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Molly Minaj is a character role-played by Jayce.


Molly Minaj is a firecracker who grew up in Los Santos, moved to Liberty City for a year and returned back to the city she grew up in. She claims to have been the daughter of a wealthy family in Vinewood Hills at one time but then she was disowned, cut off and made to fend for herself. She doesn't like talking about it so what exactly happened is a mystery.

She enjoys the adrenaline rush from dangerous situations and gets aroused inflicting or receiving pain. She knows she’s hot and enjoys making men uncomfortable with her advances and also loves to play "guilt trips" on people to get them to care about her. She comes across as innocent and defenseless but is totally capable of inflicting pain on someone to get her point across if need be.

She loves to have fun, dance and party when she's not out causing trouble. She finds some men that are interested in her as creepy and stalker material which can make her paranoid. She also considers herself a "bad girl" and can give off creepy "serial killer" vibes getting into the head of the people who challenge or double cross her.

"Baddest B**** In Los Santos"

  • (She is strong and independent willing to get things done and run errands all by herself if need be. Even prefers being alone from time to time so she can have a moment of peace away from nonsense.)
  • (After being targeted continuously when returning back to Los Santos she doesn't trust people and always has a lingering suspicion of betrayal even by those she has come to respect which can make her seem distant.)
  • (After stabbing someone at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club she didn't know if she would be allowed to dance there but after talking to Lana Valentine she was told she would put in good word for her. Molly apologized in person to Alabaster Slim and a few days later was she was asked to work there by Gioconda Coppola.) Stabbing Clip


  • "Hell yaaa"
  • "Well, well, well"
  • "Hey, betch!!!"
  • "Hell yeah!"
  • "Remember me betch!!!"
  • "I'm the baddest bitch in the city."
  • "Oh my gawd!"
  • "This is why I f*cking hate men!"
  • "Don't f*ck with me bitch!"
  • "I only pretend to be dumb"
  • "Wicked AF"
  • "Wait... what?"
  • "It's Molly B*tch!
  • "Heeey Sveeeeeeen~!"
  • "Enjoy your death"


  • She sometimes has the desire to assault people so she uses a melee weapons primarily but she also loves the kick of a gun when she pulls the trigger. Also not afraid to defend herself if need be.
  • She is manipulative and loves to get guys to give her things. Nothing wins her over more than someone giving her things and treating her good.
  • She loves being in fast and fancy cars with people who like to roll around in style and don't crash. Also enjoys the wind in her hair on a motorcycle, crouch rocket, ATV, dirt bike, dune buggy, ect.
  • Her favorite color is red, she loves shopping and trying on different outfits to make herself look good. Also likes to dye her hair different colors, primarily red, but sometimes other colors.
  • She can be manipulative, diabolical, and vindictive to those who are disrespectful to her.
  • She wants to make the most out of every situation and lives by the "YOLO" mentality.
  • Claims to be a percentage of all ethnicities.
  • Is known to often force people to say "Thank you Mommy Molly" for various rewards and this gives her extreme happiness and pleasure.
  • Molly was a guest in Bobby Schmiguel's podcast called "Bobby Beats Experience". In episode 17, Molly and Bobby talked about her "Hit Single, Her Cult and Her Admirers".


Hyperactive-Impulsive Type ADHD

  • They often fidget, squirm, and struggle to stay seated. They appear to act as if “driven by a motor” and often talk and/or run around excessively. They interrupt others, blurt out answers, and struggle with self-control.

Relational Aggression

  • Uses relational aggression such as verbal bullying, gossiping, spreading rumors, name-calling, ostracizing, and general bullying to demean, intimidate and harass their targets.

Yandere ヤンデレ

  • Yandere is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality.


  • A nymphomaniac is a woman, though occasionally a man, with an uncontrollable desire to have lots of sex, especially with different partners. It can be both a positive or pejorative term, depending on context.

Sexual Sadism Disorder

  • Sexual sadism disorder is the condition of experiencing sexual arousal in response to the extreme pain, suffering or humiliation of others. Several other terms have been used to describe the condition, and the condition may overlap with other conditions that involve inflicting pain.

Sexual Masochism Disorder

  • Falls within the category of psychiatric sexual disorders known as paraphilias, which involve recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behaviors that are distressing or disabling and have the potential to cause harm to oneself or others. Sexual masochism refers to engaging in or frequently fantasizing about being beaten, bound, humiliated, or otherwise made to suffer, resulting in sexual satisfaction.


As a Lead Artist
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Molly BITCH February 20th, 2021
SAVAGE April 20th, 2021
SAVAGE (REMIX) [Ft. Lil Cap] April 20th, 2021
Dean World April 28th, 2021
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GANGSTA PARTY Paff Molly Minaj May 4th, 2021
No Handouts Crusty Rusty Molly Minaj June 3rd, 2021

Relationship with the Cleanbois and Rooster's Rest

The beginning


Molly and Donny defending Sven

As the time went by, not only did she manage to gain trust of each member individually, become an associate and start to have feelings towards one of the members Sven Snusberg (Seven), but also be a loved co-worker in a previously mentioned Rooster’s Rest as a hostess and a door-lady.

The Grand Feud

  • With the successful grand opening, the restaurant Rooster’s Rest quickly became a rival and the main competitor to another famous food chain Burger Shot. This became problematic for Miss Minaj as she was established, well-known for working in both places - day shifts at Burger Shot and night shifts at Rooster’s Rest. The situation became even worse, when the two food monopolies fell into a feud.
  • Being at a crossroad of uncertainty, Miss Minaj had no choice, but to quickly pick the side she could trust – Kevin Whipaloo and the Burger Shot, the Cleanbois and Rooster’s Rest or herself.
  • Having major trust issues (due to her previous trauma and betrayals of people she trusted), the choice to trust no one, but herself and stand her ground in the middle of the feud as an “undercover double agent” was to her liking. In Molly’s way of thinking, this would have allowed her to continue being friendly and relatively independent from both sides, but still have a major role in the course of the rivalry.

A blast from the past

  • After a strenuous swim back to the city, Miss Minaj was furious and decided to seek revenge at any cost. Luckily, she knew exactly where to search for her, as the long awaited fight event between the workers of Burger Shot and Rooster’s Rest was supposed to be held on the following evening.

The final day

Two different sides - Molly's alter ego

That sad little thing called kindness

  • Despite Miss Minaj’s manipulative character which can be seen from the first glance, one would lie saying that she only cares about herself. Of course, like any other person would, she does care about her personal image and what others think of her as a person, but, despite that, Miss Minaj also tries to help other people as much as she possibly can.
  • It is safe to say that if one is a friend or at least on good terms with Miss Minaj, that person is guaranteed to receive help in time of need. She will do anything, as far as kill someone, in order to help or save the people she loves or cares about.
  • Sadly, this kindness, this strong side of Miss Minaj is a double edged sword - one of the few weaknesses other people know about, tend to use and manipulate in their favor.

The double edged sword

  • Due to Miss Minaj’s previously developed trust issues with other people, she knew the situation way too well… too well for her own good. Molly understood that the history tends to repeat itself and that the initial trust she thought she had, was nothing, but petty lies.
  • Thus, as quickly as the love and trust bloomed, different emotions and feelings started to take over. More and more often Miss Minaj was starting to find herself in emotional turmoil, feeling as if her emotions were storming in the tiniest, fragile porcelain cup of tea.

Torn apart into pieces


Car crash

Emotional turmoil and melancholy completely overtook Molly. With her last gasps of breath and the strength that was left, she limped to the bathroom of her own room and completely collapsed on the floor. The only thing that accompanied her in the solitude was the bottle of absinthe and the dark thoughts inside her head she knew and understood too well. After drinking it all to the last drop, gasping and sobbing uncontrollably, Molly managed to climb into her car... get into an accident, causing her to lose consciousness.

The New Beginning

Relationship with Bogg Dann and story of BD & BD's Bike Shop

The beginning

  • The initial meeting between Miss Molly and Bogg Dann was nothing special. Similarly to many other stories about friendship in Los Santos, it all started near the apartments with Bogg trying to buy some joints off of her. Little did they know that this friendship will become a strong and presumably long lasting bond not only as good friends, but also as successful future business leaders.
  • Renowned as the best bmx rider in Los Santos, Bogg Dann had always dreamed of having his own custom bike shop. Together with the fact that he is the only one in the city capable of creating, modifying and repairing his own special custom bmx bikes, admired by many, the only thing he was missing was someone with a lot of knowledge in business management.


Molly's trick

On the other side of the city, with Miss Minaj leaving the Rooster's Rest, not only did a lot of new opportunities have shown up, but also a long-earned free time. Inspired by Bogg’s tricks and having a red custom bmx bike specially gifted to her by him as a token of their heartwarming friendship, Miss Minaj decided to learn some tricks on her own. Being a fast learner, she quickly got a hang of it. At precisely that day, Bogg saw the potential - together with few others, he saw her as a person he could entrust and achieve his dream with.

The opening of BD & BD’s Bike Shop

  • Upon hearing the story, the crew’s wishes to turn the bmx hobby into something bigger, something the whole city and it’s people could enjoy and the fact that many people had already pre-ordered their custom bikes in advance, Los Santos local government had no choice, but to give the business license as fast as possible and let the shop be opened.
  • The same day, Molly and Bogg were greeted by another surprise - the bmx component seller decided to congratulate them by flying out and personally visiting them in their shop, bringing new additions to their already beloved custom bikes such as lowered seats, customisable pegs, emblems and decals to put on. Only time will tell what other cool modifications the crew will bring to the city and it’s bikes. According to rumours, not only the fat bike tires are coming back, but also newly developed neon lights will be available in the near future.

  • With more and more people wanting to purchase their unique “wicked”, as their motto says, bikes and a strong management of the business led by Bogg Dann, Molly Minaj and Dawn Hearte, not even the sky is their limit.

Relationship with Benny Harvey

Strange beginning

Starting anew


First, yet awkward kiss

Interestingly, the date itself was also not something you would imagine and expect. Despite it happening at a beautiful, yet haunting location where their story initially started - the Del Perro Pier, having both limousine and cruise ship arranged in advance, not only did Molly make Benny crawl on his four feet acting like her pet dog, carry her around on his shoulders, but also almost made him kiss the floor she was walking on. In the end, of course, as if they were in a fairytale, the date ended with a kiss.

Hurtful truth

  • Despite the date ending up on a romantic note, Miss Molly sees Benny as nothing more than just a “pay-pig” as she likes to call it - a person, willing to give up all of their possessions, wealth and, in some cases, even health, just to make the other person happy and feel cherished. Molly knew exactly what strings to pull... Through manipulation and acting as a potential romantic interest or lover, she managed to transform and present herself as someone, Mr. Harvey would completely fall for and get strangely, but romantically obsessed with.
  • The further they got into this compelling, but unhealthy relationship, the stronger their bond became. Even though Molly now sees him as nothing more than just a good friend and one of her followers, sharing great stories and lovely memories together, sadly, that is not the case for Benny, who, because of her complete control over his mind and heart, found himself completely engulfed and lost in his own emotional turmoil between love and obsession.

'Unspoken words'

"But I didn't understand then. That I could hurt somebody so badly, he would never recover. That a person can, just by living, damage another human being beyond repair." - Haruki Murakami

The unexpected return

The Grand Bank Heist


  • During a quiet and peaceful night drive on her bike, Miss Minaj received an anonymous phone message, she could not even believe at first. The long awaited laptop she ordered for the bank heist long ago was finally here, waiting to be picked up from the secret location up in the north… The only piece of the puzzle Miss Minaj was missing, was the crew she would want and like to embark on this journey with.
  • After giving a proper thought about various people Molly is on good terms with and who are currently in Los Santos, two stood out from the crowd - a prospect of the Vagos Mari Posa and a local firecracker, already familiar with bank heists, Jean Paul. Without any doubts, trusting Molly completely, both of them decided to join her…
  • Sadly, on the way back from the mountains, the crew have found themselves in a pretty unenviable situation.. Not only did they learn that the laptop is usable only for a few hours upon getting and connecting to it, but also that urgent and unpostponable assistance of Mari was needed by someone else… Thus, with a very limited time and one of the members already leaving, both Molly and Jean had no choice but to act and plan everything quickly and as fast as possible.

Four steps to success

Molly with her famous red hair

The first step was, of course, the outfits.. Both Molly and Jean understood very well that they could not just run into the bank wearing the clothes they already owned… they needed to do the heist in fashion... Thus, the duo decided to drop by the Vinewood clothing shop and get matching night-black suits and masks, resembling the notorious criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde from the 1930s.

Lastly, it is definitely worth mentioning that both Molly and Jean also had very distinguishable hairstyles, which might have easily gave both of their identities away...especially Miss Minaj and her famous crimson red hair…

Molly and Jean discussing the banks

Second step towards success was to observe each one of the banks in Los Santos and find the correct one, best suited for such an endeavour. Luckily, they did not need to search for long… After debating few other choices, considering such things like surrounding area, distance from the nearest Los Santos Police Department and possible escape routes, the duo decided on the Fleeca Bank up in the Hawick neighbourhood in Videwood. Not only did the surrounding area was open and the highway was in the hand’s reach just around the corner, but also it had many escape routes through different storied and underground parking spaces…

Molly on her heist bike

Third step was as equally important as the former ones. The duo needed some sort of vehicle to be able to escape. To them, regular cars were out of question...Not only it would have been easy for the police to pursue their car, but also it would have been much easier to just block the road completely, leaving them trapped. The only possible and, as a matter of fact, best option for this kind of work were the bikes. Having a bike each, not only were they provided with manoeuvrability and swift acceleration, surpassing all of the standard Los Santos Police Department vehicles, but also, during a pursuit, let them squeeze through tight alleyways and crevices a normal car had no ability to.


The last, but not least, was the hostage. Unfortunately for him, Bryce Miller was the perfect candidate, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Minding his own business behind the main apartment building, relatively far from other people, at the dusk, he had proven to be too easy of a target. Exchanging only a few words, Bryce had no choice, but to get on the bike and listen to every order very carefully as if they were his last.

  • With every step delicately resolved and thoroughly thought of and out of the way, the duo knew that it was time for the show.

The Grand Performance

  • To everyone’s surprise, the heist went as smoothly and without complications as it possibly could. Both Molly and Jean understood their responsibilities very well - while Miss Minaj acted and was a great negotiator, standing near the front desk, giving not only orders and demands to the Los Santos Police, but also buying as much time as she could, Jean stood in the backroom and was responsible for hacking the safe doors and collecting the stacks of banknotes once he gets inside the vault.
  • Once the police arrived at the location, both Molly and Jean were amiably astonished… Not only was the police force much smaller at the beginning of the heist than anticipated, having only two vehicles and three policemen on duty at the location, but also one of them, Randy Wrangler, began to even argue with the other two, Bob Smith and Tony Andrews, which led to small misunderstandings and disorganization in between.

The Perfect Escape

Molly escaping through parking lot

Neither of the duo could have hoped or even dream about an easier escape… Everything went according to their carefully and thoroughly discussed plan… Aside from the superb driving skills of Miss Minaj, she immediately was able to showcase the superiority of her bike.  As soon as she hopped on it, due to it’s swift acceleration, Molly easily managed to get a good distance and, after taking a few corners, found herself near the tight narrow entrance to the parking lot. Without giving it much of a thought and instinctively understanding what to do, she quickly squeezed through, drove to the other side of the building and left using the other exit. Not so fortunate and left in awe, the police officers, just as quickly as Molly managed to get away, understood that their hope of catching Miss Minaj became naught but ash.

  • After carefully blending in with the locals of Los Santos, Miss Minaj, still being cautious, managed to get back to the outskirts of the city and, once again, completely change not only the clothing, but also the hairstyle… Upon leaving the clothing store and hairdresser, no one, not even Jean Paul himself, could have hoped to recognize her from the crowd.
  • At the same time as she was leaving the store, Miss Minaj could not have hoped to hear better news - Jean Paul, similarly to her, managed to get away without a problem… Feeling relaxed, unbelievably ecstatic, but being able to compose herself, Miss Minaj headed to the apartments...Precisely at this moment Miss Minaj finally understood that her first bank heist, the one she was scared and nervous of, became a reality and more than a success… a success beyond her own belief...



Sven Snusberg

  • In 3.0, Sven Snusberg became Molly's personal "boy toy". They first met when Sven tried to sell a joint to Molly at the gas station. She mocks his lack of eyebrows but accepts his offer anyways. She then invited Sven to visit her at the Vanilla Unicorn for "a good time", but Sven refused and continued to scam more people by selling joints at 10x the original price. Sven called her back when he, Buddha, and Speedy needed a stripper to launder the money that they got from illegal hunting. They've had a very close (and weirdly sexual) relationship with each other since then, doing heists and house robberies with each other (like Bonnie and Clyde). Molly has also become Sven's "sugar mommy", giving him a lot of money when he's broke, which is almost all the time.

William Told aka W

  • Basically the first person she bonded with when arriving back in the city. She has a love hate attraction to him seeing him as funny and dumb. He also tolerates her constant badgering and insults extremely well where others would just avoid her. She found this very flattering thus he gained a lot of respect from her basically slowly winning her over and becoming "friends with benefits." Also calling him her boyfriend in public from time to time. (They broke up due to a fight they had on Valentines Day.)

Sun Moon

  • Molly met Sun Moon through W and immediately respected him. She has a professional relationship with him seeing him as a reliable connection for a variety of things. She's also willing to work for him because he is smart and level headed which she finds comforting. When she is helping Sun Moon or buying things from him she becomes very serious and respectful.

Buck Colton

  • After meeting each other they created an instant bond. Molly enjoyed their first time together a lot because Buck was very respectful. She sees him as the "Daddy" she never had which she finds attractive because to her Buck is very cool, calm and collected also loving the fact he listens to what she has to say. She also has a great deal of respect for him and actually enjoys his company.

Lana Valentine

  • Molly became curious about her after being rivals with her and Carmella. Molly eventually grew tired of being hostile towards Lana every time she seen her. So Molly gave Lana her gun back, got to know her and then they seemed to enjoy each others company. They have formed a bond where they playfully insult each other thus gaining Molly's respect surprisingly.

Carmella Corset

  • Molly has always loved Carmella deep down but was mad at her because she wouldn't let her sell tacos with her. This caused Molly to go off the deep end which lead to Molly stabbing her. Molly was sad because she didn't want to hang out with her so Molly avoided Carmella. Then Molly slowly started to reconnect with her and strangely build some would call a friendship although Molly has trust issues.

Wilhelmina Copperpot

  • Wilhelmina saw Molly get herself involved in illegal activity and later she called Molly and told her a person snitched. Molly greatly appreciated this and surprisingly Wilhelmina slowly earned her friendship even though being so dramatically different. Wilhelmina gets a great boost of confidence around her because Molly is a take charge kind of person who doesn't like being disrespected.

East Side Ballaz

  • The Ballaz is the gang she respects the most in the South Side after meeting multiple members and having many friendly interactions with them. She will likely build on the positive relationship with Emmanuel Biggs aka Big E and other members because she has more respect for South Side gangsters more than anyone else in the city. Molly is all about respect if you are respectful to her she will be respectful to you. Molly has major trust issues so she remains independent and will likely remain paranoid from previous trauma that was caused by betrayal from people she trusted.

Roland Nelson

  • To be added


  • After Randy Bullet broke her heart and betrayed her by allowing her to be stabbed by Violet van Housen in the middle of nowhere she got her revenge by finding him at the hospital immediately after being treated for her injuries and stabbed him in the neck. (Immediately being arrested and charged with her first felony arriving back into the city.) [Stabbing clip: "Remember me"]
  • Then later getting her revenge against Violet van Housen stabbing and taking her to the church covering her in gasoline and setting her on fire. [Burning clip: "Holy Fire!"]
  • After sticking up Charisma Starand shooting her after she pulled a bat, a car with 4 people chased after her she disabled the car then took Charisma Star to the hospital. She then found the car again by surprise and lit them up. (Later being arrested under a false identity.) [Drive by clip: "Remember Me 2"]
  • While visiting a bank to deposit some cash someone thought they would take "poor & defenseless" Molly hostage when they popped the trunk she ducked into the bank behind a wall. She then suggested they find a different hostage then when the would be kidnapper asked why "she answered" causing them to flee. [Self Defense clip: "Molly Crazy, find a different hostage!"]

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