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Nancy Drew is a character role-played Kate Stark


She is a 30 year old entrepreneur who is diplomatic, empathetic and a hard worker. While she is kind and spontaneous (which helps her get into the good graces of many powerful individuals within the city) she also knows when to draw the line and be tough.

Nancy is naturally an information sponge and tends to keep what she learns to herself, or within her most inner circle until she feels it would be okay to let it go further. She thinks with her head, not with her heart and usually approaches situations with logic and carefully chosen words. Nancy has an inquisitive mind and does not shy away from a challenge. While she is very team focused, she knows when to put herself first and tends to think with the 'big picture' in mind.

Nancy often gets mistaken for a civilian because of her success in business. Many people are surprised to hear she has robbed banks, cooked meth, sold weed and still boosts regularly.

Despite her busy schedule, she can always find time to spend with her partner Collin McKinley and members of the Bondi Boys MC, the Clean Queens, Cerberus, or members of her former criminal organization The Stable (which Nancy was a co-leader of).

The First Steps

Nancy moved to the city on March 25th 2021 from Staten Island. She doesn't remember much about her past and is often unsure if the memories she does have are hers or others. Ever since moving to the city Nancy has had an issue with turning invisible. While she has learned to control this and can call her body back whenever she turns invisible, she remains having problems with her memory and feeling like spirits are passing through her..

Nancy start in the city was with 24/7 deliveries, hunting and fishing and slowly being introduced to low level crimes like running oxy and chopping cars. While never been in contact with crime before, it seemed almost inevitable that she wouldn't do any crime while in Los Santos. And while Nancy had the same start in the city as everyone else, she also had a big dream. She wanted to bring something fun to the city.

The First Event

Nancy grew to become the clean face for 4EQ or 'Four Equestrians' (later The Stable) and ran events on the Vinewood Horseracing track behind the Diamond Casino and Resort. The events gave Nancy a head start in the city and within the world of events. People saw how well she pulled of organizing event after event and how easily she established connections. Nancy made a name for herself by being spontaneous, easygoing and funny and she was soon asked to plan events for other companies.

Turning to Crime

While running amazing events she also opened a successful soap company with crime-themed products called Clean Getaway Soap Co. at the farmers market. Nancy quickly felt the pressure of being clean and wanted to spend more time with her friends and so she started doing higher level crimes like robbing banks and corner stores and cooking meth. Nancy was also involved in one of the best heists in the city called Vaulttec where they legally robbed banks for weeks.

Crime organization The Stable, where Nancy was one of the co-leaders of, came to and end shortly after Nancy left due to members having different opinions. Nancy's strenghts in the organization were relationships, business and hacking.

The Real Start

Nancy's big change in her career started when she approached Lang Buddha and asked him if he needed help with events for the National Paintball Association, otherwise known as the NPA (currently operating as Orpheus Entertainment. After a second tournament that she pulled off on her own, Lang made her the COO of the NPA. Nancy continued working hard on the NPA to become the CEO and shortly after Cerberus moved the business to Cerberus Arena she was gifted the business and the arena as a show of gratitude from Lang Buddha.

Nancy's relationship and trust with Cerberus grew more and more and she was appointed the Vice President of Operations for the company because of her loyalty and hard work. Nancy's current position in the city is being well liked and respected by all walks of life in the city. Businesses and individuals come to her for help with construction and advice for proposals to ensure that they are thriving and successful.

Nancy is hired at a lot of businesses and establishments. Below is an extended list of Nancy's employment information.

1. 4EQ
* Co-Owner 25%
Nancy Co-Owns 4EQ together with 3 other friends, 2 of which aren't active in the city anymore. The business lays claim on the Vinewood Racetrack behind the Diamond Casino and Resort where they used to hold events regularly. Later on, the business was used to charge people for Maison Ricard dinners. Currently the business is inactive.
2. Clean Getaway Soap Co.
* Owner/CEO
Clean Getaway is Nancy's storefront in Mirror Park. She started off at the Farmers Markets and build a name for herself with healing soaps, cigarettes, gifts and more. It has become a staple in Los Santos.
3. Orpheus Entertainment
* Owner/CEO
Formerly known as the National Paintball Association, the business resides in the Cerberus Arena where Paintball, Go-Karts pickup games, tournaments, concerts and more are being held. The business recently received it's own bench to make pyrotechnics and concert-related objects like stages and microphones to help make city events even better.
4. Lifeinvader
* Partner
Nancy got invited as managing Partner to Lifeinvader around May 2021. It's intent was to bring the internet to Los Santos. It is to this day still awaiting for the fiber to be laid underground.
5. Diamond Sportsbook
* Bookie
When Nancy used to organize events almost weekly, she would always put up bets via the Sportsbook. Recently, Nancy only uses the app to make fun bets for inside jokes like courtcases.
6. Diamond Casino Hotel
* Soap Liason
As part of Clean Getaway Soap Co., Nancy makes a Lucky soap for the casino that helps bring you more luck while gambling. It's a part of the casino hotel care package or people can buy them separately.
7. Plan Bee
* Co-Owner
Together with Bunny, Nancy have been supplying all of the mechanic shops with bees wax for their car polish. Recently, the business has got it's own storefront.
8. Cerberus
* VP Of Operations
Nancy got hired onto Cerberus because of her hard work for Orpheus and Lang Buddha. She is a figure person for Cerberus in the late NA hours and directs people in the right way. She helps with billboards, Cerberus Industries and day to day tasks.
9. Pablo Lotto
* Board of Executives 1/4th
Pablo invited Nancy onto the board because he respects her role in the city and her hard work. She has helped him get in contact with Cerberus for upcoming Scratch Lotto Tickets.
10. Rooster's Rest
This role is for access key purposes
11. Maldini's Pizzeria
* Event Coordinator
This role is for access key purposes
12. Bahama Mamas West
* Event Planner
This role is for access key purposes although Nancy helps best friend Bunny and Bahama Mama's regularly with small construction and events.
13. Vultur Lé Culturé
* Event Coordinator
This role is for access key purposes
14. Down Bad Records
* Nancy
This role is for access key purposes but Nancy also takes on the role of advisor, consultant and good friend.
15. SA State Contracting
* Crew
Nancy got hired onto the construction company to do handle small construction requests like mailboxes and business stashes.
16. Fat Vince's Diner & Deli
* Financial Advisor
Vincent Tracoli hired Nancy because of her help with setting up the business. Unfortunately due to the crash of the farmers markets, the business is inactive.
17. C.B.P.D.
* Cerberus
CBPD is the security company for Cerberus. Nancy got hired because she is a part of Cerberus and she regularly books security for events.
18. The Richman Hotel
* Co-Owner
Nancy co-owns the Richman hotel with Bunny. Construction is currently being done to make the hotel functional.
19. Billboard Erectus
* Cerberus
Nancy got hired onto the billboard company to help sell billboards for Cerberus.
20. P1
* Cerberus
P1 is a company that will bring Formula One racing to the city. Cerberus will play a big role in to the development of this.
21. Cerberus Industries
Nancy's got put in charge for Cerberus Industries partially because of her expertise of sales but mostly because of her connections in the city. She has sold over $3m of products since she got hired.
22. Split Sides
* Cerberus
This role is for access key purposes
23. Dodo Logistics
* Influencer
Got added to the influencer list by Randy Bullet after he noticed that she has been doing Dodo deliveries quite frequently. She uses her position to get Dodo express runs for her and Collin McKinley for some quick extra cash.
24. Benson's Backalley Motors
Nancy has been helping the Bondi Boys MC with their businesses as a consultant and advisor.
25. Nailed it
* t.b.d.

Nailed it is Collin McKinley's hardware store in Vespucci. Nancy helped Collin with his business proposal and setting up of the storefront.


  • Nancy Drew moved to Los Santos on March 25ᵗʰ, 2021 from Staten Island.
  • Nancy has a sister named Kate who is Canadian.
  • Nancy has an arrow tattoo on the back side of her upper right arm that represents her initiation into The Stable.
  • On September 24ᵗʰ, 2021 Nancy finally adopted her cat Jellybean from Paleto Pets.
  • On December 20ᵗʰ, 2021, Nancy purchased Queen Manor. The mansion came with five keys that she distributed among the Clean Queens.
  • Leslie Lingberg paid for Nancy's helicopter license and she had her first lesson with Bryce Miller on February 9ᵗʰ, 2022.
  • Michael Simone found and gifted Nancy a pet raccoon named Scraps.
  • Started dating Collin McKinley around May 4th, 2022.
  • Refused a jacket but received keys to the Billabong from Irwin Dundee on June 23rd 2022 but got them taken away a day later.

  • Nancy began a healing soap company called Clean Getaway Soap Co.. She sold her products at the farmers markets before they closed; she now has a storefront that opened on June 12th 2022 in Mirror Park.
    • The products have crime-themed names, like "Assault and Bathery", "Restraining Odor", and "Disturbing the Peach".
      • In collaboration with the Diamond Casino Hotel, Clean Getaway Soap Co. sells 'Lucky Soap' which helps you feel a bit more luckier when gambling in the casino.
  • Was granted the National Paintball Association and Cerberus Arena on November 15ᵗʰ, 2021 after a long period of dedicated, hard, and successful work in the event world.
  • Got approved on March 25ᵗʰ, 2022 by the state and mayor Emma Gaine to own and operate The Richman Hotel together with co-owner Bunny.
    • Construction on the hotel has started.
  • Became the CEO of Cerberus Industries on May 12th, 2022 and the main distributor of their products.

  • Successfully ran a false security company named Vaulttec that did vault penetration tests on banks.
    • With the help of the police, they legally robbed banks for months.
  • Nancy was a co-leader of a criminal organization called 'The Stable'. Her strengths were relationships, business and hacking.
    • She was a clean face for a while and only did low-level crime like oxy and chopping but after a while she cracked under the pressure and "broke bad".
  • Nancy's first 'real' crime was a three day crime spree where she robbed the Paleto Bay bank, a Fleeca bank and the City Vault.
  • Nancy's first hack was a 24/7 store on August 1st 2022.
  • Got officially invited into The Britney Gang on September 8ᵗʰ, 2021.
  • Got invited by Dean Watson on May 12th 2022, to criminal organization 'Deanbois' so Nancy could officially do crime again.
  • Nancy almost successfully hacked an S+ boost on June 28th 2022.

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