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Morgan Reid was a character role-played by APPLESHAMPOO


Morgan Reid was a Trainee of the Emergency Medical Services, call-sign Tango-4.


Morgan "Mourning" Reid was a Los Santos native and entrepreneur. She was a mix between a Valley Girl and an extremely morbid and nihilistic person. She was disowned by her parents at the age of seven for having turned her grandfather into a drag-queen when she was left alone with his corpse during his wake. That's when she realized her passion for post-mortem make-up artistry, which was a passion she pursued off EMS duty.

For years her residence had been located under the bridge next to the Vanilla Unicorn in the south side. She learned to make her own money by selling perfume fragrances she created herself such as "Bong Water". She was employed by 90% of the LSPD to do their make-up when they were dead.

Her hobbies included "dumpster diving", drinking her own "bong water perfume" at Los Santos graveyard while listening to Joy Division and thinking about how meaningless life is.


She recently turned her life around when she met current Vagos Soldado Raul Rodriguez. Their first date was arranged by the late Bobby Schmegel who was at the time recording a pilot for an unnamed dating show. Bobby called Morgan and asked her what her idea of a perfect first date was to which she replied: "under a dirty bridge next to a pile of diseased needles". So he proceeded to arrange the date between the two. During their date Morgan told Raul she would only become his girlfriend if he won her by combat. Brett Biggledoinks provided Raul Rodriguez with a baseball bat and that very same day the couple moved in together.

Due to his criticism of her doom and gloom nature, she decided to apply to work as a paramedic. Since Raul wears yellow too much (Morgan's least favorite color for reminding her of the sunshine) and has been losing a fair amount of fistfights, she planned to break up with him during Christmas 2019.

Morgan also dated Nettie Machete while in a relationship with Raul Rodriguez. However, Nettie broke up with Morgan a few hours later as she hid in the bushes to stalk Morgan and overheard a conversation that made her jealous and insecure about her [Morgan] wetting other women's shirts.

Termination and Death

Morgan was fired from her EMS Trainee position on February 8, 2020. After a lengthy hiatus, Reid was killed at the hands of Roman Sionis. Morgan Reid passed away on March 16, 2020 at Pillbox Medical Center from stab wounds.

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