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The Mojito Inn is located on Paleto Boulevard across the street from the Blaine County Savings Bank as well as the Sea Side Apartments and is just blocks away from other businesses and hot spots in town like the Paleto Farmers Market, Paleto Pets and Benny’s Mechanic Shop & 24/7 Gas Station.

The business Mojito Inn is owned by Derek Bogart and is currently selling foodstuffs through the Farmer's Market and Dean World while construction is on the schedule. CEO Kimberly Daniels has hired over 40 employees in an effort to have a presence within the markets at all times and to spread awareness to the citizens of Los Santos about the up-and-coming business.

Mojito Inn Banner.png

It is the ultimate goal of the business to attract civilians up north to Paleto in a multitude of ways; buying fresh meat/fish to produce food with, provide games/entertainment, and offer a wide variety of jobs to citizens of Los Santos.


Despite the business proposal being approved and supported by the former mayor Andi Jones, as the CEO of the construction company, she has halted all progress on the business, leading to a war between Condemned MC and HOA.


Condemned MC is currently using the parking lot and surrounding area as their meet up spot and hang out area. It is within the business/construction proposal for a portion of the Mojito Inn to be a private clubhouse for it's members.