Mikey Mersion is a character role-played by uhSnow

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Mikey and his sister, Mia Mersion, moved to Los Santos with the hope of making money for their family back in England. He is laid back, friendly, and family-focused.

Mia and Mikey were initially introduced to the crime life by means of Irwin Dundee, but have since lost contact. Due to conflict of events in Maxy's past, the relationship with Irwin is likely to not be rekindled in the near future. Mikey started out as a petty criminal; doing various small jobs for Irwin. He would also occasionally get into small brawls, and sell weed on corners with his cousins.

However, once he was introduced to the racing scene, he knew that he had found his true passion within the city. Through long-term networking and connections, Mikey started a legal job as a mechanic at Harmony Repairs, and began selling cars at Fast Lane Imports. With legal jobs secured, and straying from the public crime life, however he is now part of the HOA

Mikey was eventually able to have his criminal record expunged in June, 2019. He has managed to keep his criminal record clear; currently only having a speeding ticket on his record.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Mikey is now publicly considered the cleanest member of the Mersion family. However, he will defend his family with any means necessary, if a situation arises. (This was made notable through his verbal threats when Mia and Rocko were shot by Alabaster Slim, when Mia was stabbed and left in the river, and when Anders was making threats on Mia's life.)

Mikey is currently focused on street racing, selling cocaine from his distributors, and dealing in gunrunning with Emily Maw.

His employer has recently purchased a mansion for him, where he grows and maintains vast amounts weed for his distributors. His sister, Mia, has also just moved in, after having her and Mikey's other home foreclosed by Matthew Payne.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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