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Miguel "Rat Boy" Banderas is an animal role-played by Nidas.

General Information

Rat Boy rose to streets of Los Santos from down in the sewers. Rat Boy can be found roaming up and down the streets creating chaos and stealing anything he can get his paws on. He is easy to recognize because he of course is a rat, but he is about 4 foot something and always wearing his favorite Minecraft creeper shirt. He cant drive any car but is perfectly capable of riding bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Popular Quotes
  • "Rat with a gat"
  • "Rat with a bat"
  • "They just dont make them like they used to"
  • "You want the rat? You got the rat"
  • ''Hey how you guys doin'"
  • "Dats Rite"
  • "Dats Mr. Boy to you"
  • "You're getting lippy"
Played By: Nidas
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