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Murphy Braun is a character role-played by MurphyBraun.

General Information

Murphy is a Criminal Defence Attorney and a part of the DOJ.

He has been a lawyer for over 2 years, leaving a few times throughout the years; there was a moment in time when he resorted to a dependency on alcohol and was known as the "towns drunk" due to the pressure that being a lawyer gave him. However, recently he has been on a steady path and seems to be enjoying his job- this may be as a result of the support that Chang Gang provide him.

Murphy purchased and began operating an oil refinery in April 2022, with a goal of achieving 100% purity.


Wayne and Anto vs the police department

Wayne and Anto vs the police department

Wayne Biggz and Anthony Murphy have become infamous for their risky affiliation with the weed game. Being big time weed dealers, they have been caught multiple times for drug trafficking and put on a HUT (hold until trial) charge. When this occurs, Murphy is almost always their legal representation and always manages to snag them a worthy deal. Using his expertise and many years in the field of legal service, Murphy has managed to get them out of countless tough situations. One example of this occurred during September 2021 when Murphy managed to win a 'not guilty' in the court as a result both Anto and Wayne walked free from their 2 month-long prison sentence.

Mr K vs Sam Baas

Mr K vs Sam Baas

As the official legal representation for Chang Gang, Murphy represented Mr K in his civil court case against Chief of police Sam Baas. This case revolved around an incident where Baas attempted to sexualise and take advantage of Mr K while he was in police interrogation. In this case, Murphy made various claims about how much this situation scarred Mr K and altered his means of life. After a brutal 4 hours in the courtroom, the judge's verdict was that Baas was guilty of the actions claimed and he was ordered to pay Mr K $3,500 as reprimand. Conan Clarkson was also demanded to pay $3,500 for his involvement in the incident.

Bar License Suspension

Bar License Suspension

On December 17th, 2021, Murphy participated in the Chang Gang Olympics as an Associate of the group. During the Second Round (Gotta Catch Em All!), Murphy held a gun to Judge Greyson and kidnapped him for 6 points. Additionally, he brandished a weapon at Chief Justice Thomas and attempted to kidnap her as well. Murphy then attempted to enlist Sonya Summers into attacking Greyson in the courthouse, but he talked her down. Thomas immediately revoked his Bar License upon hearing of these incidents.

Oil Baron Murphy

Murphy the Oil Baron

April 19th, 2022: N/A

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  • Was disbarred after taking Judge Nathaniel Greyson hostage during the 2021 Chang Gang Olympics, but had his license reinstated sometime later in early 2022.




Played By: MurphyBraun
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