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Molly Rollin is a character role-played by mollyrollinxo.


Molly came into the Los Santos music scene by signing to Wu-Chang Records in 2021 releasing four songs with the Label; Big Name, Dear Diary, M&M's and Wunami Cover (All of which can be found on her soundcloud), her first big track was Big Name which managed to go Platinum along with allowing her to go on the LSBN show Mastermind explaining the more hidden details about the song.

Molly somewhat adpoted Tommy Tate and Linda Maridan as her new parents when she moved to Los Santos along with being Dwayne Flores' babymama as they tend to hang out in the city quite often. She occasionally calls up Tommy to tease him about being her "mum" asking for money and messing around during the calls. Her "Dad" Linda often runs away from Molly whenever she turns up at Hayes Autos saying she doesnt believe Molly is her child.

Molly left Wu-Chang records in November 2021 as a member of their marketing department for a higher position at MDM Records where she is now the co-owner alongside Dwayne Flores and Tommy Tate. She took a leave from MDM Records for several months to release music independently but decided to return to her co-owner position in June 2022.

In July 2022 Molly travelled to Brazil at the behest of Fatoni Sarduchi and quickly fell in love with the people. She quickly hatched a plan to open up international branches of MDM Records in Brazil and India with the goal of getting international artists on NoPixel radio, as well as plans to tour the world, playing shows in North America, South America, and India. She is an honorary member of L$MOB in Brazil and is also close to the Ballas and Hooligans gangs in Brazil and Bichu Gang in India.



Release Date
rose quartz
  1. so much better
  2. the other night
  3. weatherman
March 16, 2021


Songs as a Lead Artist
Release Date
Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
Whipped March 22, 2020
1 Bullet March 22, 2020
dangerous (Ft. Wiked) July 20, 2021
Big Name July 2, 2021
Dear Diary July 13, 2021
M&Ms August 2, 2021
Back Again August 15, 2021
Wunami Cover August 22, 2021
White Rose October 22, 2021
Stay There (Ft. Valentine Dalla) January 7, 2022
Tastes Like Creampie January 7, 2022
Stratum (Ft. P Money) March 21, 2022
Molly In Wonderland June 2, 2022
Molly & Zanny June 2, 2022
2 Kids August 2, 2022
Collar Off August 4, 2022
Songs as a Featured Artist
Cover Title Lead Artist Release Date


Soundcloud, Spotify & YouTube plays
BAW Kendrick Jordan July 29, 2022


  • Molly's inner Pokemon is Vaporeon