Mitch Bader aka Mr. Dumbass is roleplayed by Sur_lee

Background[edit | edit source]

There are only three walls that exist when Dumbass is in the room. Well known to live up to his own name, Dumbass, leaves you to lose IQ the longer you speak to him. Nobody knows how or why he exists.

Mitch claims to have earned his nickname to create a ruse with people to think he is an idiot, but claims is "The World's Greatest Criminal." As a mime Mitch claims to be "A crime mime! Terrible at being a mime, but is good at crime."

Initially taken under the wing to serve and work for Jayce as a "A Excuse to get away from crime." Since Jayce disappeared from the city, Mitch now works with Prune Gang.

Meme Lords[edit | edit source]

Is a group created by him to meme and have fun.The only other member that was in it was Pablo Wealth.

Melgenemus[edit | edit source]

Melgenemus is a holiday he created to get streamers aka his "Friends" 10K twitch bits, and also comes to a streamer once as in the phrase "Melgene only visits your streamer once every Melgenemus."

(Melgenemus comes on his actual IRL birthday Nov 20th and Christmas)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sur_Lee created this characters name based off of Vader's first name Mitch and a play on his Twitch name as a joke.
  • Dumbass' weight fluctuates whenever Sur Lee goes back to LA.

Clips[edit | edit source]

Old Server[edit | edit source]

  1. Oh Sur Lee Train!!
  2. rampage
  3. sur lee drunk robbery
  4. Called it in chat!!
  5. Dumbass and Chang gang
  6. Nettie bars
  7. #DumbBass Married finally
  8. The Real Question
  9. Cop Appears and gets Shot!
  10. You are the stupidest MF'er

New Server[edit | edit source]

  1. can we "come" with you
  2. Missile Launched at Kyle Pred
  3. Goodbye AJ
  4. Typical HOOD RP
  5. Hold on, I gotta beat the **** out of this scooter...
  6. Sur Lee's Cunning Escape
  7. ERP
  8. NVL. I will see you on the government website.
  9. Casterman POG champ!
  10. The fellowship of the dumbas
  11. Perfect Kidnapping
  12. sur lee first day on the server (first day in the new server)
  13. Trooper steals man welfare check
  14. SEE KAI

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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