Miles Vermillion is a character role-played by King_Zelveron.


Miles Vermillion was born into the wealthy and prestigious Vermillion household. He is the middle child in his family with his elder sister and younger brother. His father owns a large electric company that provides nuclear power and as such provides the family with its wealth. Meanwhile, his mother is CEO of a pharmaceutical company and commonly at the front lines of cutting edge drugs. Miles was constantly held to low esteem by his family, however, as he was constantly proposing outlandish ideas and rarely ever thinking about continuing the lineage or even taking over either enterprise. Instead he tried to entertain himself by making music and performing, and over time gained a passion for the arts. He grew up isolated from others as he was in a private school and most found him either obnoxious or weird, therefore, he spend most of his life alone practicing and learning all he could so that even with a lack of natural anything he could compensate with his knowledge. He graduated with a Degree in Biochemistry and set out to Los Santos wanting to somehow gain what he never had even with his family who ignored his existence.


Miles would define himself as a high functioning sociopath, and although he struggles with understanding a lot of social engagements he is very good at finding simple solutions to compensate for his weakness in social crowds. He has little patience and is extremely motivated wanting to constantly start new projects. Miles knows everyone looks down on him and because he lacks any form of social ability or support he always tells himself he is the best otherwise he would finally have a breakdown. Therefore, he has an extremely competitive ego and thinks highly of an individuals intelligence as a measurement of how close they are to his ability. He cares little about what people think about him since he always expects them to hate him, instead, he focuses on getting things done and allows himself to take the brunt of all the pain his friends could have taken. He is often detached, prideful, condescending, and a smartass. He loves to talk nonstop as he rarely ever spoke when he was younger and talk to everyone about his ideas even if he is made fun of for them. Miles will always be there for those that place trust in him as he never had the same treatment himself so he would never make others suffer his pain.


Miles has been in two relationships in his past his first one was a stalker who constantly watched him from afar and was fascinated by both his families power and intelligence. Miles was approached by individuals that clamed they wanted to help him out and suggested for him to ask her out, and so he did as it was his hope to finally have a proper friend. Although, this relationship ended in a lot of pain as a month later when he broke up with her as she was wanting to rush things and he felt uncomfortable with the idea. After there breakup he was found bleeding out in his kitchen and taken to urgent care, he feared the idea of asking a girl out because of this trauma and didn't want to care about others for a long time. He was also forced into an arranged relationship by his family as they found him as a lost cause and only worth space if he was married to another important family, although, this led to him being constantly put down as though he was a lesser being and that she hated every moment with him. After this he decided to force a breakup and told his family that once he was done with his degree he was leaving. He loves the idea of being in a relationship and his dream is to hold a woman's hand during a lovely sunset and just rest without having to think, although, he knows he won't ever achieve this and gave on the possibility. Currently, he is single in Los Santos and doesn't plan on asking anyone out, but he might consider it a possibility if they ask him out.

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