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Moses Khan is a character role-played by Neloc_.


Moses Khan is one of the original members of The Mandem along side Tommy Tate, Ali Ababwa, Adam Ababwa, Remy Brown, Eli Porter and Dwayne Flores. He often wears regular outfits with a random accessories such as zebra glasses, flip flops or a fake moustache. He sometimes wears a white puffer jacket, in correlation with the rest of his gang.

Moses is currently the main thermite user within the Mandem, with Tommy especially insisting that Moses should do his best to learn how to use thermite whilst he continues with the hacking. This way when it comes to the more complex heist the Mandem won't need to look outside of the group for help.

Even though many of the people around Moses are making good, consistent money, Moses often has very little in his bank account, sometimes finding himself in minus figures. This has lead to him acquiring the nickname "No Money Moses".

The other members of The Mandem often say that Moses is incapable of driving. This originated from when he was driving away from the police in a bank truck and he took a turn that lead to a dead end. Due to this, and him crashing his car frequently, he has been nicknamed 'Moses Khan't Drive'.

Moses and Patar Bellosh have started filming a cooking show as part of Patars filming company and so far they have filmed a couple of episodes of the show.

Notable Events

  • Stanky the "Gangster" - Moses was apart of the Gandalf Butters "Stanky Leg" crime when he helped to kidnap Stanky along with Adam, Tommy and Dwayne. Tommy ended up cutting Stanky's Ear off in revenge for when Stanky shot Tommy's ear. The Mandem ended up getting caught police officers who raided the torture room while they were investigating a completely different call that had been made that was to do with a killer clown being sighted in the area.
  • Tour-bus heist - Moses, Patar, Remy and Adam planned to hire a Los Santos tour-bus to rob the people who went on. Moses was driving the bus and was going to play innocent, while Adam was going to be on the bus as a passenger. Patar and Remy was going to surround them at a gas-station on the outskirts of Los Santos. Tommy got himself involved when he stumbled upon the guys trying to get passengers on and ended up on the bus, albeit he was aware of what was happening. The team successfully robbed the people on the bus, but ultimately lost money on doing it because almost everyone on the bus was new to town.
  • Adam's "Proposal" - Adam decided to put the boys through a little "test" one day when they didnt come pick him up at the vault. He held Moses at gunpoint and "kidnapped" him and robbed him. At the same time, Tommy was unaware of how the situation had played out. Adam called him and said he had killed Moses, which was untrue. The whole thing ended in Adam offering Moses 1000$ and asking him to marry him. Unfortunately, Moses declined the proposal.
  • Bank truck robbery - Moses, Adam, Tommy and Remy were arrested for 1st degree robbery when trying to rob a bank-truck. The attempt failed because Moses drove into a dead-end. Moses and Remy were shot by the police, while Adam and Tommy were arrested.
  • The "Marriage" incident - In an attempt to help out Moses with his anxiety when it comes to talking with women Tommy Tate has actively been Moses' wingman in an attempt to help him overcome this, in one incident a woman called Monika Valentine came over to the pair seemingly upset, seeing an opportunity to help Moses Tommy then ran off leaving Moses and Monika alone together. The next time Moses met up with Tommy he seemed distraught about what had happened calling Monika crazy and insane but due to his anxiety couldn't bring himself to cut ties with her and stop the situation, again seeing a chance, Tommy dropped Moses off with her again quickly leaving so Moses had to spend more time with her and Sarah Doyle. Moses then called Tommy later in the day saying he was about to get married and did not seem to be too happy about what was going on although he didn't specifically say anything negative, when Tommy asked if Moses wanted them to come do something about it he replied "If you can get away with it," hearing this as a bit of a cry for help, Tommy along with Dean Quincy, Lana Valentine and Dwayne Flores arrived at the chapel and took Moses away at gun point leaving Monika distraught once again. Moses however seemed conflicted about the situation and then after arriving at Lana's house to seek refuge, Monika arrived and kidnapped him at gun point, however the police were on the scene and split him and the girls up under the guise of taking him to jail in a sperate car, along with arresting the girls, somehow though Monika and Sarah were set free and the police instead chased down Tommy and the others for firing a class 2 weapon, this however was false and likely a distraction made up by Monika and her group. Nearing the end of the day Tommy and Lana met up again with Moses who had been left pretty messed up, Monika had given him a tonne of drugs making him go a bit crazy along with cutting off his little finger and ripping one of his teeth out in a perverted act of love, the whole experience change Moses making him unsure about whether he loved or hated her, then deciding that he wanted to kill her as proof of how much he loved her.
  • Jimmy won't build - On September 1st Moses and Patar were asked to go and help Jimmy Yougman who had somehow manage to get himself stuck at the top of a power poll. On arrival Moses said that since Jimmy likes Fortnite so much he should just build his way down. The two of them then "borrowed" shoes from the onlookers and started throwing them at Jimmy in an attempt to try and knock him down however this was unsuccessful , they then moved onto the roof where they continued to throw shoes at him but it still didn't work. While on the roof Patar and Moses decided to start filming Jimmy along with everything else that was going on, this is when a Air-1 showed up to try and get Jimmy down, however a major accident occurred resulting in Jimmy getting cut up by the helicopters propellers, all of which was caught on camera by the pair.
  • The Mandem Breakout - On September 13, The Mandem were at the casino when the police arrived, responding to a shoots fired call. Dwayne said that he had to leave, as he was positive for GSR, and began to run away. He was chased by police, so Tommy decided to pick him up in his car. This lead to a long chase, which ultimately ended when the car stopped working. They tried running, but they were quickly caught. They were transported to lower pillbox, where Moses and Dean arrived with a hostage, demanding that they be let go. They were told that as they only had one hostage, they could only free one of them, so they chose Tommy. This caused another police chase, where Moses fell out of the car midway through, as he was in the trunk. The police continued chasing the car, so Moses called Patar for a pickup. Shortly after this, Dean and Tommy managed to escape, so Patar picked them up as well.
  • Moses' Birthday Bingo - For Moses' birthday, Tommy decided to give him a list of ten tasks for him to complete in order to receive a prize, which would be a free Mandem chain. He put together the list with Patar, and decided that he didn't want Moses to know that they had made the list. They got Claire to call him using a voice changer, and read a script that Tommy gave her. She told him that she had one of his friends hostage and that he must complete the list in order to save them. She then put the document on the floor and pinged him. When he arrived, he found the list and began to complete the tasks. After a couple of hours, Moses completed all of the tasks. Tommy then took him to the Mandem Block and revealed that he had planned the entire thing. He then presented Moses with his very own Mandem chain, which he very happily accepted.


Photo Name Description Plate
Moses Blister Compact.jpg
Blista Compact Two tone grey Blista Compact BLU3 622
Comet Safari (VIN Scratched) Red and Black Comet Safari with bronze/gold wheels 53XUM564
Savanna (VIN Scratched) Grey futuristic pickup truck (Cyber Truck) DRMP1JV1
2022 Honda/Acura NSX (Priceless like Moses) Free car won in the Tuner Shop Raffle with a 0.8% chance of winning. N0RESPEF


The Mandem
Tommy Tate
A part of The Mandem. These two met when Tommy was asking for a ride to the pier. Moses was friendly to Tommy unlike Adam Ababwa, who was skeptical of Tommy thinking he was apart of GSF because of his green outfit. Since then Tommy and Moses have become close friends and have some good times. Sometimes these two take it a bit far, Tommy accidentally shot Moses in a roleplay robbery at Vultur Lé Culturé forcing Tommy to take him to the hospital. Moses got Tommy back when he accidentally punched him when Adam Ababwa dodged Moses' punch.
Dwayne Flores
Moses met Dwayne through Adam. They subsequently became good friends and are both OG Mandem members. Moses and Dwayne have very different personalities which sometimes causes tension between the pair, however this is always quickly resolved. Dwayne has in the past questioned his trust of Moses, however Moses has since backed Dwayne plenty of times, most notably by shooting cops on multiple occasions for Dwayne.
Adam Ababwa
Moses has known for longer than any other Mandem member. They met when Adam was appraising a gem for Moses at the gallery. Before Adam left for the Bahamas, they spent a lot of time together. Adam even proposed to Moses at one point, however Moses declined.
Eli Porter
Eli and Moses rarely spend time together due to Eli not being around as much as the rest of the Mandem, however the pair have a good relationship due to the fact they both have level-headed personalities. Moses calls Eli "Eli Peli".
Remy Brown
Much like with Adam, Moses used to spend a lot of time with Remy before he left for the Bahamas.
Patar Bellosh
Patar is potentially Moses' strongest friend, with the pair always able to have a laugh with each regardless of the situation. They have taken part in many criminal offences with each other, narrowly dodging the 9s on one occasion. Patar has always shown incredible loyalty to Moses, providing him with numerous guns and VPNs for no cost. They also have a cooking show together, as a part of Jiggity Studios.
Dean Quincy
Moses was one of the first people Dean met in the city, so as a result they have always shown great loyalty to each other. Dean has previously told Moses that he and Tommy are the only people in the Mandem with a brain.
Vince Watson
Mandem Associates
Randy Bullet
Moses and Randy don't have much of a relationship, however Randy was the first official Mandem associate.
Alan Kyles
Alan and Moses have done multiple bank jobs together and are good friends outside of criminal life as well.
Daquan "Peanut" Dumas
Moses has a good relationship with Peanut, which has been helped by the Mandem's close ties with NBC.
Shivananand "Shivvy" Sunandrankumar
Moses has known Shivvy for a very long time and subsequently has a very good relationship with him. Moses often used to hang out with Shivvy and Giuseppe Amato, however the trio faded as the Mandem grew, although they did all take part in a jewellery store heist more recently.
Lana Valentine
Lana is known as Tommy Tate's woman within the Mandem and is thus how Moses and Lana ended up becoming friends. Moses mainly knows Lana through Tommy and is usually the third wheel during the times Tommy and Lana hang out with each other. He has been apart of multiple bank hacks with Lana.
Abdul AlRahim
Moses and Abdul don't see each other a lot, however Abdul was present when Adam proposed to Moses, and Abdul often references this when they do interact with each other.
Mando Thompson
Moses' friendship with Mando grew after the Mandem and the Ballas became close after beefing.
Kevin Ram
Moses has known Kevin for a very long time. Kevin has recently become a very reliable source for Moses to sell his dirty money to.
Lenny Large
Carmella Corset
Gandalf Butters
Gandalf Butters AKA Stanky Leg was the first person The Mandem kidnapped after he got too carried away with being a "gangster" and shot Tommy in the ear, during the kidnapping they took Stanky to the torture chamber and cut off his ear in revenge. Since this incident everything between himself and the Mandem has calmed down and they're now on decent terms with each other.
Salem Barghouthi
Former Friends
Dave Perry
Dave used to be associated with The Mandem but they cut him off as they saw him as a liability. While at a Wu Chang event, Dave and Reggie stole The Mandem's car. They claimed that they didn't know that it was their car, even though the number plate is 'MANDEM'. Stacey said that she wanted $5k from each of them, however they refused to pay. Tommy and Stacey eventually found the pair and took them to the crypt in the graveyard. They told them that it wasn't about the money, but about respect. Tommy said that they should never steal a car from a Wu Chang event, as many powerful gang members attend the events, and it would come back to Tommy if Dave stole the wrong person's car. He told Dave that they were being very lenient, as if it was any other gang, he would've been shot instantly. A few weeks after this incident, Reggie and Dave stole and blew up Stacey's car. Tommy, Stacey, Shivvy and Lana kidnapped Dave and took him to Paleto where they questioned him on what had happened. After he told them, Tommy said that he had already received his final warning. Tommy then shot Dave in the head and left the area. Dave was picked up by EMS and taken to Pillbox where he received treatment. He was left without feeling in his legs, meaning that he had to rely on the use of a wheelchair. He has since had surgery that allowed him to walk again.
Reginald Watson
Reggie was initially supposed to be the legal face of The Mandem, however he started to participate in illegal activities so this idea was ditched. Over time, Reggie has spent less time with The Mandem. Reggie was cut off from The Mandem when he and Dave stole The Mandem's car from a Wu Chang event and failed to show responsibility for their actions. After this, Reggie put graffiti around the city saying 'MDM in the mud', 'Tommy T makes trash songs' and 'Ballas can't shoot for shit - Tommy T'. A couple of weeks after this, Reggie and Dave stole and blew up Stacey's car. Stacey and Tommy made a plan with Patar and Dean and were able to trick Reggie into meeting Patar. They then kidnapped him and took him to grapeseed. They asked him why he did what he did and he said that he wasn't thinking clearly and was acting out of emotion. After they finished talking to him, Stacey shot Reggie.
Stacey Doyle
Moses met Stacey while the Mandem were getting drawn nude by Stacey. After spending a lot of time together, Stacey joined the Mandem. Moses and Stacey have a very good relationship and have plenty of little inside jokes with each other. They stopped interacting after Stacey left The Mandem.

Notable Quotes

  • "My name is Moses Khan your mother makes me naan. In English that is bread and then she gives me head"
  • "What the bloody shit!"
  • "I love her so much I want to kill her"
  • "Nine meter parabellum to the cerebellum"
  • "I'm OK"


  • Moses is at risk of cardiac arrhythmia as confirmed by PillBot on July 10, 2021.
  • Moses has a 8-bit smiley face tattoo on the back of his right hand.
  • Moses is extremely awkward when it comes to anything to do with women.
  • Moses has the highest heist success rate in the Mandem but is still the poorest member of the gang.