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Mina Rocket is a character role-played by minakorocket.


Mina Rocket is a young lady who always seems to be happy and laughing. While her initial arrival to Los Santos was filled with some misfortune, she has managed to befriend many people around the city. Her positive outlook and generosity often leads to her being scammed, often by the very strangers she tries to help.

Although she doesn't value money for herself, Mina is a hard worker and is more than willing to use it to help her friends out. She tries to be kind to every person she meets, finding unique people to draw portraits of. She refers to herself primarily as an artist and is secretly a psychic, admitting to communicating with ghosts and also dabbling in tarot reading.

She is bisexual and finds confident strong women the most appealing.

The Name

After escaping the Yakuza, she needs a new identity. Of the books she picks up, Dracula is one of the them, and from it she decides on the name Mina, taken from the character Mina Harker.

During a talk with Marcus Grail, she reveals for the first time that her birthname is Himiko.


While Mina notes she wasn't the most beautiful girl to work in the hostess club, people often describe her as a "very pretty girl". Her red hair is one of her most recognizable characteristics, however she is not a natural redhead. She also wears colored contacts which conceal her real eye color.

Her style tends to change based on where and who she is interacting with.


  • After recruiting Marcus Grail, Mina gets a tattoo to commemorate the moment.

Mina's Closet


  • Mina reveals that she is actually a Gemini.

Mina is often described as bubbly and nice, characteristics that allow her to befriend many of the people she interacts with on a daily basis. The happy exterior is a front that not many people can see through, at least not at first, which hides a deep sadness and loneliness that developed over the course of her life.

Unlike some people, Mina is not driven by the desire to accumulate wealth for herself, instead, wishing to be a helpful person to the people she cares about. As a child, Mina never owned anything that she could call hers, so the gifts and items others might deem as replaceable are the things she values the most, viewing them as memories.

Mina hesitates to speak up for what she wants, as she has not had the desire for things before, and does not want to be a distraction or imposition to others. Her ex-boyfriend comments that she is easy to be used by people who hold bad intentions as she freely loans out her hard-earned money when asked, something he often encourages her not to do. This kindness results in some unfortunate events, including being robbed or kidnapped when she tries to help strangers.

Mina and Gangs

Mina maintains interesting relationships with many members of various gangs in Los Santos. She has been recruited twice: Bobby for Brouge Street Kingz and Mike Block for Alta Street Ruff Rydaz.

Alta Street Ruff Rydaz

Mina does not know any of the current members, aside from Mike.

  • Mike Block: robbed, kidnapped and tried to recruit Mina
  • ex-member Hunter Skye "Wingman": had one date with Mina and the two maintain a good friendship
South Side Gangs

Mina was robbed by the Ballas once while on the way to the Barrio and kidnapped another time after being left in their territory. Many Ballas have flirted with Mina, including their leader Mando.

Brouge Street Kingz

Mina has not interacted with the members of B$K often, however Bobby has tried to recruit her, claiming that she wore the color red well.


Mina has a good relationship with most of GSF. She’s encountered many of them while working at Burger Shot and now works for Dexx at the VU.


Mina is closest with the Vagos compared to other gangs, having met many of the members over the course of her time in Los Santos. They are the gang that has her respect the most with the way they deal with civilians. She frequently makes food and joint runs to the Barrio for not only her ex-boyfriend, KJ, but the other members as well.


Although Mina has not officially met them as Cleanbois, she has interacted with all of the present-day members and associates:

  • Raymond Romanov: They are on friendly terms.
  • Nino Chavez: Nino is her direct boss at the VU
  • Lang Buddha: Lang once almost threw a Molotov in her face.
  • Harry Brown: Mina has met Harry on more than one occasion.
  • Yuno Sykk: Mina has met Yuno on more than one occasion. Raymond almost set her up with Yuno as a stash wife.
Chang Gang

A group that doesn't mind hurting people who wouldn't fire a gun at them, wouldn't do anything to cause them any grief, who just mind their own f--ng business, yeah.

Mina has a deep fear of CG after the last war with the Vagos. JB was the first to warn her just how dangerous they are, warning her to keep her head low. She is somewhat aware of what they did to Ash during the last war and views them as low for hurting innocent civilians.

Mina and Government Employees

Pillbox/Emergency Medical Services

One of Mina's favorite spots to visit. Originally she went there after falling off the freeway onto some buildings to try to get her bicycle back. She was treated by Dr. Blake who found her interesting and ended up signaling her to give his number. Since then she has made the Pillbox a frequent stop in her daily routine around the city. While hesitant at first to let her walk in and loiter the staff has grown quite accustomed to her company and will even goof off a bit with her.

Police Department

Mina initially has a very negative opinion about the police department after multiple attempts to contact the police to stop kidnappings, robberies and even her own near death experiences. She wonders if it is better to just not bother calling them at all and just call her friends for help--leading her to be saved by her friend Devon instead when she is kidnapped by Joker and Lemon. Her first positive experience was when Deputy Glass showed up and since then she has found the police to be better than her initial impressions.


Type Value Plate Description
Seminole purchased at $10k valued at $30k MINA

After weeks in the city without a car, Cece Beyond offered to sell Mina her Seminole so that she would not need to wait for rides to the Vault to cash in her work receipts. Mina refers to it as her stash car and usually leaves it parked at Burger Shot. She had to change it from its original purple color to red after getting shot at by the Ballas.

Double-T valued at $120k

sold at $100k


Harry Park assisted Mina in picking out a motorcycle. Mina liked it's sleek look, preferring to pick a vehicle that looks good rather than one with the best specs.

She purchases it at $140k with Fast Loans .



valued at $500 8VXIBGR4


Mina uses her bike when she needs to get from the apartments to Burger Shot and she doesn't have one of her other vehicles parked there.

Speedo valued at $4.5k 5EX10KPK

Mina purchases a Speedo to be her new stash car and parks it up in Sandy Shores.

Image Value Address Description
Minamanor.PNG valued at $1.3M Vinewood Hills 2

Mina purchased the mansion for $1.5M with Fast Loans.

Current Roommate: Oswald Tinkerman (has keys)
Former Roommates: Karl Johnny Black, Miles Malstrum, Marcus Grail

Image Value Address Description
Minastorage.PNG valued at $10.0K/weekly Rooster's Rest

Room 3

Mina purchases a room at Rooster's to store materials and other items.


  • Floof - the rabbit
  • Goldie - the goldfish
  • Minne Rocket - a dog Mina temporarily takes care of after finding her left on the side of the road.

Common Pocket Items

Item Description
Watch and Compass gifted to Mina by Kyle Pred. He claims it is a family heirloom.
Beretta Mina has lost or had many guns stolen from her in the past.
Fishing Rod It is usually in her pocket, but if not, she keeps it in her stash car.
Large Toolbox Mina usually keeps a toolbox on her in case she needs to suddenly repair her vehicle or help someone in need of a repair.
NPX 500 and Trowel Mina keeps both on her incase she goes Treasure Hunting.

Item Description
Unichonk plushie a gift from Muse Ike, which she secretly refers to as JB
Smiley plushie another gift from Muse Ike. She is given a second one (which she keeps in her pocket) after being pocket wiped.
A pressed rose her first gift from KJ
Fluffy handcuffs exchanged with Sparkle for Burger Shot toys.


  • Card Counting: Because of Mina's exceptional memory, she is able to use it in gambling, more specifically black jack.
  • Forgery: Mina has a history of recreating art pieces and copying handwriting.
  • Mimicry: She has a habit of watching people closely and learning to adapt their behaviors and speech mannerisms.
  • Incredible hearing