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Mr. Robert Rodgers is a character role-played by Jayce.


Mr. Robert Rodgers, better known as "Mr. Rodgers" is a happy go lucky civilian who can come across as creepy at times. Nothing ever seems to bring him down and finds the bright side even in the worst situations. He loves making sandwiches with extra mayonnaise for his friends. He also has an addiction to energy drinks & coffee because he needs energy power walking and riding his bike through the city. Some avoid him due to his creepiness and how strange he is. Many think he could be responsible for countless attacks on venerable citizens across the city of Los Santos. Not much is known about his life which makes him mysterious.

(He references religious stories to some citizens, who shortly learn of his dark nature when spending enough time with him.)

(Suspected of forming a cult called "The Neighborhood" that is believed to be committing human sacrifices.)

Recent Events

The People V. Mr Rodgers

Mr. Robert Rodgers faced the death penalty for multiple counts of attempted murder and murder. The DA's office pushed for the death penalty. A panel of justices including Dennis LaBarre, Judge Holden and Coyote found Rogers guilty of six counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. Rodgers would not admit guilt and wanted a chance to appeal the charges. The verdict was given without the option of appeal, he received 18 years in prison including the 11 years already served. Rodgers would be eligible for parole in 7 years. 


  • "Hello, friend."
  • "Howdy, neighbor."
  • "Alright, alright, alright"
  • "Peek a Booooo I see you!"
  • "You wanna be my friend?"
  • "I have something for ya."
  • "It's all a big misunderstanding."
  • "You can call me Mr. Rodgers."
  • "Mighty nice day we're having."
  • "Hope you have a wonderful day."
  • "Nice pair of jazz hands to brighten up your day!"
  • "With the power of imagination you can do anything."
  • "I'm fan-fiddly-tastic!"


  • Enjoys a good power walk through the streets of Los Santos as well as a ride on his bicycle.
  • Talks to everyone he meets if given the opportunity even saying "Hello, friend " to those who drive by.
  • Enjoys the simple things in life and doesn't seem to really care about obtaining wealth.
  • Enjoys relaxing to smooth jazz and classic pop music while cruising through the city.
  • Often takes breath mints and calls them "happy pills" when he gets nervous or feels the urge.
  • Likes to drop sandwiches with extra mayonnaise, gifts and notes around the city for his friends and neighbors.
  • Believed to pick up his victims when they are vulnerable and alone luring them in a taxi or offering them food.
  • He is an old friend of Jacob Harth.
  • Mr. Rodgers has over 70 victims including one actual murder.
  • Was a happy go lucky guy until beaten by Mel Rickenbacker that gave him a brain injury and made him what he is today.
  • Claims that Melbert Rickenbacker helped created the serial killer he is by giving him brain damage after Gordo Ramsay asked Mel to teach him a lesson.
  • Has an attraction to Siz Fulker's feet and toes.

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Played By: Jayce
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