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Nancy Drew is a character role-played Kate Stark


Nancy Drew moved to Los Santos, in March 2021, from Staten Island.

She is a 30 year old, entrepreneur who consistently goes above and beyond for those she loves. Nancy is good natured, a hard worker, and is calm under pressure. Due to her kind demeanor and her work ethic, Nancy has been able to get into the good graces of many powerful individuals within the city of Los Santos.

Nancy is the Owner of Clean Getaway Soap Co., CEO of 4EQ, Co-owner of the Vinewood Racetrack, CEO of National Paintball Association, a Partner at Lifeinvader, a Bookie for Diamond Sportsbook, an Operations Manager at Downbad Records and a Bartender at Maison Ricard.

Nancy has an inquisitive mind and does not shy away from a challenge or getting her hands dirty. Despite her busy schedule, she can usually be found spending time with: Mick Flair, Richard Chiclets, Ursula Leichenberg; and boyfriend, Dante Wolf of the Los Santos Police Department.

On the outside, Nancy Drew is naturally an information sponge and tends to keep what she learns to herself or within her most inner circle until she feels it would be okay to let it go further. For those in her inner circles she is loyal, cunning, kind, and ambitious. While she is very team focused, she knows when to put herself first and tends to think with "the big picture" in mind.

General information

  • Nancy's first car was an Asea
  • Nancy's second car is a Kuruma
    • The kuruma is currently painted matte black with red neon's and license plate '4EQ'. The car has turbo, a spoiler, side skirts and bumper.
  • Nancy's third car is a Corvette C7
    • The C7 is currently painted matte black with a red interior and license plate 'NANCY'. The car has a spoiler, bumper and a roll cage bodykit on it.
  • Nancy was gifted a Rumpo van to easily transport soap and for additional storage, by boyfriend, Dante Wolf.
    • The van is currently painted white with license plate 'GETAWAY'.
  • She is a loyal customer of Hayes Auto Body Repairs.
  • Nancy began a soap company called Clean Getaway Soap Co. She sells her healing soaps and bath bombs mainly at the Farmers Market at Dean World.
    • The products have crime-themed names, like "Vandalwood," "Assault and Bathery," "Restraining Odor" and "Disturbing the Peach."
  • In response to Mayor Andi Jones' trepidation about the upcoming Block Party, Nancy conceived a plan for numerous Andi look-alikes to divert attention from the real mayor. The Andi clones ended up having an epic 1 vs. 1 fight with members of the Block Family atop the highest crane in Los Santos.
  • Got officially invited into The Britney Gang on September 8th, 2021. Her first activity was to pick a Britney outfit, steal shoes and take over the Vagos' Barrio in the southside with the other Britneys.

Character Arcs

Dating Dante Wolf

In April of 2021, Nancy was doing the news as a freelance news reporter with Weazel News. She responded to a news call for a Breaking And Entering up in the Rockford Hills. When she arrived on the scene she was approached by Deputy Dante Wolf and Deputy Claire Everly. They started talking and Nancy mentioned an earlier event where Kyle Pred jumped in the back of her 24/7 delivery truck to search for any potential drugs but he only found fruit. The conversation ended with Nancy offering Dante (her) juicy peach (this continued to be a ongoing joke, even naming one of her soaps "Disturbing The Peach") and both of them exchanged numbers with each other.

The first time they hung out together was when they were doing 'live PD'. Nancy filmed the news while they were going on high speed chases and investigating scenes. Besides the adrenaline rush of live PD, there seemed to be an almost instant connection between the two; they made each other laugh and talked about things they have in common. The following weeks they texted daily and hung out casually while they grew more and more fond of each other. But Dante had a big secret to tell Nancy...

What Nancy didn't know, was that Dante was 'married' to Deputy Sam Baas. Dante and Baas have a long history and they have an extensive adoptive family. The marriage between Dante and Baas was open, as both parties casually flirted with other people during the marriage. This news came as a huge shock to Nancy and she decided to take some time to think things over. After reflecting on how she wanted to continue with Dante, she told him that if he wanted to break up the marriage with Baas, it would be his decision. She was okay with the open relationship and wanted to continue seeing Dante.

Dante was involved with The Meowfurryon case [1] together with Deputy Baas. The court case for this event was coming up and Dante laid his cards on the table and informed Nancy about everything that happened that day. Despite what Dante did, Nancy decided to not break off contact between her and Dante, and came to show support for Dante during the court case. After the sentencing, Dante screamed that he wanted to divorce Baas. Nancy watched as Dante got escorted off the premises and sent to jail.

After Dante got out of jail, Nancy and Dante had a conversation about their feelings for each other and how to continue from there on. This is when Dante officially asked Nancy out.

In the following weeks, they grew to love each other through ups and downs, even sometimes joking about marriage to mess with each other. Dante turns a blind eye to Nancy's 'extra curricular activities', saying he would "rather pick her up from prison than Pillbox". Their bond is strong and they claimed they would fight, stab, or even threaten to kill other people that could potentially hurt the other. But always joking of course. "Respectfully."

How Could Baas Do This

Even though Sam Baas was aware that Dante started seeing Nancy, and that feelings were progressing, when Nancy and Dante officially started dating, Baas's jealousy seemed to grow ever stronger. Eventually, Nancy filed a restraining order against Baas with lawyer Gill Schultz on the week of June 14th because she was becoming increasingly afraid of Baas very quickly at this point due to his increasing escalation. Unfortunately, due to the city government not filing restraining orders anymore, the restraining order has been denied.

In no particular order, this following list is an overview of events that Baas initiated:

  • Held a gun to her head while she gave him a lift from the apartments to MRPD.
  • Put a picture up of Nancy at the gun range and shot at it.
  • Put a picture up of Nancy and Dante at the gun range and shot at it.
  • Told doctors at Pillbox that Nancy blew up one of his cop cars while she was in Bumblebee filming the news with Ursula Leichenberg.
  • Hired a private investigator to find dirt on Nancy and see if she's cheating on Dante or doing crime.
  • Overcharged for jaywalking ticket.
  • When Nancy was a hostage at the vault he pointed a gun at her and said "it's just Nancy we can leave now".
  • Hired a woman to hit on Dante in front of Nancy.
  • Hid and eavesdropped on a private conversation between Nancy and Dante.
  • Shot Nancy twice with a paintball gun while she was a spectator.
  • Twatted "fuck any girl named Nancy".
  • Almost ran Nancy deliberately over with Dante's car.
  • After threatening him with a gun, he ran Dante over with Dante's car because Dante was on the phone with Nancy.
  • Felony stopped Nancy and Dante while obviously knowing they were both in the car.
  • Called her sexy at a traffic stop and smelled her perfume.
  • After Nancy refused to send Baas news footage of bank robbers exiting the City Vault, he threatened her with "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.".
  • Made a trip to Boilingbroke just to mock Nancy after her arrest.
  • Had another officer take photos and video of him mocking Nancy in prison despite being told not to.
  • Took a selfie with Nancy while arresting her.
  • Constantly gaslighting about his actions and motives.
  • Going out of his way to pull Nancy over or cite her for the smallest infraction.
  • Claiming that Nancy was his CI, despite Nancy not accepting his offer, putting Nancy in more danger.
  • Repeatedly called and texted insisting they are friends in an attempt to endanger and mentally manipulate her.
  • Ask for access to Nancy her banking records after the investigation of Vaulttec was closed despite not being on the case just to look into her transactions
  • Threatening to plant Meth on her

''The start of a friendship'
On august 5th, 2021, Baas contacted Nancy about pulling a prank on Dante to officially promote him to sergeant of the LSPD.
Baas and Nancy met up at the Dean World pier and brainstormed together about ways to prank Dante. But before they started, Nancy insisted that Baas apologized to her and gave her the $100 back from the time he overcharged her for a ticket.
Brainstorm ideas included Baas going into Nancy's house, kidnapping her or taking her to grapeseed pd, but these were quickly shut down by Nancy because they would freak Dante out too much. They ultimately landed on the idea that Nancy supposedly caught Baas going through her house and took him out back to the pool, where she held Baas at gunpoint and forced him to put his hands up and go in to the pool. Nancy called Dante in a blind panic and yelled at him to meet her at the house.
Once Dante arrived at the scene, Nancy and Baas were yelling at each other. It quickly escalated when Baas pulled a gun on Nancy and forced Dante to handcuff her, which Dante was quite reluctant to do but he had to listen to his Chief of Police and he apologized while handcuffing Nancy. Surprised at Dante's reluctancy, Baas asked Dante the question: "Do you care about the LSPD or your girl". To which Dante replied that Nancy was more important.
Baas didn't take a liking to this and made Dante rip of his Senior Officer stripes and hand them to Baas, because he was being demoted. Dante ripped of his stripes without hesitation.
To elongate the situation even more, Baas commanded Dante to escort Nancy in to a police vehicle, but before he could do that, Baas pulls out 3 stripes and hands them to Dante, officially congratulating him on the position of Sergeant of the LSPD.
Both Baas and Nancy hope that this can be the start of their friendship arc, starting fresh and leaving all the negativity in the past. But as Nancy said "trust takes time"..

Turning to Crime

When Nancy was new to the city she did some petty crimes under The Syndicate such as chopping cars and running oxy. Because of her protective nature she rushed headfirst into dangerous situations on several occasions to protect her friends, leading to her quickly becoming the most shot person in the group. She also developed a finely tuned sixth sense for when her friends were in trouble, and this spidey-sense still helps her friends out from time to time.

After 4EQ officially took ownership of the Vinewood Racetrack and they got their business license, Nancy slowly backed away from crime to maintain a clean image as CEO of the company. She grew into an information gatherer for her friends and gathered intel on how to do certain crimes, where to hide from the police, and which people to talk to to make the right connections - all in an effort to help her friends do crime. This tendency to ask curious questions while not letting confidential information slip gave her the unofficial middle name of Nancy 'Discreet' Drew.

After a period of very successful events and owning/running multiple businesses, Nancy saw that her friends were starting to do higher level crimes like robbing banks, planning heists, doing weed runs and cooking meth. This made her feel alone and left out. She finally almost snapped from the stress of running multiple businesses when she realized how corrupt the government is. Nancy needed relief, she needed to let go, and so she decided to rob the Blaine County Savings Bank on June 23rd with Mick Flair and Richard Chiclets. The heist was a success until midway through the escape when Nancy crashed her motorcycle into the tunnel roof and got caught up to on foot by Tessa Lamb where she surrendered. Nancy found herself in prison for the very first time. In a short while after arriving at the prison, Nancy's friends Mick Flair, Ursula Leichenberg, Richard Chiclets, Lizzie Byrne, and Dante Wolf were in the visitation center to show support and to celebrate her first jail sentence.

After her prison sentence, no longer having to keep up a clean façade, Nancy feels like a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, and she is now more free than ever.

Crippling Debt

After a long period of saving money, Nancy decided to treat herself to a super car. In the words of Lang Buddha: "A CEO needs a nice car".
Nancy bought the import Corvette C7 from PDM on July 29th, 2021. She made a down payment of $250,000 and took a loan out for $370,000. Leaving her with weekly payments of $28,000 on top of other responsibilities.
"This is the right choice."- Nancy

Attempted Murder Investigation



  • "Nancy, ya dumb bitch"
  • "rent free"
  • "EXCUSE ME."


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