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Mike Wadum is a character role-played Xiceman.


Mike Wadum used to wear yellow-accented clothing due to his former membership with the Vagos, but he wears dark colors like black or gray as he is no longer a member of any gang.

He tends to be a hot-head and can be crazy at times.


Mike Wadum was a member of the Vagos, due to his prolonged inactivity within the group he was removed. Nicknamed "El Gringo" he is often recognized by others as the "white Vagos" member. He is a great shooter and is occasionally recruited for jobs outside of the Vagos.

He was a member of the HOA but was let go from the group due to his gang affiliation. He is an affiliate of Flippy's Crew due to his long-time connection and friendship with Flippy and many members of the group.

Mike was a former Police officer which only his brother Mason Wadum knows about.


His brother, Mason Wadum, was also a member of the Vagos. Much like him, he was struck from the group due to his prolonged inactivity.


  • On March 19th, 2020 Mike Wadum, Siz Fulker, Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez, and Alabaster Slim successfully managed to complete the Vault Bank Heist, making them the second group in the city to attempt and complete it after the thermite changes.
  • He sweats easily, especially during high-tension situations.
  • He once got Outto-Tune Tyrone raided after he planted police department-grade equipment on him.


(L-R) Mike, Curtis, Siz, Flippy & Julio hanging out

Played By: Xiceman
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