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Muzone Rashid is a character role-played by WildJing.

General Information

Brother Muzone is always seen wearing a suit and bow tie, and is referred to as being a member of the Nation. Brother Muzone is known to be fearless, intelligent, and daring. He always carries a calm demeanor, never expressing any anger. Brother Muzone is an avid reader, especially with monthly magazines. Brother Muzone is a Muslim that has made peace with his God and is ready for whatever comes to him.


Brother Muzone was born and given the name Muzone Rashid by his birth parents. Born in Brooklyn during the late 70’s, Muzone had the first had experience of living in difficult times where everyday was a struggle and a fight for survival. Both his parents worked 14-16 hour shifts just to make ends meet. For the Rashid family, this meant that you had to fight for what little you got especially having two brothers and three sisters.

Muzone was always an active listener and a great reader, so much that he excelled in all his classes but also had the keen ability to read people. By the age of 15 Muzone was already influencing young kinds into performing violent and criminal acts on his behalf realizing the power behind his words. But there were also times were Muzone needed to get his hands dirty to those who crossed him, and he was never shy of unleashing his rage onto those.

It was one Sunday afternoon that Muzone was shown the light, a young kid near the park kicked a medium sized rock with his boot which ricocheted off a tree and hit Muzone in the upside of his head knocking him flat on the ground. Muzone was out for a solid minute, but in this minute Muzone claims to have seen the light and the Lord La La. From that day on he felt he had the word of the lord in his mouth, so much that one day as he was preaching openly in the local park, an old looking fellow approached Muzone and talked to him about The Nation.

The Nation was soon to become the home for the newly anointed “Brother” Muzone who helped them grow by preaching the word and also by protecting the fellow brethren who was being harassed by any wrong doer in the community. Brother Muzone was skilled with his words, but nothing makes a point more clear than “The Lords Good Ol Blue Steel”. Brother Muzone became the Muscle for the Nation and eventually took on contract work to “cleanse” and “guide” the lost souls back to the path of the righteous.

That is why Brother Muzone took a trip down to Los Santos, to become the light and the word to all the lost souls with the hopes of opening a Chapter of The Nation in the city.