twatter as well as the live news feed

Angered about being sniped on this breaking story, CherryClaire Dinwittie and her Bussy News Network tracked Flair and co. down to the Bank in Vinewood where they were receiving their paychecks, and interrogated them on their credibility and journalistic ethics. During these questions, Drew took to Twatter to make insinuations that BNN "had crabs". After a heated discussion live on air, Flair made an attempt to kidnap Timothy Snapple Jr.. At which point, a brawl between the rival news teams broke out, leading to Drew, McKinley, Gary Mitchell and Malcolm Indiana Meddle being injured and requiring treatment by EMS. No hospitalization was necessary.

After time had passed, Flair, Dinwittle, and their associates decided to let bygones be bygones and made plans to collaborate in the future.

Accessory to Paleto Bay bank robbery
Nancy's car, Patina Turner, had been left in a parking lot for a brief period as Nancy and Richard Chiclets had gone hunting. During this, the car was stolen and had gotten involved in a bank robbery being carried out by Charles Johnson and company. After tracking her car to the robbery, Drew and Chiclets briefly contemplated getting involved or damaging the second getaway car, but ultimately decided against it. Jean Paul watched them from an adjacent rooftop, and was ready to fire upon the pair until it became clear they had come specifically for the car and nothing else. Details on the robbery itself are unknown to Drew, though are likely documented elsewhere.
The BurgerShot & Dean World 500, and the formation of 4EQ
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  • "Hey, hon. How ya doin'?" Standard greeting for friends, acquaintances, and strangers.
  • "Do you like Tapas?"
  • "Honestly, if there's one thing a woman needs it's some reliable Dick." Nancy, to Mick and Virgil, when discussing Richard "Dick" Chiclets.
  • "I don't mind a light gang bang but that's as far as I go with gangs." Nancy, to Mick when discussing local gangs. Clip
  • "Thanks and have a clean getaway!" Often said thanking her customers for their business.


  • Nancy's husband died April 22nd 2020.
  • Nancy has two tattoos, both of which she shares with friends.
    • Her first was a tattoo of the word "Respect" on her lower back. She got this tattoo along with her friend Rocky Topps.
    • Her second tattoo is a triforce on her left arm, which she shares with Mick Flair.
  • Nancy's first car, an Asea, was nicknamed "Patina Turner" by Rocky Topps due to its chrome paint job highlighting even the mildest of surface dirt and imperfections. Despite her initial reservations, Nancy grew to embrace the name. Clip
  • Nancy's second car is a Karin Karuma, originally nicknamed Marilyn Merlot. She has since painted it white with a blue pearlescent tentatively named Petty White.
  • Nancy was gifted a white van for her business by Dante Wolf. The van's name is Van-na White.
    • The name of this car and her Karuma are related by color only.
  • Following particularly good service, Nancy has been an outspoken advocate for Hayes Auto Body Repairs
  • Nancy is named after her great aunt, Nancy Drew, who was a very prominent video game developer.
  • Nancy wants to know everyone's opinion on The Cornbone Question.
  • One-time, tag-team, limo-racing champ.
  • Nancy has been known to occasionally recite poetic stories under the stage name "Nancy With Attitude" or NWA.
  • Nancy may or may not sometimes be a ghost roughly 15% of the time, and sometimes it depends on where she goes.
  • Nancy started a soap company called "Clean Getaway." She sells her healing soaps and bath bombs mainly at the Farmers Market at Dean World. The products have crime-themed names, like "Vandalwood," "Assault and Bathery," "Restraining Odor" and "Disturbing the Peach."
  • In response to Mayor Andi Jones's trepidation about the upcoming Block Party, Nancy conceived a plan for numerous Andi look-alikes to divert attention from the real mayor. The Andi clones ended up having an epic 1 vs. 1 fight with members of the Block Family atop the highest crane in Los Santos.




  • Mel Rickenbacker
    • 4/3/2021 Several incidents
      • Mel shot Nancy in the back while attempting to flee the confrontation with associate Mick Flair.
        • After Kidnapping Flair, Mel threw his captive off a bridge.
      • Later that day, Mel kidnapped a car driven by Timothy Snapple Jr. and containing 6+ people, Nancy included. After attempting a 911 call, she bailed out at an opportune moment but required medical attention after hitting a light pole at speed.
  • Harmony Repairs Garage and Jordan Walker
  • Ricky LaFleur



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