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Montgomery Khan is a character role-played by CowsMooingNSuch.


Montgomery Khan was born on October 31st, 1997. He is an only child and spent most of his childhood learning how to work on electronics from his mother. At the age of 18 he was recruited into the army as a demolitions expert. Shortly after his recruitment he was transferred into a top secret special forces unit under the code name ‘Operator 5’ due to his knowledge of electronics and his ‘proclivity for pyrotechnics’. During his time in this unit he met Sophia McMoo and they became close friends. In 2020, a few months after Sophia left the unit due to her injury, Montgomery also left the military and headed to California. While helping some old military buddies try to rob a bank, Montgomery and his friends were caught in the crossfire between the police and a local gang and Montgomery was the only one able to escape. He then decided to come to Los Santos at the suggestion of Sophia in order to lay low.

Physical Description

Montgomery has dark green hair that he keeps spiked, brown eyes, and dark skin. He typically wears nicer clothing such as suits to keep suspicion away from himself.


Montgomery tends to speak with a southern accent and tries to maintain a gentlemanly aura about himself. His true feelings tend to be more along the lines of yolo and go with the flow. He likes to keep tabs on both his enemies and his allies so that he won’t be betrayed. He enjoys explosions and driving fast.

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