Mikey Mersion is a character roleplayed by uhSnow.

Background Information Edit

Mikey and his sister, Mia Mersion, moved to Los Santos with the hope of making money for their family back in England. He initially started out as a petty criminal, doing small jobs, robberies, and selling weed with his cousins.

However, once he was introduced to the racing scene, he knew that he had found his true passion within the city. He started a legal job as a Mechanic at Harmony Repairs, and was eventually able to have his criminal record expunged.

General Description Edit

Mikey is now considered the "bank" for the Mersion Family. He has managed to keep his criminal record clean, but will defend his family with any means necessary if a situation arises. Mikey is currently focused on street racing, trading in the cocaine business, and additionally doing gunrunning deals with Emily Maw.

He currently works as a mechanic with both Fast Lane and Harmony Repairs.

Gallery Edit

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