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Mr. Kebun is a character role-played by LordKebun.

General Information

"If I steal your car, that's my car now!"

Mr. Kebun is a co-founder and the leader of Chang Gang. He was previously a Solo Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #686.

Mr. K is a self-described native of Puerto Rico with a notably thick accent. A heavy drug user and adrenaline junkie, he is frequently injured as a result of his often reckless behavior, spontaneous antics, and high-speed driving in his Bentley Dragon or BF Ladybird. His spirit animal is the dragon, which he embodies when brandishing his cursed katana engraved with dragon energy.

Mr. K is a dangerous man and is regarded by many as the "Final Boss" of Los Santos due to his experience, excellent knowledge of warfare, and position as the leader of the strongest criminal gang in the city. When focused, he is known to be an extremely strategic thinker and is highly skilled in ambushes and urban combat tactics, leading Chang Gang into battles—against police and enemy gangs alike—with a level-head and often coming out on top regardless of the cards handed to him. K is a level-headed and reasonable crime lord if you approach him with respect, but a ruthless and violent force of a nature if you get on his bad side.

The Canceller

Mr. Kebun has a secret persona known as The Canceller, which he uses to "cancel" people by blackmailing them with staged scandalous videos, often assisted by Ursula Leichenberg and Carmella Corset. Targets/Victims of the Canceller include Sam Baas, Tyme Reducer, Conan Clarkson, A.J. Hunter, and Sabith Cohen, among others.


Mr. Kebun's Outfits


Mr. K is business mogul, owning a slew of businesses that are each success successful. He has made quite the name for himself outside of being a gang-lord; as being the owner and CEO of Wu Chang Records, the owner of The Jeweled Dragon, The Dragon's Dojo, and Chang Gang Investments (and its many subsidiary (most notably Chang Gang Network & Pixel Perfect)). He is also the Co-Owner of Pay-N-Less self storage and Maldini's Pizzeria. His background in combat and martial arts has led to him owning and teaching at the Dragon's Dojo.

Momentous Dates within the PD

Mr. K was previously a Solo Cadet for the Los Santos Police Department, Badge #686, for under three months. In March 2022, after being caught during a meth run he was suspended and fired within a week.

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #585 January 18th, 2022
Solo Cadet
Solo Certified; Badge #686 January 24th, 2022
Solo Cadet
Suspended Pending Investigation March 8th, 2022
Solo Cadet
Fired March 14th, 2022


The Reincarnation

Due to the shocking tragedy of Mr. Wang Chang, Chang Gang had to seek out help from a top level scientist to try and restore what was left from Mr. Chang's brain.

The gang planned and organized a heist led by Mr. Chang's stepson, Tony Macaloni and Chang Gang member Uchiha Jones (a cybernetic human himself) to steal a new Boston Dynamics cybernetic human body from humane labs research and development facility. After the heist was successfully finished, Chang Gang contacted one of the worlds best doctors Dr. Singh, from Pillbox Medical Center to transfer Mr. Chang's consciousness to the new cybernetic body, but it wasn't going to be easy.

With the help of Dr. Singh, Chang Gang managed to steal Mr. Chang from intensive care at Pillbox Medical and then preceded to the next destination, the morgue.

The kidnapping of Mr. Chang triggered a state wide announcement alerting all police forces.

Once the group arrived at the morgue, they quickly unloaded the two bodies and proceeded to the top floor for Dr. Singh to begin his transfer of the bodies. About 20 minutes into the procedure, police started swarming the area and a large shootout began to occur. Fully automatic gunfire was heard throughout the city and local news began to cover the story live on air. After a bloody showdown with police and the successful procedure by Dr. Singh, Chang Gang got to see Mr. Kebun being born.

His body is fully composed of cybernetic torso, arms, legs, and a shoko (penis) produced from Boston Dynamics (in collaboration with Pillbox Medical and SpaceSex).

Mr K vs Sam Baas

On the day of June 8th 2021, Mr K handed himself into police custody due to a warrent and bank supeona done by Sam Baas. Due to the complexity of this warrant, Baas asked Mr K to talk with him in the interrogation room. This interrogation went on for around 40 minutes, Baas asking Mr K questions on where he obtained his money from and other questions on his criminal life. However, during this, Baas made sexual advances on Mr K.

On July 8th 2021, Mr. K once again found himself the interrogation room with Baas after being detained for a BOLO. During this interview, Baas went on to ask him about why his DNA was found on the scene of a bobcat that had been broken into, to which Mr. K claimed that he had an orgy at the scene and the blood was in-fact his semen. At the end of this interview, Baas asked if he could receive a blowjob from Mr. K once he was out of police custody.

On October 16th 2021, Mr. K was at the Diamond Casino Hotel due to a call from Conan Clarkson claimed that there were women there to enjoy a night with him. The set-up involved Sam Baas, William Gunner and Randy Wrangler. The set-up was intended to embarrass Mr. K for sleeping with the officers in disguise. Unfortunately, during the operation, Baas' identity was revealed when Conan called him by his name.

This led to a civil court case being put onto the docket, looking into the way that Sam Baas used his position of power to take advantage of Mr. K in various instances

On October 19th 2021, the court case took place. The end result of the court case dictated that Sam Baas was guilty of taking advantage of his position and power as a police officer. He was ordered by the judge to pay Mr. K $2,500. Also, Conan Clarkson was ordered to pay $2,500 due to his part in the sting operation.

Murder At The Tuner Shop

On the day of December 6th 2021, Mr. K drove into the Tuner Shop and threw a Sticky Bomb into the shop. Unfortunately, Cece Beyond, who was working in the shop at the time was caught in the blast and died on impact- unknown to Mr. K.

A month later, on January 10th 2022, a warrant was put out for his arrest. The warrant pertaining to the "first degree murder" of Cece Beyond. Due to Mr. K having access to the evidence that the police department had collected, he decided to turn himself in. As their only evidence against him was either hearsay from witnesses that didn't want to testify or tweets from both Mr. K and Ramee El-Rahman.

Upon turning himself in, Mr. K was given a bail hearing. While in the court he bought attention to how he had not been arrested in over 30 days and was not a threat to the public. Judge Alan Crane dictated that Mr. K would be granted bail but had to: not carry any weapons, always consent to police frisks, have his phone records monitored, not live in Little Seoul and to have Sam Baas as his parole officer. His bail was put at $840,000 and he was set free until his court sentencing hearing.

During this time on bail, Mr. K stuck to calling people from phone boxes and being extremely strategic when it came to committing crime; due to the chance of being caught and having to spend years in jail. This included: blowing up cops with Sticky Bombs while watching from afar, paying others to kill cops and bringing gangs together to spread his ideas of revenge against the Unified Police Department.

However, on January 17th 2022, all charges were dropped. This was due to a lack of hard evidence and the witnesses changing their stories. Mr. K was taken off bail and was free once again.

Wheelchair Trouble

In the early hours of January 15th 2022, Mr. K and Randy Bullet were at the Tuner Shop while attempting to change the colour of Mr K's car, the Bentley Dragon. However, as Randy was mid-repair on the car, a crazed William Gunner drove into the shop. As Gunner (At the time ex-cop) drove into the Tuner Shop, he began to scream about a bomb in his possession. Before anyone had time to react, Gunner had planted a live bomb on the floor of the Tuner Shop- which had three wires and a timer that stated it would explode in 30 minutes. Due to the amount of time left on the bomb, Mr. K and Randy felt no rush to leave the Tuner Shop and continued to work on the car. Unfortunately, the bomb detonated early. As Mr. K was typing on twatter about the lack of police response, he was caught in the blast as he was standing directly over the bomb. Those also caught in the blast included: Vinny Pistone & Richard Dark.

After recovering in the hospital, Mr. K discovered that his legs had been completely burnt from the blast. He was limited to a wheelchair and for the following few days spent his time rolling around the city. With this came Mr. K facing: battles with doors, being ignored, falling down ramps and fighting curbs.

Detective Kebun

On January 19th 2022, Mr. K was officially hired by Sam Baas as a Cadet for the Unified Police Department after going through the expungement process with the help of Alan Crane.

After formally deciding to join the Los Santos Police Department, due to the help that the Chief of LSPD (Sam Baas) had provided to him, Mr. K began to learn the ropes of being an officer of the law. Although, his intentions were not all what they seemed to be, Mr. K had decided to work towards a detective to bring down rival gangs and gain intel for his own benefit.

In order to gain trust with the Police, Mr K set up his friend Ramee El-Rahman on January 20th, which caused Ramee to shoot him down and outrun the Unified Police for the continuum of the day. Until he was eventually shot down after running from Mr. K for over several hours, Ramee was sentenced to 360 months in prison as a result. This increased the PD's faith in Mr. K and proved to them that he was willing to go against his own gang to help the department.

He was later suspended from police duty due to being caught during a meth run on March 8th 2022 and officially fired on March 14th- Sam Baas signing him off for the final time over radio.

The Cocainium Connect

Needs to be written


Faye Larpy

September 20th 2021 - The Murder Of Faye Larpy

On September 20th, Faye was cursing random people at Alta Street Apartments when she ran across Randy Bullet and cursed everyone in his car. She was then met by Mr. K- who was standing outside of the car.

After some back and forth between the two, she attempted to use her "witch" powers on Mr. K. To which he responded by taking out his katana, his dragon form activating, and swinging at Faye. She was decapitated on impact and died instantly, this event was witnessed by Judd Lincoln and Otto Delmar.

No one was charged for the murder.

Yan Dere

October 31st 2021 - The Murder Of Yan Dere

On October 31st, Yandere had actively stalked Curtis Swoleroid all the way to Grove Street. This is where members of Chang Gang resided at the time, she was met with multiple members of CG such as; Mr. K, Curtis Swoleroid, Hutch Hutcherson and Ramee El-Rahman.

Upon entering the cul-de-sac she was told by Mr. K that he wanted to marry her to Curtis. With Curtis being her senpai, she agreed without a second thought. Mr. K handcuffed Yandere in the middle of the street and told her that "when the smoke disperses you (Yandere) will be married to him (Curtis)".

When the smoke appeared, Mr. K took on his dragon form and brandished his katana. He stabbed Yandere several times until she was laying on the floor, blood oozing from her body. She died shortly afterwards. However, she briefly took on the form of a zombie and attacked everyone in the sac- after being shot a few times in the skull her zombie form was also exterminated.

No one was charged for the murder.

Cece Beyond

December 6th 2021 - The Murder Of Cece Beyond

In the late hours of December 6th, Mr. K was driving to the Tuner Shop with a Sticky Bomb in-hand.

This was due to an earlier experience with Earl, who had called the police on a boost being done by: Hutch Hutcherson, Charles Johnson, Ramee El-Rahman and Mr. K. As a result of the police being called, all members of the boost went to jail as the PD presence was so rampant- Mr K wanted revenge. Knowing very little about Earl, Mr. K wanted to target him in the pockets; he knew that Earl received funds from the Tuner Shop. So, Mr K set out to blow up the Tuner Shop as an act of vengeance against Earl.

As he reversed into the Tuner Shop, Sticky Bomb in hand, he screamed "This is because of Earl" and threw the grenade into the crowd of people who were receiving repairs. Mr. K quickly drove away after throwing the grenade and was not spotted by anyone in the shop. Unfortunately, the people at the Tuner Shop were mostly HOA members and average civilians. One of these civilians being Cece Beyond, who was hit by the blast.

Upon impact, the Sticky Bomb caused Cece to be knocked unconscious. As EMS arrived on scene, they attempted to revive her and rushed her to Pillbox Medical Center. While in the ICU, Cece's heart stopped and she passed away.

Due to individuals such as Anna Jørgensen, who were working in the Tuner Shop at the time of the incident, telling police that it was Mr. K- a case was built against him and on January 10th 2022, 35 days after the incident, Mr. Kebun was detained for the first degree murder of Cece Beyond. However, the case was later dropped and no-one was formally charged for her murder.

Edwin Leviosah

February 4th 2022 - The Murder Of Edwin Leviosah

On February 4th, while fixing his car at the Tuner Shop, Mr. K began to hear a voice. This voice claimed that Mr. K was "the one" and would be the "Savior" of Los Santos. Despite the confusion this caused to Mr K, he waited for his car to be fixed and drove off- pondering on what the deep voice had said.

Upon arriving at his home in Little Seoul, Mr. K was about to go to sleep when the deep voice beckoned once again. This voice told him that he should go to where "timelines connect". As the deep voice continued to talk to Mr. K, Suddenly Edwin Leviosah appeared in front of him. Edwin cried out that Mr. K shouldn't listen to what the Dark Timelord says and that the Dark Timelord was trying to manipulate Mr. K to free him. Despite Edwin's pleading efforts, Mr. K listened to the warped voice belonging to the Dark Timelord and headed to the VAR Room.

Once entering the VAR Room, Mr. K noticed that Edwin was there- occupied by the computer in front of him. As Edwin turned and noticed Mr. K, he was confused as to why Mr. K was there. Mr. K confessed that a range of voices had told him to be there, to which Edwin told him that he "shouldn't listen to them". Despite Edwin's advice, Mr. K believed in the voices and that if he went against what he was told, people would get hurt. As Edwin realized that Mr. K was "corrupted", he brandished a knife and claimed that he had to kill him in order to save the timeline. After a short argument between the two and tensions rising within the room, Mr. K pulled out his Dragon-engraved katana and stabbed Edwin. Edwin's last words being "Mr. K" before falling to the ground and vanishing. To which Mr. K began to cry and exclaimed "Why did you make me do this?".

No one was charged for the murder.

Trivia & Quotes

Mr. K bought a $2 million Avisa submersible to use in heists in July 2022

Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube
Crunchy Love by Tee Veeman (feat. Mr. K) 2021
Randy Bullet Love Song 2022

  • "Are you fuckin dumb?"
  • "Ramee is your SBS kicking in"
  • "Dumb motha fuker"
  • "You fucking bitch!"
  • "Shut the fuck up you baby back bitch."
  • "If I steal your car, that's my car now."
  • "Ain't hood enough? Motherfucka I'll show you hood."
  • "Later, losers!"
  • "Did you take your IBS medicine sweetheart?" - In his motherly-tone to April Fooze.


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