Moses Khan is a character role-played by Neloc_.


Moses Khan is a part of The Mandem along side Tommy Tate, Adam Ababwa, Remy Brown and Dwayne Flores. He often wears regular outfits with a random accessories such as zebra glasses or flip flops.

He was apart of the Gandalf Butters "stanky leg" crime when he help kidnap stanky. Tommy ended up cutting Stanky's Ear off in revenge for his ear. The boys ended getting caught by the police investigating a different call.


Tommy Tate: A part of The Mandem. These two met when tommy was asking for a ride to the pier, Moses was friendly to tommy unlike Adam Ababwa who was sceptical of Tommy thinking he was apart of GSF becuase of his green outfit. Since then Tommy Tate and Moses have become close friends and have a some good times. Sometimes these two take it a bit far when Tommy accidentally shot Moses in a roleplay robbery at the Vultur Lé Culturé forcing Tommy to take him to the hospital. Moses got tommy back when he accidently punched him when Adam Ababwa dodge Moses punch.

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