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Mike Frost is a character role-played by WorldOfMadnessUK.


Mike Frost Is A 4 Star General for the US Airforce / CIA. Frost lives out at sea on a military base, which is unknown to anyone except him. Moved to Los Santos to be closer to his place of work and to be closer to his family

Mike Frost while working over seas at the military base got injured while abroad visiting troops.

Mike Frost when overseas for Christmas to give gifts from the families of people still on active duty over the holidays. While doing so his convoy was ambushed and a IED was set off flipping the convoy and then a shoot out took place. Frost while injured and full of adrenaline shot down and saved the lives of the rest of the convoy, that were there to protect him. Frost passed out and was flown by medivac to a local military hospital, he was then flown out to a secret base hospital due to Frosts military rank.

Frost has allot of injuries and is recuperating, is under going medical supervision, physical therapy and possible therapist.

Frost has extensive memory loss which he will never get back. His daughter Orianna Frost helps take care of her dad on and off so he remembers she is always there for her dad.


Mike is a Welshman from a city in Wales, UK.

He's led a rather interesting life. When he was 16, he enlisted to the army and was trained in covert operations and raised through the ranks, but his work in the army took him all over the world to undisclosed places that remain top secret to this day. During the operations he was known as "Frosty" with the rank Colonel, though he was also known by another code name due to his way of making himself disappear which made him very effective in his work: "Ghost". When he left the military he tried to return to civilian life where he trained as a medic. This was Mike's way of making up for things he has done in his past, but he couldn't shake those memories so he decided it was time to try and start a new life, While on a path to find himself again. He was then offered a new position in the US Airforce with links to CIA Black Sites, which accepted and was promoted to Brigadier General. This post required him to move to Los Santos, as it was closer to his base of operation out at sea, as well as his family. He was then promoted to a 4 Star General, and worked Primarily out of the base out at sea, due to his recent injuries from when he went on a mission over Christmas he has lost most of his memory which will never return, He sometimes remembers faces but does not know who they are or why he knows the face. He and His Daughter Orianna Frost are always close she visits him and checks in of her dad, making sure he isn't over doing anything, or over working as Frost tends to do and can not keep still for more than 5 minutes. Been a touch time for frost with memory loss and his injuries including his metal prosthetic leg, but that does not stop him getting upto no good.



Mike Frost -

Important Information

  • December 2021 - January 2022 - Frost goes through a change with his injuries

Played By: WorldOfMadnessUK
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