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Mila Kunyit was a character role-played by LisaMunchy .


Mila was a tourist who came from Malaysia to visit the city and sightsee. She spoke little English and often had trouble understanding other people but she was very friendly. She enjoyed speaking to police officers and also people at the hospital.


Mila decided to attend a demolition derby event hosted by Sun Moon. During the derby Ricky Robins would enter Mila's car and demand that she give him the car so he and Denzel Williams could leave. Mila did not understand why he wanted the car so she refused many times despite his threats to kill her. When she exited the vehicle Robins would attack and stab her. Fearing that the murder would be linked to him, Robins decided to destroy her body by dismembering and serving her remains in tacos which were served by Melbert Rickenbacker from a taco truck. 

Fun Facts

  • Mila often rode her bicycle around the city and took pictures.
  • Mel named the tacos Malaysian tacos in honor of Mila. 
  • Those who ate the tacos were unaware that they were made of Mila
  • Buck Colton really enjoyed the tacos even though he knew they were made of human remains
  • She told police that Jerry Callow attempted to show her his "hotdog"

Played By: LisaMunchy
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